50 Best Juicy questions to ask your girlfriend to turn her on

When first starting a relationship, it can be hard to know exactly how to proceed. Especially if you’re young and haven’t been in previous relationships.

You might not feel comfortable going into the details of your girlfriend’s sexual preferences, or not sure what’s her fantasies, thoughts and feelings about intimate relationship.

By knowing where to start, you’ll make sure that both parties are comfortable with the relationship moving forward.

So, in this guide you have a great list of juicy questions to ask your girlfriend whether in person, on the phone or over text that help you build connection, get to know each other and make you turn on both to keep your dating journey fresh and spicy.

50 Juicy questions to ask your girlfriend


The following is a list of good juicy questions to ask your girlfriend:

1. How often should we take romantic long showers together?

Romanticizing yourself every once in a while does wonders for keeping things fresh.

It doesn’t have to be expensive either; as long as you two both enjoy each other’s company, then it counts as quality time.

Keep showering together as part of your routine every now and then (or at least once a week) for an activity that’ll keep the romance alive.

2. What are you planning to wear tonight? don’t you think if it’s nothing, then it would be better?

3. Have you ever taken some time in your life and thought about “Does size really matter to me?”

4. Are you fond of boxers or panties?

5. Do you have any secret fantasies we could act out together sometime soon?

This one is guaranteed to turn your girl on and get her thinking.

Try asking this juicy question to your girlfriend when you’re both naked and cuddling after s#x – it’s easier to discuss fantasies like these in a sensitive setting like that.

Once you’ve gotten an answer, think about whether or not you want to act it out or if there are parts of the fantasy that might bother you too much.

6. If there’s a particular part, I should touch you to get you in the mood. Where is that?

7. If I deliberately bite your lips while kissing, how do you feel about it?

8. Would you prefer oral or interc#urse?

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9. What’s the most erotic thing I can do to make you feel extra special right now?

When you both get bored with the same old ways of doing things, sometimes it’s fun to spice up your love life with some new activities.

This juicy question is perfect for leveling up your dating game since it’ll let you know what kinds of things she wants to try out.

Try to act out as many things from her list as you can – who knows, maybe some of these suggestions will become part of your lovemaking routine from now on!

10. How often would you shave your forest?

11. Can you allow me to smell your panties?

12. Is it okay for you if I gently insert my fingers in you?

Spicy questions to ask your girlfriend

The following is a list of some spicy and naughty questions to ask your girlfriend:

13. Do you like it when I ___?

When in doubt, always be sure to show a girl that you’re interested in what turns her on and makes her feel loved by paying attention to what she likes.

Not only will this help you find better ways of satisfying her.

But it’ll also help you figure out more great stuff that turns her on so that the next time you’re in bed together, you’ll be able to give her just what she needs.

14. Would you want me to be inside you during your periods?

15. Why do you think the sound of moaning makes us horny?

16. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done while drunk?

17. What are three different ways I could tease you?

Teasing is the act of driving someone crazy with anticipation for something good that never happens or simply goes away before anyone can enjoy it fully- think cruelly dangling food above a cat’s head before slamming the door shut in its face.

And while teasing may seem mean, it’s actually an amazing way to build tension between you and your partner because ultimately, the payoff is going to be much sweeter than anything else. 

So if you really want to please your girl, here are three delicious ways to tease her:

1. Take off all of your clothes except for one item- like say, your underwear.

2. Show her your genitals without touching them.

3. Stand in front of her and rub your hands against each other without actually touching her until she begs you to stop teasing and touch her already.

4. Drive somewhere secluded where no one can see you and take off all of your clothes (except for underwear). If she asks why, tell her that she’ll need to wait until later to find out.

18. Which part of my body turns you on the most?

Something that makes this one so great is that she will probably share something specific in response, which could give you an idea of what to do next.

19: How long did it take before you lost your virginity?

20. What’s the best thing about being in a relationship with someone who has an erotic spirit?

21. Do you like body piercings?

Truth Juicy questions to ask your girlfriends


These are some more naughy and spicy questions to ask your girlfriend juicy:

22. Would it turn you on if I whispered into your ear right now?

There is nothing quite like a s#xy whisper, and you can bet that if she says yes, it’s going to get hot in here.

Try asking this juicy question while whispering in her ear, then see how fast things heat up between the two of you.

If she says no, then at least you know that it won’t work – but at least you tried!

23. Do you like printing tattoos near your private parts?

24. Is there anything that you won’t let me do to your body (at least not yet)?

25. Has anyone told you they loved seeing your underwear as much as they love seeing the rest of your clothes off?

26. Does your heart skip a beat when I touch you?

This question could create some emotional tension , so tread lightly.

However, if she doesn’t hesitate to answer and tells you that your touch makes her feel alive, keep doing whatever it is you’re doing.

One small word of caution: don’t ask her this too early into the relationship- it could make things too intense too soon.

27. Does it turn you on when I bite your lip while we’re kissing?

28. Am I turning you on right now?

29. Can you show me one thing that others would go crazy about when they are near you?

30. Do you like to eagerly wait for my text messages?

This is such a cute juicy question to ask your girlfriend because it might tell you a lot about her personality and how she feels about you.

The responses can range from yes to no, but either way, there is plenty of information to be gained from just this simple question.


Good juicy questions to ask your girlfriend over phone when you are in a long distance relationship

Here is a list of great juicy questions to ask your girlfriend long distance relationship over phone:

31. When you have a bath, what things do you enjoy doing?

32. Which of these four items do you find most attractive: A) Panties; B) Bra; C) Perfume; D) Eye shadow

33. What color panties are on right now? 

34. What should you do to make you go crazily mad when we are in bed?

If there is one thing that is guaranteed to please any woman, it’s knowing what they want and being able to provide it without fail.

A man who knows his lady well is always going to rank higher than some guy who has never spent more than five minutes with her.

In order to find out more about what she likes, think back on previous conversations and take note of keywords that may stand out.

Does she mention wanting kisses all over her body? Oral s#x? Harder thrusts?

35. What size bra are you wearing right now (if any)?

36. Where would be the best place to spend Valentine’s Day together this year?

37. What’s your favorite move to perform in s#x? What is something you could never see yourself doing?

38. Can you share a hilarious dirty joke you have ever heard of?

It’s likely her  family or friends have shared some inappropriate jokes with her that make her laugh.

Think of an embarrassing moment that happened to you when you were young and tell her.

The best way to make someone laugh is by reliving a funny event together through storytelling. 

Laughing together can be one of the most intimate things two people can do.

39. Do you like to be hugged by me when we are lying in bed?

Discussing some romantic moments that happen during sleepover cuddles will really get her going.

Cuddle up next to her and whisper something silly in her ear so she knows you’re joking around – then slowly move closer until you’re hugging each other without breaking eye contact.

Hold eye contact for as long as possible while moving closer and hugging tighter until finally leaning down to kiss each other on the lips.

Then once again, hold eye contact while slowly pulling back and pretending not to care if they stay connected or not.

40. Do oil massages make you wet?

Don’t always need to be asked face-to-face. You can try s#xting as well on your favorite social media. It’s really hard to resist a sensual touch.

Asking this question could bring out their fantasies and drive them wild. They might even ask you where you learned these skills from.

Just say Well, I’ve been watching videos. And invite them next weekend for a romantic sunbath and oil massage. 

Juicy questions to ask your girlfriend over text


Here is a list of juicy questions to ask your girlfriend over text:

41. Do you like it when I run my fingers through your hair?

42. Do you like it when I call out your name while making love?

43. Do you like it when I tease you with my tongue?

44. Do you like it when I touch myself in front of you?

45. Would you like me to go down on you next time when we meet in a public place?

46. Has there been a time where we made love and afterwards I looked into your eyes and asked if I could make love to you again?

47. Has there been a time where we made love where all you wanted was just me rubbing my hands over your body until the sun came up then waking up together after making passionate, tender love once again?

48. What do you think will happen if your parents caught us while we are making out in your room?

49. Who is the person you’ve fantasized about the most this week?

50. What is your favorite word to hear me say during foreplay/s#x?


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