Can someone be your soulmate and you not be theirs?


Can someone be your soulmate and you not be theirs?

According to several psychics, it is possible that someone can be your soulmate and you not be theirs. The reason is that some people just feel the soulmate connection, while others don’t. Perhaps the timing isn’t right, or maybe the other person isn’t ready, or maybe the other person doesn’t feel the same desire to be with another. 

And it’s possible that even if they feel the same connection, they don’t want to accept it. Perhaps they were still processing the traumatic relationship experiences of the past.

What to do when your soulmate doesn’t feel the same way as you feel towards them?

If you’ve been in a connection with someone but you still aren’t sure if they’re your soulmate, there are a few things you can do to eliminate the doubt. Follow these steps:

1. Communicate

Be open about how you feel. First, you have to be honest with how you feel. If you don’t voice your feelings, your partner may brush them off or dismiss them altogether.

Your soulmate doesn’t necessarily love you any less, and he or she could be mad at you for not being together. So, try communicating your true feelings in a healthy way.

2. Give it some time

Sometimes, it just takes some time for two people to warm up to each other. When you get into a relationship, you’re both trying to figure each other out, and it takes time.

Your soulmate and you believe you’re meant to be together, but he or she isn’t feeling the same. Maybe your soulmate is afraid to be in a relationship, or maybe he or she is just going through a “phase.”

Either way, staying patient and loving your soulmate can help your relationship survive. If you give it time, there are possibilities that they will open up their feelings and share their spiritual connection with you.

3. Listen and be understanding

Your soulmate might not want to tell you his or her feelings. Try listening with an open mind and without judgment.

Your soulmate might not want to be in a relationship right now, but be understanding. Take a moment to think about why your soulmate might not be feeling the same way about your relationship.

4. Be creative with your love

Sometimes, soulmates go through a period of separation and doubt, and they might have trouble expressing their feelings. Be creative with the ways you express your love and your desire to be together.

If you really want your soulmate to open up, allow yourself to them emotionally and be vulnerable. True soulmates always connect with their authenticity and the depth of comfort with each other. So with your vulnerability, you can achieve that sweet spot to blossom the soulmate connection between you.

5. Be direct and confront

Ask him/her directly. Your soulmate might be afraid of being in a relationship, but he or she still loves you. Just ask. Your soulmate might open up to you if he or she knows you care and are committed to the relationship.

6. Stay strong

Finding your soulmate or living without the love of your life can cause you to lose faith in love, but love isn’t always easy. Just stay strong, and you and your soulmate will find each other again.

7. Have faith and pray

Believe in what you believe the most. Have faith and if you believe in god, then just pray. Pray to God, your higher power, or the universe for help. God or the universe might give you the direction to find the heart of your soulmate and make you together forever.

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Can someone be your soulmate and you not be theirs?



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