500 Questions that make you think


What is the most important question in life? 

Is that question made you think a bit deep?

There are questions that make you think and there are things that make you question life. And all these are the deep thoughts about life that make you think twice and make you wonder about many things about this existence. And many life questions no one can answer. 

However, we keep on asking questions, it doesn’t matter whether the question makes sense or not. But, the idea of asking questions is to understand the world.


Someone who questions everything is a cynic

Questions to make people think

questions to make someone think


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Questions that make you think

These are the the deep list of questions that make you think.

  • What is real about time?
  • Do people have souls?
  • Can brain explain mind?
  • What is eternity?
  • Does human consciousness have special purpose?
  • Why is life so strange and mysterious?
  • Can many religions all be true?
  • Does brain science Eliminate free will?
  • Does science provide meaning to our existence?
  • Is enlightenment the only solution to the human salvation?
  • Is consciousness an ultimate fact?
  • Why blackholes are Astonishing?
  • How does Art affect human perception?
  • Is there any greater and higher intelligence than humans?
  • Are aliens our ancient ancestors or multiverse creatures?
  • Why do emotions always have a conflict with mind?
  • Are we at the end of time?
  • All reality consists of what things?
  • Where does the human race heading towards?
  • How Karma plays a role in life?


Questions that mess with your mind

Here are the great list of questions that mess with your mind.

  • Who are you a moment ago?
  • Who is that voice always speak to you in your head?
  • Does every person in the world is you?
  • Why a mind-body problem?
  • Where do the laws of nature come from?
  • If you have only 30 minutes to live what are the things you think about and act?
  • Why are you feeling so lonely, though everyone is around you?
  • Will you able to take all the pain and suffering of the world?
  • What does each person in the world thinking of in this very moment?
  • What happens to the world if everyone has the power of mind reading?
  • Will you become your own nightmare?
  • How to think?
  • Are you living or dying?
  • What happens if you have no feelings and emotions? 
  • Would you rather choose to suffer as a normal human and die at old age or wish to live forever alone with no thoughts and feelings?


Dumb questions that make you think

Continue reading the best dump questions that make you think.

  • Can two men make a woman?
  • If dumb people die without having kids, do only smart people would exist and be a lot more advanced as species?
  • Do babies poop in the womb when their mothers eating delicious food?
  • Why doesn’t Earth fall down on the Mars?
  • If everything is connected why do we lose ourselves in love?
  • Does knowledge make a man feel dumb?
  • Who is the dumbest philosopher of all time?
  • Why do people tell you when they are speechless?
  • Is it illegal to kill an ant?
  • How can you determine the gender of babies who born with no private parts?
  • If electricity comes form electrons, does morality comes from morons?
  • If money is the root of all evil, why do they still ask in church?
  • Can you cry under water?
  • Why is it that rain drops and snow falls?
  • Why do your lips don’t touch when you say “TOUCH” and they do get touched when you say “SEPERATE”?
  • How to die without knowing that we are dead?
  • Why isn’t the number “11” called onety one?
  • If it’s true that we are here to help others, then what exactly are the others here for?
  • If you hire a guy to kill you, will to ruled as suicide or murder?
  • If man evolved from monkeys and apes, why do we still have monkeys and apes?
  • If moon has earthquakes, do they called as moonquakes?
  • Why is there not a special name for the tops of your feet?


Questions that make you think twice

Here are the list of questions that make you think twice

  • Can the mind heal the body?
  • Why don’t murderers hide bodies in cemeteries?
  • Do twins ever realize one of them was unplanned?
  • If bed bugs live in bed, does that mean cockroaches live in c##k?
  • If you were deaf, what language would you think in?
  • If men put babies in women, does it mean men are pregnant their whole lives?
  • Where are the speakers for doorbell?
  • If humans can’t see air, does that mean fish can’t see water?
  • If dentists make their money from bad teeth, why do we use the toothpaste that they recommend?
  • Is your car keys travelled farther than your car?


Stupid questions that make you think 500 Questions that make you think

Stupid questions that make you think

List of stupid and pointless questions that make you think

  • Are doctors really praying for you to become sick, so that they can make money out of your disease?
  • What if your entire life is flashing in front of your eyes but you are already dead?
  • If you are not dead, is everything trying to kill you constantly?
  • Is aging a disease with a 100% mortality rate?
  • What if sleep is just a free trial of death?
  • Have you ever realized that the money you are using never really yours but it’s just your turn?
  • Do you know that when you say “Forward” your lips move “Forward” and when you say “Backward” they move “Backward”?
  • What does it mean when you see people every single day that you will never see again in your entire life?
  • Where would you want to travel when you didn’t know that is the last day of your life but dies after you visit that place?
  • When you were fully drunk, thinking your tongue as meat, what if you bite it and swallow it entirely?


Questions about life that make you think

Here are the powerful Questions to ask that make you think. These real life questions that make you think and feel on deeper levels and make your realize about life.

  • What is the reason behind the people whom you come across in your life’s journey so far?
  • Is it absolutely alright even if you have no aims and goals in your life but just wish to live a simple and authentic life?
  • What a person can become when he/she experiences a tragic and sad life?
  • Is money the root of all evil?
  • How to know the true side of people?
  • Why relationships are so crucial in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
  • How well do we understand ourselves?
  • Why it is so hard for most of the beautiful souls to fit in the society?
  • How can a genuine person or people get recognition for his/her talent and hard work?
  • Why people are chasing the wrong things?
  • Why bad and evil is more popular than the good and pure?
  • Are certain people in this life are not deserved to be stay on earth?
  • When does the day comes where everyone understands each other, chooses unity, peace and harmony over the money and ego?
  • Why there is so much suffering there in each of our lives?

How to ask intelligent questions with impact?

Things that make you think deep

Questions that make you question reality

Here are the list of questions that make you question reality.

  • Is information the foundation of reality?
  • What are the ultimate questions of reality?
  • Does physical reality go beyond?
  • Is consciousness ultimate reality?
  • Can science and theology find deep reality?
  • Why does Imagination and reality seems alike for certain people?
  • If everything feels so real, why do we think reality is a mystery?
  • Can reality and surreality co-exist?
  • When do everyone come to their senses and be in sync with the reality?
  • Why its so easy for some people to make impossible possible and bring their imagination perfectly into the reality?


Silly questions that make you think 500 Questions that make you think

Silly questions that make you think

A Good number of Silly Questions to get people thinking

  • Are teachers allowed to give homework to homeless students?
  • When you are thinking, you hear a voice in your head. But do people who are born deaf hear?
  • Isn’t the word “Queue” just one letter followed by four more silent letters?
  • How many wild birds have you seen twice?
  • Is it crazy saying sentences backwards creates backward sentences saying how crazy it is?
  • If a cyclops closes his eyes momentarily, is it a wink or a blank?
  • If prunes are dried plums, then where does prune juice come from?
  • If you pinch yourself and it hurts, are you too strong or too weak?
  • Do you realize that the year 2000 is further away than the year 2030?
  • Are brain transplant and body transplant same thing?
  • In the word “Scent” is it the ‘S’ or the ‘c’ that silent?
  • Do crabs think that the fish can fly?

Unanswerable questions that make no sense (With answers)

Here are the list of riddle questions and unanswerable questions that make no sense with possible answers. 

1. When does 10+3 = 1?

Answers: On the clock

2. Can you spell eighty in 2 letters?

Answer: A-T

3. If a man lies died in the middle of the desert. He wasn’t killed, didn’t die of natural causes and he hasn’t left any tracks behind him, How did he die?

Answer: His parachute didn’t open

4. If there are sixty cups on a table if one falls down, how many are left on the table?

Answer: Many would say 59, But if you can think out of the box, it is really 5 (6 tea cups)

5. Two men play 7 games of checkers. Each wins an equal number of games and yet, there are no ties. How is it possible?

Answer: They didn’t play against each other.

6. A man, seven feet in height, is holding a glass beaker above his head. He lets it fall to the carpet without spilling a single drop of water, how is iit possible?

Answer: The beaker is empty.

7. What is that only increases but never decreases?

Answer: Taxes

8. What travels through whole world while staying in corner?

Answer: Your imagination

9. I’m not alive but I have 5 fingers, what am I?

Answer: A dead person’s hand.

10. Who makes a move while staying seating?

Answer: Someone in a wheelchair


Questions that make you think deeply funny

Here are the list of Questions that make you think deeply funny

  • Why is it called, “A pen but not B pen” and “An apple but why not BC apple”?
  • Is every book you have ever read, just a remix of the dictionary?
  • If one teacher can’t teach all subjects why is one child expected to study all subjects?
  • On certain occasions, why do we feel that waiting for 5 minutes seems like hours, and other times why do feel that hours just seem like minutes or even seconds?
  • Why can’t you sneeze without closing your eyes?
  • Can you pay millions of dollars for an invisible art?
  • Why can’t we sleep with eyes open?
  • If Adam and Eve are the very first people on the planet earth, Why do they have belly buttons and who cut their umbilical cords?
  • Why do we drive in parkways and park in driveways?
  • If it rains on Sunday, does it means its a rain day?


Questions that don’t have answers

Here are the list of questions that don’t have answers. If you know any possible and genuine answers, write them down in the comment section.

  • Where do we go from here after our death?
  • Would intelligent aliens undermine God?
  • Is consciousness entirely physical?
  • Can music probe mentality?
  • What is the theory of everything?
  • Where is the problem?
  • What is the ultimate truth? 
  • Are we even asking the right questions?
  • How to experience life?
  • How can space and time be the same thing?
  • If immortality is god, then can we conclude the ‘universe’ as god?

Confusing questions that make no sense

Here are the list of confusing questions that make no sense. They are so funny and hilarious unfortunately they also make so much sense when you think deep.

  • Are oranges named oranges because oranges are orange? or is orange named orange because oranges are orange? ( Actually this makes sense)
  • What happens to the car, if you press the break and accelerator at the same time, Does it takes a screenshot?
  • If we have watermelon, why don’t we have firemelon, earthmelon, airmelon?
  • Why is bacon called bacon and cookies called cookies, if you cook bacon and bake cookies?
  • If you are invisible and you close your eyes can you see through your eyelids?
  • Is a firetruck really a watertruck?
  • Why is it called taking a dump when you are actually leaving it?
  • If you are in the living room and you pass away did you just die or you just knocked out?
  • Why is the pizza box a square if the pizza is a circle and the slice is a triangle?
  • Why is it called a building when its alraedy built?

Questions that make you think outside the box

  • How far does the cosmos go?
  • Are there things not material?
  • How do brains make music?
  • Why do power laws work so widely?
  • Is there a final theory of everything?
  • What is the language of universe?
  • If ever we have the chance to meet aliens how do we even communicate?
  • Is human the highest state of living thing in this universe?
  • If we achieve the higher conscious, do we become immortal?
  • What are the altered states of consciousness?
  • Is consciousness fundamental?


Random questions that make you think

Clever questions that make you think

  • What is the future of intelligence in the universe?
  • Is earth the best of all the possible worlds?
  • Do religions compliment or create controversy?
  • What things are conscious?
  • Is the world self-organizing?
  • What does a fine-tuned universe mean?
  • Is Atheism a new faith?
  • What exactly is the art and the creative process of human mind?
  • What would Intelligent aliens mean?
  • Are we heading towards virtual immortality?

Questions that make you rethink life

Here are the list of questions that make you rethink life.

  • When to feel sad and when to have fun?
  • Why are humans still struggling with discipline, concentration and balancing life?
  • What is the future of humanity?
  • What are the greatest accomplishments of human life so far?
  • How to unlock the future of human invention?
  • How to build a warrior mindset?
  • How meditation can change your life and mind?
  • Why are humans triggered by emotions?
  • How to win a negotiation?
  • What is inside the minds of genius people?


Serious questions that make you think

  • What causes religious belief?
  • What’s wrong with immortal souls?
  • What’s beyond life?
  • What are we seeking? and why are we living?
  • Why only you have to be born not any other sperm?
  • Is evil necessary in our world?
  • Is the cosmos a computer?
  • Are we evolving from complexity to simplicity or from simplicity to complexity?
  • Is the future open?
  • Are brain and mind the same thing?


Questions that make you question your existence

These are the deep and powerful questions that make you question your existence and help you discover your true self.

  • Why your existence is so important? What difference does it make to the universe?
  • What makes personal identity continue?
  • Is the person all material?
  • What exists before life?
  • Is death final?
  • What are things of existence?
  • What things really exist?
  • How do human brains function?
  • How to imagine eternal life?
  • Is the universe finely tuned for life and mind?


Questions that make you feel dumb

List of questions that make you feel dump

  • How does a sponge hold the water, if it is full of holes?
  • When you clean a vacuum cleaner, aren’t you the vacuum cleaner?
  • If life is unfair to everyone, does that mean life is actually fair?
  • When we yawn do deaf people think that we are screaming at them?
  • If you are waiting for the waiter, aren’t you the waiter?
  • Why aren’t iphone charges just called apple juice
  • If you work as a security at the Samsung store, does that make you guardian of the galaxy?
  • Do actors job is really pretend to work?
  • Is mathematics invented or discovered?
  • Are there Extra Dimensions?



Questions that make you think deeply

The best list of questions that make you think deeply.

  • Can mathematics elucidate evolution?
  • How strong is your will?
  • What are the ultimate deeply provoking questions of life?
  • Do science and religion conflict?
  • How does beauty color the cosmos?
  • What is the large scale structure of the universe?
  • Is there a judgement?
  • How do human brains think and feel?
  • Does evolutionary psychology explain Existence?
  • Is there a new heaven and new earth?
  • Did the universe begin?
  • Why to explore consciousness and cosmos?
  • What is intentionality?


Questions that make you think about yourself

Here are the list of questions that make you think about yourself.

  • What is the “Self?”
  • What are you thinking right now?
  • Are you happy with yourself, Why, Why not?
  • Is there anything in your life that is bothering you? If yes, then why is it still there? What can you do about it to make yourself feel and become better?
  • Is it okay not to live like everyone else?
  • Why do you do when you are alone? 
  • Are you the same person when you are with yourself and when you around people?
  • What is the one thing that you could change about yourself today, so that all the burden from your mind and heart vanishes within seconds? If, you can do it just by changing your mindset, why can’t you do it just now?
  • How serious do you take life for granted?
  • What are the strongest desires or dreams you have and how do you accomplish them within a limited time?
  • What’s your personal reality in your head? If that reality makes you feel better, are you living it?
  • What’s your perfect everyday routine looks like? If you are not following it yet, what’s stopping you?
  • Are you taking steps  to reach your visionary lifestyle? If they are difficult to achieve why can’t you take someone’s help to guide you and inspire you? Why can’t that someone be yourself?
  • Are you following your childhood passions? If not why don’t you start doing right now? Because they are your actual life.
  • How do you want to be remembered when you die?
  • If there is one thing you with which you can serve the world and make a positive impact, then what would that be?
  • Have your taken at least a month only thinking about yourself and your life? If not, start doing it right now. It’s never too late to discover your true self.


Questions that make you question life

A thought provoking list of questions that make you question life.

  • Have you ever thought of becoming an immortal?
  • How much do we know?
  • What is the science behind madness?
  • Should you hack your sleep pattern?
  • Is Virtual reality a species-level threat to humanity?
  • Why do people believe in what they believe?
  • Does conscious AI deserve rights?
  • How to manage money, even if we don’t like the concept of money?
  • what is inside the brains of psychopaths?
  • How to overcome the language barriers between humans and humans; humans and extraterrestrials?

Questions that make you wonder

These are the beautiful questions that make you wonder about amazing and inspiring life.

  • How to live an intellectual life?
  • Why the world is going crazy?
  • Is empathy always good?
  • Are geniuses real?
  • How to think smarter for failure?
  • How to train your mind for long-term thinking?
  • What would happen to you if you were in a battleship gun when it fired?
  • Why critical thinking make you smarter?
  • Why are we really afraid of robots?
  • What would have happened if there was no intelligent species on this planet?
  • How to actually teach something to teach someone who knows nothing about?
  • How distinct is the relationship between knowing and understanding?
  • What if I can explain how something works perfectly, but I don’t actually know how it works?
  • Will you learn something even after knowing that it would not get you anywhere?
  • Has political correctness gone too far?

Questions that make you think hard

Here are the list of questions that make you think hard.

  • Why is there “Something” rather than “Nothing”?
  • How does dark energy drive the universe?
  • Why do we search for Intelligent Aliens?
  • How to become an immortal soul?
  • How is god the creator?
  • What exists?
  • Which laws of nature are fundamental?
  • Does consciousness defeat materialism?
  • What will you do when you know that you are going to die in a week?
  • Who do you want to spend your rest of your life when you have no choice?



Thoughts that make you think

  • “Thoughts are the beginning and end of everything. They even have the power to end everything from the beginning.” – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • “Every breath is a destiny.” – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • “Therefore, you become what you make use of yourself.” – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • “The Idea of love is to experience the true side of life.” – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • “A rude man with the highest wisdom is an ignorant richest fool.” – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • “Belief is personal, but the truth is universal.” – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • “Loneliness is the saddest happiness.” – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • “Everyone knows where it ends.” – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • “Like every dream, this reality also turns into a memory.” – Naveen Bommakanti.

What if questions that make you think

World filled with endless possibilities. To make you provoke your feelings, here are the list of what if questions that make you think.

  • What if you are blessed with supernatural powers but cursed with not to use them?
  • What if you lost your identity as a human?
  • What if everything begins to make sense?
  • What if you are a God or an Alien?
  • What if the drinking water suddenly vanishes into the earth’s core?
  • What if shockingly your body parts turned into the opposite gender?
  • What if you are continuously being observed by some supernatural beings?
  • What if you will never find your lost pair of shoes?
  • What if there is no one left in the universe except you?
  • What if you eat only your favorite dish all your life?
  • What if you feel no pain for the rest of your life?
  • What if you and your crush stuck in an island?
  • What if you were never born?
  • What if there is life after death?
  • What if you will never die?

Deep questions that make you think 500 Questions that make you think

Deep questions that make you think

In this life there so many things that make you think deep. In order to go beyond and questions everything else in the universe of life, Here are the deep questions that make you think.

  • Is there life after death?
  • What are selves?
  • Why is consciousness so baffling?
  • How humans differ from other animals?
  • Can Brains have free will?
  • How eternal life feels like?
  • Is the soul immortal?
  • How belief systems affect believers?
  • Can we ever understand the mystery of existence?
  • How closer are we to the Truth?
  • What are breakthroughs in science?
  • Is the world in ‘God’?
  • Why is the universe so Breathtaking?
  • Are we living in a simulation?
  • How can we realize the powers of subconsciousness?

Questions that keep you thinking

List of Questions to make your brain think

  • What does an expanding universe mean?
  • Can we upload human consciousness?
  • How can someone’s influence shape other’s life?
  • What are the limits of free speech?
  • How to be successful everyday?
  • How ‘heat death’ will destroy the universe?
  • Is there a theory of everything?
  • Why moral people tolerate immortal behavior?
  • How to live successfully in world with no rules?
  • What are the keys to solving complex global problems?
  • Are humans evil?
  • Are entrepreneurs new celebrities?
  • Should parents de-emphasize gender norms?
  • Are humans wired for conflict?
  • What exercises build confidence in girls also in men?


Yes or No questions that make you think

  • “Yes or No”: If you have the choice, would you live forever?
  • “Yes or No”: Do you kill your own lover for money?
  • “Yes or No”: Would you date your siblings?
  • “Yes or No”: Have you ever experienced Deja vu?
  • “Yes or No”: Do you believe in extraterrestrial life?
  • “Yes or No”: Do you think animals have the supernatural powers?
  • “Yes or No”: Were you lived twice already?
  • “Yes or No”: Have you ever witnessed your doppelganger?
  • “Yes or No”: Do you know that you were so lucky to be alive?
  • “Yes or No”: Would you be happy, if there is no more internet from tomorrow?

Life questions to ponder

If you are a deep thinker and loves analyzing everything about life. Here are the deep life questions to ponder. Keep reading and become smarter.

  • What stops people from changing their minds?
  • How to think rationally about money?
  • What if presidents were chosen by lottery?
  • How to ask quality questions?
  • What is time?
  • Do the past, present, and future exist all at once?
  • Why virtual reality is necessary on a planet of 11 billion?
  • Why great thinkers balance optimism and pessimism?
  • How can we design schools to be anti-racist?
  • Is a capitalist-socialist economy inevitable?
  • What do we need to learn about space and life?
  • How mathematics predicts life on earth and the universe beyond?
  • Why energy vampires must be slain?


Questions about love that make you think

Here are the list of questions about love that make you think.

  • What does love mean to those who do not understand what it actually is?
  • Out of entire population, How many of us truly know what love is and how to recognize those who are true lovers?
  • Is love an addiction?
  • Why loving is so painful?
  • How to know if you are dating a psychopath?
  • What is the power of struggling for a true love?
  • Why do we attach to only certain people but not others?
  • Do you still work on a relationship even after your partner cheats on you?
  • Can two lovers become friends after they broke up with each other?
  • Why first love is always unrequited?
  • How to find a perfect partner for your lifelong relationship?
  • What is the science of sex, love, attraction, and obsession?
  • How showing remorse can save your relationships?
  • Is monogamy natural?
  • Are humans wired to fall in love?
  • How can two animals understand about love?
  • What is the love language of the universe?
  • Will you be ever feel alone with your sexual partner?
  • Do you need to love a person who is more intelligent than you or innocent and submissive personality?
  • What is the worst and best love advice one should be received to lead a healthy relationship?


Questions about god that make you think

Here are the greatest and most interesting questions about god that make you think. Continue reading more questions on God, Existence and Universe.

  • What is the God’s equation?
  • Is God a “Person”?
  • Did God create Evil?
  • Is God perfect?
  • Can religion be explained without “God”?
  • Is God necessary?
  • How free is God?
  • Are there any alternative concepts of God?
  • What are the fallacies in proving God exists?
  • What is God’s judgment?
  • How could God know the future?
  • Does God have a nature?
  • How to think about God’s existence?
  • What kind of arguments do humans have with the God?
  • How can we prepare ourselves to go against God?
  • Does Evil disprove God?
  • Where are immortal souls?
  • What is God like?
  • Would multiple universes undermine God?
  • How does God evolve?
  • Is God all knowing?
  • Where are the pictures of God?
  • How to argue with God with an unusual reason?
  • Does Consciousness lead to God?
  • What is God about?
  • Is God all powerful?
  • Can God face up to evil?
  • Can metaphysics discern God?


Who do you think questions

  • Who do you think will save the world from Alien threat or from natural extinction
  • Who do you think is the most powerful person in the world?
  • Who do you think will become the next president of United States of America?
  • Who do you think deserves all the health, wealth and happiness in the world?
  • Who do you think is most eligible bachelor as per your perception?
  • Who do you think will suitable for you to get married and have a loyal life?
  • Who do you think brings happiness in your life?
  • Who do you think more important parents or the person you are in love with?
  • Who do you think change the world with his/her thoughts?
  • Who do you think is an inspiration for the world – A poet or a politician? An actor or an Entrepreneur?
  • Who do you think have the courage to go after their dreams?
  • Who do you think changed your life forever?
  • Who do you think keep supporting and be with you no matter what?
  • Who do you think you are?
  • Who do you think the world is?

What do you think about questions

Simple questions that make you think

  • What do you think about when you feel so lonely?
  • What do you think about the one who is much more successful than you in your circle?
  • What do you think about all the time?
  • What do you think about when you least want to think?
  • What do you think about the people you have conflicts with in your personal life?
  • What do you think about your parents?
  • What do you think about yourself?
  • What do you think about your partner who has not a big personality?
  • What do you think about life itself?
  • What do you think about God whom you know will never exist?
  • What do you think about when you break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend?
  • What do you think about all the celebrities?
  • What do you think about at 3.a.m in the morning?
  • What do you think about when you have no time to think?
  • What do you think about Sex?

What do you think about me questions

  • What do you think about me when you don’t like me?
  • Will you forgive me If I hurt you 100 times without knowing?
  • What do you think about me if I never talk to you again?
  • What do you think about me on the last day of your life?
  • What do you think about me when I am not around with you or with your friends?
  • Can you love me same way in our old age?
  • What do you think about me when If I cheat you?
  • What do you think about me if I gain weight and doesn’t look pretty?
  • What do you think about me when I don’t follow your rules or orders?
  • What do you think about me when we have intimate relationship?


Weird questions that make you think

  • Why aren’t aliens already here?
  • What happens if we eat our own body parts?
  • Can we explain Cosmos and Consciousness?
  • Why does dark matter really matter?
  • Do angels and demons exist?
  • What are brains?
  • Have your ever witnessed any higher spirits in real life?
  • How paranormal activities affect human brain?
  • If Ghosts are real, will you marry them?
  • How often you forget about everything and acts as if you are newly born?
  • Why do only certain people experience weird and strange things in their life?
  • Why are some dreams feel so real and scary?


Philosophy questions that make you think

List of Philosophical questions that make you think.


  • Do persons survive death?
  • How does philosophy illuminate the physical world?
  • Can we study free will by using hypnosis?
  • What do near death experiences mean?
  • How are humans unique?
  • How does memory work?
  • What makes Brain conscious?
  • How can morals, ethics and beliefs different for each individual?
  • Where do people hide when they experience death?
  • What happens to the physical world when everything ends?
  • What are miracles?
  • Did magic really exist in the ancient history?
  • How to become a true human being?
  • Does human consciousness have a meaning?


Scientific questions that make you think (All about science)

  • Why philosophy of science?
  • Can science talk God?
  • Does Brain science abolish free will?
  • What is space-time?
  • What are the scope and limits of science?
  • Why science and religion think differently?
  • How do you make cosmos?
  • What do black holes and dark matter reveal?
  • Can consciousness be non-biological?
  • What is Quantum gravity key?
  • How do particles explain Cosmos?
  • Why is free will a mystery?
  • Is life and mind inevitable in cosmos?


Questions that make you rethink everything

  • Why is the universe so breathtaking?
  • Is free will an illusion?
  • Why can’t you stop thinking about everything?
  • What are persons?
  • Did our universe have beginning?
  • What is the far far future of the universe?
  • Why is everything (universe) expanding?
  • Why should we believe in multiple universes?
  • Does the cosmos have a reason?
  • What’s the essence of consciousness?



Biblical questions that make you think

Here are the list of various topics from Bible. Continue reading these Biblical questions that make you think.

  • Can the Bible address the philosophical questions?
  • Is Jesus God?
  • Does God condone wars and death for righteousness sake?
  • What is the difference between a fallen angel, demon and spirit?
  • Why are some churches more accepting of fornification and more harsh on homosexuality when the Bible says that both are equally wrong in the sight of God?
  • Does God create leaders who will end up like massacring people in order to do his will?
  • Is Jesus still alive?
  • How was Satan able to take Jesus up to the mountain and show him the kingdoms?
  • In judges, does Jepthah sacrifice his only daughter to the lord after vowing to do it?
  • What information to share, and to whom, when confessing something?
  • What is God’s unchanging nature?
  • What is God’s knowledge of the future and how it impacts his goodness?
  • Was Deborah from Judges married to Barak?


Interview questions that make you think

List of interview questions that make you think.

  • Who do you think will think about you every moment of their life?
  • How do you persuade people and influence them to become their better selves?
  • If you have one message to the future generation of our world what would it be?
  • How do you cope with your personal feelings about everything around you?
  • If you feel disconnect from the world, what is the approach you come up with to reconnect with people and the nature?
  • What advice would you give to your younger self?
  • Was there any particular moment in your life that inspired you to do what you do today?
  • How do you save the world when it comes to an end?
  • What is the outstanding memory of your life?
  • How can you use the advanced technology to make the world a better place to live?

Would you rather questions that make you think

  • Would you rather choose to become a philosopher or a priest?
  • Would you rather have one peaceful life or multiple chaotic lives?
  • Would you rather believe in science or die for religion?
  • Would you rather have a free will or follow a specified peaceful rules in a simulation?
  • Would you rather make yourself think like a monk or feel deeply like a poet?
  • Would you rather marry a person who has crush on you or chase the person who hates you?
  • Would you rather search for a meaning or enjoy your life without bothering about anything?
  • Would you rather be still or suffer?
  • Would you rather be alone or with society?
  • Would you rather be a god or a human?
  • Would you rather want to know your past life or future life?
  • Would you rather dream or fly?
  • Would you rather run the world or leave it alone?
  • Would you rather live or die?
  • Would you rather know yourself or solve the problems of everyone?

Questions that make you think with answers

Questions to ask that make you think

500 Questions that make you think

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