100+ Chinese and lunar new year captions, puns for social media posts and pictures

Happy Chinese New Year! It’s time to celebrate the start of the Lunar New Year, which marks the beginning of the Spring Festival in China!

Join us in saying goodbye to the Year of the Tiger -2022 and hello to the Year of the Rabbit -2023 with these festive Chinese New Year captions for your Instagram and other social media posts. 

Whether you’re celebrating with your family, friends, or just taking part in the festivities from afar, you’ll find the perfect caption for your new year photo dumps!

From traditional proverbs to modern sayings, these captions are sure to bring you good fortune, luck, and prosperity for the rest of the year.

So get ready to share your Lunar New Year photos in style and make sure to hashtag #ChineseNewYear #springfestival and #LunarNewYear in your captions!


100+ Lunar new year captions

The following is a great list of chinese and lunar new year captions for your pictures:

1. “Bringing in the new year with a bang 🎉”

2. “Feasting on delicious Chinese New Year treats 🍜”

3. “Gung hay fat choy! 🎊”

4. “May this new year bring prosperity and good fortune 💰”

5. “Lion dancing our way into the new year 🐉”

6. “Red envelopes and dumplings galore 🧧”

7. “Making new year’s resolutions and setting goals for the year ahead 🎯”

8. “Grateful for another year with my family and friends 💕”

9. “Celebrating the Year of the rabbit”

10. “Cheers to the new year! 🥂”

11. “Gathering with loved ones to bring in the new year 🤗”

12. “Wishing for a prosperous, joyful year ahead 🤞”

13. “Traditions from the past, to cherish in the present 🙏”

14. “Red and gold everywhere 💃”

15. “Letting go of the old and welcoming the new 💫”

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16. “Counting down to the new year 🕰”

17. “Turning a new page and starting anew 📖”

18. “Honoring the past, embracing the future 🗓”

19. “Filling the air with luck and good vibes 🤩”

20. “Getting ready for the new year with a bang 💥”

21. “Sharing stories and making memories 🤗”

22. “Celebrating the Year of the rabbit with pride 🐂”

23. “Making dreams come true in the new year 💫”

24. “Dancing and singing with joy 🎤”

25. “Filling the house with laughter 🤣”

26. “Tying up loose ends and starting fresh 🧹”

27. “Ringing in the new year with style 🎉”

28. “New beginnings and exciting adventures ahead 🏃‍♀️”

29. “Welcoming the Year of the rabbit with open arms 🤗”

30. “Luck and prosperity for the year ahead 🍀”

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Best Chinese new year captions

Here is a list of some of the best chinese new year captions for your posts:

1. “Let the new year be filled with dumplings, not drama!”

2. “Let’s get this party started! Gong xi fa cai!”

3. “Put on your red outfits, it’s time for the new year!”

4. “Let’s shake it off and start the new year right!”

5. “Out with the old and in with the new year!”

6. “Cheers to the Year of the rabbit, whoop whoop!”

7. “Kung Hei Fat Choi! And may the odds be ever in your favor!”

8. “Time to start the new year with a bang!”

9. “This year, I’m going to be totally awesome!”

10. “Here’s to a fabulous Chinese New Year!”

11. “It’s time to party like a Chinese New Year pro!”

12. “May the good luck dragon bring you all the good fortune this year!”

13. “Let’s get this new year started with a bang!”

14. “Happy New Year! Now let’s get this show on the road!”

15. “Gung Hay Fat Choiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

16. “Red outfit and dumplings are the new black!”

17. “Ready to be the luckiest rabbit of the year!”

18. “Let’s go crazy and celebrate like it’s Chinese New Year!”

19. “Goodbye to the old and hello to the new!”

20. “Let’s party like it’s 3000!”

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Chinese new year puns

These are a few funny chinese new year puns and captions:

1. “This year is gonna be a-maze-ing!”

2. “Let’s make this the best year yet-tle!”

3. “I’m feeling so lucky my luck is rub-bit-able!”

4. “I’m ready to make some noise and loud-year-round!”

5. “This year, let’s make some fire-works!”

6. “I’m so excited I can barely con-tao-in myself!”

7. “This year I’m going to be the life of the par-tea!”

8. “Let’s make the new year the most delicious yet-tles!”

9. “Time to get the party started, it’s time to lion-dance!”

10. “This year is going to be a total-ly awesome!”

11. “Let’s make some dumplings and get the party po-tay-toed!”

12. “This year, I’m ready to jump for joy-stick!”

13. “Happy New Year! It’s time to get this show on the road-dumplings!”

14. “This year is going to be out of this world-ly delicious!”

15. “Let’s make the new year extra-ordinary!”

16. “It’s time to get this new year rolling-dumpling!”

17. “The Chinese New Year is coming! Here comes the bun!”

18. “I’m ready to make this year a-moo-sing!”

19. “Let’s make this year one to remember-dumpling!”

20. “Let’s make this year the best one yet-tle!”

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Spring festival captions 

Here is a list of some of the good spring festival captions:

1. “Celebrating the renewal of nature 🌿”

2. “A time of new beginnings 🌸”

3. “A festival of springtime joy 🌞”

4. “Letting go of the old to welcome the new 🌼”

5. “Flowers blooming and birds singing 🎵”

6. “Grateful for the fresh start 🤗”

7. “A time of rebirth and renewal 🌱”

8. “Bringing in the warmth and sunshine 🌞”

9. “Shedding winter’s chill and embracing the warmer days 🌤”

10. “Nature coming to life and the world transforming 🌎”

11. “The season of hope and positivity 🤩”

12. “A time to reflect and be grateful 🙏”

13. “Letting go of the darkness and embracing the light ☀️”

14. “The chance to start anew and make a fresh start 🌱”

15. “A time of celebration and joy 🤗”

16. “A time to appreciate the beauty of nature 🌿”

17. “A time of growth and transformation 🌸”

18. “A time of renewal and fresh beginnings 🌼”

19. “A time to celebrate the beauty of the world 🌎”

20. “A time of peace and harmony 🕊”

Chinese new year captions for Instagram

These are some catchy chinese new year captions for Instagram:

1. “Welcoming the new year with a bang and a whole bunch of happiness! Gung Hay Fat Choi!” 

2. “Red envelopes, dumplings, and happiness everywhere! Let’s bring in the new year with style!”

3. “Here’s to a year of luck and prosperity! May the Year of the Rabbit bring us all the good fortune we need!” 

4. “Wishing everyone good luck and health! Let’s make the most of this new year!” 

5. “Making memories and celebrating the new year with loved ones! Gung Hay Fat Choi!” 

6. “Let’s make the Year of the Rabbit the best year yet! Let’s do this!” 

7. “Happy New Year! Let’s bring in the new year with a lot of good luck and fortune!” 

8. “Gathering with friends and family to celebrate the new year and make a fresh start!” 

9. “Ringing in the new year with a lot of joy and happiness! May the Year of the Rabbit bring us all the luck we need!” 

10. “It’s time to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new! Let’s make the most of it!” 

11. “Let’s make the Year of the Rabbit awesome! Bring it on!” 

12. “Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year! Gung Hay Fat Choi!” 

13. “Time to get the party started! New Year, New Me!” 

14. “Welcoming the new year with open arms and a lot of good vibes! Let’s make it count!” 

15. “Bringing in the new year with a bang! Here’s to making the Year of the Rabbit the best year yet!” 

16. “Cheers to the new year! Let’s make it the best one ever!” 

17. “Sharing stories and making memories! Let’s make this new year the best one yet!” 

18. “Let’s make this new year the best one yet! Gung Hay Fat Choi!” 

19. “Time to get the party started! Gung Hay Fat Choi! Let’s make this new year amazing!” 

20. “Let’s make this the best year ever! Happy New Year!”

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