100+ Halloween weekend captions for Instagram (2023 Edition)

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It’s that spooky time of year again – Halloween weekend! Get ready for an epic celebration full of costumes, candy, and creativity.

To make sure you remember every magical moment, you’ll need the perfect captions for all your festive photos.

Look no further than our list of over 100 Halloween weekend captions, sayings and quotes! We’ve got funny puns, pop culture references, and creepy phrases to capture the spirit of the season.

Whether you’re showing off an outrageous group costume, romantic couples look, or epic party pics, we have the ideal words to make your posts hauntingly good.

Peruse our suggestions to find the perfect caption and make your social feeds frighteningly fun this Halloween!

halloween weekend captions 100+ Halloween weekend captions for Instagram (2023 Edition)

100+ Halloween weekend captions

The following is a list of halloween weekend captions:

1. “Witchful thinking: Halloween weekend is here!”

2. “Creepin’ it real this Halloween weekend.”

3. “Spooktacular times ahead this Halloween weekend.”

4. “Boo, it’s Halloween weekend!”

5. “Fangtastic fun awaits this weekend.”

6. “Double, double, toil, and trouble—it’s Halloween weekend!”

7. “Time to get batty this Halloween weekend.”

8. “Broomsticks and bros: Halloween weekend squad goals.”

9. “Pumpkin spice and everything nice for Halloween weekend.”

10. “Wickedly good times ahead this weekend.”

11. “Trick or treat yourself this Halloween weekend.”

12. “Getting our ghoul on this Halloween weekend.”

13. “Creep it real this Halloween weekend.”

14. “Goblins, ghosts, and good times this weekend.”

15. “Cauldron bubbles and Halloween troubles!”

16. “Ready to spook and party this weekend.”

17. “No tricks, just treats this Halloween weekend.”

18. “Costumes and candy: It’s Halloween weekend, baby!”

19. “Getting in the spirit of Halloween this weekend.”

20. “Boo-licious times await this Halloween weekend.”

21. “Wishing you a spooktacular Halloween weekend!”

22. “Hocus Pocus and chill this weekend.”

23. “Brewing up some fun this Halloween weekend.”

24. “Pumpkin spice and everything nice for this spooky weekend.”

25. “Ghosts of Halloween weekends past.”

26. “Squad ghouls, assemble for Halloween weekend!”

27. “Witch way to the Halloween weekend party?”

28. “Screams and dreams this Halloween weekend.”

29. “This weekend, we’re under the spell of Halloween.”

30. “Witching you a haunted and happy Halloween weekend!”

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Short halloween weekend captions with friends

Here are some short halloween weekend captions with friends:

1. “Haunting the town with my best witches”

2. “Nothing like zombie movies with my ghoulfriends” 

3. “Time for pumpkin carving with my partner in crime”

4. “Horror movie marathon weekend with my boo”

5. “Hocus pocus, time for cocktails with the coven”

6. “Fanging out with my ghostess with the mostess”

7. “Witching you a killer Halloween weekend”

8. “Having a frightfully fun time with my main mummy”

9. “Don’t make me wolf you down, friend” 

10. “I put a spell on you because you’re the best”

11. “A weekend of tricks and treats with my favorite vampire”

12. “Haunting like pros with my partner in crime”

13. “Tomb sweet tomb with my favorite ghoulfriend”

14. “Don’t make me get the flying monkeys, friend!”

15. “You’re the Annabelle to my haunted dollhouse”

16. “We make a killer zombie horde”

17. “Part of a spooktacular squad of witches”

18. “Mummy mayhem with my fave friend group”

19. “Chilling with my fellow ghostly ghouls” 

20. “Who you gonna call? My ghostbusting besties!”

21. “Friendship never dies on Halloween” 

22. “Squad ghouls till the end”

23. “Partners in creepy crime”

24. “Halloween is better with a hand to hold”

25. “Two peas in a haunted pod”

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Funny halloween weekend Instagram captions

Here is a list of funny halloween weekend captions for instagram, x, tiktok, linkedin, facebook and other social media posts:

1. “Feeling cute, might scare someone later”

2. “Hanging with my ghouls this Halloween”

3. “Witch way to the haunted house?”

4. “I’m a real nightmare before Christmas”

5. “Franken-tastic weekend with my friends”

6. “It’s Fri-yay the 13th, let’s get spooky”

7. “Being creepy and kooky this Halloween weekend” 

8. “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts” 

9. “Here’s my costume, what’s your favorite scary movie?”

10. “I see dead people…and they’re ready to party”

11. “I woke up like this…UNDEAD”

12. “Haunting the town with my best witches” 

13. “Fangs for the memories this Halloween weekend”

14. “I put a spell on you…now you’re mine” 

15. “It’s the zombie apocalypse, who’s ready to party?!”

16. “I’m a real boo-ty ghoulie this Halloween”

17. “Don’t make me get the flying monkeys on you”

18. “Werewolf? There wolf! Happy Halloween”

19. “I’m fang-tastic this Halloween weekend” 

20. “Feeling hauntingly beautiful this Halloween”

21. “Here for the boos and the brews this weekend”

22. “Time to turn up and carve out some fun” 

23. “Horror movie marathon weekend, who’s in?”

24. “Hocus pocus, it’s cocktail o’clock”

25. “Grabbing life by the pumpkin patches”

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Halloween weekend captions for couples

Here are a few halloween weekend captions for couples:

1. “Creep it real with my boo”

2. “Bring on the tricks and treats with my sweet” 

3. “Two peas in a haunted pod”

4. “Partners in creepy crime”

5. “My other half is a witch, and I love it”

6. “We make a killer zombie couple”  

7. “We put the OM in mummy”

8. “You’re the Drac to my Mina”

9. “Dying to show you our couples costume”

10. “Cause my friend, you got a friend in me…especially on Halloween”

11. “I put a spell on you because you’re the best”

12. “Don’t be afraid to fall for me”  

13. “I’m bewitched by you”

14. “Our love is so potent, it’s scary”

15. “You make my heart pound like a monster’s footsteps”

16. “A hauntingly romantic weekend with you” 

17. “Tomb sweet tomb with my love”

18. “A weekend of bewitching fun with my boo”

19. “Haunting like pros with my soulmate” 

20. “To my dearly beloved and departed date” 

21. “Full moon fever with my honey”

22. “Horror movie marathon with my cuddle buddy”

23. “Room for one more? Asking for you, bae” 

24. “Time to carve pumpkins and kisses”

25. “Hocus pocus & cocktails for two”

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halloween weekend captions 100+ Halloween weekend captions for Instagram (2023 Edition)


With over 100 weekend halloween captions ideas, you’ll find the perfect words to celebrate Halloween weekend in style on social media and beyond.

Our list has sayings ideal for couples, friends, and even Instagram. So peruse our collection for funny, frightening, and festive phrases to make your Halloween posts scream with spirit. Happy haunting this weekend!

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