How to stop being emotionally attached to someone?

How to stop being emotionally attached to someone?

It is natural to feel fearful when we have an attachment to someone or something. While some attachments lead to good mental health, others can harm it. When you are aware that something is going to end, let it go without resisting your emotions. Otherwise, it will negatively impact future relationships.

Follow these insights on how to not get attached.

How to stop being emotionally attached to someone?

People often are ignorant at their relationship status. They do not have any idea if they are emotionally dependent or emotionally attached or completely in love with each other and what kind of relationship attachment styles they possess.

Although, all these three emotional behaviors are interconnected and included in love, but they are uniquely different.

If you want to get rid of emotional attachment –

At first, bring clarity to yourself whether you are emotionally dependent or emotionally attached to a person and on what level you are connected to them.

To break that confusion,

Let’s understand –

What is Emotional Dependency?

Emotional dependency: If you are emotionally dependent, then you are relying on others, for their approval and attention to define your worth and personality or sense of identity in order to make yourself feel safe and secured.

What is Emotional Attachment?

Emotional Attachment: If you are emotionally attached, then you may feel connected to others depending on your personal feelings. Which means fulfilling your own needs. And often attachment is considered as self-centered and may comes from only one-sided as other person may not attached or no idea at all that you attached to them.

Is being emotionally attached to someone bad?

Why emotional attachment is bad? “No” not at all. As humans, mostly all of our lives are driven by emotions, desires, compulsions subconsciously. It’s part of our human personality trait. Unless, it is not excessive and if you are connected to the right person, emotional attachment can bring you a life-long healthy relationship with your partner.


Nevertheless, some people are completely driven by objectivism with logic and rationality can be seen as cold and no emotions.

And others are too emotional and sensitive even to the small events. Both these extreme behaviors sometimes cause conflicts, due to lack of understanding between each other. 

If a person is mostly goes with logic like machines, it becomes hard for other to love him or her. And if a person is entirely emotional, needy and then it become obsession. Which eventually leads to an unhealthy attachment. Which is not at all good for both partners in a relationship.  

If you don’t deal with your feelings, it could lead to mental health issues such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, personality disorders and eating disorders. So, make sure you have a healthy emotional attachment style, not unhealthy attachment.

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What is an unhealthy Emotional Attachment?

As part of an unhealthy emotional attachment, one partner usually relies on the other’s emotional support completely, usually without responding in kind. The partner who provides consistent emotional support may feel unappreciated and resentful. Though, every person doesn’t respond same to the situation. However, until and unless if the attachment doesn’t become obsession it will be good for everyone.

If Somewhere, your intuition says that particular person whom you attached to, is not meant for you then it is time for you to realize and detach yourself completely from your life. 

Here are some tips to break your emotional attachment with the wrong person.

7 ways to stop being emotionally attached to someone?


1. If you don't see yourself together for the rest of life, it's time to let go.

2. If you are driven by your emotions, sometimes it's good to apply your mind, be rational and think critically with logic to see what's actually happening.

3. Stop resisting your emotional attachment and feel them completely, before they make you numb.

4. Ask yourself realistic questions and advice yourself as an expert

5. Realize that if your relationship doesn't bring you inner peace, then it's not worthy to fight for. Unless your partner has similar love towards you.

6. Set boundaries for the sake of your mental health

7. Not everyone you meet and feel connected is going to stay forever, irrespective of their greatness or foolishness. So, prepare yourself to move on.

How to practice non attachment?

 You can practice non-attachment by being conscious of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Work on yourself to let go of what is not meant for you. Just become whom you supposed to be by not being attached to material objects. Ultimately the more you are attuned to who you are the more fulfilling your life will be.

Follow these additional to do list to practice non attachment.

  • Realize your self worth, before allowing someone into your life.
  • Improve your self esteem so that you can be confident 
  • Understand that personal growth is a lonely path. None can help you but yourself.
  • Focus on becoming an independent person emotionally, financially and spiritually. Once you developed a strong personality, the right people attract towards you.
  • To practice non attachment, at first you begin to practice self-discipline, self-care and focus on creating an open mindset.
  • Do not expect happiness from external sources and do not allow external environments control your moods.
  • Just be observant of all the things that happen to you, then choose what’s best for you for your inner peace.

Final thoughts

Needless to mention, all these tips on how to stop being emotionally attached to someone are easier said than done. However, each one of us have different personalities, genes, experiences and temperaments.

All these things play an important role in how we respond to the events that occur in our lives. But, those things should not control you to be happy and who you meant to be. Reflect on the above mentioned tips and put into application the points which resonated to you and which made sense to you. Hope, you will have a get into your normal days again soon. Good luck.

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