170 Cupid Halloween Captions for love costumes for Instagram posts (2023 Edition)

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By: Naveen B

Halloween is here and love is in the air!

Whether you’re dressing up with your special someone or just feeling the romance of the season, we’ve got 170 Cupid-approved Halloween captions for all your Instagram needs.

These cupid halloween captions and clever cupid sayings are perfect for couples costumes, group shots with your best ghouls, or any Halloween costumes you want to make extra cute.

From funny puns to creepy-romantic quotes, these captions will spread the love and the likes this Halloween. Never fear – with these Cupid captions, you’ll have the perfect words for all your haunted heart’s desires!


170 Cupid halloween captions

The following is a list of cupid halloween captions:

1. “Love Potion No. Boo! ??”

2. “Cupid’s arrow: Now with a spooky twist. ??”

3. “Boo-tifully matched in the afterlife. ?❤️”

4. “Witch better have my candy, Cupid? ?‍♀️?”

5. “Cupid’s hauntingly hilarious love spells. ??”

6. “When love is spooky, but you’re still shootin’ hearts. ??”

7. “Ghostly arrows of affection. ??”

8. “Love bites, but so do vampires. ??”

9. “Cupid in costume: A match made in Halloween heaven. ??”

10. “Trick or treat, or shoot some love? ??”

11. “Cupid’s Boo-quet of affection. ??”

12. “Witchful thinking: A love spell gone Halloween. ?‍♀️?”

13. “When love is scary good. ?❤️”

14. “Spook-tacular matchmaking by Cupid. ??”

15. “Ghosting isn’t an option for this Cupid. ??”

16. “Love’s a scream with Cupid on Halloween. ?❤️”

17. “Witches be trippin’, but Cupid’s on target. ?‍♀️?”

18. “Cupid’s hauntingly hilarious aim. ??”

19. “Zombie love: When even the undead need matchmaking. ?‍♂️?”

20. “Cupid’s haunted arrows hit the heart’s bullseye. ?❤️”

21. “Witch way to love? Ask Cupid. ?‍♀️?”

22. “Love is in the scare! ?❤️”

23. “Cupid’s spectral matchmaker services. ??”

24. “Frightfully in love, thanks to Cupid. ?❤️”

25. “Trick or treat? Cupid says, ‘Love me!’ ??”

26. “Cupid’s arrow: Spookier than you thought. ??”

27. “When ghosts and love collide. ?❤️”

28. “Boo-tifully struck by Cupid’s arrow. ??”

29. “Zombies in love, thanks to Cupid’s magic. ?‍♂️?”

30. “Cupid’s love spells: Guaranteed to raise spirits. ?‍♀️?”

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Best Halloween cupid captions for couples

Here are some of the best halloween cupid captions for couples:

1. Our love is so sweet, it’s scary!

2. You make my heart jump out of my chest.

3. Our love is to die for.

4. You’re the pumpkin to my spice.

5. Together ’til the end of fright night.

6. Carve out a little time for me.

7. Love at frightened sight.

8. You’re my boo.

9. Our love is brewing up a storm.

10. We go together like tricks and treats.

11. Our love gives me chills.

12. You make my heart beat out of my chest.

13. You’re my favorite ghost.

14. We’re a flawless fright.

15. Our chemistry is killer.

16. You’re the sweet to my spooky.

17. My heart skips a beat for you.

18. We were mint to be.

19. You’re my pumpkin spice.

20. Our love is fangtastic.

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Lovely Cupid captions halloween edition

Here are some Cupid halloween costume captions for your photos:

1. “Cupid on Halloween: Arrows? Nah, I’ve upgraded to candy corn!”

2. “When you’re too lazy to change costumes: Cupid’s still shooting hearts, just spookier ones.”

3. “Halloween is my chance to be a ‘heart-stopper’ as Cupid!”

4. “I’m not a regular Cupid, I’m a spooky Cupid.”

5. “Cupid’s on a candy coma mission this Halloween!”

6. “Fangs and arrows – a killer combo for Cupid this Halloween!”

7. “Who needs love when you’ve got candy and costumes? #CupidGoals”

8. “When Halloween meets Valentine’s Day: Cupid’s got a hauntingly sweet aim.”

9. “Cupid’s arrow? More like a candy cane this Halloween!”

10. “Halloween, where even Cupid wears a mask.”

11. “Cupid’s gone batty this Halloween – love bites!”

12. “Why shoot hearts when you can shoot spooky vibes?”

13. “Cupid’s aiming for your candy stash this Halloween!”

14. “When Halloween meets romance: Cupid’s spooktacularly in love.”

15. “Cupid’s not here for hearts; he’s here for Halloween treats!”

16. “Arrows are so last season. Cupid’s upgraded to witchy spells!”

17. “Cupid’s Halloween motto: ‘Trick or treat, then find love’s sweet!'”

18. “Cupid’s got a wicked aim this Halloween – watch out!”

19. “Forget love, Cupid’s all about that Halloween candy haul!”

20. “Halloween: When even Cupid gets bewitched by costumes.”

21. “Cupid’s arrow might be blunt, but his humor is sharp!”

22. “Cupid’s on a sugar high mission this Halloween – hearts can wait!”

23. “When Halloween strikes, even Cupid becomes a mischievous spirit.”

24. “Cupid’s in disguise, but his aim is still spooky sharp!”

25. “Cupid’s arrows are wrapped in spider silk this Halloween!”

26. “Cupid’s heart-shooting quota is on hold – it’s candy time!”

27. “This Halloween, Cupid’s shooting ‘boo-tiful’ love spells!”

28. “Cupid’s got a ghostly grip on love this Halloween!”

29. “Why shoot hearts when you can shoot cobwebs, right, Cupid?”

30. “Cupid’s Halloween mission: Spreading sweet and spooky love!”

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Cupid Halloween costume instagram captions

Here are some Cupid halloween instagram captions related to your costumes

1. I’m your Cupid, here to pierce your heart ??

2. Love struck on Halloween ?❤️

3. Bewitching you with my arrow ??‍♀️

4. Casting love spells tonight ?‍♀️?

5. Love potion No. 31 ready to go! ??

6. Be my poison apple tonight ??

7. Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me kisses so sweet ??

8. Love bites on Halloween night ?‍♂️?

9. You’re the treat to my trick ??

10. I put a spell on you ?❤️

11. My love for you is supernatural ??

12. You’re my haunting crush ??

13. Boo, you’re cute! ??

14. Have a fang-tastic Halloween with me ?‍♂️?

15. I find you stake-tacular ?‍♂️?

16. You make my heart flutter, bat ?❤️

17. I’m smitten by you, kitten ??

18. Witch better have my heart ?‍♀️?

19. You make me howl at the moon ??

20. I’m under your spell, darling ??

21. Be my boo this Halloween ??

22. Our love is so creepy ?❤️

23. You’re the apple of my eye ??

24. Having a spooktacular time with you ??

25. Our love is bewitching ?‍♀️?

26. You’re my pot of gold ??

27. I’m goblin you up this Halloween ??

28. Wanna carve pumpkins and chill? ??

29. Let’s have a frightfully good time ??

30. You make my heart jump out of my chest ?♥️

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Creative Cupid captions for halloween

1. “Love-struck zombie searching for brains… and hearts ??‍♂️ #CupidOfTheUndead”

2. “When love and Halloween collide, you get me! ?❤️? #SpookyCupid”

3. “Arrow-slinging, candy-bringing, Halloween Cupid! ??? #TrickOrTreatLove”

4. “Cupid’s on the prowl, but beware of his spooky arrow! ?? #HauntedHeart”

5. “This Cupid prefers treats over tricks any day! ??? #HalloweenHugger”

6. “Creepin’ through the night, spreading love’s eerie delight! ?❤️? #BooCupid”

7. “Unleash the love potion! ??❤️ #CupidConcoctions”

8. “Cupid’s aim is deadlier than ever this Halloween! ??? #BullseyeLove”

9. “Halloween might be spooky, but my love is BOO-tiful! ?❤️? #LoveBoo”

10. “Cupid’s got a bag full of treats and a quiver full of love! ??? #TreatYourHeart”

11. “Arrows, candy, and costumes – it’s a spooky love affair! ??? #CupidCostumes”

12. “Love is brewing like a witch’s potion! ?‍♀️❤️? #WitchyLove”

13. “Hunting hearts in the moonlight, this Cupid’s ready for Halloween night! ??? #MoonlitLove”

14. “When ghosts and goblins meet Cupid’s arrows, magic happens! ?❤️? #HauntedHearts”

15. “No tricks, just love this Halloween! ?❤️? #NoTricksJustLove”

16. “Cupid’s arrow, a spell of love, and a pumpkin spice latte! ☕?? #PumpkinLove”

17. “Cupid’s costume closet: Arrows, wings, and a dash of spookiness! ??? #CupidCouture”

18. “Halloween candy might be sweet, but my love is even sweeter! ?❤️? #SweetCupid”

19. “This Halloween, Cupid’s got a bewitching touch of romance! ?‍♂️❤️? #BewitchedLove”

20. “Cupid’s guide to Halloween: Aim for hearts, not heads! ??? #HeartHunter”

21. “Cupid’s costume? Love-ly and a little eerie! ?❤️? #EerieCupid”

22. “My love potion for you: a sprinkle of candy corn, a dash of magic, and a whole lot of affection! ?‍♀️❤️? #LovePotion”

23. “Cupid in costume, spreading love in the moonlight! ?❤️? #MoonlitCupid”

24. “Trick or treat? I choose love every time! ❤️?? #LoveOverTreats”

25. “Aim high, shoot straight, and let love take flight this Halloween! ?❤️? #LoveFlight”

26. “Cupid’s arrow turns even the spookiest of hearts into love-struck souls! ??? #HeartTransformation”

27. “Cupid’s candy stash: All treats, no tricks! ?❤️? #CupidCandy”

28. “This Halloween, I’m dressed as the Love Reaper – collecting hearts, not souls! ?❤️? #LoveReaper”

29. “Spooky, strange, and absolutely in love this Halloween! ?❤️? #StrangeLove”

30. “Cupid’s arrow is a magic wand that turns costumes into love stories! ✨?❤️ #MagicCupid”

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Short Cupid halloween costume captions

These are a few very short Cupid halloween captions for instagram:

1. Love hurts…literally!

2. My poison arrows will pierce your heart.

3. I’m no angel, I’m a devil in disguise.

4. Love is a battlefield.

5. All is fair in love and tricks.

6. Trick or treat, your heart I’ll eat.

7. Roses are red, violets are dead, love struck you’re next.

8. Love potion in your drink, now your heart is what I’ll sink.

9. Candy is dandy but love makes you crazy.

10. No tricks just love pricks.

11. Your heart I’ll steal, how does that make you feel?

12. Love’s arrow through your heart will tear you apart.

13. Love bite’s my favorite fright.

14. I put a spell on you and now you’re mine.

15. Love is wicked, love is a spell.

16. Roses are red, violets are blue, my love potion will make you mine too.

17. Trick-or-treat smell my feet, give me your heart to eat.

18. Love struck by cupid’s bow, now you’re under my spell below.

19. Bewitching love on Halloween night.

20. Love potion number 9 got you feeling fine.

21. My love is your trick, your treat, your pick.

22. You’ve been cursed by love thirst.

23. Love me deadly.

24. A witch’s brew of love for you.

25. Under my love spell you hopelessly fell.

26. Love is a ghastly spell I do so well.

27. Your heart I now possess, my dear I must confess.

28. You’re the treat my tricks will eat.

29. My love bites worse than any fright.

30. Roses are red, violets are blue, my arrow struck love into you.

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So spice up your spooky season snaps with these 170 cupid halloween costume captions made for lovers!

Our Halloween Cupid quotes and sayings will spread the romance, laughs and likes. Have a cute, creepy and romantic Halloween


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