150+ Christmas Conversation Starters and Icebreaker questions for discussion – 2023

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The Christmas holidays are a time to be with family and friends, celebrate the joy of life, and enjoy delicious food and drinks.

Whether you’re hosting a Christmas party or just spending time with friends and family, there’s sure to be plenty of conversation starters questions.

Here are 150+ Christmas conversation starters and icebreaker questions for your holiday get-togethers.

150+ Christmas conversation starters


The following is a huge list of Christmas conversation starters for discussions:

1. Merry Christmas! What are your plans for the holidays?

2. Can you believe it’s Christmas? Do you know, why do we celebrate Christmas?

3. What does Merry Christmas mean to you?

4. When did you start to celebrate Christmas?

5. How do you feel about celebrating Christmas?

6. What are some of your favorite traditions at Christmas time?

7. Where do you like to spend time during December?

8. Do you have any special dishes that you like to eat around the holidays?

9. What are some of the things that you want for Christmas this year?

10. What is one thing that really makes this time of year special for you?

11. Who is your favorite character from The Nutcracker and the Mouse King?

12. Is there a song that brings back memories for you around the holidays?

13. What has been your favorite Christmas present so far this year?

14. Have you made any new family traditions yet or would you like to make some new ones in the future?

15. If you could only pick one holiday tradition, which would it be and why?

16. Are there any gifts that you’re still looking for this holiday season?

17. What do you think about all of the different celebrations that take place in December such as Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Saturnalia, etc.?

18. Have you ever celebrated any of those other holidays before?

19. Which celebration was the most interesting to you and why?

20. Have you ever seen a live nativity scene at Christmastime?

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Best Christmas conversation questions

Here is a list of some Best Christmas questions conversation starters as icebreakers:

1. How do you feel about decorating your home for Christmas?

2. What do you think of celebrating Christmas on December 25th instead of December 6th, the date of Jesus’s birth?

3. Do you enjoy listening to or singing carols during this season?

4. Have any new traditions become a part of your family during this season (i.e., watching a certain holiday movie)?

5. When you put up the tree, what kind did you get?

6. Where did you put all of your presents that Santa will be bringing on Christmas Eve?

7. Have you heard anything from Santa yet this year?

8. I’m sorry to hear that there has been some conflict with neighbors over whether they should have an angel or a star at the top of their tree; what side would you take in that debate and why?

9. Let’s talk about food: who makes the best pie around here?

10. What was your favorite thing to eat when you were little?

11. What was the best gift someone gave you last year?

12. Do you prefer fruitcake or cookies as Christmas desserts?

13. Who are some famous people who celebrate Christmas even though they’re not Christian?

14. Who is your favorite reindeer, and why is he/she so great?

15. If you could spend one day anywhere in the world, where would it be?

16. What can we look forward to next week after New Year’s Day?

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Family Conversation starters for christmas dinner

Here are some Family Christmas dinner conversation starters at the dinner table to get to know them deeply:

1. What do you remember about Christmas when you were five?

 2. What do you think about the Food on this dinner table?

 3. What is your most memorable christmas gift-opening moment?

 4. What’s one of your favorite holiday traditions with family?

 5. What are some of your favorite christmas songs?

 6. Is there a movie or TV show that reminds you of Christmas or makes it feel like it’s actually here?

 7. Who was the first person in your life who made you feel like they loved and cared for you unconditionally, and what did they say to make you believe that?

 8. If there was one thing you could change about Christmas, what would it be, and why?

 9. What is your least favorite part of Christmas?

 10.What’s one big piece of advice you wish someone had given you before the holidays began?

 11.What are some things on your wishlist this year?

 12. What does Jesus mean to you?

 13. What does family mean to you?

 14. Do you love Christmas because of Santa Claus or Jesus Christ?

 15. Do you see any patterns in how people celebrate the holidays differently depending on where they grew up, their ethnicity, religion etc.?

 16. Why do we spend so much money and time celebrating this holiday season only once a year?

 17. If you could go anywhere at Christmastime, where would it be and why?

 18. How many gifts will each person get on average?

 19. What are you grateful for this Christmas Eve?

 20. What’s one thing you hope everyone gets a chance to experience over these next few days?

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Funny Christmas conversation starters

The following are some Fun christmas conversation starters Funny:

1. Has anyone in your family ever been mistaken for Santa Claus?

 And if so, how did they react?

2. Have you ever wanted to be Santa Clause just for one day?

3. Do you know that Walmart is giving away dead batteries for the holiday?

4. What did the scarecrow get a big christmas bonus?

5. What will the bald man say to Santa Claus when he gets a comb as Christmas gift?

6. Do you have an opinion on Elf On The Shelf ?

7. What age do you stop believing in Santa?

8. If Santa lives in the North Pole and Rudolph lives at the North Pole too, what does Rudolph eat?

9. What did Santa and his wife do when they wanted to split up but couldn’t find a divorce lawyer in the north pole?

10. What is a vegan’s favorite christmas Carol? “Soy to the world.”

11. Would it be weird to write your own version of Twas The Night Before Christmas?

12. Who would win in a fight between Santa Claus and Chuck Norris?

13. What was Mr. Claus’ last name before he changed it after marrying Mrs. Claus?

14. Why doesn’t Santa Claus like Halloween?

15. Why can’t Elsie jump higher than Joey even though she has springs for legs?

16. How many reindeer does it take to change a light bulb?

17. What happens when we put out new year resolutions instead of Christmas decorations?

18. How many elves does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

19. Will there be any presents under the tree this year, or should I just come back next year after my head injury has healed?

20. Did you know that human beings spend about the same amount of time sleeping each night as an eight-hour shift at work?

21. Where do Santa and his elves go to vote? The North Pole.


Good Conversation starters about christmas

Here is a list of Good Conversation starters for christmas for adults:

1. Does the word Christmas mean anything else besides the birth of Jesus Christ?

2. How old was Jesus when He died on the cross?

3. When did Santa Claus first appear in history?

4. When do you think we should stop celebrating Christmas in order to not offend those who don’t celebrate it at all or those who live in countries where it’s not even celebrated whatsoever?

5. Did you know any interesting facts about Christmas?

6. How do you play the Christmas trivia game?

7. How Christmas got its name?

8. What was Christmas originally called?

9. Who started Christmas first?

10. Why did Christmas start?

11. Why is it called Santa?

12. What is Christmas stand for?

13. When did Christmas start?

14. Is Santa real?

15. Can reindeer fly?

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Christian christmas conversation starters

Here is a list of religious and christian christmas conversation starters:

1. Where in the Bible do we find the Christmas story?

2. What is the biblical message of Christmas?

3. What Christmas means biblically?

4. What God thinks about Christmas?

5. What symbolizes Christmas for Christians?

6. Which characters are involved in the nativity scene?

7. Why do you think it’s important that Jesus was born as a human and not an angel or another creature from heaven?

8. Who were Jesus’ parents?

9. How did Mary know she was pregnant with Jesus?

10. What happened to Joseph after he died?

11. If christmas isn’t about gifts, then what is it about?

12. Should we still celebrate Christmas if Jesus wasn’t actually born on December 25th?

13. What can you tell me about Advent?

14. What does the word Christmas mean religiously?

15. Do any other religions celebrate Christmas too?


Christmas party conversation starters

These are a few Home and Office christmas party conversation starters:

1. If you could only spend one day doing anything at all during the holidays what would it be?

2. What is your most cherished Christmas memory?

3. When did Christmastime start feeling important to you and why did that happen for you personally, who had something to do with making Christmastime more important for yourself?

4. Is there a particular song or artist that gets you into the holiday spirit?

5. What’s been the most surprising thing about being single over the holidays?

6. How many times will you visit Santa before Christmas Eve?

7. Are there any new traditions this year that you’re excited to try out with your family/friends/kids

8. What’s the weirdest or funniest decoration you’ve seen so far?

9. What game(s) do you play every Christmas (if any)?

10. Where are some of your favorite places to go shopping for presents and decorations during this time of year?

11. What’s your favorite Christmas carol?

12. How much candy can you eat by the end of December without having any major regrets later?

13. What are some of your favorite Christian Christmas traditions?

14. Who’s on your nativity set at home and why did you choose them?

15. Do you have any favorite Christmas songs or carols that are special to you and why?

16. Do you have a tradition for who brings what dish to the family gathering at Christmas time and why did it become that tradition for you, if so, can I ask what it is please?

Zoom christmas conversation starters (virtual)

Here is a list of Virtual zoom conversation starters:

1. What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

2. What do you like to get each other as gifts?

3. What is the best gift you ever received from someone else?

4. What is the best gift you’ve ever given someone else?

5. Who are the people that are always on your Christmas card list?

6. What song would be on a perfect Christmas playlist this year?

7. Which Christmas movie is your absolute favorite and why?

8. Do you have any traditions in your family or with friends that make it extra special or memorable around this time of year?

9. What do you think about when you hear the word Christmas?

10.What does being merry mean to you, what does it look like, sound like, feel like?


Christmas conversation starters for kids

Here are some Christmas themed conversation starters for children and kids of all ages:

1. What is your favorite part about this time of year?

2. What are you hoping to find under the tree this year?

3. What is your favorite holiday dish that you like to eat around this time of year?

4. Do you have any new year’s resolutions that you’re hoping to keep this coming year as well as during Christmas time too?

5. What do you think is the most important thing in life?

6. What would you like to be when you grow up?

7. Do you believe in Santa Claus or not? Why or why not?

8. What is your favorite story from the Bible and why does it mean a lot to you?

9. Why don’t we celebrate other holidays besides Christmas, such as Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Diwali/Lohri?

10. How would you like to spend Christmas Eve this year?

11. If you were an elf at the North Pole, what job would you want to have?

12. What is one word that describes how you feel right now?

13. What was the last book you read and did you enjoy it?

14. What was the last christmas movie you watched? Was it good or bad?

15. What are some things you learned today?

16. What is your favorite color and why do you like it so much?

17. Can you teach me something cool with the alphabet?

18. Have you seen any lights on houses yet, if not can we go look for some together soon please?

19. Who do you think Santa will bring presents to first if he comes tonight instead of tomorrow morning?

20. What are you doing for Christmas break?

21. What present would you like to ask Santa for?

22. What is your best memory from past Christmases? 

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