Moral lessons from wise man: Short stories about falling in love

By: Naveen B

Moral Short Stories About Falling In love

Although, there are many ways to experience life, in order to develop one’s character. Forever, Books are a great way to gain wisdom.

Stories connect us more to reality, at least to the surrealism of our imagination. 

Especially there are profound meanings hidden in the genre of stories with morals. Such a Generational wealth of truth holds us back and takes us to a different world of perception with timeless life lessons. 

The moment we began to uncover the secrets from the books we read and the stories we experience.

We will never be the same again. We come out with maturity, knowledge, and lessons that are to be applied in day-to-day life for efficient and productive growth personally as well as professionally.

From time to time, we all need to take reflect and embrace those moments virtually through books. To come out of the daily nuances.

Today, If you have time for a few minutes to learn something new I have written a few short stories about falling in love with moral lessons. 

Short story about relationship : “Parents and wise man.”


From many parts of the world, people travel to visit a man who is well known for his wisdom. Who lives alone in a small village nearby a lake. He barely opens his mouth and chooses not to utter a word unless the situation demands it.

On a certain bright day, a middle-aged couple approached to take advice from him on the account of their son.

For whom they thought is the right age for marriage. So, it would be appropriate to ask the wise man who would be the perfect match for his son to get married.

While the man-made himself busy in feeding the pets, the parents came closer and stood beside him and continued with their query –

“We arrived here to know what sort of woman would be a perfect match for my son to fall in love with and can be suitable for our family.”

 Listening to their question, the man didn’t break his silence on that day. So, the couple came again on the following day to seek his advice for the same matter.

By seeing them, the man finally opens his mouth –

 “Who are you to make decisions on his life?”

“Who am I to say what is right, what is wrong about the future that I do not know.”

“I am no one to advise anyone. Kindly, you may leave.” The wise man answered in a polite way.

Moral of the story: (Leave your thoughts in the comment section, It will help others to know your perceptions)

Short story about finding true love: “Young man and the wise man.”


One day a young man goes to a wise man and asks, “I want to find true love. Can you help me in finding the right partner for my life?”

Then the wise man says, “You are not yet ready for love. Come and ask me once you are ready.”

Without saying anything the man accepts his words and leaves from there.

After a year the same man returns to seek the counsel of the elderly wise man and shares the experience of his first ever love,

“I loved a woman, but the sweet moments didn’t last long, we broke up with each other. Can you advise me to find the right woman for my life?”

The elderly man again says, “You are not yet ready for love. Come and ask me once you are truly ready.”

He listens to the wise man’s words and leaves.

After five years, the young man returns and shares his struggles with the wise man, “I loved a woman, I married her but the connection between us didn’t last long, so we divorced.

At least this time can you help me in finding the perfect woman who meets my values?”

“No you are not ready yet, you may leave.”

This time the man didn’t convince by his words and got irritated and thought to himself “There is no point in seeking his help.” And decided not to approach him ever again.

After twenty years the man comes for one last time to the wise man who is almost near to the end of his life.

The young man aged and in his fifties approaches the old man and says, “Thank you so much for your advice.” And present him some gifts and leaves.

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