How to get motivated: Guide to motivate yourself everyday

How to get motivated – even when we know that things have to get done at a specified time.

Yet, consciously we distract ourselves from the actual work and for some odd reason, we focus on the things that are not really significant for our goals.

Later, we feel guilty for procrastinating the work and for realizing that we can’t bring that wasted time.

How to stay motivated all the time – at work or to lose weight or to study or to work out, exercise, clean, draw and whatever the job may be, when you have no energy left in you and are unmotivated to do any task.

How to motivate yourself and others when depressed and consumed by the life’s uncertainty.


The list of the questions goes on, just to remind ourselves how really we are messing up with our lives.

What’s the reason behind such lack of motivation? Are we lazy or do we have no purpose and goals in life? If so, how to find motivation and purpose? How to stop being lazy and unmotivated?

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The thing is, there is no point of motivation when you know what you are doing, but the real question is “Why you are doing whatever you are doing even if you knew it takes you nowhere?”

Let’s explore all the strategies, techniques, ways, and tips to get motivated and stay motivated all the time in every situation of our daily lives.

Before figuring out how to motivate yourself, At first, let’s understand –

What is motivation?

In simple words, my definition of motivation is “The clear intention of a person is being driven by one’s own vision or being influenced by external forces that initiate an action to fulfill specific needs or goals.”

The driving force behind my motivation is the ‘life’ itself. I see life as one time opportunity.

We humans were inherently created to solve complex problems.

Every individual has the potential to become whatever they aspire to be. We are much more than what we know. So, always think in a bigger perspective to keep the motivation ON for the long run.

The thoughts you think, the words you use, and the actions you make in every moment, reflect on your inner consciousness and the outer world.

Every thought you are thinking right now costing your whole life. Therefore, distract yourself from your ill-thoughts and get into your moments.

With such realization, you will begin to see the real change within you. And no motivation will ever influence you to take action. Because from within, you will always be inspired to get things done irrespective of moods, environments, and situations.

However, not everyone has such realization and determination to act. That’s why we need motivation.

Importance of Motivation

We were gifted with everything to accomplish everything to which we put effort. However, It’s not easy, that’s why due to lack of motivation, so many people never even start and many others quit in the middle.

Whoever gives up oneself, is already dead inside by settling for less. They are not even living the life. We need to wake up and hustle until we make a difference.

In that sense, motivation plays a crucial role to improve one’s mood, and performance and helps us to change the way of our perspectives.

In order to advance our journey with optimism and well-developed personality.

 This is not a serious job. It’s going to be fun and so joyful once we discover that inner potential in our souls.

But, how much motivation is developed in ourselves? For that, we need to know the types of motivation.

Types of Motivation

Here are the different types of motivation that help you understand their roots and give you an idea of their power and make you realize what kind of motivated person you are!

  • Intrinsic Motivation: A self-driven type of motivation that originates from the curiosity of a person with the intention to learn and explore on his own in the long run. This is by far the best motivation one should begin to inculcate within oneself. Because that is what stays with you permanently.
  • Extrinsic Motivation: A type of motivation that emerges from the external factors, which influence a person in the aim to accomplish certain goals for incentives. This motivation may not last for long enough.

How to find motivation?

In the era of digital transformation, you find motivation everywhere. Suchlike, the books you read help you find motivation, a simple word or quote you across the web boosts your confidence and a movie or a random YouTube video clip makes you realize your purpose.

However, the main point is, that no motivation is permanent. It is only a pathway to change your thinking and enhance your current mood.

You need to get inspired from within if you need the impact to last longer.

In order to get inspired “You must believe” in yourself.

Take as much wisdom and life lessons from this short 6 minutes Motivational video – Watch Now and realize your purpose.

Lack of motivation

Sometimes, lacking motivation doesn’t mean that you lack purpose or goals. But mostly they are the major reason.

However, a lack of motivation comes from any adversity. There might be a fair amount of internal conflicts or external situations.

Nonetheless, whatever demotivates your spirit. You should not stop believing yourself.

You should always find a way to figure out how to get motivated and what exactly stops you to do certain tasks at any planned moment.

If you are having trouble on how to overcome a lack of motivation: Here is the list of causes that creates a lack of motivation with solutions for each problem. Find out which one of these causes stopping you from taking action.

Causes of lack of motivation

1. No progression in life:

When we are keeping all our efforts, yet we see no signs of progression in life, It’s common to feel stuck and being misunderstood by others or by ourselves.

This leads to create insecurities and often demotivates you to take any further action and eventually, you give up.

Solution: If you are fully aware of yourself – and when you know what you are doing and why you are doing it, that’s enough.

Keep giving the best of your ability without concerning anyone’s judgments.

I truly believe great things take time. Remember, one step at a time. No sooner you will witness your little results if you keep the consistency.

2. Being completely comfortable with uncertainty:

Being comfortable with uncertainty is by far the best approach to avoiding fear or life’s adversities. However, too much comfort makes you unmotivated to take any action and leads you to feel worthless in life.

Solution: Sometimes, you need to face the challenges instead of avoiding. You need to aim high and work hard if you really want to enjoy the rewards of your efforts.

3. Stuck in the past trauma:

Everyone has a past somewhere that sucks. Not completely, but for sure some part of it is filled with beautiful memories.

And rest with horrible experiences that no one wants to share with anyone.

So, they live in the same loop subconsciously by punishing themselves without even realizing how much they are destroying their own fate.

Solution: If you do not know how to get motivated – the only way to get back to your normal life after your past trauma is to reflect, analyze, repair your broken pieces, redesign and move on.

There is no other way. It’s hard, but it’s your own journey. You need to motivate yourself if you care for your life and want to accomplish a name for yourself.

4. Fear of failure and results (Negative thoughts):

Fear is the top most emotion that demotivates people not just to take actions but even to dream high.

People normally won’t even begin to put small efforts and decides that it’s going to be failure and feels that it’s not their cup of tea. With such pessimism and negative thoughts, how can someone stay motivated?

Solution: Fear is inevitable, whether you allow it or ignore it. It always stays with you.

However, to get motivated all the time you must manage your thoughts and discover your way of approach to life. Your thoughts change only when you realize your nature, and values and decide what to do with your life for the rest of your breaths.

5. Gave up on life:

Not everyone knows how to figure out their lives. It’s not about the question of their abilities.

It’s just because of their inability to act as per their instincts and go forward. So, they utterly fail in realizing their worth and give up on life. Such a disgraceful cause and terrible reason for the lack of motivation.

Solution: Bring courage to yourself. Visualize beyond what you see. Pay deep attention to your thoughts and observe what’s actually happening within and around you.

You will begin to notice patterns that motivate you to take risks. Create a proper strategy to calculate the level of risk and rewards. Then take actions as soon as possible. And readjust them until you see the results.


6. Settling for less:

There is nothing wrong to settle with what you have. Being occupied with life is one of the mindful approaches.

That’s a great mind shift for a contented and peaceful living.

However, If you settled for less not by your realization, but purely because of lack of motivation. And feel guilty for not chasing what you want, then there is a problem in your decisions.

Solution: You need to realize that – if not more, at least you can have what you deserve. Know when to be satisfied with life and when to fight for life.

If you just keep yourself low, then you are never going to grow as an individual. We all have something to learn each day.

There are so many things to accomplish and know yourself better with each new experiment. It’s more helpful to keep yourself motivated and worthy to strive for something better.

7. No support:

Sometimes, you do what you are supposed to do and work out everything that benefits others.

Yet, no one supports your cause and appreciates your efforts. And that’s a terrible feeling. You find no motivation to continue your job. That perfectly makes sense.

Solution:  Not everyone understands how important is to yourself whatever the work you do.

If no one supports you, then it is either they are extremely jealous of your work or they don’t even care what you do, or else your work is not up to the mark. You know yourself better.

So, find out your answers and work on it, period. Otherwise, you always have choices.

Life is full of possibilities and opportunities. If you see beyond your means, you find ways to motivate yourself and support yourself irrespective of anyone’s validation.

8. Laziness:

Most people struggle with laziness which is also the major demotivation factor that guides you nowhere in life So, how to overcome that lack of motivation? And how to get motivated all the time?

Solution: Laziness is a matter of personal cause, just ask yourself what you can do about it?

If you really have the drive to accomplish something great in your life and earn a name for yourself. You always find ways to do it no matter whatever the consequences might be. So, find what you want in life?

9. Psychological challenges (Mental health issues):

Psychological challenges such as depression, anxieties, ADHD or any other serious mental health issues causes lack of motivation.

That really becomes a complicated issue if not treated early.

Solution: The best way to overcome that lack of motivation is to practice mindful activities such as meditation, and workouts or not take life so seriously.

It’s better to spend with the people you love the most and seek help when you feel overwhelmed by simple issues.

Check this complete guide to stay calm down and ways to overcome your depressions and anxieties.

10. Procrastination of work:

It is obvious that lack of concentration, lack of focus, and lack of interest in your job leads to a lack of motivation. So, how to motivate yourself when finding it difficult and avoid procrastination?

Solution: Answers to most of the problems lie in the questions themselves. When you are lacking motivation due to your lack of focus then you should focus on your mind first and put it in order.

Be strict on yourself for some days, plan a schedule and inculcate self-discipline to get motivated and to get things done, instead of procrastinating.

When you do things at the right time, that makes you feel good about yourself and get inspired to work more.

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Reasons for lack of motivation

Here is a great list of reasons for lack of motivation that guide you to realize your flaws and help you to get motivated to do the things when it matters the most.

  1. No specific goals in life result in a lack of motivation.
  2. No recognition of one’s effort work creates lots of disappointment, which leads to a lack of motivation to continue any work.
  3. Some people find it difficult to seek help and feel unmotivated for being left alone.
  4. If you do not know why you are doing what you do is the major reason for lack of motivation.
  5. Feeling lonely, misunderstood, and abandoned by the people you love makes you feel depressed and create a lack of motivation in life.
  6. Lack of passion and working just for the sake of money is one of the reasons behind lack of motivation.
  7. Taking actions forcibly and feel being controlled by someone literally makes anyone lose interest in work and stay unmotivated all the time.

How to get motivated?



Self-motivation is the act of supporting oneself, pushing oneself during low or high times to get motivated and inspire others.

A person who is self-motivated accepts every challenge that comes his or her way and guides others to take the right direction. This is one of the best leadership skills.

Need not mention, self-motivation is essential in every aspect of life. Be it a career,  personal life, relationships, or social life.

Therefore, you must know how to motivate yourself. Let’s discuss how to self-motivate to help you accomplish your goals effectively.

How to motivate yourself?

What to do when you’re demotivated? How to motivate yourself and be productive with your actions?

The simple solution to motivate yourself lies in how effective you are in finding your demotivation triggers and reflecting on them as soon as possible and redirecting them to motivate yourself instead of feeling down.

Here is the list of self-motivation factors that help you to get inspired and take actions

Factors of Self-motivation

  1. Innate drive to discover the unknown possibilities.
  2. Setting Strong Goals
  3. Optimistic point of view about everything.
  4. Motivating environment
  5. Self-confidence
  6. Commitment to one’s own goals
  7. Focus on the things that truly matter.
  8. Self-actualization.
  9. Love knowledge, wisdom, and personal growth.
  10. Desire to help people.

How to stay motivated?

In general, people do get motivated all the time whenever they come across any person or thing that makes them feel good about themselves.

However, it doesn’t last long. The question is not about how to get motivated, but how to stay motivated?

To answer that – In short, the best way to stay motivated is to be single-minded. Committed, determined on one particular goal.

You need to sacrifice many things in order to get one thing done. It’s all about identifying the essentials and eliminating the rest.

This approach helps you move so far in life and to stay motivated all the time in every situation.

Motivation Strategies

In order to simplify the hustle, we need to be well-prepared in advance, instead of asking how to get motivated all the time.

For that, we must strategize our every move, make plans, and research until we become the master of one particular field.

Like in every area of life, we need strategies. Even to get motivated you need motivation strategies.

In that way, you can accomplish everything in less time. And you will come to what you are doing; why you are doing and what you are going to do in the nearby future to come closer to your goals.

Self-Motivation Strategies

Apply the list of these 10 self-motivation strategies to 10X your work and to improve your productivity in your personal and professional lives.

1. Create a growth mindset

2. Have a clear vision

3. Be specific about each step towards your goals

4. Create an inspiring work environment.

5. Work only with the people you trust.

6. Love what you do.

7. Do one task at a time with complete dedication

8. Commit to yourself until you achieve more than your efforts.

9. Be proud enough to share your work and inspire people.

Motivation Techniques

1. Focus on personal growth and solving problems instead of money.

2. Set Intermittent Goals

3. Celebrate milestones

4. Be patient and stay calm

5. Take feedback and seek genuine criticism to motivate yourself to be better.

6. Help others to feel grateful and to be satisfied with life.

7. Take calculated risks to work harder

8. Take regular breaks to recharge yourself.

9. Be supportive of others’ work and celebrate their success too.

10. Prioritize work-life balance.

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Ways to get motivated and stay motivated

1. Work for yourself.

2. Challenge yourself.

3. Think as if every action is your purpose and meaning.

4. Often put yourself in trouble to motivate yourself

5. Stop dreaming and take actions

6. Let go of control and worries.

7. Cherish your journey

8. Take complete responsibility for your family.

9. Keep faith, trust, and belief in yourself.


Tips for getting and staying motivated

1. Do it now as if you have no second chance to seize the moment.

2. Realize that every moment you are wasting costs your whole life.

3. When you feel worthless, remember everyone started from zero. Be curious enough in learning and evolve unto the unknown possibilities.

4. Set high aims, keep great expectations of yourself, master patience, and be strict with your motives and work, period.

5. Announce your goals publically, show off your skills and take constant feedback from people.

6. Be fearful of what you can’t accomplish.

7. Be ready for difficult situations, and prepare yourself to face failure and to get hit by life completely.

8. Use uncertainty as an opportunity. Never give up, if you truly value something which has the potential to produce a masterpiece of your efforts and talents.

15 Questions to ask yourself to get motivated

  • Who Am I?
  • What Am I doing?
  • Where Am I going in life?
  • Where Am I coming from?
  • What talents and skill do I possess?
  • Where Am I lacking?
  • What is the recent accomplishment I am most proud of?
  • What if the next step I take would help me to achieve my goal?
  • What is the condition of the people who believe in me, If I give up on my goals?
  • How worse are the consequences of my life going to be if I fail?
  • What I can do to accomplish my goals faster than yesterday?
  • Where I can be in the next 6 months if I Work harder than the last 1 year?
  • What is the biggest obstacle in my way to success? How can I overcome it?
  • What would my 90-year-old self advise to my 20-year-old self?
  • What message do I want to pass to my younger generation when I am going to die?

How to get motivated when depressed?

It’s not that easy to become self-aware and motivate yourself when you completely feel stuck in life.

My advice is that, whenever you feel lonely and depressed for any reason.

Do not sit idle or do not think of the same thing again and again. (I mean avoid repetitive thoughts on the same incidence)

Instead, pick one subject or one idea you are most passionate about, and give your best efforts without thinking of any outcome.

Just work, period. In the process, you will realize so many things without anyone’s help. You will come to know what to avoid, and what to consume. What suits and what doesn’t.


Eventually, you will learn, evolve and adapt to the new changes within you with a great clarity filled with motivation, and get inspired to take action in every situation.

How to get motivated for work?

The simple solution to get motivated for work and to stay motivated to work every day holds in, what is the purpose behind doing that particular job.

Just understand, you are not doing anything for anyone. You are doing your work or job for yourself.

To satisfy your intellectual ability and to support yourself. Make yourself clear with that. Then, act irrespective of the results to improve yourself.

If you really care what you are doing and that’s going to affect people’s lives tremendously, then keep going.

Sometimes, we all spend our entire energies in the wrong places. In, the first place that is our faults.

Nonetheless, that’s fine. That is how we learn and grow. Just make sure to find the right people and represent appropriate masterpiece of work people with similar values and interests.

Then you begin to see your results not just in case of monetization but people who generously show up to care and support for who you are as a person.

Still, even after you put your whole life, yet no one comes forward then you can always have choices in life to move on and work on yourself for the better with the best.

Just do not give up quickly on any work, if it is the only that makes you feel alive. Otherwise, prepare yourself to explore life.

Final Thoughts:

Every second you are wasting, costing the fortune of possible growth opportunities.

Every thought you are thinking costs your whole life.

If you want to save your lifetime, distract yourself from your own thoughts that bring you down and get yourself into the moments of actions that bring you closer to yourself.

Do what you are supposed to do, make connections and relationships with the right people who have similar visions as you.

That’s how you grow. This is the right age and time to completely turn inwards and hustle. We have very less time on this earth than we normally expect.

So, do whatever you can, no matter what age you are at. And accomplish everything that is ever possible within your abilities. My best wishes to your future.

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