150 Dirty questions to ask your boyfriend (Naughty, juicy, sexual, filthy, nasty, spicy)

By: Naveen B

Whether you’re going to a sleepover or on a romantic date or simply trying to build a romantic connection.

So, what better way to start than with some dirty questions to ask your boyfriend?

Not just any question either. I’m talking about the naughtiest, hottest and filthiest questions that you could ask your boyfriend over text or in person.

To get to know all the dirty secrets and nasty fantasies about your man, ask him these juicy questions from time to time and spice up your relationship.

150 Dirty questions to ask your boyfriend


The following is a list of Questions to ask your boyfriend dirty and nasty:

1. How many times do you think of me sexually each day?

This dirty question seems like a no-brainer. But you would be surprised by how many times your boyfriend would fantasize about you romantically and touch himself when he can’t control.

A healthy s#xual appetite includes mast#rbating, reading erotic novels, watching p#rn and fantasizing about a partner is a good sign that he/she is missing you.

Especially after having been intimate together already.

The key is figuring out what turns both of you on so that your romantic relationship doesn’t become routine and boring.

2. What are the specific dirty words you want to hear from me when we are making out?

If your relationship is new, it’s not uncommon to have an initial rush of horny thoughts and then crave physical contact with one another.

But as time goes on, this desire can fade unless you find something new to turn each other on every now and then.

That’s why it’s important to spice things up sometimes by using some raunchy talk during foreplay or while getting intimate.

So this is one of the most dirty questions to ask your boyfriend to turn him on and continue romance together.

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3. How long should we kiss on our first honeymoon night before taking it to the next level? 

Romanticizing over someone we care about is a natural thing, even if insecurities may come into play.

That’s why understanding what your guy wants to do right off the bat sets the tone for where you’ll go later in the evening.

Some couples enjoy lengthy makeout sessions and others prefer jumping straight into s#x.

To get more insight into his mind, try asking him this dirty question.

4. Have you ever thought of buying some naughty toys for me to play around in the bed?

Ask this dirty question to your boyfriend if you want to let him know your erotic desires and excite him to experiment new things.

This is one of the romantic ways to tell your guy that you’re ready to take it to the next level, whether it be in the bedroom or just wanting him to take charge outside of the bedroom too.

5. What are three fantasies I could fulfill for you tonight?

Everybody has at least one fantasy they would like fulfilled by their significant other.

However, it can be difficult for guys to speak up about these fantasies because they fear being judged or embarrassed.

That’s why, if you want to explore your options, bring them up and see how he reacts.

Just because he doesn’t say anything back doesn’t mean he isn’t interested; he might simply be shy or afraid to disappoint you.

6. Do you prefer to sleep n#ked or with clothes everyday?

When it comes to sleeping habits, this is one of the dirty questions to ask your boyfriend that turn him on.

It may seem superficial, but it’s important to have an idea of which side of the coin he falls on so you can prepare accordingly.

Sleeping n#ked helps prevent chafing and makes for easier access during late-night cuddles.

7. What’s the weirdest thing you want to do to me but afraid of initiating?

This could be a secret fantasy, something from p#rn, or maybe even a fetish that only exists in his head.

You won’t know unless you ask! The best way to approach this kind of question is with the intention of exploring what he wants to try together.

If you’re not willing to indulge him then tell him that now before leading him on and making yourself uncomfortable.

Make sure not to judge either way and be open minded, no matter what gets proposed!

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8. What would you enjoy being more dominant or submissive while making love?

Either can be fun depending on the mood and circumstance.

In general, though, most men will identify as one or the other, although some switch between roles.

Speaking of role-playing, there are also different types of dominance you can experiment with in bed: exhibitionism, voyeurism, sadism/masochism (or S&M), bondage/sensory deprivation, humiliation/degradation and power exchange.

9. Do you like being touched by me in your private parts when we are in public?

You know what! If your boyfriend is a shy guy, he is just waiting for you to take the initiative and get down on your knees to start stroking him off discreetly.

Dirty talk is another great way to initiate s#x out in public– come right out and tell him that you’ve been craving for something hard all day long and couldn’t wait until tonight.

10. If you had a chance to make out with your favorite celebrity crush in front of me, would you? 

This crazy question might sound a little too risky if you have an insecure boyfriend.

But if he has the guts and goes through with it, you’ll never forget how hot it was to watch.

It doesn’t matter who his crush is; the thrill comes from breaking taboos, feeling so uninhibited, and having an audience.

Plus it will really turn them on to see their partner turned on by someone else!

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Dirty questions to ask your boyfriend to make him laugh


Here is a list of Double meaning riddles and Funny Dirty questions to ask your boyfriend to make him laugh:

1. What does a man have that begins with P and gets bigger if it’s properly stimulated? The pupil of his eye.

2. What is something you play with at night that vibrates in your hand? A cell phone

3. What is 6 inches long and 2 inches wide? A Hundred dollar bill

4. What does a cow have 4 of, but for a woman only 2? Legs

5. What’s at least 6 inches long? goes in your mouth and is more fun if it vibrates? Toothbrush

6. What has to be broken before you can use it? An Egg

7. What gets wet while drying? A towel

8. What kind of flower has two lips? Tulips

9. What has holes but can hold water? Sponge

10. What belongs to you but is used by others? Your name

11. What is six inches long, sweet on the lips, and goes down better with butter? Corn on the cob.

Game Dirty questions to ask your boyfriend


Here is a list of dirty questions to ask your boyfriend when playing 20 questions game:

1. Lights on or lights off?

2. Rough and quick, or gentle and slow?

3. Dominant or submissive?

4. Early morning s#x or late night romance?

5. What’s something unexpected that turns you on at the wrong time?

6. Did I make you wet yet?

7. Have you ever had an orgasm while eating a popsicle?

8. When was the last time you mast#rbated?

9. Do you have any fantasies about me?

10. How long does it take for you to come?

11. Where do you want to have me right now?

12. Which of my pictures has turned you on the most today?

13. Do we have anything in common besides our s#xual attraction to each other?

14. What do I need to say so that you’ll give me oral?

15. Will you tell me what to wear tomorrow so that I can surprise you with how s#xy I am?

16. Would you rather have s#x standing up or laying down?

17. Would you rather be tied up and blindfolded or the one doing the tying?

18. Where should I touch myself next time we talk on Skype?

19. If someone gave me $1 million dollars, would I still sleep with you tonight?

20. If we both got n#ked right now, who would be more embarrassed about their body first: You or Me?

21. What are three things that turn you on about me?

Dirty questions to ask your boyfriend over the phone


These are some Dirty questions to ask your boyfriend on the phone:

1. When was the last time I made you orgasm through only s#x alone?

2. And when was the last time I made you orgasm without even touching your genitals?

3. Have you heard any sounds from your parents room at night?

4. What’s the worst thing that happened to you in bed so far?

5. So which of these two pictures do you find more appealing: A) You sitting on top of me with a s#xy pose; B) You lying down and showing me all of yourself n#ked

6. As I look into your eyes, am I turning you on by doing this?

7. Was it tough when people tried to know what is underneath your skirt/trousers?

8. Have you ever personally experienced voyeurism?

9. What’s the first thing you thought of when I said voyeurism?

10. Would you want to watch our intercourse through hidden cameras?

Dirty romantic questions to ask your boyfriend


Here is a list of Romantic Dirty questions to ask your boyfriend

1. Have you ever just wanted to tear my clothes off?

2. How would you plan to make me your dirty bitch?

3. What pet name shall I keep for your ding dong?

4. What is the dirtiest thing that you are afraid to do in bed?

5. Do we have a condom emergency situation, should we get some now or wait and see what happens first?

6. What do you think whenever you see me n#ked?

7. If we got stuck in a room together, what’s the one thing that you’d want to do with me right away and why?

8. Do you think of any cute names to call my b##bs?

9. When you’re thinking about me, how often do you touch yourself?

10. Is there anything that makes it hard for you to stop thinking about s#x when I’m around? 

Dirty questions to ask your boyfriend long distance relationship


This is a list of dirty questions to ask your boyfriend long distance relationship:

1. Have you ever spied on your mom/step-sister/grandma when n#ked?

2. Have you ever doubted whether I had multiple s#xual partners?

3. Do you want me to send my shaved p#ssy via instagram? 

4. Shall we have 4 hour naughty facetime tonight?

5. Where should we plan our first make out, indoors or outdoors?

6. How would you rate me as a s#x partner?

7. How often do you fantasize about having s#x with someone else besides me?

8. Which of my body parts are the most arousing for you to look at?

9. Do I turn you on s#xually in any way?

10. What turns you off s#xually about myself?

11. Would you dare to come to me if I seduced you to insert your hard boner inside me? 

Random Dirty questions to ask your boyfriend


The following is some of good list of random dirty questions to ask your boyfriend:

1. Would it be better if we switched positions so I could touch myself while we’re having s#x?

2. You know that thing when people say eat me out what does it mean exactly?

3. Shall we shave each other’s private parts right now or next weekend?

4. Where is the most erotic movie you have ever watched and shall we watch it together?

5. Which word turns you on more than anything else?

6. In which order would you like to have s#x with me: oral, then vaginal, then anal?

7. Which color underwear should I wear tonight?

8. When did you start liking girls?

9. Have you ever been in a threesome situation?

10. Is there any s#xual position that makes you uncomfortable?

Dirty minded questions to ask your boyfriend


Here are some more dirty minded questions to ask your boyfriend to turn on him:

1. Have you ever slept with other women?

2. Do my breasts turn you on?

3. Is there something specific I do that always gets you hard?

4.What is your favorite type of foreplay activity and why?

5. Who was your first kiss and how old were you when it happened?

6. What are some dirty words you find s#xy?

7. If we didn’t have s#x for 10 years, how long do you think we could go before breaking up?

8. What turns you off s#xually in a woman besides weight gain?

9. Where is the dirtiest place we have had s#x together so far?

10. Do you prefer thick chicks or skinny models?

Dirty questions to ask your boyfriend over text 


This is a list of good dirty questions to ask your boyfriend over text:

1. Should we send each other pictures of our privates?

2. Can you record me a video while you are showering?

3. Shall we touch ourselves while we are on facetime?

4. What should I say in my next message to turn you on the most?

5. Would you like to see me pee?

6. Do you want to feel what it feels like when I have an orgasm?

7. Have you ever wanted to experiment with handcuffs or blindfolds?

8. Would you like to share something private with me?

9. If I were in the room with you, would you be able to stop yourself from touching me?

10. Are there any dirty fantasies that we haven’t explored yet that you’re interested in trying out? 

11. Is there anything about lust that turns you wild and makes you not want to continue talking about these things with me anymore?

Would you rather Dirty questions to ask your boyfriend

These are some Would you rather questions to ask your boyfriend dirty:

1. Would you rather have s#x with a new person every year or one person for the rest of your life?

2. Would you rather shave all of your pubic hair off or not shave any part of it ever again?

3. Would you rather have s#x with someone who is as attractive as me but is a horrible lover or someone who is terrible in bed but is much more attractive than me?

4. Would you rather be stuck wearing a really unattractive bathing suit that you hate for six months or never be able to wear clothes made from cotton ever again?

5. Would you rather be given a free lifetime supply of condoms or a free lifetime supply of birth control pills?

6. Would you rather never have oral s#x again or never have intercourse again?

7. Would you rather use either small condoms that are too tight and uncomfortable and break easily or large condoms that slide off during intercourse and don’t feel pleasurable for either party involved?

8. Would you rather live in a world where everyone has AIDS or live in a world where there’s no risk of contracting HIV whatsoever?

9. Would you rather spend three days alone n#ked outside on concrete or three days alone locked inside your house without access to toilet paper?

10. Would you rather lick 50 different pairs of sweaty feet today or lick 50 different dry puss#es tomorrow?

11. Would you rather mast#rbate constantly for 10 years straight or only mast#rbate five times over the course of ten years?


Dirty never have I ever questions to ask your boyfriend

Here are some Never have I ever dirty questions to ask your boyfriend to build more physical intimacy:

1. Never Have I ever slept with multiple people with different genders at once?

2. Never Have I ever inserted any toys in my butt hole?

3. Never Have I ever had a one night stand with someone that I just met the same day before?

4. Never Have I ever been involved in some kind of kinky fetish play before, such as rough s#x or something else that’s not usually seen as vanilla?

5. Never Have I ever forced myself to orgasm by using an object such as a vibrator?

6. Never Have I ever participated in webcam p#rn chat rooms for money before?

7. Never Have I ever experimented with BDSM play and/or domination-submission fantasies before?

8. Never have I ever publicly mast#rbated before?

9. Never Have I ever used a s#xting app like SnapChat to send nude photos or videos before?

Dirty truth or dare questions to ask your boyfriend

This is a list of Truth or dare Dirty questions to ask your boyfriend:

Truth: If you could get a chance to sleep with your own siblings would you? Truth: Would you rather be dominant or submissive during s#x?

Truth: What s#x act will you never refuse no matter how much you don’t want to do it?

Truth: What’s the longest time you’ve gone without mast#rbating and why did you choose not to mast#rbate during that time period?

Truth: What is your favorite place to mast#rbate at home?

Truth: What are some other things you love to mast#rbate to besides p#rn?

Truth: Have you ever tried to suck your own d#ck?

Truth: Do you get attracted to gays?

Truth: How much size do you think is your pecker?

Dirty cute flirty questions to ask your boyfriend

Here are some dirty cute flirty questions to ask your boyfriend:

1. Do you prefer one night stands or longer-term s#xual partners?

2. Do you prefer kissing above or below the navel?

3. In what position is it easiest for you to orgasm?

4. What is the most difficult position for you to orgasm in?

5. When did you first experience an orgasm? With a partner or solo?

6. If you’ve ever had a threesome with two women, who was the other women?

7. What is your opinion on oral s#x? On mast#rbation?

8. On watching p#rn together as opposed to individually?

9. If you could give any advice to someone considering trying BDSM for the first time, what would it be?

10. Do you enjoy mast#rbating alone or with a partner?


Dirty questions to ask your boyfriend about your relationship

These are some Super Dirty questions to ask your boyfriend:

1. Do you think our relationship will survive if we aren’t s#xually active?

2. Would you consider s#x before marriage as taboo?

3. Do you worry if I’m a virgin or not?

4. Would you like to date me even after knowing I’m not a virgin?

5. Do all couples who are in relationships think s#xually about others?

6. How would you like to make our s#xual relationship more interesting?

7. Does my breast size matter to you?

Dirty questions to ask your boyfriend about the future

Here is a list of Really Dirty questions to ask your boyfriend about the future:

1. In future, are you comfortable making out with me when our kids will be at home?

2. If you get bored, do you visit prost#tutes?

3. Will it really matter to you when I don’t get into a horny mood?

4. Do you want me to wear nothing inside when we are alone at home?

5. How many times do you want me to do oral in a single day?

6. Do you enjoy giving oral s#x more than receiving it?

7. Would you rather eat nothing but my juicy c#nt for six months straight or nothing but ice cream for six months straight?

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