100+ What if questions that make you think

By: Naveen B

Questions that begin with the words: “What if” are a powerful way to gain insight by looking at a situation from different angles and points of view. I use them all the time in my writing and work. 

“What if” questions can help you come up with ideas, concepts and content that you never would have thought of before. If you want to be more creative, this technique will also do it for you.

Everybody loves this question. “What if” is the best way of finding out things! And combining it with words like: “crazy”, “funny “, “surprising”, “rewarding”, “creative” and so on, you will easily make an awesome list.

Here is the list of what if questions that make you think:

What if questions that make you think

what if questions to make you think 100+ What if questions that make you think

1. What if you could travel at the speed of light?

2. What if you could know everything about everyone?

3. What if you could change one thing in the past?

4. What if you could choose your own sex?

5. What if you could live forever and never grow old?

6. What if you could go back in time and talk to yourself years ago?

7. What if there were no consequences to anything that you did?

8. What if people had a third arm?

9. What if aliens landed on Earth tomorrow?

10. What if you had one more hour each day? How would you spend it?

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11. What if everyone was percent honest all the time? What would be different?

12. What if you really didn’t need money to live the life of your dreams? What would that look like?

13. What if there was no such thing as failure? How might your life be different?

14. What if you knew exactly what to do in order to enjoy the perfect career for yourself? What would that be and why haven’t you done it already?

15. What if you knew what was going to happen a year from now, five years from now, or even ten years from now, how would knowing this change your life today?

What if questions to get you thinking

Here is the list of questions to get you thinking:

16. What if one of your greatest fears came true tomorrow … and then nothing bad happened after that? How might things be different a year from now as a result of this experience and how might this change your life today?

17. What if you couldn’t fail at anything you tried for the next month, what would you try and why haven’t you done it yet?

18. What if someone told you that everything in your life was perfect exactly as it is right now, what would you say to that person and why haven’t

19. What if we could travel through time as easily as we move through space?

20. What if every human on Earth disappeared right now?

21. What if you had a clone of yourself with all your memories and skills?

22. What if everyone had a personal force field that prevented them from being touched by other people?

23. What if you were stranded in the woods and no one knew where you were? Would that be stressful or peaceful?

24. What if you could only eat one meal every three days?

25. What if the human body was so efficient that it only excreted once per year?

26. What if there were no age restrictions on when you could vote?

27. What if you could choose the sex of your child beforehand?

28. What if we didn’t need sleep and could stay awake for more than hours at a time?

29. What if the population of humans suddenly changed to be / male/female?

30. What if two-thirds of humans suddenly disappeared from Earth?

What if questions to make you think

Here is the list of what if questions that make you think:

31. What if there were no limits on how much money one person could have?

32. What if religion were abolished?

33. What if we lived in a world where people admitted to being wrong half as much as they do now?

34. What if we could change the world?

35. What if happiness was a choice rather than a pursuit?

36. What if you were happy with who you are?

37. What if you had all the time in the world to do what you love?

38. What if you had the power to stop global warming?

39. What if we lived in a peaceful world?

40. What if our children could live in a better world than we did?

41. What if all our problems and pains magically disappeared, would we achieve enlightenment?

42. What if there was an afterlife and you knew for certain that it existed, how would this change your life today?

43. What if death was not the end but merely the beginning of something new and beautiful?

44. What if you had no fear?

45. What if you were times smarter than you are now?

46. What if you could live to be , years old?

47. What if there was a pill that cured everything?

48. What if people judged themselves as harshly as they judge others?

49. What if all the buildings on earth were made of Lego?

50. What if everyone was bald?

51. What if we could control our dreams?

52. What if I was a dot?

53. What if I was an animal?

54. What if there are no accidents?

55.   What if you could live forever?

56.   What if money was no object?

57.   What if the Earth was flat?

58.   What if time travel was possible?

59.   What if there was a parallel universe?

60.   What if everyone knew your name?

What If Questions

what if questions 100+ What if questions that make you think

Here is the list of what if questions:

61.   What if everyone in the world knew everything about you?

62.   What if aliens landed on Earth this week?

63.   What if you were the only person left on Earth and it was up to you to repopulate it – would you do it, and how would you do it?

64.  What if we never run out of oil, coal or natural gas?

65. What if we could build a machine to make money?

66. What if the world was ruled by cats?

67. What if you were given the chance to erase one thing from your past?

68. What if you tried to make every day the best day of your life 

69. What if we all lived like no one else, so later we could live like no one else?

70. What if you really were your brother’s keeper?

71. What if money really did grow on trees?

72. What if you were % responsible for the joy in your life?

73. What if the only thing that holds us back from achieving our dreams is ourselves?

74. What if we took more risks? What would be different in our lives?

75. What if you quit your job, sold all of your belongings and went traveling around the world with whatever money you had left over? Where would you go, where would you stay, what would you do and how long would it last until you ran out of money and had to go back home again?

76. What if I told myself everything nice that people tell me about me? Would I have a better self-image and not be so insecure about things?

77. What if everyone was color blind and race was never a factor in anything  How much less racism would there be in this world today?

78.   What if we stopped judging people?

79.   What if they threw a war and nobody came?

80.   What if we could see inside the mind of God?

81.   What if we could live forever?

82.   What if everything happens for a reason?

83.   What if what you think is right is really wrong?

84.   What if the world was really black and white, not shades of gray?

85.   What if you were given a second chance to live your life over again and do it better than the first time?

86.   What if you could know exactly when you would die? 

87.  What if time travel was possible?

88. What if all the people who couldn’t sit still in school and were told they would never amount to anything became the greatest minds of our generation?

89. What if we lived in a world where everyone was born with a bionic arm, so everyone had the same ability?

90. What if Facebook was called “Facebrick”?

91. What if you woke up one day, and you were fluent in every language on earth?

92. What if you could fast forward your life to see what happens next week, next month, or even next year?

93. What if you could rewrite history and make it better for future generations?

94. What if you suddenly had access to a time machine that allowed you to change any event in history?

95. What if all the books you’ve ever read were written by one person with many pen names?

96. What if there wasn’t a single person on earth that didn’t know who you are? How would that change your life?

97. What If I told you that everything is going to be okay and the whole world will be yours someday 

98. What if more people took time off when they were sick?

99. What if we stopped judging people by appearances?

100. What if we gave as much energy to finding solutions as we give to complaining?

101. What if we lived in a judgment-free world?

102. What if you could have a do over on one thing in your life?

103. What if money didn’t matter?

104. What if you could ask one question of a person before deciding whether or not to date him or her?

105. What if there were no such thing as “the one”?

106. What if you had to change jobs every five years?

107. What if the only way to get around was by bike or public transportation?

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