50+ Valentine’s day activities for kids, infants, toddlers, pre-k, elementary, kindergarten, middle school students of all ages

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As this year’s love season is already here, it’s time to start planning special valentine’s day activities for kids to make the day extra special for the little loves of your life.

Whether you’re looking for something fun and creative to do with the kids or something educational to help them learn and grow, there are plenty of Valentine’s Day activities for kids to choose from.

From math activities to art projects, writing activities to STEM challenges, each of these Valentine’s Day activities is sure to engage and entertain kids of all ages – from infants and toddlers to pre-K, elementary, kindergarten, and middle school students.

So get ready to have some fun and show your kids some extra love this Valentine’s Day with these creative and educational activities!


50+ Valentine’s day activities for kids

The following is a list of valentine’s day activities for kids, infants and school students of all ages:

1. Love Storytelling Contest – Encourage kids to come up with a story about a couple and the obstacles they faced in their relationship. Each story should have a happy ending. The stories will be judged on creativity, plot, and the portrayal of the characters.

2. Design a Heart Puzzle – Have kids create a heart-shaped puzzle with a message inside. The puzzle can be made out of paper, felt, or even clay. Kids can make it as easy or as difficult as they want.

3. Create a Love Poem – Make kids write a poem about love. It can be funny or serious, but it should make the reader feel something.

4. Create a Love Song – Inspire kids to come up with a song about love. They can use instruments, or they can just sing.

5. Have a Heart-Shaped Scavenger Hunt – Hide heart-shaped items around the house or outside and have the kids look for them. They can be small or large, and they can be made out of anything.

6. Exchange Heart-Shaped Letters – Have the kids write letters to each other and exchange them in heart-shaped envelopes. They can write about anything they want, but it should be positive and encouraging.

7. Decorate the House with Hearts – Engage with kids to create decorations with hearts. They can use paper, fabric, or any other material. They can hang the decorations around the house or give them as gifts.

8. Create a Love-Themed Art Project – Have kids make a painting, drawing, or sculpture about love. They can use any medium they want, and they can make it as creative as they want.

9. Have a Friendship Bracelet-Making Contest – Encourage kids to make bracelets for each other with string and beads. They can decide on a theme or a pattern, or they can just make something up.

10. Make a Love-Themed Painting – Make kids paint a picture of something they love. It could be a person, a place, or anything else they can think of. They can use any medium they choose.

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Valentine’s day preschool activities

Here is a list of valentine’s day activities for preschoolers:

1. Create a Valentine’s Day card exchange: Have the kids make cards for each other and exchange them.

2. Decorate Valentine’s Day Cookies: Provide sugar cookies and various decorations for the kids to create their own Valentine’s Day cookies.

3. Make a Valentine’s Day Collage: Provide magazines, construction paper, and glue for the kids to make their own Valentine’s Day collages.

4. Valentine’s Day Story Time: Read Valentine’s Day themed books to the kids.

5. Heart-Shaped Painting: Have the kids paint hearts on paper with different colors.

6. Valentine’s Day Crafts: Have the kids make Valentine’s Day themed crafts like paper hearts and cupid arrows.

7. Valentine’s Day Bingo: Create a Valentine’s Day bingo board with different Valentine’s Day themed items.

8. Valentine’s Day Music: Play some Valentine’s Day themed music and have the kids dance.

9. Mingle and Share: Have the kids sit in a circle and take turns talking about something they love.

10. Hugs and Kisses: Give each kid a Hershey’s kiss and have them give it to someone special.

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Valentine’s day activities for school and students of all ages

Here are some School activities for valentine’s day for middle school students:

1. Valentine’s Day Theater – Have students put on a play or skit about love.

2. Valentine’s Day Poetry Slam – Have students write and perform a poem about love.

3. Valentine’s Day Dance – Create a dance routine for students to perform.

4. Valentine’s Day Storytelling – Have students write a story about love and share it with the class.

5. Valentine’s Day Art Contest – Have students compete to create the best Valentine’s Day themed artwork.


Valentine’s day math activities

Here are a few of the engaging valentine’s day math activities for kids:

1. Heart-Shaped Math Problems – Create math problems with a heart-shaped theme. Examples could include counting how many heart-shaped items are in a room, or calculating the area of a heart-shaped object.

2. Love-Themed Addition and Subtraction Problems – Create math problems that involve addition and subtraction, but with a love-themed twist. Examples could include adding up the cost of gifts for a loved one, or subtracting the number of days until a special occasion.

3. Valentine’s Day Cartesian Art Cupid (4-Quadrant) – Create a Cupid figure out of four quadrants by plotting points and connecting them with lines. The figure should be heart-shaped or Cupid-shaped.

4. Valentine’s Day Geometry Maze – Create a maze with a Valentine’s Day theme. The maze can be in the shape of a heart or Cupid, and it should include geometry concepts such as angles, lines, and shapes.

5. Love-Themed Fractions – Create math problems involving fractions with a love-themed twist. Examples could include calculating how much of a heart-shaped cake each person should get, or finding the fraction of a heart-shaped object that is red.

6. Valentine’s Day Data Analysis – Gather data about Valentine’s Day, such as the number of cards sent, the average price of a gift, or the number of people who give gifts. Then analyze the data to answer questions about Valentine’s Day.

7. Valentine’s Day Measurement Problems – Measure items around the house with a Valentine’s Day theme. Examples could include measuring how long it takes to wrap a present, or measuring the circumference of a heart-shaped object.

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Valentine’s day art activities for infants and for ages

These are some valentine’s day art and craft activities for infants, kids, students of age between 1 to 10:

1. Infants: 

  a. Heart-Shaped Stamping: Dip the baby’s hands or feet in paint and then stamp them on a piece of paper to create heart shapes.

b. Heart-Shaped Sensory Bin: Fill a bin or container with different items such as pom poms, cotton balls, tissue paper, and foam hearts. Let the baby explore the different textures and colors.

c. Finger Painting with Heart Shapes: Using washable paint, let the baby have fun painting on a piece of paper. Once finished, help the baby draw hearts on the paper with their fingers.

2. Ages 1-3: 

  a. Heart-Shaped Collage: Provide the child with different materials such as paper, paint, and glue. Let them create a collage of different heart shapes.

b. Heart-Shaped Stenciling: Provide the child with a variety of stencils to create heart shapes with paint.

c. Heart-Shaped Threading: Provide the child with a piece of cardboard, string, and foam hearts. Let the child thread the hearts onto the string, and then glue the string onto the cardboard.

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3. Ages 4-6: 

  a. Heart-Shaped Suncatchers: Provide the child with materials such as tissue paper, wax paper, and string. Let them create their own heart-shaped suncatchers.

b. Heart-Shaped Stamp Art: Provide the child with paint, paper, and heart-shaped stamps. Let them create their own masterpieces.

c. Love-Themed Shadow Art: Provide the child with a flashlight, a piece of paper, and a few small objects. Let them trace the outline of the objects with the flashlight on the paper.

4. Ages 7-10: 

  a. Heart-Shaped Clay Sculptures: Provide the child with clay, and let them create a sculpture of a heart.

b. Heart-Shaped Bead Art: Provide the child with beads, string, and a heart-shaped template. Let them create their own beaded heart art.

c. Heart-Themed Collage: Provide the child with magazines, scissors, and glue. Let them create their own collage of hearts.

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