150+ Dirty questions to ask your girlfriend

By: Naveen B

The best thing about a romantic relationship with someone is all the trust involved.

You have to learn how to be open and honest with your girlfriend in order for it to work right? 

What could feel hotter than knowing that your girl trusts you enough to explore her fantasies with you?

So, take advantage of all those secrets she’s letting slip by considering a list of 100+ dirty questions to ask your girlfriend.

There is nothing exciting about vanilla s#x and doing something really kinky might be too much for someone who doesn’t have an experimental spirit.

But, here are some great ideas and dirtiest questions that will make things spicy between you two.

150+ Dirty Questions to ask your girlfriend


These are some of the best dirty questions to ask your girlfriend:

1. Have you ever thought of trying fancy toys inside you?

Before asking this dirty question, one of the erotic ways to excite your girlfirend s#xually is by purchasing some naughty toys that will turn her on.

Not only will these kinky purchases add spice to your s#x life, they also give you something to look forward to.

There are plenty of options available nowadays – from vibrators to dildos and everything in between.

Take a trip down memory lane with these questions about which types of naughty games she enjoys!

2. What are three things that I should do in bed that would drive you absolutely wild?

There’s something about being asked a question during s#x that makes it even more intimate. 

Maybe it’s because of how vulnerable and open you are when you’re receiving pleasure from someone else.

Or maybe it’s just because you’re so into what they’re doing to you at that moment, there isn’t much room left for awkwardness.

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3. Are there any dirty talk phrases that get you really excited?

If your girlfriend is so shy to initiate anything during s#x, try asking her if she likes having dirty talk while you’re going at it.

Or if not, ask her what phrases make her feel turned on the most and start mimicking them while kissing down below or touching all over.

You can always put them into practice later to see if they work!

4. Do you like getting head?

Some women love giving head – other women love getting head in return.

If you want to know whether your girl does, take an educated guess based on how wet she gets when you go down on her. 

5. Do you have any fantasies that we haven’t fulfilled yet?

You should ask this dirty question to your girlfriend if you both tried every position, voyeur, BDSM, role play etc. and still want new ideas to explore together as a couple.

Give your girlfriend enough time to think about it before you move on to the next question.

6. If I ever caught you mast#rbating, what would be the first thing I do to you?

The answer to this question depends on how comfortable your girlfriend is talking about mast#rbation.

If she doesn’t want to discuss it, don’t push it too hard. But if she seems receptive, then by all means keep going.

To make your conversation go smoothly, bring up a hypothetical situation: I walk in on you mast#rbating and immediately yell ‘What the fuck!’

Asking questions like this makes her laugh and brings up discussions that might not come up otherwise!

7. Would you like me to bring up any new specific role play tonight when we’re having facetime? 

If you’re in a long distance relationship, it shouldn’t be boring, try this dirty question to ask your girlfriend to turn her on.

Next time when you get home, pretend to be a stranger who wants to hook up. Wear a mask, dark sunglasses and tell her you’re sorry you weren’t clear earlier.

Once she catches on to the game, find out if she prefers to dominate or submit.

This dirty question to ask your girlfriend will make sure your s#x life stays fresh even though you can’t physically touch each other.

Top Questions to ask your girlfriend dirty

These are some Top Dirty questions to ask your girlfriend

8. Which position gives you the most pleasurable orgasm experience?

On to a romantic dirty night there is nothing better than being able to make each other cum over and over again in a single night.

The more you know about how much your girlfriend enjoys s#x, specifically with you, makes it easier for you two to plan out s#xy dates or how many times a week you should be having s#x. 

As well as trying new things in bed so that both of you can enjoy yourselves fully.

So, if you’re wondering whether your girlfriend is into anything out of the ordinary – this is the dirty question to ask!

And it’s always important to stay up-to-date on your partner’s interests and desires because if you like what they like, chances are they will like what you like too!

9. How many fingers do you use when you mast#rbate?

and often how long does it last? It’s not uncommon that girls don’t really want to admit they mast#rbate, but sometimes it’s good just to get the conversation started.

If you’re curious about how she touches herself, this is the perfect dirty question to ask your girlfriend!

10. Would you like rough s#x with lots of hair pulling, biting, scratching and slapping – OR – gentle s#x where we barely touch each other?

It would be best to ask your girlfriend which one she likes best, because either way you’ll be doing something that turns her on.

Trying all these erotic styles would also be something fun to explore together and discover which ones you prefer!rying all these erotic styles would also be something fun to explore together and discover which ones you prefer.

And it doesn’t matter if they seem taboo – as long as they keep turning her on in bed then feel free to give them a try.

20 Dirty questions to ask your girlfriend


Here is a list of 20 dirty questions to ask your girlfriend in a 2o or 21 questions game:

1. When it comes to anal s#x, what really turns you on the most?

2. Do you have any fantasies that involve me and other guys?

3. If I give your clitoris a gentle lick while I finger your pussy is this enough stimulation for you or do you want me to go deeper inside of you?

4. Is it possible to have a satisfying s#x life with a partner?

5. Do you think that this is the reason we are curious about our s#xual orientation?

6. When we try food play, what kind of food do you think would taste the best?

7. Would you want me to be bis#xual if I wanted a threesome with another girl and a guy?

8. How would your family react if we had children out of wedlock?

9. Do you really think if groupsome is really our thing to try?

10. How many beers should we drink before going out clubbing?

11. What size strap-on dildo do you want me to use inside you?

12. What weird stuff have you tried to insert in you so far?

13. Should I go down on you now or wait until later when we’re both hornier?

14. Would you prefer foreplay or interc#urse?

15. If you were me, what would you dare to me in bed romantically?

16. What positions make you come easily?

17. What’s the one position that gets your toes curling every time?

18. Are there any fetishes you would not want to explore but find interesting at the same time? 19. Would you like to get choked in your mouth until I ejaculate?

20. Have you ever tasted your own vaginal fluids?

21. How does the sound of my voice turn you on more than anything else when I’m whispering naughty things into your ear? 

Dirty questions to ask your girlfriend LGBTQ


The following is a list of dirty questions to ask your girlfriend LGBTQ:

1. How many types of genders did you have a physical relationship with?

2. What was your first lesbian or gay experience like?

3. How often do you get turned on by looking at some hot straight people?

4. If you had a choice to try multiple people or genders would you ?

5. Have you ever mast#rbated while watching p#rn with other people in the room?

6. How often do you fantasize about me when you are in a horny mood?

7. Do you like to get it inside you or do you love to insert it in me?

8. Have you ever tried to swallow your own dang?

9. Would you like to start your own onlyfans account? 10. How often do you feel like being penetrated vaginally, anally, orally?

Dirty questions to ask your girlfriend over text


These are a few Naughty dirty questions to ask your girlfriend over text:

1. Do you like having my fingers up inside you?

2. If we were stranded on a deserted island, what would you want me to do to make sure we don’t die without having s#x first?

3. When was the last time I did something so dirty that made your jaw drop?

4. Would you like me to put my fingers inside of you tonight before bed?

5. How often are you thinking about me when we’re not together?

6. When was the last time we did something naughty together?

7. What are three of your favorite things I do in bed?

8. What’s the craziest thing I’ve done to turn you on since we started dating?

9. Have I ever made a s#xual fantasy come true for you since we started dating or has everything been one sided so far?

10. Have I ever given you an orgasm through phone s#x before (over the phone)?

Dirty questions to ask your girlfriend to make her laugh


Here are some hilarious and funny dirty questions to ask your girlfriend to make her laugh:

1. When a man marries a woman, what does he initially insert in her? An engagement ring

2. What has the ability to capture a woman’s undivided attention and is oftentimes long and usually short? Conversations with their loved ones

3. What do women have two of but cows have four of? Legs

4. What is it that enters dry and hard yet leaves soft and wet? A chewing gum.

5. That of Arnold Schwarzenegger is really lengthy. Michael J. Fox’s is incredibly short. And Madonna doesn’t have one, what is it? Last name

6. What is the long, wide object that men usually carry hanging in front of them? a Necktie

7. What is it that has a wet hole in the center and hair on the top and bottom? An eye.

8. Do you know what is long and hard and has cum in it? Cucumber.

Dirty romantic questions to ask your girlfriend


These are some more good dirty romantic questions to ask your girlfriend to get to know her nasty side:

1. What are your thoughts on BDSM relationships and bondage as long as it is safe for both parties involved?

2. Do you want to date someone who has had s#x with other people?

3. How many partners have you had s#x with in total?

4. What s#xual things do you fantasize about doing to me when we’re alone together?

5. Have you ever tried using ice cubes in s#x play before?

6. Do we need condoms when we make love without birth control pills?

7. What’s the longest you’ve gone without mast#rbating?

8. Does size really matter?

9. When was the last time you watched p#rn?

10.  Would you like to spank me or be spanked by me?

Dirty mind questions to ask your girlfriend


This list of dirty mind questions to ask your girlfriend can make you both horny and get straight into the mood:

1. What would be a reason why someone wouldn’t want another person touching them s#xually?

2. What kind of p#rn would you like to watch?

3.Can you send me your favorite link?

4. On a scale of 1-10, how naughty are you today?

5. Does incest videos excite you erotically?

6. Would you mind me watching p#rn to satisfy myself?

7. If blindfoldes is your thing, shall we try it regularly?

8. Can bondages make you hotter?

9. When it comes to BDSM, would you rather be the dominant or the submissive?

10. If I grab your hair and make your head nod up and down does that turn you on? 

Dirty questions to ask your girlfriend long distance relationship


If you are in a long distance relationship then this list of dirty questions are perfect to ask your girlfriend:

1. What did you do to yourself last night to turn yourself on?

2. Where can I touch myself without feeling shy to make you horny when we are on video call? 

3. Shall we touch ourselves tonight before sleeping on the phone?

4. What makes you feel desired the most?

5. What would you want me to wear while we are having the nasty facetime?

6. Which type of panties do you like to wear the most and can you wear them tonight?

7. What’s your size?

8. Which body part of mine excites you the most?

9. Which body part of mine excites you the least?

10. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for someone who was really special to you?

Dirty Truth or dare questions to ask your girlfriend

When you are playing truth or dare game or any drinking game in a party, then this list of Dirty truth questions to ask your girlfriend are perfect to get you both on the flow:

1. How do you mast#rbate?

2. Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex?

3. Do you consider yourself bisexual, gay, lesbian, or straight?

4. Who would you be more attracted to, a man or woman?

5. Is there anything that you wouldn’t do in bed? If so, Why?

6. When was the last time you were aroused by someone (personally) other than me?

7. Have you ever kissed someone of the same gender before and enjoyed it?

8. Who’s the most attractive celebrity that is homosexual or bisexual?

9. Which of these common kinks do you enjoy: spanking, bondage, choking, handcuffs?

10. What erogenous zones am I neglecting right now?


Good Dirty questions to ask girlfriend

Here are some more good dirty questions to ask girlfriend when you are bored:

1. Never Have I ever worn lingerie for my partner before?

2. What are the best ways to improve our stamina in bed?

3. Never Have I ever watched p#rn online before?

4. How do you keep yourself from going soft during intercourse?

5. Never Have I ever done s#xts or dirty texts with anyone outside of my relationship before? 

6. Do you know a way to prevent premature ejaculation?

7. Never have I discussed all these issues openly with anyone outside of my relationship before today?

Dirty questions to ask your girlfriend on the phone

Here are some Dirty questions to ask your girlfriend over the phone while you are having facetime, video call or normal audio call:

1. If I seduce you with my words do you think this will lead to something more intimate between us?

2. Will you open up if I continue to ask these dark questions?

3. You’ve probably never been asked this before, but what’s the most forbidden s#x act we should experiment?

4. Will certain role plays increase our chances of getting pregnant?

5. How many minutes should we spend in missionary position in order to conceive?

6. Is there a way for couples to increase their fertility rates without changing their diet or taking any drugs?

7. Are glory holes really an effective form of birth control?

8. What’s your opinion on using toys during intercourse?

9. Do you have any exciting new positions to share with me?

10. Have you ever tried something adventurous like bondage, spanking, power play, or anything taboo related to fetishes?

Dirty questions to ask your girlfriend to turn her on

Here is a list of Really Dirty questions to ask your girlfriend turn her on:

1. If Physical intimacy is painful why do we find it pleasurable ?

2. How long do you need to mast#rbate before orgasm?

3. Do you really love to be choked when having oral s#x?

4. Or maybe want to experience having both your arms and legs bound tightly so you can’t move them at all?

5. Even if it hurts, does being choked seem to heighten the pleasure of an orgasm as well as giving you multiple orgasms?

6. Do cross dressing people really exist?

7. What causes people to be transgender?

8. Why are people attracted to others who don’t look like themselves?

9. Would you want me to have a crush fetish if I made you get crushes from my sweet teasing voice?

10. Do you think dirty talking will help you hit your peak faster?


Relationship Dirty questions to ask your girlfriend

These relationship dirty questions to ask your girlfriend can help you both understand what each other are expecting your romantic relationship to be and how to satisfy each other physically or emotionally:

1. Are there s#xy secrets that no one has told you yet?

2. Why is it important to know what kind of lube works best for each person s#xually speaking? 3. Can edge play bring me to climax?

4. Should I use fake blood while we’re playing kinky games together?

5. What did women fantasize about before they were introduced to p#rnography?

6. If exotic fetishes make you feel good, would you want to explore the world of dominance? 7. 7. When we try facesitting, is it better to be the top or the bottom?

8. If you were to be at the bottom, is it easier to take things slow or fast?

9. Which do you prefer, anal penetration or vaginal penetration?

10.What could we do to make foreplay even better than it already is?

Dirty would you rather questions to ask your girlfriend

Here is a list of would you rather dirty questions to ask your girlfriend for fun:

1. Would you rather prefer a gay or a lesbian or a striaght?

2. Would you rather be dominant or submissive while we are making out?

3. Would you rather like vag#nal or anal?

4. Would you rather be more comfortable with your hands or tongue?

5. Would you rather want me down or up?

6. Would you rather love to ride or get laid?

7. Would you rather be nasty or romantic?

8. Would you rather like fingering yourself or get someone to mast#rbate you?

9. Would you rather to have s#x daily or once in a week?

10. Would you prefer to taste your own vaginal fluids?

Never Have I Ever Dirty questions to ask your girlfriend

Here is a list of Never have I ever dirty questions to ask your girlfriend to get more intimate with her:

1. Never Have I ever role played being s#xually dominated by another person during s#x?

2. Never Have I ever fantasized about having s#x with two guys at the same time?

3. Never Have I ever gone down on another woman before?

4. Never Have I ever allowed a guy to go down on me before?

5. Never Have I ever hooked up with a guy who was significantly older than me before?

6. Never have I experiment s#xual intercourse with more than three partners of different genders together at once, but never been in group s#x (e.g., six girls plus two guys)?

7. Never Have I ever been involved in any type of bestiality play before?

8. Never Have I ever fooled around with animals, including petting them or playing with them without taking it further?

9. Never Have I ever forced my partner to make out against their will because they forgot to use protection?

10. Never Have I ever participated in a threesome with two men before?

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