Do soulmates exist? (Here is the research)

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By: Naveen B

Soulmate: A person who completes you and whom you complete in turn. There are many couples out there who claim to have found their soulmates.

But, do soulmates exist scientifically? According to science, there’s no practical evidence that soulmates are real, plenty of people believe in the notion. And it’s an idea that has continued since antiquity. 

A 2010-11 poll from Martist Research in the U.S found that nearly 3 out of 4 residents – 73% – do believe in soulmates, but 27% do not.

In fact, 80% of people under the age of 30 and 78% of those aged 30 to 44 believe in the idea of soulmates.

On the other hand, 72% of people 45 to 59 years old believe in soulmates and 65% of those 60 and older are found to believe in soulmates.

The majority of men — 74% —, as well as the majority of women — 71% —, share the belief in finding the right partner.

Nonetheless, this data and the belief of soulmates in the people’s minds alters along with our evolution. Especially in this era of technological advancement and the reality of scientifically proven methods.

 So, here are some experiments, insights and points that are bound to change your perspective about the existence of soulmates altogether. Do read on.

Do soulmates exist?


Experiment 1: Does soulmate exist?

Let’s have a little thought experiment on do soulmates exist, shall we? Suppose that you meet someone new and they are everything you could ever want in a partner. They make you laugh, they make you feel wanted and cared for.

You share your deepest secrets with them and they seem to understand. The two of you do things together that you never would have imagined doing with anyone else.

Yet there is something missing. It feels like an itch you can’t scratch. It doesn’t matter how much time the two of you spend together because it just doesn’t feel like what it should be.

There is no spark, no zing. You don’t feel butterflies when you’re around them. You don’t really care if you see them again or not. Nonetheless, both make efforts to make it work.

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How hard you try, you don’t develop any deep feelings or genuine emotional connection to each other.

However, you both are still determined to pursue this relationship even though you are very uncertain where this might lead you both.

You think maybe if you give it enough time, love will grow between the two of you. Somehow, you made it work regardless of all these doubts.

One day, you realized that this person was meant to be yours after all. You both married. However, it’s not all wine and roses.

There are bumps and setbacks along the way. In spite of all those conflicts and uncertainties, your love grew stronger and still managed to find some joy in life.

All these experiences lead you to understand each other better, accept each other for who you really are.

And lead the rest of life with the same hopes and dreams by supporting each other, loving each other and protecting each other till the end. So, do you believe he or she is really your soulmate?

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Experiment 2: Does soulmate exist?


Let’s think about whether does soulmate exist or not through another approach.

Assume, you meet a man or woman, with the first encounter itself you are naturally drawn to them. You can name it “Love at first sight or crush or infatuation.”

There is a feeling of joy and comfort which you experience in their presence. You often find yourself thinking about this person throughout the day.

When you speak to them, you get excited and giddy. You can tell them anything without fear of judgment. But there exists an overall personality clash.

There is nothing common and not compatible with each other. They don’t understand you and you might develop a grudge or disappointment on them if they misunderstand and start judging you for who you are.

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Your interests differ, so does the taste in music and values in life. All in all, you don’t fit each other well enough to be considered life partners.

But, you both are attracted to each other and decided to make it work despite all the odds that come along your way.

As you both are passionate about each other, you carried it till the end and made your relationship successful. So, does this make you think he or she is your soulmate?

Experiment 3: Does soulmate exist?

If you believe a soulmate is someone with whom you have a feeling of deep or innate affinity. 

This may involve similarity, love, romance, platonic relationships, comfort, intimacy, sexuality, sexual activity, spirituality, compatibility and trust. Because that’s what an ideal definition of soulmate is, as per wikipedia.

All that you ever dreamt of what a perfect partner could be, in other words your ideal soulmate has found you and you recognized them in your first encounter, developed a natural connection spiritually and bonded beyond any metaphysical explanation.

You both felt it that you are made for each other. Because everything is perfect between you, until you begin to question the nature of reality itself.

After living together for all these years, you realize that he or she is not the only person who is perfect for you. You meet another person who exactly matches your soul.

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Not just that, you begin to encounter multiple people who are your potential soulmates who fulfill all your desires, dreams, needs and everything you ever imagined of and much more.

So, you begin to question,

Is he my soulmate?

Is she my soulmate?

Is it possible for your soulmate to have a different soulmate?

Can you not be your soulmate’s soulmate?

Can your soulmate have another soulmate?

Do I have multiple soulmates?

What happens when you separate from your soulmate

What if my soulmate doesn’t exist?

Is it possible to never find your soulmate?

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Insights, soulmate facts and theories


After considering all these scenarios, it’s definitely worth asking,

“Are soulmates real?”
“Do soulmates exist?”

The above experiments are not just a theory, it’s a reality that is happening around the world.

Researchers at Aurora University conducted a study on 143 adults called Implicit relationship theory, led by Renae Franiuk.

 The implicit theories of relationships divide people into those who believe that relationships are destined for each other and those who think they develop slowly but steadily.

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Soulmate theory: According to the soulmate theory, a successful relationship depends on finding the right partner. In turn, this can be further divided into Pure soulmate theory, Strong soulmate theory, and Weak soulmate theory.

As per the same study the people who believe in soulmates are considered as “Destiny believers

Destiny Belief: Destiny believers think they are destined to meet their soulmate, someone who will share the rest of their life with them, as soon as they come into contact with that person. People with destiny beliefs also believe in fate.

These people said it didn’t matter what the other person did or said; they were always destined to love each other no matter what.

Destiny believers might be less willing to go through all the trouble if there are any misunderstandings and conflicts between them.

Because they believe if someone is really their soulmate, there won’t be any problems. So, they think that their perfect match is already out there waiting for them and ready to move on if things don’t work between them.

Destiny believers motto is “Better move on and find my soulmate.” if things don’t work out for them.

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Work it out theory: According to the work-it-out theory, successful relationships require effort on both sides. The work it out theory is further divided into three categories: pure work it out theory, strong work it out theory, and weak work it out theory.

And those who believe in work-it-out theory are considered as “Growth believers.”

Growth belief: Growth believers believe that relationships progress slowly and can take time to build the bond between two people.

These relationships could still turn out to be successful but won’t necessarily end up being the soulmate relationship these individuals are looking for.

They are more motivated to overcome conflicts, compromise, and work hard on their personal development so they can eventually make their relationship successful.

Growth believers motto is, “Better work this out” even if there are many conflicts. Because they believe they can overcome any hurdles if they both make efforts to work it out.

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We are dealing with a serious issue here. It is crucial that you answer that question honestly since it greatly determines whether you will have a successful relationship or not.

In fact, the implicit theory research states,

“It is more likely that people who believe in soulmates will break up and give up, and their relationships will always be hard.”

Although there are endless possibilities to make a relationship work or break, it all depends upon both partners where they want to end up.

Regardless of whether soulmates exist or not, individual efforts are that all add up to the long term success of any relationship.

So, out of all the things that matter to nurture a relationship comes down to only a few things that are mutual understanding, genuine efforts and connection or trust.

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Because, soulmates exist just in our subconscious mind and when we meet someone with our presumed features we are naturally drawn to them.

I cannot say for sure, whether soulmates exist or not in reality. But, I can say that you can easily realize who is right for you and who is not, only if you listen to your intuition and follow your gut feelings.

As there are different types of personalities in the world, It’s always easy for us to get along with someone who is familiar to our soul, similar to our cognition and emotional intelligence when compared to other types.

Do soulmates exist in the Bible?


Do soulmates exist in Christianity? Although the term “soulmate” is not used in the Bible or in Christianity, it is evident from the text that the person you choose to marry is your biblical “soulmate.”

The Bible refers to this union as being “one-flesh” in marriage (Matt. 19:4-6; cf. Gen. 2:24). It is the only biblically approved concept that a man and woman can unionize for life, on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Because we are born into the same physical body and bloodline as Christ, Religious people believe that especially in christianity, our souls are connected together at birth.

Therefore, two people who are united at the core cannot be separated. Although there is no mention of soulmates in the Bible, Jesus spoke of his disciples in terms like this. He said that they were “one flesh” to them (see Eph. 5:31-32).

So, in this perspective absolutely, soulmates do exist.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter what the bible says about soulmates; at the end of the day it all comes to one’s personal belief and intuitive feelings about their potential partner.

In fact, some soul connections are so natural and effortless than others. So, pay attention to people’s energy, vibration and the signs that are sent from the universe.

Eventually, someone will cross your path who matches your soul and then everything makes sense.


Final thoughts:

So, Do you believe in soul mates? Do soulmates exist?

Realize what exactly a soulmate means to you: Is it just a spark, perfect qualities, perfect physique, spiritual connection or all of them? If so, is there only one soulmate for you? What if there are many? If so, whom do you choose?

From the above three experiments, you can clearly understand the first two experiments are examples of Work it out theory and the third experiment is an example of “Soulmate theory.” So, Which category do you fall in? 

I leave these questions here for you to decide yourself. And act on what’s best for you.

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