How to prioritize tasks: 10 steps to focus on goals that matter to you and get things done


People and words can influence you but they cannot keep you motivated. 

If you are struggling on how to prioritize tasks – either you are not inspired or you do not have clarity in what really matters to you in life. Both of these are the signs of confusion, laziness and ignorance. 

What keeps you motivated is your actions, period.

So ask, what are your ultimate goals and how effectively you can accomplish them in less time.

Things will take as much time as we give them. 

A simple rule of thumb involves – To achieve big goals, start with small habits

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How to prioritize tasks?

Generally, how do you prioritize your work? 

Prioritizing tasks always involve in conscious decisions. Very few things which we act upon are based on what interests us. Mostly, rest of our actions are depend on our impulsive choices. So, it is important to focus on the tasks that help you to see the bigger picture for greater rewards.

Let’s see the step-by-step guide on how to prioritize tasks:

Step 1. Ask questions until you get clarity on what tasks are most important to you

Step 2. List the tasks based on the impact of outcomes they provide.

Step 3. Decide your priority based on critical observation

Step 4. Schedule the highly prioritized task and give complete focus until its done

Step 5. Manage your time and improve the productivity of the crucial elements of the important task

Step 6. Spend less time on unimportant tasks or ignore them if they don’t add any value.

Step 7. Always Do things first that reward you on the long term

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How to prioritize tasks: 10 steps to focus on goals that matter to you and get things done

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