Self actualization theory on following your dreams to achieve awareness.

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By: Naveen B

What is Self actualization?

My psychological definition of self actualization:  The awareness of one’s existence in balance with the nature and the nature of its existence.

The main Idea and The whole process of self actualization theory deals with one’s inner world such as thoughts, feelings, ideas, fantasies, art, imagination and a whole set of realistic and surreal dreams; and make use of them in their extreme potential for personal fulfillment. And one’s full potential can be utilized only when they are completely aware of themselves and their surroundings.

Self actualization theory on following your dreams

How to achieve self actualization?

Though there is not just one way to achieve self-awareness, and it entirely depends on individual experiences which lead them to improve one’s personal well-being and social interactions.

Personally, I want to share my ideas on how to achieve self actualization by following your dreams.  If you are passionate and persistent to go after your visions, the path will certainly help you to open more doors to your inner world and make you understand yourself better.

So, as per my perspective:

The path to achieve self actualization begins with being alone and reason all the possibilities of life with detailed vision. 

When you are alone, you are free from the world, and you have entire time only on focusing on creating the world you dream of.

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Why people do not follow their dreams?

The simple answer is, “Ignorance.” Most of the people are scared of being alone. And whoever is afraid of loneliness, didn’t discover the life inside them. It’s not just negligence but the consequence of ignorance.

Ignorance is an illness which is rare to be cured. Yet, can be prevented only when one starts to dream. 

That said, Dreams are not for dreamers, but for patients- There is no dreamer who reached his vision without the wisdom of patience. The journey of a dream begins with the ability to feel the end and drive that desire by obstinate patience in the doctrine of laborious persistence. 

Why are dreams so hard to achieve?

Yes, dreams are not so easy to achieve. Because every dream is always lonely and still and dark, before realizing it. Such existence in itself makes it so powerful and impossibly supreme. That is why people do not follow their dreams and often abandon them in the middle before even realizing them completely and the major reason for people giving up on their dreams is only because of lack of awareness.

 In general, due to ignorance, we were negatively consumed by these very three affairs- 

  • Loneliness, 
  • stillness and 
  • darkness. 

Which are the roots and causes of one’s fear- 

Though fear is the universal primitive emotion of humans, if not regulated as per the purpose, its unholy power withdraws us away from chasing our dream and misguide with its seductive attribute.

Though how negatively it affects on the outlook of our sight, if perceived righteously, fear is one of the major driving forces of nature which brings self awareness to our senses.

Having said that, The reason for fear differs with each phenomenon and results according to the cognitive response. But to particularly mention dream- The cause of one’s fear is just because of the beginning, process and the journey to the unknown. 

The process is difficult, because we are lonely and do not know the path to proceed that journey. 

How to realize your dreams?

The and only thing you need to realize about the dream is, “You are a dream to yourself.” Your present self is the dream to your visionary self and your visionary self is the dream to your present self. Both the present and future are lonely, still and dark. Gravitating towards each other. Enchanting each other’s longings and reiterating the vague images of solidarity to experience the interaction. And your dreams can be achieved only through clarity. 

And such clarity can be possible only when you know yourself and become completely self-actualized.

One of the best ways to improve awareness is by taking time to slow down the process and understand the importance of loneliness, realize the necessity of isolation and focus inwards to organize possible potentials with the mutual intentions of love that reflect on the world or vice versa. Check these Self help thoughts for better self-awareness.

In order to achieve that consciousness, it is necessary to dissect each thought, each emotion and each entity that ever present inside, as transparent as possible for absorbing the intelligence of this existence and attain clarity as well as harmony with it.

3 unique reasons why you struggle to achieve your dreams

  • Dream (Present self and visionary self) is always lonely. Because the content it possessed in itself requires time to realize. And the time is uncertain. That very uncertainty creates fear in one’s guts. Therefore, patience is the wise solution. So, it waits in isolation, embracing the complexity in its simplest form until it will be understood or recognized
  • Dream is always still. Because it is deep or high. Whatever is deep , carries storms inside it. That very abyss is the cause of one’s fear. Therefore, in order to balance, it waits in stillness. 
  • Dream is always dark. Because the silence it creates in its vacuum is beyond one’s sight and invisible even to the imagination. In order to witness the mysterious treasure that carries in its darkness, the only practice is to master the ways to ignite the spark. So, it waits. 

Therefore, it waits, because it knows out of all actions, patience is the mother of wisdom.

To mention, patience doesn’t refer to staying idle or moving slowly but acting accordingly with the consideration of every consequence in one’s own pace. It is what it is and which is only meant to be.

Although, how deeply the fear rooted in the minds of our own! If we fashion that exact fear into faith- The very loneliness, stillness and darkness which we’re scared of, transcends into solitude, action and light respectively. 

How to deal with ignorance in order to do follow your dreams?

The moment you figure out the ways to transform your mindset from loneliness to solitude, from stillness to motion, and from darkness to brightness- The evolution of ignorance grows into awareness. You learn and evolve subconsciously.

However, If you have the curiosity to learn and passion to follow your dreams- The illness of ignorance turn into the wellness of ignorance that is how the ignorance of ignorance is cured.

Without Ignorance one can never learn and without awareness one can never teach.

Naveen Bommakanti.

However, there is no shame in being ignorant, but there is a fame in realizing one’s own ignorance and learn from their flaws to become a better person. 

One has to be ignorant to become fully aware. As a matter of fact we all born naked and ignorant. No one is superior or inferior to anyone. We all born equal, with equal ability to think.

So, it is upon us to decide that, “Birth was an ignorance, but the aim of death should be the lifelong awareness.” Therefore, here what we have to realize is, “Without ignorance one can never learn and Without awareness one can never teach.”

Having said that, Ignorance and awareness both are the students of nature and nature of one’s own. The learning never stops in this unlimited consciousness. It only evolves with time. And the end of time is known to unknown.

3 unique ways to achieve your dreams faster.

⇒ Solitude: Solitude helps you to think clearly.

⇒ Action: Action advances your gathered thoughts with definite purpose.

⇒ Optimism: (positive energy) helps you to create the unique path and guides with the awareness of thoughts and actions.

These 3 ways are very powerful techniques if you want to create your own path by learning, evolving and reaching your unique destiny.

At the beginning when you follow your dreams, you may or may not understand all these concepts. However, We all follow our hearts with a mindset to solve the issues of life only with the power of instincts and proceed by inspiration.

  When we dream, we become dreamers, though a dreamer is just a beginner, but he is the one who chose to suffer, suffering is not what you and me generally go through- “When we choose to suffer for good, we choose to grow righteously.”

  The moment we determine for any such adversities, we start to experience-  We experience the root theories of the creation and practice the art of livelihood.

After all, at the end of each event or any particular phase, we look up to our memories, trials, choices, acts, and eventually become better and gently stronger by gathering the emotions of everything.


Benefits: Importance of following your dreams.

The major benefit and the importance of following your dreams is you achieve self actualization, become completely aware, and especially we understand the life clearly.

We understand the source– That, source is the force of our existence.  

We understand the process– As, process is the survival instinct of our existence.

We understand the destination– Like, destination is the ultimate realization of our existence. 

When we understand such natures of creation, we begin to learn.

Learning is the only way one can advance their journey with unforeseen trials and errors. We struggle, we suffer, and we will be lost in the path of self realization or self actualization or any proposed destiny. But such pain should not cease one’s vision. 

Challenges are the medium of communication between the suffering and salvation. So, hardships are nothing but pauses that inspire the life out of us and recharge our energies with novel perspectives to fall forward. 

We need to educate our own perspectives and re-construct the belief system with liberal vibrations. In such a way, learning evokes the essential questions from inside out and give access to the higher lucid intellectuality.

We realized the idea of source, we realized the reality of process, and now it is the time to realize the dream that creates the naked truth out of our breath – “Self realization is the beginning of life and end of one’s misery.”

Self realization is the beginning of life and end of one’s misery.

Naveen Bommakanti.

Going after everything that doesn’t concern to the growth of one’s soul is accurately betraying one’s self-worth and ruining the one and only lifetime chance to be the part of this marvelous creation.

Final Thoughts on following your dreams to achieve self actualization.

This self actualization theory is purely opinionated of my understanding. However, An important reminder to follow your dreams whether you are ignorant or innocent; intelligent or wise; It is essential enough to suffer for personal growth and achieve consciousness. Because “When you choose to suffer for good, you choose to grow righteously.”

Therefore, As much as intelligence is necessary, innocence is what saves us from ourselves. Because, “Innocence is wisdom.” Though wisdom is not everything but everything that concerns with the beauty of life has significant Wisdom in them. A profound simplicity to weave the instincts to survive in any circumstance and create the life we dreamt and that is everything.  

Be pure, have faith and move on. Practice the art of patience. Achieve clarity. The very suffering has no power over our intuition and the power of our pure judgement. We all reach to our true selves with a single thought. Therefore, open to the universe. Life is too good to be in content with the silence because that is where the truth lies.

When you choose to suffer for good, you choose to grow righteously.

Naveen Bommakanti.

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