150+ Deep philosophical Questions

By: Naveen B

We skim the surface of life so often – polite conversations, familiar routines. But beneath the ordinary lies a hidden ocean of profound questions. What is the essence of happiness? Does free will exist? These are the inquiries that crack open our hearts and minds, fostering genuine connection.

This collection offers 150+ Deep philosophical questions, like stepping stones, to navigate the depths of your own existence and forge deeper bonds with others. Prepare to be surprised, challenged, and profoundly connected, for in the crucible of these questions, true understanding and intimacy are born.

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Deep philosophical questions

  1. What good is logic?
  2. How should one live?
  3. What is it to find this life meaningful?
  4. Do we all need reason to wake up?
  5. Were our answers so sour?
  6. Do sacrifice worth it?
  7. What human occupation is the most useful socially?
  8. Why is there something rather than nothing?
  9. Are you depressed yet?
  10. Can good people do bad things?
  11. Irrespective of a person’s morality, can any action be bad action if it is done with good intentions?
  12. Do animals have a purpose?
  13. Is it a sin to kill animals and enjoy eating their delicious cooked meat?
  14. Is morality a weakness?
  15. How immortality can alter the face of this existence?
  16. How can a person justify being wealthy or powerful?

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Deep philosophical questions to ask (Influential)

  1. Who is the most important person in your life?
  2. What kind of people do you want in your life?
  3. Have you ever experienced something that you experienced in your dreams?
  4. Have you ever told a white lie?
  5. What good outcomes do you gain by lying?
  6. Do you think is it good to be ruled by leaders or politicians? Why and why not?
  7. What have you spent money on during the past week that was more important than what that same amount of money would have meant to a hungry family, a homeless veteran, or a child in need of vaccines?
  8. If you had ten times your wealth and ten times your income, what would you do that you can’t do now?
  9. Was there a time recently when you went out of your way to do something nice for someone else? What did you do? Were you glad you did? why or why not?
  10. What about a time when you put your interests ahead of others- was it worth it? What made it so- or if it wasn’t, why not?
  11. What’s one of your guilty pleasures?
  12. If you feel guilty about something, do you keep doing it?
  13. Is happiness really what you’re aiming for in life?
  14. For what reason or reasons do you make the choices you make?
  15. What goals and ambitions do you have in life?
  16. Even if we find our lives to be meaningful, that certainly doesn’t apply to every part of them. What are some of the most meaningless things you’re going to have to do today?
  17. What purpose do your actions play in your life and in others lives?
  18. In your work life, how much can you choose what you do, or how you do it? Could work life be structured to give you more freedom?
  19. What difference did your work make in the world?
  20. What control do you have over the meaning and impact of your work?
  21. If you work for a corporation, how much do you control the meaning and impact of your company?

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Deepest philosophical questions

  1. If you had only a few minutes to live, what would you do with them? What if you had only a few days? Twenty years?
  2. What would you count as a healthy life? Immortality?
  3. How do you explain yourself to a visitor from another planet?
  4. Do you believe in God? If so, for what reason? What is God like? (That is, what is it that you believe in?) How would you prove to someone who does not believe in God that God does indeed exist and that your belief is true? (What would change your mind about this?)
  5. Can God create a mountain so large that even he can’t move it?
  6. What purpose does human life have, if any, that is not to be found in the life of a cow or an insect? What is the purpose of your life?
  7. Is there anything wrong with everything else?
  8. Who were we before our birth?
  9. Is there anything you would willingly die for?
  10. What if the world were so overcrowded that millions would die in one way if others did not die in another?
  11. What kind of reality exists in dreams?
  12. Can man be good without god?
  13. Is mortality depends upon religion?
  14. What actions have not been justified in the name of self-determination?
  15. How to prove ‘why?’
  16. If life is not a problem, why are you seeking for a solution?
  17. How do you prove yourself that you are not in a dream?

Deep Philosophical questions to ask someone to build instant connection

  1. Do you believe that it is wrong to take a life under any circumstances Any life?
  2. Have you ever made a decision that was entirely your own, that was no one’s responsibility but yours?
  3. Is freedom always a good thing?
  4. 16. Do you want to have children? If so, why?
  5. Is there anything you would willingly die for?
  6. Is it possible to experience everything at the same time?
  7. what it is that you really value, in others as well as in yourself?
  8. What do you admire?
  9. What sort of person do you want to be?
  10. Would you like to step into the happiness box?

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Deep philosophical questions to ponder

  1.  What is contradiction?
  2. What does “reason” mean?
  3. Are moral values objective facts?
  4. Are truths subjective feelings?
  5. What is the ultimate truth of philosophy?
  6. What is the right way to seek everything?
  7.  What is wisdom?
  8. How to escape suffering?
  9. Do you believe that life is ultimately fair?
  10. Will a wicked person surely suffer, at least in the long run?
  11. Is freedom always a good thing?
  12. Does everything make sense at all?
  13. Is freedom a means to happiness and prosperity?
  14. Is everything a matter of curiosity? Vanity?
  15. Are we willing to sacrifice our time and energy? Or do we not consider it a sacrifice at all?
  16. Is life indeed a mess?
  17. Do questions have a meaning at all?
  18. Do good works?
  19. Why the existence is the way it is?
  20. What is it to live life to the fullest?

Deep philosophical questions about love and relationships

  1.  Is life a continuous love without a hint of hostility?
  2. What kind of relationships would bring legacy to the family?
  3. Do you want to have children? If so, why?
  4. Do we want to provide some future for the family name? Why?
  5. Do we need more hands around the house to help with the chores?
  6. Do we look forward to having absolute authority over someone?
  7. Do we need someone to inherit the throne after we’re dead?
  8. Do we think that having children will give us a sense of immortality?

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Deep philosophical questions about god

  1. What is god?
  2. What are the most prominent features of God?
  3. Is God all-powerful (omnipotent)?
  4. Is God all-knowing (omniscient)?
  5. Did God create the universe?
  6. Is God distinct and separate from the world he created?
  7. Is God knowable to us?
  8. Can God take or has God ever taken human form?
  9. Do you believe in god?
  10. Why do you believe in God? Or why don’t you?
  11. What do you think about religion?
  12. Is god belong to one particular religion?
  13. If God is identical to the universe as a whole, then what is the difference between believing in God and believing in the existence of the universe?
  14. What moral characteristics does God have?
  15. How much does god care about the existence?
  16. What is the job of the god?
  17. Does god answer our prayers?
  18. Did create the existence?
  19. If God created us with free will does that mean that he cannot interfere?
  20. If god is good why does he allow terrible things to happen to innocent lives?
  21. How do one prove the existence of god?
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