Importance of past, present and future on self-realization.


Dear reader,

I would like to consider this moment as an opportunity to share an inspiration.

If you are in the hour of despair and uncertainty, let me remind you that every moment is an opportunity to realize. Realize your past, collect each moment that inspired you to create the future. Bring back your childhood in front of your eyes, think of your most loved moments that influenced you to become the better person.

If you pay attention to your past in each detail you will have the inspiration to move forward. Think of only the memories that you were true to yourself and the thoughts that you want to create such that the world would return you its favour.

We often ignore the thoughts that shapes our future, it is just because of the disturbance of the outer world

So far in this life how many times you have taken the opportunity to seize the time and focused on your breath that made sense to your existence?

If you want to realize the purpose of your life, focus on the thoughts that you were repeating ever since you are aware of yourself.

Realize, what is the major thing that makes you feel satisfaction about your life?

Do not let this hour ruin your dream, you have every minute to work on yourself by ignoring the things that doesn’t matter to your growth.

Realize that we all have this one life, realize we can achieve everything we want, realize time doesn’t stay so does our issues. So be conscious enough to make your choices and become whatever you want. Self-realization is the beginning of life and end of one’s misery.

Transform your thoughts into actions and prove to yourself that you are enough.

Every moment is an opportunity to realize. After all this life is simply all about realization, organizing one’s own thoughts, truly in conscious awareness of his own acts, executing his instincts, learning, evolving and breathe effortlessly to love and be loved.

Importance of past, present and future on self-realization.

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