500+ Philosophical questions that would change how you think and view life

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By: Naveen B

The power of philosophical questions to stretch one’s boundaries and think outside the box is truly extraordinary. They can help us to understand our world better and make sense of it.

Philosophical questions not only force us to think about the world, but also gain insight into the way we live our lives.

It is important to remember that philosophical questioning does not mean asking questions for the sake of asking questions. It means asking questions for their own sake and as a way of learning more about yourself and others.

They are also a good way to connect with other people, since they often lead to lively discussions and thought-provoking conversations.

In this article, we will explore some of the most interesting philosophical questions that can help you better understand the world around you.

Before that, let’s clearly understand,

What is a philosophical question?

A philosophical question is a question that attempts to answer some fundamental issues in philosophy. The goal of such questions is to determine how we can best live our lives, what kind of life we should lead, what kind of society we need, and so on.

Philosophical questions are a powerful tool to stimulate and develop one’s cognition.

Philosophical questions are not simply theoretical questions, but also very practical ones. They concern all aspects of our lives, from the most intimate to the most general.

Philosophical questions are designed to get people thinking about big problems, such as:

How do we know what is true?

What is good?

Why do we have free will?

What happens when we die?

How can I make sure I am happy in this life? These are just a few examples of what philosophical questions can help you ask yourself in your everyday life.

They can also be used to help develop the skills of Critical Thinking, Reasoning, and Problem Solving. The ability to ask philosophical questions helps you grow in your own personal development and understanding of the world around you.

So, let’s dive in, The following is a list of 500+ philosophical questions about life, world, existence, space, universe and much more; provided with answers.

These are some funny, stupid, dumb, scientific and others are completely abstract. These philosophical questions make you think deeply and provoke you to ask others. Read on!

500 Philosophical Questions


Here is a great list of philosophical questions to think about and ask others:

1. What Is the Meaning of Life?

The meaning of life is one of those things that everyone wants to know about but no one is really sure how to answer.

The question might seem simple at first glance but there are many different answers out there depending on who you ask.

Some people believe that there is no meaning behind all this chaos while others think that every little detail in life has its own purpose behind it.

This question also relates back to one of my favorite philosophers: Camus (1913-1960).

Camus believed that life was meaningless because we were not given any control over what happens to us and therefore we cannot find any meaning for our existence by looking for one. He said “

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2. What is the nature of reality?

The nature of reality is a tough topic to discuss and even harder to explain.

We only have experience with what we can see, touch, smell, taste, or hear so it’s hard for us to grasp anything else beyond that which we experience through our senses.

For some thinkers, like René Descartes (1596-1650), reality goes beyond these bounds as he states in his Meditations on First Philosophy that human beings can be deceived by their senses if they aren’t careful.

Others think differently though. William James (1842-1910) said that reality can be seen as an extension of consciousness because everything an individual sees will change based on how they react to it emotionally and physically.

If someone doesn’t feel fear then they won’t see danger around them. So in order to fully understand reality we must go beyond our five senses.

Another philosopher named Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951) agrees with James and says that seeing is believing and whatever you perceive as true will depend on your perspective.

3. Why did consciousness emerge?

The third philosophical question I want to talk about is why did consciousness emerge.

Consciousness is something that humans possess but animals do not and many theories exist as to why we have it and animals don’t.

One theory states that self-awareness leads to more efficient thought processes which creates a competitive advantage for human beings since self-aware creatures can make decisions more quickly than creatures without this trait.

Another theory posits that because of language humans developed language skills earlier than other species which created consciousness during the process.

In philosophy, the emergence of consciousness falls under three main types: emergentism, parallelism, and epiphenomenalism – all three theories have advantages and disadvantages although none have been conclusively proven yet.

4. How to fully understand oneself?

There is no one way to fully understand oneself. There are, however, many techniques that can help in the process.

The most common one is called introspection, where the person reflects on themselves and explores their thoughts and feelings.

Self-observation is another technique that requires the person to observe themselves objectively as if they were observing someone else. A common metaphor for this technique is to imagine that we are looking at ourselves in a mirror.

A third technique for understanding oneself is to take stock of one’s life, meaning that the person looks back on the events of their life and analyzes what led up to certain outcomes.

If you’re trying to understand yourself then it can help to try out a few of these techniques in order to get closer to knowing yourself better.

Although there is no one method that will work for everyone, it’s important to remember that the goal is to understand oneself in a way that allows you to grow and learn regardless of your actions and their consequences.

5. Is there life after death?

The question of life after death is a very interesting one and many have debated it for centuries. Personally, I’m not sure if there is life after death. But there are arguments for both sides of the spectrum.

One argument for there being life after death is the theory of reincarnation which states that we will be reborn as a different person in our next life.

This theory usually follows an Eastern religion and it’s an appealing idea because it implies that we can escape the cycle of suffering in this world and move on to a better place.

The other argument for there being life after death comes from Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and many other religions as well. They all follow the belief that once you die you’ll be judged by God and depending on what you’ve done throughout your lifetime you’ll either go to Heaven or Hell.

However, according to science , the evidence points to there being nothing after death. Science has yet to come up with any conclusive findings as to the existence of life after death, so for now it’s safe to say that we will never know for sure if there is anything beyond this life.

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  1. What is a philosophical question?
  2. 500 Philosophical Questions
  3. Deep philosophical questions
  4. Funny Philosophical Questions
  5. Dumb Philosophical Questions
  6. Stupid philosophical questions
  7. Philosophy Questions for kids
  8. Deep Philosophical Questions to ask
  9. Unanswerable Philosophical Questions
  10. Philosophy Questions about life
  11. Philosophical Questions about consciousness
  12. Philosophical Questions about Truth
  13. Thought-provoking Philosophical Questions
  14. Philosophical Questions about technology
  15. Good Philosophical Questions
  16. Philosophical Questions about self
  17. Great Philosophical Questions
  18. Philosophical Questions about space
  19. Best Philosophical Questions
  20. Philosophical Questions about science
  21. Big Philosophical Questions
  22. Philosophical Questions about society
  23. Crazy Philosophical Questions
  24. Philosophical Questions about reality
  25. Interesting Philosophical Questions
  26. Philosophical Questions about religion
  27. Hard Philosophical Questions
  28. Philosophical Questions about humans and human nature
  29. Complex Philosophical Questions
  30. Philosophical Questions about happiness
  31. Mind-blowing Philosophical Questions
  32. Philosophical Questions about god
  33. Moral Philosophical Questions
  34. Philosophical Questions about family
  35. Political Philosophical Questions
  36. Philosophical Questions about fear
  37. Philosophical Questions about Death
  38. Yes or No Philosophical Questions
  39. Philosophical Questions about freedom
  40. Philosophical Questions about ethics
  41. Philosophical Questions about education
  42. Philosophical Questions about Friendship
  43. Philosophical Questions about justice
  44. Philosophical Questions about Art
  45. Philosophical Questions about Time
  46. Philosophical Questions about Money
  47. Philosophical Questions about Beauty
  48. Philosophical Questions about Relationships
  49. Philosophical Questions about Existence
  50. Random questions about philosophy and life

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Deep philosophical questions


List of deep philosophical questions to think about once in a lifetime.

1. Can people ever truly change?

2. Are all human beings fundamentally equal, or are some people intrinsically more valuable than others?

3. Is there such a thing as absolute reality or is everything just subjectively defined by our own minds?

4. If time doesn’t have an end, does that mean we all live on forever?

5. Do we create our own reality through our perception and thoughts, or are we bound by objective laws that cannot be changed by thought alone?

6. How much control do we have over our own lives and choices and are some people at an advantage because they control more of their lives than others do?

7. Is it possible to be absolutely certain about anything?

8. Is it true that “nothing is true”? If so, wouldn’t that make the question itself false? And if not, then what is true?

9. What if someone was born without the ability to feel any physical pain whatsoever—is it possible they might even die without knowing something was wrong until too late?

10. Do we really own anything in this world or are we just renting everything from nature/the universe/the planet/etc.?

11. Are we all connected in some way or another, and is this connection means anything to us?

12. Can we ever be sure what other people are thinking or feeling?

13. Where does morality come from?

14. Are people inherently good or evil? Why?

15. Do people really have free will (the ability to choose exactly what they want)? Or are we all just acting out roles given to us by nature and nurture (our environment)?

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Funny Philosophical Questions

Here is the list of funny philosophical questions that will make your day.

1. Why can’t a person be in two places at the same time?

2. “Why is it called common sense if it’s so rare?

3. If a person owns a piece of land do they own it all the way down to the core of the earth?

4. Are there really such things as accidents? Is there any such thing as a coincidence?

5. If people evolved from apes, why are there still apes?

6. Being a grown-up isn’t half as fun as growing up, would you agree with this statement?

7. Do you sometimes sing or hum to yourself when alone, if so who is listening then?

8. Is ignorance really bliss?

9. “Is it possible for a man to be pregnant with other species?”

10. What came first, the chicken or the egg?

11. “If you’re born in Germany, raised in the U.S., and vacation in Mexico, where are you from?”

12. “What would happen if Pinocchio said ‘My nose will grow now’?”

13. “Why do we teach kids that violence is not the answer and then have them read about wars in school that solved America’s problems?”

14. “If all of the nations in the world are in debt, where did all of the money go?”

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Dumb Philosophical Questions


These are the list of dumb questions that make you think deeply. Few are philosophically dumb, and others are funny and stupid, but overall they take you on a journey of different mind shifts. Have fun by reading.

1. If electricity comes from electrons, does morality comes from morons?

2. If money is the root of all evil, why do they still ask in church?

3. How to die without knowing that we are dead?

4. If it’s true that we are here to help others, then what exactly are the others here for?

5. If you hire a guy to kill you, will to ruled as suicide or murder?

6. If man evolved from monkeys and apes, why do we still have monkeys and apes?

7. If the moon has earthquakes, what do they call moonwalks?

8. If there aren’t aliens then who are the audience?

9. If you get scared half to death, then half to death means you have a quarter a life left?

10. Who is the most intelligent person in the world that no one ever knows?

11. How big is the world’s smallest philosophical thought?

12. What’s the question with no answer called?

13. Why life is so short yet too long to wait for death?

14. If there is only bliss in life, do we die in the pursuit of suffering?

15. Why doesn’t Earth fall down on Mars?

16. If everything is connected why do we lose ourselves in love?

17. Does knowledge make a man feel dumb?

18. Who is the dumbest philosopher of all time?

19. Why do people tell you when they are speechless?

20. Is it illegal to kill an ant?

21. How can you determine the gender of babies who are born with no private parts?

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Stupid philosophical questions


This is the list of stupid philosophical questions

1. Why do we think that accidents never happen to us?

2. When you have a stomach ache, is the pain in your abdomen or in your brain?

3. Can we really know what it feels like to be an ant?

4. Are we thinking or feeling?

5. Did we die already?

6. How to prove that we are alive?

7. If we are humans, why aren’t we behaving like humans?

8. Where is everybody?

9. Do animals dream?

10. What is the animal’s biggest fantasy?

11. Do animals have free will?

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Philosophy Questions for kids

Here are a few great philosophical questions for kids.

1. Should we believe anything just because others do? Why or why not?

2. Why do so many people believe in religion even though nothing good happens?

3. Should we trust our senses?

4. Can we be certain of anything?

5. Is it wrong to tell a lie?

6. What is the difference between right and wrong?

7. Do we have souls?

8. What is the nature of reality?

9. Why do people cheat and steal?

10. Is it possible to know the truth?

11. Can science explain everything in our universe? (Or is there something else?)

12. What is the difference between our mind, body, and soul?

13. What if there are more than three dimensions?

14. Does time have a beginning and an end?

15. If time doesn’t have an end, does that mean our lives are already over?

16. What is the nature of the universe?

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Deep Philosophical Questions to ask


If you want to know the intellectual level of someone this is the perfect list of deep philosophical questions to ask.

1. What would be the most philosophical piece of advice you could give a newborn infant?

2. If you were to die this evening with no opportunity to communicate with anyone, what would you most regret not having told someone and why haven’t you told them yet?

3. Why do we think we don’t know everything when nobody knows everything?

4. Is it better to stay with someone who treats you badly or be alone?

5. If you could choose to never get sick, would you?

6. What is your definition of success? Does money make you happy?

7. Do you believe good things happen only to good people?

8. Do you believe in miracles and magic?

9. What if you could only see the world through your phone screen? Would it still be the same world?

10. What would you do, if you have the chance to live forever?

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Unanswerable Philosophical Questions


Have you ever wondered why some questions are unanswerable? To stimulate your curiosity here are some more unanswerable philosophical questions that provoke your imagination.

1. Before we were born what were we?

2. What happens if we live forever?

3. Is it truly possible to see the clear perspective of others?

4. How to feel exactly how others feel?

5. How to know exactly what others think about us?

6. What if wake up tomorrow without one of our senses?

7. What would it feel like, if a man were a woman?

8. Is there anything to use besides our senses?

9. What is the purpose behind whatever we think, feel and act?

10. What is sixth sense?

11. Why everything in life seems so certain yet unknown at the same time?

12. What is the whole point?

13. What if you are wasting your time by thinking?

14. How do we know when we are free?

15. Are we slaves to anything or anyone?

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Philosophy Questions about life

This is the best list of philosophical questions about life one must think and ask in life

1. What is the philosophy of life?

2. Is life a coincidence?

3. If you could design your life, how would you do it?

4. Is there a plan for life?

5. How do we embrace life’s absurdity?

6. Why life is so uncertain?

7. How to live a simple life in today’s society?

8. Is living life well all about finding balance?

9. Why do you want to be successful and improve your life?

10. What does it mean to live life to the fullest?

11. When will the regular world come back to live a real life?

12. Is this life just a massive holographic game?

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Philosophical Questions about consciousness

Awareness is such an essential thing in our life. In order to make you realize some of the most important aspects of life here is a list of philosophical questions about consciousness to help you.

1. Why am I conscious?

2. If I am conscious why am I so ignorant?

3. What is consciousness?

4. What is beyond our consciousness?

5. Are consciousness and intelligence have to do something with god?

6. How to focus on your consciousness during your life?

7. When should we trust others above our own consciousness?

8. Is there any reality beyond consciousness?

9. Am I becoming conscious without my involvement?

10. If ignorance is bliss, what consciousness’s purpose is?

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Philosophical Questions about Truth

Have you ever thought about what is running the whole existence? Do you think there is an ultimate truth that we will ever come to realize? To spark your imagination here is the list of philosophical questions about Truth.

1. What is the truth?

2. Is an absolute truth possible?

3. Are there truths and what is the ultimate truth?

4. Is there any objective truth or is truth merely relative to our subconscious bias?

5. What is the harsh truth you would hide from everyone?

6. How to know if someone is telling the truth?

7. How much of truth is really true?

8. Why did no one ever discover the ultimate truth?

9. What if the truth and lies are not correct?

10. Are we misleading ourselves from the greatest truth?

11. What if the truth of life is death?

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Thought-provoking Philosophical Questions


What inspires you the most? Movies, Books, People, or your own passion. To add more fuel to your thinking here is a great list of thought-provoking philosophical questions.

1. Do religions other than our own have something to teach us?

2. Are there any purposes for holding beliefs?

3. Is there any nature that our senses cannot detect?

4. Is happiness a state of mind, a consequence, or an end?

5. Why should we choose to live life?

6. Is the present moment all that we have?

7. Why do you want to feel good all the time?

8. What is enlightenment?

9. What is being?

10. What is meant by a spiritual being and philosophical being?

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Philosophical Questions about technology

Sometimes it is necessary to look back and analyze how far we have come.

We are living in a generation where technology is rapidly evolving and will even grow with much rapid phase. To make you think here is a list of philosophical questions about technology.

1. How can you describe the concept of modes of existence?

2. Is there any place for use of old technology and old science in modern today? 

3. Is technology going to be the reason for the apocalypse?

4. What is the first technological device in ancient times?

5. Is ancient technology more advanced than modern technology?

6. Is technology being discovered or invented?

7. If technological scientists invent flying cars, will all other transportation vanish?

8. Why no one is taking serious about artificial intelligence?

9. Does the modern invention of smartphones cripple the human brain?

10. Where does the philosophy of spirituality and philosophy of science and technology intersect?

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Good Philosophical Questions

Here are some good philosophical questions to ponder.

1. What is good and evil in an intellectual sense?

2. Why do we feel good when we experience beauty?

3. What does it mean to have a good character?

4. How important it is to have good friends?

5. How do we figure out, what is most important to us and for the good cause of the world?

6. Do we mostly regret the things we did or the things we wished we did?

7. Do people get closed-minded as they age?

8. Is our worldview mostly based on our emotions?

9. Is tribalism influences our own society?

10. Is boredom necessarily bad?

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Philosophical Questions about self

More than ever this is a great time in the history of humanity to think about oneself. So, here are some deep and meaningful philosophical questions about self.

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1. Who am I?

2. What does it mean to be conscious?

3. Are people inherently selfish?

4. Do we have authentic selves?

5. Is there just oneself or there are multiple selves within one person?

6. Why do we feel lonely?

7. Why do some people prefer to live alone?

8. How do we create a personal philosophy?

9. Is there any way to prove anyone else is conscious?

10. Is our physical health tied up with our emotional health and vice versa?

11. How important is it to reflect on our lives?

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Great Philosophical Questions

List of great philosophical questions about life.

1. When do we stop thinking other than after death?

2. What is nothingness?

3. Are we all just living in a loop?

4. Why are we altruistic to one another?

5. How can we fully enjoy nature?

6. How can we reduce our egos?

7. Where does emotional suffering come from?

8. Are we on the path to destruction and ending our own civilization?

9. Is faith truly a leap?

10. Why is the sense of home so important to us?

11. What makes humans distinct in the human kingdom?

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Philosophical Questions about space

List of philosophical questions about space

1. Do the cosmos have an end?

2. Is the cosmos inherently chaotic or ordered, is there even a difference?

3. Is there a reality beyond space and time?

4. Are we the first civilization in the galaxy?

5. Are humans significant relative to the entire cosmos?

6. How vast our cosmos is?

7. How many universes are there?

8. Is the multiverse exists?

9. How long does space-time continue?

10. Is our own universe an illusion?

11. Do we exist as a better version of ourselves in a parallel universe or worse?

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Best Philosophical Questions

These are some of the best Philosophical questions worthy of asking

1. How to end our pain and suffering?

2. Is chaos just?

3. Why are we fearful of things?

4. Why do we worry about the things that we cannot control?

5. How can we reduce our appetites?

6. Why do we ignore the things that are in our control yet choose to suffer?

7. Why do we fulfill our own lots before others’ needs?

8. Are values more important than being right?

9. Why are we so cautious of others?

10. Should we live out our emotions completely or reduce them?

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Philosophical Questions about science

Check these amazing philosophical questions about science

1. Does mathematics exist beyond human convention?

2. What is the difference between science and philosophy?

3. Was the big bang just an accident?

4. Will robots become conscious one day?

5. Why can’t we see evidence of alien life?

6. If aliens exist, What if they’re somewhere wondering “if aliens exist”?

7. Where is everybody?

8. Are we programmed to live this life?

9. Is the perfect answer to every question between zero and infinity? 

10. What if the ideas in our heads itself aliens?

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Big Philosophical Questions

List of Big Philosophical questions.

1. Is the present-day human individual a special part of nature?

2. What should values only base on human convention?

3. How do we make decisions and form beliefs about issues that are inherently irrational?

4. Is there a struggle for equilibrium in nature?

5. What are the risks and benefits of being spontaneous?

6. How can we find our inner child?

7. Should we allow the environment to dictate our moods?

8. Do we have a moral obligation to intervene in other people’s businesses?

9. How important is it to think for ourselves?

10. Should we consider our lives simply as future memories?

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Philosophical Questions about society

List of meaningful philosophical questions about society.

1. When does society realize its foolishness?

2. Why do people harm each other?

3. What is the ultimate motive of society?

4. Why does negativity spread more rapidly than the good in society?

5. Who is society?

6. What role an individual plays in society?

7. Why society is evil for good people?

8. Why only 1% of the population is rich and the rest is doomed to poverty?

9. How to bring everyone into unity?

10. Does the civilization become free without being ruled by any government or kings or higher officials?

11. Why do people need to be controlled by others If everyone is a human?

Crazy Philosophical Questions

These are some crazy philosophical questions to ask

1. Why are you ‘you’ and furthermore what are you?

2. How to listen to every thought we think?

3. Is the mind the same as the brain, or do we have souls?

4. Can computers think, or fall in love?

5. Can computers be creative?

6. Can robots fall in love?

7. If tomorrow is the end of humanity, and today you got superpowers with only one chance to use them what would you do?

8. What if every human becomes a deep philosopher?

9. Can Insanity is the real force behind crazy innovations?

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Philosophical Questions about reality

Here are some good questions about reality.

1. How honest should we be to the children about real life?

2. Is anyone really here, if so how do we really know?

3. Is reality a dream?

4. What does a dream feel like in real?

5. Is everything real or an illusion?

6. Can we really predict the future?

7. How to create one’s reality?

8. If everything feels real, why doesn’t it exist? 

9. What makes reality different from illusion?

10. What if, in reality, we are not humans, but toys being played with by some extraterrestrial bodies?

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Interesting Philosophical Questions

Here is the Best list of interesting questions to ask

1. What and who a man is?

2. Are we really here?

3. What does it mean to forgive truly somebody?

4. Why do we think that we control our future?

5. Shall we protect those who cannot speak for themselves?

6. What does it mean to be a citizen of the world?

7. What pursuits inspire a man to create his future?

8. Where do thoughts come from?

9. What is the core idea of life?

10. Can we become ignorant once if we expanded our consciousness?

Religion spirituality god self consciousness philosophical questions 500+ Philosophical questions that would change how you think and view life

Philosophical Questions about religion

List of philosophical questions about religion.

1. Why there is always a conflict between religion and science?

2. What is the philosophy of religion other than the concept of god?

3. If God doesn’t exist, do all the religious people get heartache?

4. If religion and spirituality are not the same, why god is their connection?

5. What happens to religions, spirituality, science, and philosophy if the existence of god gets proved wrong?

6. What is religion according to scientists and philosophers?

7. What if people are just wasting their time by believing in religion?

8. If the concept of religion is wrong, does the existence of all the religious people meaningless? 

9. Why do people follow religions?

10. What every religion is trying to preach to humanity?

11. Does every religion one?

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Hard Philosophical Questions

These are some Best hard philosophical questions.

1. Why do we decide what we decide? 

2. How do we make our life choices?

3. Are we progressing or trying to ourselves?

4. Are there universal moral beliefs across all cultures?

5. When do we discover inner peace?

6. When to choose peace and suffering?

7. Why it is so difficult not to worry about ourselves and others?

8. Do we owe back anything to the society we grew back in?

9. What is the purpose of having hope for the future?

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Philosophical Questions about humans and human nature

This is the list of philosophical questions about humans and human nature.

1. What is to be a human?

2. Is there anything more important than our history for humans?

3. Are people stories, memories, and nothing else?

4. Do humans inherently destroy themselves?

5. Should our society have complete freedom of speech without any restriction?

6. Why do people desire power and wealth?

7. Is having power corrupt souls?

8. What does it mean to be a healthy person?

9. Do other people corrupt our souls or do we corrupt our own?

10. What is the purpose of humanity in this cosmos?

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Complex Philosophical Questions

Here are some complex philosophical questions you should read.

1. Why do we always think of something?

2. What does being dead feel like?

3. How many particles are in a fist of sand?

4. How many sand particles are there in the universe?

5. Debatable philosophical Questions

6. Do Insects feel pain?

7. Why do so many people and animals suffer terrible things?

8. Is the future yet to be written?

9. Is everything predestined by God?

10. Do we own anything for real?

Philosophical Questions about happiness

List of philosophical questions about happiness

1. Is happiness the most important goal in life?

2. Is happiness about fulfillment in life?

3. What makes a human happy forever?

4. Is happiness a choice? 

5. What is the happiest moment in the history of the cosmos?

6. Why do wise men never talk about happiness?

7. What kind of life brings happiness into one’s life?

8. Does happiness be the ultimate pursuit of one’s life?

9. Why do some people are happier than others?

10. Do we need to seek happiness or simply live?

Mind-blowing Philosophical Questions

Best mind-blowing questions you must read.

1. Are we discovering everything or creating everything?

2. Why are we here?

3. Do we have immaterial minds or physical brains?

4. Where do our thoughts go when we forget things?

5. Is there such thing as philosophical health or well-being?

6. Will science and philosophy allow us to overcome our mind’s limitations?

7. What is the goal of animals?

8. Why do we forget our dreams?

9. How to be reborn after death?

10. How many possible answers to a question and which one among them is the ultimate?

Philosophical Questions about god

Here are some good questions about god that might provoke your thinking.

1. Is there a god?

2. What if we are outliving the god?

3. Do god and man are the same?

4. What is the philosophy of god?

5. Was god a mathematician?

6. If there is a god, how are we so sure that it’s a he but not she?

7. Why are some people feel happy that they do not believe God exists?

8. What is more important between god and our belief and god?

9. What is the relationship between God and our consciousness?

10. Are the cosmos itself god?

Moral Philosophical Questions

List of moral questions that are worthy of reading once in a lifetime.

1. What happens if the obligations conflict with morality?

2. Is there such a thing as moral instinct?

3. Do people possess a moral compass?

4. Are our moral values derived from our aesthetic values?

5. Is it necessary to be occupied with morals in order to live a peaceful life?

6. How to make morality, a part of human nature?

7. How essential it is to be moral in a world full of dishonesty?

8. Can we teach morals to people and how to improve morality in our own life?

9. Does the concept of morality depend on reason?

10. What is the psychology of moral principles in the philosophy of life?

11. What is the moral responsibility of a human in the nature he lives in?

12. How effective a person’s life can be if he is full of morals rather than truth?

Philosophical Questions about family

Here are the best questions about family to strengthen your bond.

1. Why do we need family when alone bringing peace?

2. Is it better to adopt kids to avoid overpopulation?

3. What moral lessons would you teach your kids as a father or mother?

4. Why it is important to start a family?

5. When is the right age to marry and lead a family?

6. Do you think your parents were good parents?

7. Where does the tree of your ancestors’ family begin?

8. What makes your family different from others in your society?

9. What kind of father or mother ought you to become?

10. How do you raise your kids if they are opposite gender to one?

Political Philosophical Questions

Best political philosophical questions to read.

1. What is the importance of political norms in the age of modern philosophy?

2. What values lead a person to the current political beliefs?

3. Can we separate political issues from the people who hold them?

4. What forms of political arguments bring society into its harmonious state?

5. What do you learn from politics?

6. Is the world doomed to be ruled by corrupt politicians?

7. What are your views on the political issues, and what change do you desire from the current system?

8. What could be done to improve each other’s lives without politics?

9. How to unite every nation and creed with a simple act of kindness rather than political agendas?

10. What is the heart of the nation’s issues, for you as an individual?

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Philosophical Questions about fear

Here are the philosophical questions about fear that will help you to rethink about yourself and life.

1. What makes philosophers fearful?

2. Why do we fear for the things that don’t exist?

3. What is the source of fear?

4. Is fear drives a man to discover his inner potential?

5. If fear doesn’t exist, do humans lose their morals?

6. When do we overcome our fear of uncertainty?

7. How can a person be fearful if he doesn’t even know what it is?

8. If we are completely ignorant, do we ignore our fears too?

9. What is the difference between fear and phobia?

10. What are the man’s biggest fears?

11. What happens if we are at our extreme levels of fear?

Funny deep philosophical questions about life love 500+ Philosophical questions that would change how you think and view life

Philosophical Questions about Death

The following are some of the best philosophical questions about death.

1. Is death painful?

2. Is there an afterlife?

3. What is the best way to die?

4. Are we all just getting ready to die?

5. Can we decide when to die?

6. Is it logical to fear the death of our loved ones?

7. Should we mourn or celebrate the death?

8. What if the death is not a death at all?

9. How should we think about our inevitable death?

10. Do we need to be fearful of death?

11. Why do some people die suddenly without any reason?

12. Are we being tormented or live happily after death?

13. What is your perspective on death?

14. Do philosophers afraid of death?

15. Is death a dreamless sleep or a path to an afterlife?

16. Do we have bodies or disembodied minds after death?

17. Do we call ourselves humans after death?

18. Do just our bodies die or our souls too?

Yes or No Philosophical Questions

Best Yes or No questions to ask anyone.

1. Would you kill yourself to save another life?

2. Can we understand good without evil?

3. Is there a purpose for our life?

4. What would you choose between “yes or no” without a question?

5. Is there such thing as destiny?

6. Do we really need love to survive?

7. Is it always good to be happy?

8. Do you think philosophy and science are the same?

9. Do a man and a woman make a good life out of misery?

10. Is it ok to be nothing rather than everything in a life of uncertainty?

Philosophical Questions about freedom

Good philosophical questions about freedom. Continue reading.

1. Philosophical questions about free will

2. Are freedom and death the same?

3. How much freedom should people have?

4. What does it mean to be free?

5. Is everyone in the universe equally free?

6. Where do you receive your eternal freedom?

7. Can freedom become a man’s prison once he achieves it?

8. What happens if everyone gets their entire freedom?

9. How much freedom is sufficient for humans to be happy and fulfilled?

10. What comes to your mind when you think about freedom?

Philosophical Questions about ethics

List of questions about ethics you should read.

1. What if all the people in the world have empathy and do not hurt each other?

2. Why some people are more honest than others?

3. Should thieves be punished if they are poor for stealing from someone?

4. What makes humans act ethically and morally?

5. Is it ok to lie when lying is the choice? And when should people lie?

6. When should an ethical person stay away from a toxic society?

7. Do everyone in the world has ethical values, if not how important it is to possess them?

8. Do ethical values are inherently acquired or do we need to develop as we age?

9. Why we should cultivate ethics when everyone has their own philosophy of life?

10. Do you consider yourself an ethical person?

Philosophical Questions about education

These questions about education make you think twice.

1. What is the point of education if an educated person makes himself fool in front of an illiterate?

2. What makes an educated person different from an illiterate when common sense is the key?

3. Why do people need education?

4. What kind of education is the best food for the soul?

5. Why do most educated people in the world begin to realize that the education system is completely worthless?

6. When does education serve its philosophy for the common good of society without the involvement of money or business?

7. What is the role of a teacher in education if he is also ignorant of this cosmic universe?

8. Which is better self-education or traditional education?

9. What does a teacher think of his student if he outreaches his master in all areas of life?

10. Does education bring suffering a meaning?

Philosophical Questions about Friendship

These are some good questions about friendship one must think about.

1. Who do we call friends?

2. How to know the true motive of a friend when he or she constantly flatters you?

3. Do we need friendship for the love of others or for ourselves?

4. Is a life with friends drive a better meaning in ourselves?

5. How to tell a person if he or she is a good friend?

6. Do ancient philosophers believe in the concept of true friendship?

7. How long does an average friendship stay?

8. What is the biggest philosophical concern about friendship?

9. Do intellectual friends discuss philosophical questions during their fun time?

10. Is friendship a genetic leftover?

11. What is the ethical significance behind friendship?

Philosophical Questions about justice

These philosophical questions about justice are needed to rethink today’s world.

1. What is justice as per ancient and modern philosophy?

2. How do we arrive at the matter of justice?

3. What is justice philosophically?

4. What kind of right is justice?

5. Is justice a human need?

6. Why is justice so difficult when everyone is after right and wrong?

7. What makes a good judge in this corrupted society?

8. Is justice objective or personal?

9. What is the role of justice in the philosophy of righteousness?

10. How can one promote justice in society?

Philosophical Questions about Art

philosophy questions about art 500+ Philosophical questions that would change how you think and view life

Best philosophical questions about art.

1. If the artwork is a judge, how would it critique itself?

2. Does every art represent a significant meaning in life?

3. Why there is a deep relationship between art and philosophy?

4. What makes art different from philosophy?

5. What is the most spectacular art theft in the world?

6. What would life be without art?

7. Why art is completely mysterious and strange in so many ways?

8. Why Mona Lisa art is so famous?

9. Can a good fake be art too?

10. Is graffiti art?

11. Can anybody be an artist?

12. Why are the most famous artists male?

Philosophical Questions about Time

Best philosophical questions about time.

1. Is time an objective phenomenon?

2. Does time really exists or is it just something we sense?

3. Is time finite or infinite?

4. Do you think that time is the greatest philosophical mystery ever encountered by mankind?

5. Is it possible to measure time?

6. Does time have a definite form?

7. How to find the origin of time?

8. Are the concepts of past, present, and future real?

9. Does time flow?

10. Is time travel possible?

11. Does time exist after all?

Philosophical Questions about Money

Good questions about money you need to read.

1. What does money mean to you?

2. Why money is ruling the world instead of morals?

3. Are you open to receiving money?

4. How much money do you want to earn by the end of your 50s?

5. How much money is too much?

6. What do you believe about rich people and poor people?

7. Why rich is rich and the poor ‘poor’?

8. If there is no concept of money, what would people do?

9. Does earning money bring happiness?

10. Why are all the successful rich people do not satisfy with money?

Philosophical Questions about Beauty

Best philosophical questions about beauty.

1. Is nature good and beautiful only when it is beneficial to humans?

2. How do we see beauty in all things?

3. Why you should be gentle with people?

4. Why is beauty associated with morality?

5. If there is no beauty in one’s soul, does a person unworthy to live?

6. Why a person with beauty is so simple and elite in his presence?

7. Why do people think beautiful people have moral upright?

8. How do we differentiate a soul with beauty and evil tantrums?

9. Do beautiful people always stand alone and wonder about beauty?

10. Do you consider yourself beautiful?

Philosophical Questions about Relationships

These are some really good questions about relationships.

1. Do people really need other people in their lives?

2. Is there anything more important than our relationships with each other?

3. Do we ever have the right to say to someone else what he or she should do?

4. Should we respect the opinions of others in we find wrong?

5. Why do we judge ourselves and others?

6. How do we move forward when we lost someone special?

7. Why would we worry about what others think about us?

8. How do we become more sympathetic towards others?

9. What philosophical approach is best suited for a lifelong relationship?

10. Why do people mourn and grieve when their loved ones die?

Philosophical Questions about Existence

Here are the best questions about existence.

1. What is existence, and why did it occur?

2. What is the meaning of our existence?

3. Is existence weird?

4. Why do we have existential crisis?

5. Do ideas are the only things that exists?

6. How can we truly change the perspectives on our lives?

7. How should we prepare for our inevitable death?

8. Is adversity truly the worse thing in our lives?

9. Why do we enjoy a comfortable life and is it actually that great?

10. Who decides what we should or shouldn’t do in our daily lives?

11. What is meaning?

12. What is essence?

Random questions about philosophy and life

1. Are we free?

2. Do we have a soul?

3. Is there an afterlife?

4. Are there objective truths about the world?

5. Is our reality real or a simulation?

6. What is consciousness?

7. Can we trust our senses to give us the truth?

8. Is there free will or do our actions already been determined?

9. Is there a God, or some sort of higher being that created the universe? If so, what does it look like and what does it want from us?

10. What happens when we die?

11. How did everything get started and who or what set it in motion?

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