Complete guide on how to overcome challenges and obstacles in life.

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By: Naveen B

I must say that, above all, the biggest obstacles in life are nothing but our own thoughts.

Thoughts are the beginning and end of everything. They even have the power to end everything from the beginning.

When you know how to think and how to overcome challenges with your intuition then you are ready to accept and face any obstacles in life.

If not, that leads you to greater trouble causing especially mental health issues. 

Depression is a terrible feeling that causes such a negative impact on our overall health. 

It comes in many levels to different people with different experiences. It comes not at one moment, but grows slowly – hours, days, weeks and sometimes even years. It consumes our soul gradually without even realizing it. 

If you ask me where does it come from? Then that’s a difficult question.

However, in short – my answer to that is – “Thoughts.” Though, how simple it may sound – the truth is, no one knows where thoughts come from. But, if we interpret those thoughts and exercise our faculties with a free spirit – We may arrive at an understanding that depression has something to do with fears, disappointments, desires, and failures.

All these emotional triggers come into existence when we come across challenges in our life. Life throws unique challenges one after the other before we even take time to digest and bounce back from the last one.

And we may not have the capacity to overcome most of the obstacles other than questioning them with the right intention and reflect, learn and move on.

Nonetheless, those setbacks lead us astray.

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What are challenges in life?

In my opinion, the definition of challenges in life are – the times, situations or mere thoughts that test our intellectual and emotional ability in order to adapt, learn, make efforts with patience and evolve into a higher intelligence person.

Challenges in life:

Types of Challenges in life:

  • Personal Challenges
  • Family or Relationship Challenges
  • Academic or Career Challenges
  • Professional or Business Challenges
  • Financial Challenges
  • Social Challenges
  • Environmental Challenges
  • Existential or Survival Challenges

Common challenges in life.

If you want to change something about your life, or to achieve some objective or goal, you’re going to have to face obstacles. Some obstacles commonly encountered include:

  • There is not enough time.
  • Sudden tragedies
  • Unhealthy mindset
  • Physical and emotional insecurities
  • Insufficient funds.
  • Resources are not available to you.
  • Fear.
  • You are facing other people.
  • Insufficient knowledge, skills, or credentials.
  • Incompetence.
  • Instability or lack of effort.

How to overcome challenges in life?

No one wants to feel stuck, everyone wishes to seek help and be guided by someone who is in a better position by them.

Luckily with a kind heart even if anyone supports, though it may ease the pain temporarily but that approach will not have any absolute solution. Because it’s your journey to continue, not theirs. Unfortunately that’s how laws of life works.

Sadly, the truth is, life is a lonely path. If you want to create one, then you have to take the path which your guides intuition you no matter how scary it may seem.

Once you are brave enough to that first step, you are into that and build resilience the strange wind itself push you to overcome all the challenges.

Here’s a battle plan to transform you into a challenge-conquering champion:

Step 1: Face the Facts:

  • Acknowledge the Obstacle: Don’t shy away from the problem. Identify it clearly and honestly. What exactly are you up against?

Step 2: Architect a Plan:

  • Craft a Roadmap: Break the challenge into smaller, achievable steps. This makes it less daunting and gives you a sense of accomplishment as you tick things off.
  • Research and Resource: Is there information or tools available to help you? Knowledge is power. Explore libraries, websites, or even consult professionals if needed.

Step 3: Embrace the Grind:

  • Action Time: Don’t just think it, ink it! Get started on those steps you outlined. Consistency is key.

Step 4: Foster the Fortress Within:

  • Mindset Matters: Cultivate a positive attitude. Believe in your ability to overcome this hurdle.
  • Feel the Feels: It’s okay to not be okay. Acknowledge your emotions, but don’t let them drown you.

Step 5: Summon the Squad:

  • Don’t Go It Alone: We all need support. Talk to friends, family, or mentors. Share your struggles and seek their guidance.

Bonus Tip: Celebrate Every Win, Big or Small:

  • Acknowledge Your Progress: Reaching even a minor milestone is a victory. Reward yourself and stay motivated.

Remember, challenges are inevitable, but they are also opportunities to learn and grow. By following these steps and maintaining a determined spirit, you’ll be well on your way to conquering anything life throws your way. Now get out there and be the champion you were meant to be!

5 ways to overcome obstacles in life

1. Make a plan to reflect on the core problem and work on the possible solutions with an open mindset

2. Make sure whether it is really an obstacle or you are just over-assuming everything is difficult in life.

3. Ask for help without feeling bad for yourself. Friends, relatives or any trusted companion seek their support. A genuine and real person will definitely make your life better otherwise, pay a little bit and hire an expert to solve issues for you.

4. Don’t give up on what you believe. Try different sources, research on your own, apply your critical thinking and come to conclusions based on your personal and factual experiences.

5. Face your fears anyway. Work hard, fail hard, Work smart. In the beginning even if you know nothing, but when you work hard, eventually you will become smart.

Quote on overcoming challenges

The moment I realized I can’t move mountains, I started to lift them with my thoughts.

– Naveen Bommakanti

Bonus – Life lessons to remember to overcome obstacles

One day everything begins to make sense. You realize what matters and what doesn’t. You learn to care less about what other people think of you. And you pay very close attention to your own thoughts. 

You realize how far you’ve come and remember the times when everything was in such a mess that it seemed to be impossible to fix. And you smile. You smile because you are truly proud of yourself and the person you have become. 

Most importantly, you will learn to appreciate all these challenges and obstacles you encountered in your journey. Because without them you wouldn’t have discovered your true self and the hidden potential. 

After all these years, all these trials are preparing you for greatness. Certainly, by the grace of all the natural forces, you come closer to yourself. You reach your destiny. Your home. You find your peace and a life that has to be cherished ever after.

From this moment, regardless of how many challenges life throws at you, effortlessly you will overcome all the obstacles. With these signs you can conclude that you achieved a greater awareness and clarity. 

By the long history of struggles and spirit to overcome all the challenges, now that you are ready for life and nothing can ever stops you. Because you are in content with everything and consciously aware of life itself. Cheers!

Keep hustling, keep evolving and never stop learning. Everything is on its way to find you. You will certainly accomplish all of your dreams only if you do not give up. Therefore have patience, act consistently and embrace your rewards at the end. 

My Best wishes for your efforts!

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