250+ Unanswerable Questions (world’s most mysterious, unanswered and impossible questions)

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By: Naveen B

Is something trying to teach humanity a lesson? Are aliens really visiting us in UFOs? What about Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster and how about the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle?

There are so many deep unanswerable questions and mind blowing mysteries in the world, these sort of questions that have been baffling the brightest minds and deep thinkers such as philosophers and scientists for centuries.

These most mysterious unanswered questions of all time might just keep you up at night.

Though the world is full of unanswered and answerable questions. While science has made some incredible progress, there are still many mysteries and questions out there that we don’t know the answers to.

In this article, I have come up with a huge list of unanswerable questions, mysterious phenomena and questions that remain unsolved to this day.

Out of these impossible questions, I tried to give possible answers to some of them as per scientific research including my personal views.

Continue reading till the end, and comment below your favorite questions that cannot be answered forever.

Before that, let’s understand the definition of an unanswerable question and how to answer unanswerable questions.

What is an unanswerable question?

 An unanswerable question is a question that can never be answered, or the answer to which is not known yet.

It is also known as a non-answerable question as it cannot be answered in any way by using our knowledge and reasoning abilities.

This type of question may be used to ponder the nature of existence or to have conversations in order to build connection with others in social situations.

In the case of conversation, it is a rhetorical device used to make the speaker seem smarter than he or she really is.

The speaker may also use an unanswerable question to show off his/her knowledge to the listeners.

How to answer unanswerable questions?

The best way to answer unanswerable questions is by finding out by reflecting on the reality of existence. And by observing what the real world has to say about them.

You can also look up or investigate relevant information about the topic in any relevant book or research material available on the internet.

Answering an unanswerable question requires knowledge and skill, but it can also be useful if you want to appear more intelligent than your opponent in an argument.

However, if you cannot come up with a reasonable explanation for why the question can’t be answered in the first place, then it’s often acceptable to offer a guess as to what might be causing it.

What are some unanswerable questions?

There are questions that can never be answered. These are called unanswerable questions. Some of the most popular unanswerable questions include:

1. What is the meaning of life?

2. Is there a god?

3. Is there life after death?

4. Are there any extraterrestrial beings?

5. How did the universe begin and why did it exist in the first place?

Below are some answers to the unanswered questions along with 200+ funny, weird, dumb, deep, and confusing questions with no answers:

Unanswerable questions


Here is a list of unanswerable questions with answers

1. What is the universe expanding into?

Universe is a baffling design. It just messes with our heads with its mind-blowing creation. Scientists can argue and agree and debate on the speeding of universe expansion.

But it’s the existence alone that knows the answer and the universe will keep on expanding, but no one can answer and no more questions asked.

2. How is life on earth going to become extinct?

The current level of destruction to our planet may mean that life will soon be impossible.

The effects of climate change, pollution and habitat loss could make human beings extinct within 100 years if nothing changes or drastically improves. But who knows, how exactly the world is going to end?

3. What is our place in an infinite universe?

If we just look at distant stars, planets and constellations it will look like there’s endless space where billions of stars are scattered.

No one knows how long do they go on but we cannot see their end.

4. What is the ultimate fate of the universe?

Science only confirms that our universe will keep on expanding and galaxies will further move away from each other but what would happen when they run out of energy? Will they turn into dark energy again? 

There’s only a hypothesis of what would happen when even galaxies die out. It is predicted that there are approximately 200 billion trillion stars in the universe. Or, to put it another way, 200 sextillion, which is a huge amount, so how many more galaxies and constellations do we have out there?

5. Who started out the Big Bang Theory?

The Big Bang Theory was not really created by any person but the theory itself was originally formalized by Belgian Catholic priest, theoretical physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and professor of physics Georges Lemaître.

However, no one can answer this unanswerable question, who and how did the big bang happen?

Deep Unanswerable questions

Here is a list of surprising deep unanswerable questions:

1. What if Mars has water on it because we used to live there and we messed up the climate so badly that we had to send an escape pod to earth with only Adam and Eve in it and the pod was the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs?

2. Why is consciousness baffling?

3. Is something trying to teach humanity a lesson?

4. What exists beyond our perception and comprehension?

5. How does thought create action?

6. What happens if we are stuck in a dream and have no way to come out of it?

7. Why do we dream and what does each dream represent?

8. How is the world going to end?

9. How much time do we have left on Earth?

10. How did life begin if the big bang is just a theory?

11. Why do bad things happen to good people?

12. Will we be able to live after death?

13. Are aliens ancient human beings?

Unanswered questions


Here is a list of Top 10 unanswerable questions:

1. Who built Stonehenge?

2. Where do our dogs and cats go when they die? 

3. Are aliens really visiting us in UFOs?

4. What is the mystery of the bermuda triangle?

5. Why are some people left-handed?

6. What was our universe like before the Big Bang happened and what will happen after it ends with a Big Crunch or a Big Freeze, which ever comes first?

7. Is there life on other planets besides Earth?

8. Who’s buried in Grant’s Tomb under the name Ulysses S. Grant if he wasn’t really called Ulysses S. Grant?

9. Why are all living things based on carbon when there are many elements that could be used for this purpose, such as silicon or sulfur?

10. What lies behind death, if anything at all?

Unanswerable philosophical questions


Here are 9 of life’s biggest unanswerable questions (philosophical)

1. If God is watching us, why doesn’t He stop us from doing bad things like killing each other?

2. Would the future happen anyway even if nobody tried to predict it in advance or does predicting the future influence whether something will happen in the future?

3. Why do we keep time if time is endless and everything happens in its own time?

4. What if you become immortal when you fall into a black hole?

5. What sort of life exists in the center of the cosmos?

6. If aliens exist, what are they made of?

7. How long will the sun last before turning into a red giant and evaporating our planet?

8. How many planets are there in our solar system?

9. Is there any way to tell why humans exist as they are, but not any other way?

Unanswerable questions funny


Here is a list of Hilarious and Funny unanswerable questions and funny unanswered questions of the universe, space and life for fun.

1. Can you actually calculate how many times you make love to your wife during your life time on earth with her?

2. What are those small spheres that women have on their chest besides breast, called Cleavage?

3. Where is everyone in space?

4. What would happen if a dog and a cat got into a fight in space? 

5. Which way does water drain out of your bathtub or sink in the Northern Hemisphere, and which way does it drain in the Southern Hemisphere (or vice versa)?

6. If you’re feeling down, what should you eat for breakfast instead of coffee or tea? And how much water should you drink every day (not including caffeinated drinks)?

7. What kind of exercise should you perform at least three times per week if you want to get healthier without killing yourself with too much effort (or getting bored)?

Impossible questions


Here are some of the best Impossible questions to answer:

1. Which came first: The chicken or the egg, thinking or materializing thoughts into reality, black holes or creation, good vs evil, chaos vs order?

2. Are there mysterious species hiding from humans?

3. Am I addicted/bound by my own desires/behaviors that destroy my well-being but feel powerless against them no matter how hard I try?

4. Where were we before we came to existence?

5. Am I a victim of fate or destiny?

6. Are animals conscious beings just like humans or is their consciousness limited to instinctual survival behaviors?

7. How do you measure the worth of someone’s life?

8. When should one give up on their dreams in favor of practicality?

9. Can someone die twice at different times and moments–or does one die once at one moment–according to science and religion respectively?

10. Is everything happening simultaneously happening now or is everything happening sequentially occurring one thing at a time according to quantum physics, relativity theory, and karma yoga respectively;

and which is true according to these three perspectives respectively–since all three perspectives lead to different conclusions about the nature of existence respectively?

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Questions people can’t answer


The following is a list of strange questions people can’t answer:

1. Are humans a species of animal, or are animals another species of human?

2. Is there a balance between chaos and order in our universe, or are they both just illusions to make us feel less alone in an unpredictable world?

3. Can God actually exist if there is evil in our world?

4. Where do all of those who have died go after they die?

5. Why can’t we remember what happened before we were born or during other lives (if any)?

6. What does it mean when someone says you’re on the wrong path for your life?

7. What does it mean when someone says you’re too good for them?

8. Who decides which questions are unanswerable and which ones are not, and why did they decide this way?

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Questions with no answers


Here is a list of Bizarre and Unique Questions without answers:

1. If the world were only one day long, what would happen?

2. What is time?

3. What causes every chain of events in our lives and also every chain of events in nature?

4. Does free will exist or are our actions predetermined by an outside force?

5. What should I do with my life if I am not happy with it or if I don’t know what to do with it?

6. How does death work for those who have achieved enlightenment and those who haven’t yet?

7. Is this all there is- just living, dying, living again and again and again without end- being reincarnated over and over until you get it right (or at least better)?

8. Where did human beings come from?

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Questions that are impossible to answer


Here is a list of Superb and great questions that are impossible to answer:

1. Will humans ever achieve immortality?

2. Who was Jesus Christ really then what was his purpose?

3. What’s going to happen in the future?

4. What happens when nothing happens?

5. Can we escape death?

6. Why is there so much evil in the world?

7. Do angels exist and if so, where do they reside?

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Questions you can’t answer


The following are some of the good questions you can’t answer about random things in the world:

1. Do you know what kind of music was played at Buddy Holly’s last concert?

2. Were there any other motives in regard to Alexander Litvinenko murder case besides Vladimir Putin being involved in it?

3. Why do I feel incomplete without having certain things in my life, even though others seem to be happy without them?

4. Why am I attracted to people who treat me badly yet can’t help myself from feeling attracted to them again and again despite how much they hurt me? 

5. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

6. Was there a beforelife before this lifetime?

7. What is karma and how does it operate within us during different lifetimes?

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Questions that cannot be answered


Here is a list of unanswerable questions in science that cannot be answered:

1. How do we know the universe is not an illusion?

2. Does our brain just make up memories or are they real?

3. What will happen when the universe expands infinitely, destroying all matter and life as we know it?

4. Will there ever be time travel technologies that will allow us to visit places in the past or future like in sci-fi movies such as Back To The Future, Interstellar, etc.?

5. If humans could create a consciousness with artificial intelligence (AI), would this intelligence also have consciousness too like humans do or does consciousness only exist because of living beings like us?

6. Why is it so hard for humans to comprehend infinity?

7. How did human civilization develop over centuries if the Earth has always been here? 

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Questions that have no answer


Here is a list of strange questions which have no answer:

1. Why do some people experience synchronicity?

2. Why are dreams important?

3. What is the significance of symbols and symbolism in dreams and everyday life?

4. Where did the law of attraction come from?

5. Should we expect punishment or reward in our next incarnation based on the choices we make while alive?

6. What’s love got to do with it anyways?

7. When will humankind evolve into a higher state of consciousness and live happily ever after?

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Question that can never be answered


Here is a list of impossible questions that cannot be answered:

1. Is the Bermuda Triangle supernatural?

2. How can we decipher between which thoughts are coming from the mind versus those coming from spirit?

3. What do you want to ask me but are afraid to ask me because you think I might say I don’t know?

4. Which came first, God or creation?

5. Am I my own master or am I controlled by someone else inside me?

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Questions that no one knows the answer to


Here is a list of mind bending questions that no one knows the answers to:

1. What are ghosts, really?

2. Do animals really hold grudges against humans for harming them or their family/friends?

3. Where was Big Foot last spotted?

4. What is The Great Cosmic Egg?

5. Why are human eyes different colors if we all come from the same egg and sperm?

6. Why are fingerprints different for each one?

7. Do all animals have their own souls with their own consciousness or do they share other animals’?

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Questions no one asks


Here is a list of mysterious and profound questions no one ever asks and no one knows how to answer:

1. How do your feet know how to carry you without thinking about it? 

2. Where do people disappear to when they vanish without a trace?

3. Is everything preordained, including fate and destiny?

4. If I believe in god/gods/multiple gods, why do bad things happen to good people?

5. What is the origin of the Universe – has it always existed or did it start from nothing?

6. Why is love powerful enough to transcend any obstacle? 

7. What is the true purpose of god?

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Questions no one can answer


These are a very few intellectual and existential questions no one can answer:

1. Where are all the aliens?

2. Is there a reality beyond the one we perceive with our five senses?

3. What are stars and what are they made of?

4. What is dark matter and dark energy, and what do they mean for the Universe?

5. How do we fit in with the rest of life on Earth, as well as in space, as part of this vast evolving consciousness called life?

6. What is death and do we know when we die?

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Questions that need answers


Here is a list of Amazing Questions that need answering

1. Did Princess Diana fake her own death?

2. Are UFOs real?

3. Why don’t we come across bigfoot?

4. Why are these whales washing up on shore all over the world?

5. What will happen when our sun dies?

6. Are there more than three dimensions we’re unaware of yet?

7. Is there life on Europa?

8. How do cats know who is boss?

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Questions that don’t have answers


Here is a list of provoking and inspiring Questions which have no answers:

1. Are there real mermaids?

2. What is the driving force behind life and existence?

3. Why does anything exist at all?

4. What is the difference between an atheist and a non-theist?

5. How can we make sense of the senselessness in this world?

Questions that don’t need answers

These are some important Questions that don’t require an answer

1. Why do people get different types of colds and flu?

2. What are the ways that a disease can be transmitted to humans?

3. What is the connection between viruses and antibiotics- can they fight each other or is one more powerful than the other?

4. How are viruses related to bacteria, parasites, fungi, and yeast etc.?

5. What is the relationship between the AIDS virus and HIV?

6. How can you protect yourself from s#xually transmitted infections such as herpes or HPV etc.?

7. What are biological weapons such as anthrax, smallpox, typhoid fever etc.?

8. Why do we get headaches and how can we prevent them?

9. How do doctors diagnose certain diseases like schizophrenia or cancer etc.?

10. What is the difference between psychiatry and psychology?

Questions that don’t let you sleep


The following are some thought provoking Questions that keep you up at night and don’t let you sleep:

1. How would I die?

2. When would I die?

3. What happens to me after my death?

4. Are ghosts staring at me right now?

5. Is my mind playing tricks on me?

4. What’s happening on the other side of everything that I do not know?

5. Am I seeing dead people again or is it just a reflection of myself in the mirror?

6. Do robots ever get bored of being robots and want to be humans instead?

7. Who are we really, and why are we here?

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Random Questions that are unanswerable

Here is a list of highly random questions that are unanswerable:

1. What are some of the lessons that can be learned from death?

2. How do we choose to define ourselves and our lives, individually and collectively, given that there’s not one fixed truth or reality?

3. What is the role of science in understanding spirituality, religion, divinity, faith and belief in this life on Earth and elsewhere in the cosmos?

4. How can we help to heal the wounds that exist in our society?

5. What is the point of life?

6. What is the point of life on Earth and everywhere in the cosmos?

Unanswerable physics questions

Here is a list of Mind boggling unanswerable questions in physics:

1. Why does light travel at 186,000 miles per second but sound travels only about half that speed? 

2. How can a person’s energy field affect another person’s energy field, even when they’re not close together – such as when one person goes to sleep and the other wakes up early in another room? 

3. How do quantum particles behave when no one observes them?

4. Are there intelligent alien civilizations out there in the universe somewhere and how likely is it that they visit Earth?

5. Where did life come from on Earth as well as other planets, galaxies, solar systems, universes etc.?

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Stupid unanswerable questions

Here is a list of Weird and stupid unanswerable questions that are funny

1. If there is no electricity in your house, what would happen if you took out the garbage? 

2. Is it possible for more than one person to get pregnant from one sexual intercourse act? 

3. Is there any way for men who have premature ejaculation to fix this issue permanently or is it something they just need to live with forever like asthma or diabetes?

4. Is it possible to run around a whole marathon without taking a breath? 

5. Do twins share common thoughts while growing up in their mother’s womb?

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Unanswerable questions about god

Here is a list of crazy and hard unanswerable questions about god:

1. If God is the source of creation what’s the proof?

2. Why do certain people never believe in god?

3. How come god was born from nothingness?

4. Is human a God?

5. When will humans realize there is no such thing as God?

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Unanswerable questions about life

Here is a list of shocking unanswerable questions about life that make you think deeply:

1. How does mental illness work, exactly?

2. What will happen to our bodies after we die? 

3. Why can’t we predict earthquakes better than we can now? 

4. How does an egg get fertilized inside a woman’s body?

5. How do we know that stars don’t move in their fixed positions in the sky over long periods of time?

6. Why does your voice sound different to you than it does to others?

7. Why do we like music and art so much, but not math or science as much as these subjects seem more important to society today?

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Unanswerable questions that make no sense

Here is a list of dumb and funny unanswerable questions that make no sense:

1. What does it mean when a person or animal has three nostrils on their face and two ear holes on each side of their head but only two working eyes, like goats and sheeps have?

2. What’s up with Itchy Trigger Fingers? 

3. Where did all the bees go?

4. Where is everyone?

5. What can a person do when realizes he or she is an animal?

6. How come no one knows nothing?

7. If I am not who I am, who am I?

8.  Why are people, animals?

9. What makes an alien human?

10. If you die, why can’t you know?

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Unanswerable questions to ask

Asking people unanswerable questions can be fun and exciting because they make us imagine beyond our perception.

If you ever considered asking answerable questions, then here are some of the mind blowing questions that you should ask:

1. Do you believe in reincarnation? 

2. What’s your idea of perfect happiness? 

3. What would you do if you could live forever and never age or get sick again? 

4. If I told you that I was going to give you $10 million dollars but also cut off one of your limbs, which would you choose and why? 

5. Who’s the fairest in all the land according to Disney’s Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs ? 

6. If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody hears it, does it make a sound ?

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Unanswerable questions tiktok

Have you ever considered asking Tiktok unanswerable questions? Here is a list of confusing unanswerable questions for tiktok, some of these are funny and very deep.

1. What would be the first thing an intelligent creature on another planet would say when they saw us?

2. Why do some atoms never decay while others do?

3. Where did religion come from and how did it originate?

4. What would love really be to insects like ants and spiders? Would they really experience such complex emotions?

5. Where do thoughts come from?

6. How could s#x feels like, to an animal?

7. If thoughts were tangible objects, could we collect them by using magnetism?

8. What’s so special about gravity that makes it different from any other force in nature?

9. Can some species survive without oxygen or water?

10. When I am asleep, where am I?

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Unanswerable questions about love

Here is a list of brain hurting unanswerable questions about love:

1. How come not everyone finds their soulmate?

2. Why do people sacrifice their love for the sake of their family?

3. How to not fall in love forever?

4. Do twin souls eventually meet, no matter where they live?

5. When does love make sense to humanity?

6. Why do people suicide when they fail in love?

7. Is love the source of life?

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Buddha unanswerable questions

The following are some good buddha and religious unanswerable questions for you to think about:

1. Who was right about reincarnation: Was Buddha right about reincarnation and Hindus were wrong, or vice versa? 

2. Why do I fear death even though dying is a natural process that leads to renewal and rebirth according to Buddhism Hinduism?

3. What happens after rebirth according to Hinduism?

4. What’s the meaning of life according to Buddhism?

5. Why am I afraid of losing what I love even though nothing lasts forever including happiness? Where did this real world come from anyway and what is its purpose in existence?

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