25 Questions that make you think hard with Answers

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By: Naveen B

Life is a journey where all of us have a different destination. Wherever we are going, we ask questions that make you think hard about life. We question our actions, intentions, and future outcomes.

For us to progress in life, it is important to remain humble with a sense of curiosity towards our environment and learn from various experiences by being observant about things around us.

With my enthusiasm for reading and answering queries people often send me online, I found myself compiling questions that they frequently asked me which made them think hard.

Some of these queries were based on personal issues whereas others were general existential ones such as What makes us human? or How does one find purpose in life?

Hence I decided to write a post compiling such deep and thought provoking questions that make you think hard about life in general.

 Along with brief answers so people can continue exploring more outside their zones of comfort.

These questions also help change perceptions formed over the years when wrong notions are reinforced through wrong sources without people even realizing it until their assumptions get challenged over time.

No matter what your beliefs are, asking yourself some very thought-provoking questions will help to stir up an internal dialogue.

Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of thoughts flowing through your head.

These questions can bring all sorts of things to light for us – even things we don’t always want to see. But facing these issues head-on is a lot easier than ignoring them completely.

So take a deep breath and read on for some great question starters that are sure to have you thinking just as much as they have everyone else. Here are 25 questions that make you think deeply.

And once you’ve read them all, take a look at my additional sources for more complex questions about life. Also, leave a comment about your thoughts and learnings from this intellectual discussion.

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Deep Questions that make you think hard with answers.

life questions that make you think hard with answers 25 Questions that make you think hard with Answers

Here is the list of questions that make you think hard along with their deep answers.

1. If life has a plan for us, does it also have a plan for everyone else?

Answer: I believe life doesn’t really have a plan for anyone but yourself. I know there are some people who may disagree with me but they only do so because they haven’t tried finding their own happiness in whatever way makes them happy.

If someone were to tell me to go and fall in love with someone because my life was supposed to be with them or for whatever reason, I would simply refuse and continue trying my best on my own and if something were to happen between us then it wasn’t meant to be anyway.

2. Is life all about happiness and peace? 

Answer: It’s funny, but I don’t believe we were put on earth to be happy. I mean it would be nice and easier to just focus on making everyone happy and forget about our own needs.

But if we did that, what would we have left once those needs were met? I’m not saying we should live a miserable life because if we do then why even bother living at all?

But sometimes I wonder how much happier people could be if they stopped focusing so much on everyone else and focused more on themselves for a change.

3. What is the future of intelligence in this universe?

Answer: I believe our intelligence will continue to grow and we will eventually learn how to control everything, but does that mean we will then be considered more powerful than any other god?

I know someone once told me we shouldn’t play with forces we don’t understand and I agree.

But what if one day everyone decided not to play with whatever power they thought was dangerous, Wouldn’t our world just fall apart and fade away into nothingness because there would be no one to take care of anything anymore or keep up all of our needs?

No matter how much we strive for peace and happiness it never seems like enough and I wonder when people will finally realize they may need a little chaos in their lives every now and then to stay balanced.

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4. Is earth the best of all the possible worlds?

Answer: As per the latest discoveries of science. Earth is just one planet among many in our universe and if that’s true, then why would we assume it’s any better than any other planet out there?

I mean, even if we were created by a higher being doesn’t mean he chose Earth to be his home base and if we weren’t created, then how could a god really choose from something when he didn’t create it, to begin with?

There are so many unanswered questions but I truly believe no one will ever know for sure unless they actually take a journey and see everything for themselves.

But does anyone have enough time to do everything they want before they die anyway? Maybe it’s better not to know at all.

5. Which reality is more real – physical or spiritual?

Answer: The short answer is neither of them, but they are both important in their own ways I believe everything is controlled by an invisible source whether it’s god or not.

We might not be able to see him/her/it with our eyes, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t watching us from somewhere.

If people only focused on what was right in front of them, they wouldn’t have time to ask all these pointless questions.

6. Do religions complement or create controversy?

Answer: I don’t think it matters what religion we choose to follow in life because we all come to similar conclusions when we look at our own beliefs and analyze them, but no matter how much we try to live by someone else’s teachings.

We will always interpret things in a way only we can relate to and understand. So in reality it doesn’t matter if you believe everything your pastor preaches on Sunday mornings or if you simply do what makes sense when making decisions throughout your day.

If one man’s right is another man’s wrong then does it really matter at all? I believe people should find their own answers and shouldn’t be too quick to judge others for their personal beliefs.

7. Is there anything that is sacred?

Answer: I feel like most things are sacred if they are shared between two people. No matter how big or small that’s what makes it personal and special to them.

A relationship may only last a day, a month, or even an entire lifetime but once you experience something with someone else it becomes something sacred because you both feel strongly about it at some point in time, right?

Whether it’s an old teddy bear your grandmother gave to you or just some little thing someone left behind on accident that had sentimental value for them these are all moments made sacred by their owners.

8. Why would someone believe in God if there’s no proof he exists?

Answer: Even with a lack of proof, people still choose to believe in him because they want to.

He/she/it is supposed to be a divine being and people all around the world have decided it’s up to them alone to prove or disprove his existence.

Why do we demand so much from a higher power when we still don’t know everything about our own abilities as humans?

It’s an odd way of thinking, but I guess if enough people believed he existed then why wouldn’t he… It’s not like believing in him is going to hurt anyone right?

9. Is faith really faith if it can’t be proven?

Answer: Faith is nothing without belief without someone to believe in, faith is meaningless.

So yes, I think there is some truth behind your statement but it all depends on what you choose to believe in right?

And I feel like most people believe in something whether they tell anyone or not because most would find life kind of boring without any hopes or dreams to look forward to.

That’s why we put our faith in God and other things even though we may never truly know whether he exists or not. Because at least believing something gives us a sense of purpose right?

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10. What happens when all of us die?

Answer: I’m not sure, but probably nothing. The universe will keep moving on as it does every day.

It’s strange to think about, but I can’t wait until one day we’ll know for sure what life is really all about and how it came to be.

But till then people should just be content with wondering and living their lives without demanding an answer they probably won’t like.

Life isn’t always fun and games so why should death be any different? It’s kind of crazy to assume people want their last moments alive to be filled with fear, sadness, or even regret.

So wouldn’t anyone rather leave behind good memories for those who miss them than linger on their worst mistakes?

Questions that make you think deeply with answers

Questions that make you think deep with answers 25 Questions that make you think hard with Answers

List of questions that make you think hard and deeply about life

11. What things are conscious?

Answer: I feel like I’m conscious all of a sudden. Ha-ha, but seriously though. I guess if something could survive on its own, it has to be right?

That means a person, an animal, a plant. All of those have consciousness in some way because they have to in order to stay alive or else they wouldn’t exist.

So yes, I feel like everything has at least some sort of consciousness if even just a little bit since it does need to be self-sufficient in order for us to call it living.

12. Does it matter what religion someone is?

Answer: No, not really really. Does it matter what race they are or if they’re left-handed or something else that’s not important?

I feel like most people are raised to believe in God because they’re brought up in a family of believers and it would be weird if their entire life suddenly changed because their parents suddenly decided to stop believing.

So even though god is supposedly there for us all, I feel like many people miss out on getting to know him because they don’t want to change anything about themselves.

They may want everyone else around them to know but why would anyone force their beliefs onto others when everyone has different opinions about him? To each his own I guess.

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13. Are extraterrestrial intelligent lives our ancient gods?

Answer: I don’t know and I doubt we ever will.

A lot of people believe we’re not alone in terms of life out there and it’s really cool to think about, but I just feel like we’ll never know who or what those beings are until we finally meet them face to face.

Even then it’s not guaranteed they’ll even speak our language if they can even speak at all! So it makes sense people would want aliens to be space angels sent from god.

Why wouldn’t anyone believe in something greater than themselves after all? It’s nice to dream about anyway, right?

14. What exactly is the art and creative process of the human mind?

Answer: It’s a strange one, right?! I feel like humans are truly crazy because we come up with some truly weird things sometimes.

Sometimes it’s not only strange to outsiders but even to ourselves too! I guess it’s all about emotions. 

Sometimes when we get sad, happy, or angry it triggers a certain feeling inside us that causes our minds to work differently than usual.

Then, eventually, after several times of these emotions come into play over time, our brains start to adapt to what we’ve been through, and from there comes new ideas from deeper thoughts which makes a sort of mix in our minds leading us towards creating something new.

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15. Why do we think aliens are intelligent?

Answer: I don’t know, I mean they could be! Not only humans but every animal is born with their own unique intelligence so why wouldn’t there be other species out there in space with minds of their own too?

It’s not like they’d have to come here for us to find them who’s to say even if they did visit us or land somewhere on earth someone would notice! They could’ve been visiting for a really long time and no one would ever know! Crazy huh?

16. Are we heading towards virtual immortality?

Answer: I don’t know but it sure is interesting to think about! It sounds crazy to believe if you don’t think too much about it but there’s no doubt humans are really good at technology these days so who knows it would be awesome not having to die though right?

I’m excited about our future, even if it may seem far away now because I can’t wait for all of us to live together in peace on earth without any wars, diseases, or any other bad things humans have caused one another.

Maybe then we’ll finally start living for more than just ourselves and thinking of ways to help everyone else rather than just getting more money, becoming famous, or something else silly like that.

17. When to feel sad and when to have fun?

Answer: There’s no specific time for one of these feelings over another. But I personally think it depends on our personality, past experiences, mood, and a bunch of other things.

Personally, I tend to stay happy a lot more than anything else because I just see no point in being sad unless it’s for a good reason.

Also, I try not to let my happiness be ruined by some insignificant bad thing because if something is going wrong in my life, then there’s always something good going right so why focus on the bad stuff?

Besides, if you can’t fix whatever is making you upset about your life, there’s no point in being unhappy about it. It will only bring on more negative thoughts which can lead us down a dark path.

18. Do humans have a conscious or unconscious mind?

Answer: I think we have both! I believe humans are always thinking in one way or another so there’s no doubt in my mind that our brain is running full throttle every second of every day.

Whether it’s when we’re eating, listening to music, or walking somewhere, it’s always working overtime without us even realizing it which leads to stuff like the subconscious.

That being said, our brain is also capable of making choices that are what can be considered conscious actions.

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19. Why are humans so dependent on technology?

Answer: I have no idea, but it’s true that humans love technology.

As kids our parents were already trying to get us into some sort of gaming system and little did they know we’d end up loving our iPhones even more than we did video games haha.

Technology is really powerful and interesting and I’m sure it will continue to surprise us with what it can do in our lives.

It makes my life easier and allows me to get more done which is why I like it too.

Maybe one day we’ll develop a new way for all of us to live without any electronics or anything but for now…we’re kind of stuck using them.

20. Why are humans still struggling with discipline, concentration, and balancing life?

Answer: I have no idea why but it’s definitely true that these things are really difficult to do! I don’t think it has anything to do with our intelligence though.

I know plenty of smart people who can’t balance their lives properly! I’d say it’s mostly because of bad habits or finding what works for us which can take time because there’s no easy way to get disciplined quickly.

Practice makes perfect I guess! We’re all different though so some people might find one method easier than another while others might not be able to stay disciplined at all for whatever reason which is where counseling comes in handy since it helps fix your mental issues.

21. How to build a warrior mindset?

Answer: It first begins with self-awareness and then asking yourself, What can I do today to get closer to my goal?

The answer to that question determines how we should spend our day and even though we might not get where we want right away.

Small actions will eventually add up and get us there.

And, of course, we shouldn’t give up! Having strong willpower is so important for success because if we can’t stay determined then it’s going to be really hard for us to reach our goal.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what’s going on in our lives, whether it’s good or bad, that we forget about how strong we are even though we have plenty of power inside of us!

We have to learn how to find motivation for ourselves so when life throws us curveballs we don’t give up and always look for a way out.

22. Why do humans keep repeating old mistakes?

Answer: I’m sure there’s a good reason for why we do it, but my guess is it’s because we’re not really thinking about our actions at the moment when we repeat them.

When something feels good, I bet most of us don’t take into consideration how bad it’ll feel in a few days or weeks.

Recent studies suggest that most of our actions depend on our impulsive decisions. And majorly human behavior is completely driven by emotions and irrational thoughts.

I think due to a lack of self-awareness and reflection, we keep repeating the old mistakes without any realization.

23. How meditation can change your life and mind?

Answer: Meditation has been around for thousands of years yet only recently have scientists begun to take it seriously.

They are starting to discover what many have already figured out through personal experience, it changes lives.

A recent study found that people who meditate regularly can slow down their heart rate more quickly during stressful events, suggesting their bodies are responding more efficiently to stress.

A separate study of veterans with PTSD found that 15 minutes of daily meditation improved symptoms over eight weeks, which included a better night’s sleep and less sadness, tension, anger, and confusion. 

24. Can habits be altered through understanding how our brain works?

Answer: It seems like yes! Recently, there has been an amazing amount of research on neuroplasticity (the ability to change our brain) and one of its effects is that it enables us to change or alter old habits through new behaviors.

The idea behind neuroplasticity is simple: Connections between neurons in your brain can strengthen or weaken over time (that’s how you can learn something new).

When connections get weak, they are pruned away by your body; when they get strong, they get stronger still.

25. What is inside the minds of genius people?

Answer: As for what’s inside their minds, they are thinkers! They never stop learning and observing their surroundings because they realize how much potential there is to learn everywhere.

After reading any research or article on them, I realized that many of them were fascinated by a study on human behaviors and thinking. Reading books has allowed them to go beyond what most can grasp at first sight.

They are passionate about learning things, which helps them tackle new challenges every day with enthusiasm and dedication.

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