Can soulmates feel each other when apart? (Research backed by science, psychology, spirituality)

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Have you ever wondered can soulmates feel each other when apart? 

One of my favorite quotes goes like, Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it. 

Sometimes if we are far away from our loved ones, we have a stronger connection to them than at times when they are physically close.

When you miss someone (either your partner or your soulmate), you are more aware of their presence in your life.

It’s often said that distance makes the heart grow fonder. So even though they may not be in the same room as us, if we have strong feelings for them, we can still feel their energy around us. 

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Even if they’re not with us, we can still feel their emotions just by thinking about them.

If two people share a deep bond, it’s possible for them to know what the other person is feeling, even if they’re thousands of miles away.

But, is it true, can soulmates feel each other when apart? Can you feel your soulmate? Is there any scientific proof for that or any spiritual significance to that matter?

In this article let’s also discuss: Can soulmates feel each other? Can you feel your soulmate’s energy? Can soulmates feel each other’s emotions? Can you feel what your soulmate feels? In detail backed by science and psychological research.

Can soulmates feel each other when apart?


Can soulmates feel each other? The answer is “Yes.” The possible scientific, psychological and spiritual reasons that soulmates feel each other when apart are long-distance synchronicity, emotional contagion or empathic accuracy and clairvoyance respectively.

However, the nature of this feeling depends on the state of one’s awareness and the circumstances of the people’s lives.

The soulmate connection is very rare and hard to find. But, if you are conscious enough to find your one true love, then the chances of feeling them when they’re not with you may be higher than most people feel.

The truth is, there is a certain psychological aspect to it as much as a spiritual one.

Emotions play a crucial role in absorbing the feelings of your surroundings, including those that are in your own head.

A study was supported by an internal grant from Southern Methodist University: Couples’ Perceptions of Each Other’s Daily Affect suggest that, being emotionally attuned to your partner or soulmate, can accurately help you perceive and decipher what each other is feeling even when you both are separated or living distant to each other.

Mirroring and validating your soulmate’s emotions is the important aspect of such deep connection.

The researchers say this ability to be in tune with and accurately perceive your partner’s thoughts and feelings is known as empathic accuracy.

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Which has been linked to favorable relationship outcomes, including improved communication, more supportive conduct during conflict, and greater relationship quality.

The same study also reveals that couples frequently assume their partner thinks and feels the same way, thus they rely on their own emotions to interpret how their partner is feeling. In psychology, this perception bias is known as assumed similarity.

And most often, you and your partner might experience the same emotions. And the study discovered, this higher empathic accuracy may be a byproduct of perceived resemblance. This phenomenon is known as indirect accuracy.

Can you feel your soulmate’s energy?


Can you feel your soulmate physically? Whether you believe in soulmates or not, if you become completely self-aware, work on your intuition and know how to listen to the signs sent from the universe, you’ll be able to sense and feel your soulmate’s presence physically at times even when you both are separated and miles apart.

The other possible reason for that is simply because of the phenomenon called “Transcendence.” Which means your ability to experience beyond the normal or physical level.

But that doesn’t mean that you can always read your partner’s mind or know what they’re thinking.

It just means that sometimes you can sense when you fully anchor your divine energy to a specific moment in time and sometimes it happens involuntarily in our subconsciousness. Although, you don’t know how it happens but you feel it naturally.

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Scientific, psychological and spiritual reasons that prove soulmates feel each other when apart or separated.


Long-distance synchronicity

Soulmates often experience long-distance synchronicity through a variety of channels including coincidences, dreams, déjà vu, or premonitions.

Synchronistic events are felt as meaningful to the recipient and may also have an emotional impact on both parties. The events are not always logical in nature and can happen in any realm (e.g., emotional, mental, physical).

These coincidences occur with such frequency that it has been speculated that they could not be random and there must be some force behind them.

Researchers argue that synchronistic events lead us to imitate our partners psyche and perceive their experiences


Can soulmates feel each other’s emotions?


If you wonder can your soulmate feels your emotions, The research says ‘Yes.’

Neuroscience research (the study of the brain) has shown that the brain is equipped with special cells called mirror neurons that directly project information about others’ behavior into the regions of our own brain that process emotions.

When someone feels a loved one’s emotions, it triggers what scientists call mirror neurons in their brain.

A small group of brain cells or neurons, called mirror neurons, are responsible for linking two people in love.

In an intimate relationship, each person reflects the other’s internal world, which includes feelings, attraction, intentions, goals, memories, romance, lust, and loyalty.

Emotional contagion

The psychological reason that soulmates feel each other when apart is because of their intense emotional connection.

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 Can you feel what your soulmate feels?


Yes, people with a deep bond can often feel each other’s feelings, especially in moments of heightened emotion. Psychologists call this phenomenon emotional contagion, or a phenomenon in which emotions are spread from one person to another.

When people are in close proximity, they pick up on each other’s emotions. They mirror one another’s emotions, they sync up their moods, and they transmit those feelings to one another.

Research has shown that emotional contagion occurs not only within the family but also outside of it.

For example, research participants’ reported that a spouse was able to sense how the other was feeling and would respond accordingly—comforting them when they were down or challenging them when they were angry.


As per spiritual significance, soulmates can feel each other even when they are apart. Because they’re both on a spiritual path. They also have spiritual gifts, such as clairvoyance, which allows them to sense each other’s presence or communicate with one another at a distance. 

Clairvoyance is the potential power to learn details about an entity, person, place, or physical event through extrasensory perception. Anyone who professes to have this talent is referred to as a clairvoyant.

Many people rely on this type of reading for guidance and reassurance in their lives. It is important to note that clairvoyants do not read future events; instead, they make predictions based on what their spirit guides show them about the present.

So, If you have this ability, you can subconsciously feel your soulmate even when you both are separated by long distance.


Final thoughts:

There are many ways to experience this connection, including feeling it in your body, mind, or spirit with your soulmate when you both are apart.

In fact, It’s not necessarily to be soulmates in order to feel each other when apart.

If there is a genuine connection, emotional attachment, and empathy between two people then they will most likely perceive what the other person feels even if the feelings are so subtle that the one who’s feeling them doesn’t know about it.

It’s all come down to a sense of great intuition and genetic wiring of one’s brain.

Perhaps, the only thing that separates soulmates from others is their uncanny ability to tune into their soulmates mind with their gifts of intuition, cognition, and empathy.

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