30+ Questions that are impossible to answer (very deep and funny)

By: Naveen B

The world is full of mysteries and unanswered questions, these are questions that are impossible to answer and some of which we may never be able to solve on our own.

But that hasn’t stopped scientific experts, conspiracy theorists, and avid history buffs from trying to find out the truth behind some of these unsolved riddles — and to help us do the same.

In this article, I have come up with some mind blowing questions that are impossible to answer by a common man. 

However, I have taken some time to research the answers for these world’s most mysterious unanswered questions and provided some possible answers and explanations. Continue reading till the end and express your thoughts in the comment section.

30+ Questions that are impossible to answer


Here is a list of very deep questions that are impossible to answer:

1. Can you be both alive and dead at the same time? 

This is one of the unanswerable questions which is impossible to answer . When you die, you become dead and when you are alive, you are technically never dead. Confusing!

2. Did god make man or did man make god?

Many of us have been brought up with a sense of religion and we all know someone who is extremely religious but it is still not clear if there was a god or not and whether humans created God.

Humans have their own perception about things but can we justify everything with our mind, I think NOT!

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3. How does death feels?

Death is a terrifying thing. There are too many thoughts that run through your head when you’re faced with death and it’s impossible to answer the question of what death feels like.

Perhaps it feels nothing, maybe it feels a little tingly, or maybe it feels amazing? We can’t be sure but we hope that every living thing finds peace when they cross over to the other side.

4. Why do so many innocent people and species suffer terrible things?

I’ve asked myself this question over and over again and it seems like there is no answer. One day you’ll wake up to a headline of an innocent person being killed and it breaks your heart.

You then start wondering what made their life worth less than others? Why didn’t they deserve to live? This is one of the hardest questions to answer and leaves you with anger and sadness.

5. Where is my soul?

This is one of the toughest questions to answer. As soon as you ask it, you realize that we are incapable of answering it and it’s impossible to answer.

Our soul is a mysterious thing and when you put your hand on your chest, try to find your soul. You can’t locate where it is because its inside you and outside of you at the same time.

Our souls are forever trapped between our body and world, never completely belonging to either but always connected to both.

6. Was the big bang just an accident?

The Big Bang is the most well-known scientific theory of how the universe began. This means that a lot of people believe that it happened by accident but why would something happen by accident? What are the odds?

It is not impossible, however, we can do few things. In order to formulate reasoned guesses and theories, we can draw on what we know.

There are a variety of things I recommend reading, such as the thermodynamic arrow of time, the beginning of the universe, and so on. I would especially recommend you to read Stephen Hawking’s books, Sean Carroll’s From Eternity to Here, and other cosmology books.

7. What makes something beautiful?

You could say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder or maybe there’s an equation to figure out what’s beautiful but it doesn’t matter because what’s considered beautiful changes depending on culture and time period.

The truth is beauty isn’t objective or quantifiable which means beauty doesn’t exist at all.

8. Why do cats always land on their feet?

There have been many studies done about this question with varying results but one thing remains true:

Cats have a mechanism known as the righting reflex, which enables them to turn while in the air and land soundly. They are able to keep their equilibrium and find their way about by using their perceptive ears, which prevents them from falling and getting hurt.

 Very interesting creatures and sometimes they do appear evil!!

9. If anything is possible, is it possible for anything to be impossible?

Think deeply and try to answer it yourself. Perhaps you will make it possible, impossible.

10. Why do you need a driver’s license to buy alcohol when you can’t drink and drive?

No idea, but why do you need to show your ID when voting? To make sure it’s really you. So if I can’t vote as me, how can they stop someone else from voting as me?

Or if you know my address and name, why don’t they just send me a letter and let me know I voted already? Hmmm…makes no sense!

11. What is one of the most dangerous things in life?

In theory nothing is more dangerous than death, so living with other people should be pretty safe right? But who knows, death might be where you find peace?

12. What would happen if the earth suddenly disappeared into nothingness?

Who cares? we’re all doomed anyway! If that really happens.

13. How do we know what color things are without seeing them?

We don’t know for sure but some scientists think our brain creates colors based on wavelengths of light. There are also some interesting theories about how colors get mixed together to create new colors – like red and yellow making orange or blue and green making purple.

One thing is certain though, if colors didn’t exist then everything would look black and white – and that sounds boring! but the real question is, if we don’t know what are colors in the first place, how would we know if they are black or white? This question is impossible to answer right?

14. Who has the right of way at an intersection with stop signs facing each other in opposite directions on different streets?

Sometimes when you are driving, you see two stop signs facing each other on different streets and it’s confusing as there is no one around. Are you supposed to continue driving or do you have to come to a complete stop?

15. Is it possible to sleep without closing your eyes?

Again this is one of the impossible questions to answer which remain unanswered. Although it’s impossible to answer this question with certainty, the simplest explanation is that as per research studies, 

It may surprise you to know that some people sleep with their eyes open. It’s more common than you might think.

Approximately 20% of people do it, including babies. It’s a sleeping disorder. This condition is often referred to as “nocturnal lagophthalmos.” People with it usually can’t completely close their eyes while they sleep.

16. Why do we feel better after crying?

While scientists can’t explain why humans cry on some occasions, they have found out a few reasons. Firstly, when you’re crying, your tear ducts produce more tears in order to wash away bacteria and toxic chemicals that enter your eyes when you cry.

Secondly, Endogenous opioids, also known as endorphins, and oxytocin are released when you cry for a long time. 

These feel-good substances can aid in reducing pain, both mental and emotional. Your body may experience a brief state of numbness and a sense of peace after the endorphins and oxytocin have been produced.

17. Do we need to create our own future?

 It’s kind of hard to define it. Some people say that the future is a direction, some say it’s a field of probabilities, and some say it’s a state of reality.

To some, the future is either unknown and/or unpredictable. To others, the future is predetermined and inevitable. All we know is that we are headed towards the future, whatever it may be.

Would you rather questions that are impossible to answer


The following are some best would you rather questions that are impossible to answer:

1. Would you rather consider eyebrows are underarm hair or pubic hair?

2. Would you rather be a gay or panse#xual?

3. Would you rather cry for no reason for the rest of your life or have people only love you when they’re high?

4. Would you rather walk on fire for the rest of your life or turn into drainage water?

5. Would you rather only eat the earth’s crust or just plain animal dung?

6. Would you rather spend the rest of your life sleeping in a bathtub full of honeybees or stuck in an escalator with someone who smells like a poop?

7. Would you rather make out with someone who has HIV AIDS, but is really attractive, or someone who is not as attractive and has no private parts?

8. Would you rather marry a ghost or live in the graveyard for the rest of your life?

9. Would you rather kill yourself or pay someone to kill you?

10. Would you rather have no brain or no eyes?

Funny questions that are impossible to answer


Here is a list of questions that are impossible to answer funny

1. If you dig a hole in the ground and fill it with toothpaste, will the toothpaste eventually reach China? 

2. How come bananas don’t grow on trees like apples do?

3. Why do they call it taking out when they take it back inside again right after they put it away? 4. What’s the point of worrying about all these questions if we’ll never know the answers to any of them?

5. How can one man love another man if he has never been loved by another man?

6. How can one person be happy with being themselves if they have always been miserable with themselves?

7. What is the purpose of dreams if we only remember them for a split second when we wake up from them and don’t really know what they meant in our waking life?

8. Why am I not scared to go outside after dark but scared of dying alone in my sleep?

9. Who determines the quality of a good story?

10. Why do people call others crazy when they’re actually sane and others sane when they’re actually crazy?

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