200+ Christmas activities for kids, toddlers, pre k, kindergartens, from 1-10 year olds and 1st-10th grade students

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Christmas is the most exciting and magical time of the year for kids! It’s a time full of fun, joy, and laughter. As a parent at home and as a teacher at school, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your kids have the best Christmas ever.

One of the best ways to do that is to plan out some fun and memorable kids Christmas activities for them to enjoy.

Whether it’s decorating the Christmas tree, making homemade ornaments, or playing festive Christmas games, there’s sure to be something that your kids will enjoy.

From simple crafts and activities to more elaborate events, there’s something for everyone. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best Christmas activities for kids that you can easily do at home, school, or elsewhere.

We’ll look at some of the classic favorites, like decorating the tree or baking holiday treats, as well as some unique and creative activities that can help make Christmas even more special. 

So, if you’re looking for some fun and festive ideas for your kids this Christmas, read on for some great 200+ Christmas activities for kids of all ages: Toddlers, Infants, preschoolers, from 1 year olds to 10 year olds and; from students of kindergartens, 1st grade to 10 th grade!

200+ Christmas activities for kids


The following is a list of Christmas activities for kids of all ages:

1. Play Santa Cookie Elf Candy Snowman

This classic game of memory and matching is a hit with kids of all ages. It’s simple to play and even easier to set up. Simply print out a few different Christmas-themed pictures and cut out the cards. Place them all face down and let the kiddos take turns flipping them over to find matches.

2. Make Paper Snowflakes

This classic snowy craft is a must-try for the holidays. Choose a few different colors of construction paper and let the kids draw, cut and fold their own unique snowflakes. Hang them up around the house for a festive Christmas decor.

3. Make Cookies Together

This is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Kids of all ages will love helping to mix, roll, cut, and decorate sugar cookies, and they can even wrap up a few to give to their friends and family.

4. Have a ‘Christmas Star’ Hunt

Hide paper stars around the house and have the kids find them. The last one to find a star gets a special surprise.

5. Create a Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Write up a list of items for the kids to find, like a red ornament, a candy cane, and a festive hat. Then have them hunt around the house for the items.

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Christmas activities with toddlers

Here is a list of Christmas activities for toddlers:

1. Bubble Wrap Stomp: Place a large piece of bubble wrap on the ground and have your toddler stomp all over it.

2. Christmas Puzzle: Make a Christmas puzzle out of cardboard or foam and have your toddler try to put all the pieces together.

3. Christmas Card Making: Gather up some craft supplies, like construction paper, markers, and glitter, and help your toddler make some Christmas cards for family and friends.

4. Christmas Light Hunt: Take your toddler outside for a walk and have them look for all the Christmas lights in the neighborhood.

5. Christmas Music and Dance: Put on some Christmas music and have your toddler dance and move to the beat.


Christmas activities for preschoolers

Here is a list of Pre k christmas activities for students:

1. Design a Christmas Card on a Tablet

2. Make a Snow Globe with a Robot Inside

3. Paint a Picture of Santa with a 3D Pen

4. Have a Christmas Storytelling Session with Virtual Reality

5. Make a Christmas Ornament with a 3D Printer

6. Learn a Christmas Song with a Music App

7. Play a Christmas-Themed Virtual Reality Game


Christmas activities middle school

These are a few christmas activities for middle school students:

1. Have a Christmas Movie Marathon

Gather up all the family-friendly Christmas movies you can find and have a movie marathon. Pop some popcorn, cozy up on the couch, and enjoy a night of holiday cheer.

2. Make Cardboard Gingerbread Houses

Using cardboard boxes and some simple craft supplies, kids can make their own gingerbread houses. Add some holiday music, and you’ve got a great afternoon of fun.

3. Make Christmas Cards

Have the kids make some cards to give to their friends and family. All they’ll need is some colorful paper, markers, glue, and scissors.

4. Have a Christmas Tree Decorating Contest

Divide the kids into teams and give each team a tree. Set a timer and see which team can decorate the most festive tree in the least amount of time.

5. Have a ‘Name That Christmas Carol’ Contest

This is a fun game for the whole family. Play some snippets of Christmas songs and have everyone guess what the song is. The person who guesses the most correctly wins.

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Christmas activities for kindergarten

Here is a list of Christmas kindergarten activities:

1.  Christmas Card Collage: Gather up some construction paper, markers, and glue and have your kindergarteners make a Christmas card collage.

2. Christmas Tree Skits: Have your kindergartners create skits about decorating a Christmas tree.

3. Christmas Music Sing-Along: Play some of your favorite Christmas songs and have your kindergartners sing along.

4. Christmas Ornament Making: Gather up some craft supplies and have your kindergartners make their own Christmas ornaments.

5. Christmas Play: Have your kindergartners put on a play about the story of Christmas.

6.  Christmas Tree Hunt: Take your kindergartners outside to look for a Christmas tree in the neighborhood.

7. Santa’s Workshop: Set up a Santa’s Workshop with child-safe toys, and have your kindergartners pretend to be elves.

8. Christmas Baking: Bake some Christmas cookies and have your kindergartners decorate them.

9. Christmas Art Project: Have your kindergartners make a Christmas-themed art project.

10. Christmas Letters: Have your kindergartners write letters to Santa Claus.

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Christmas activities for 6 to 11 months old infants

Here is a list of Christmas activities for 6 to 11 months old infants:

1. Place festive toys in the baby’s play area.

Infants would love to explore the bright colors, shapes and textures of items like Christmas trees, snowmen, jingle bells, and stuffed animals.

2. Read Christmas stories to the baby.

Choose stories that are age-appropriate and have lots of visuals to keep their attention.

3. Sing festive Christmas songs.

The baby will love hearing the familiar songs and the rhythm of the music.

4. Have a Christmas-themed photo shoot.

Dress the baby up in festive clothing and take lots of pictures.

5. Make homemade Christmas cards.

Babies love to play with glue, glitter, and crayons. You can make simple homemade cards with their handprints or footprints.

6. Play peek-a-boo with Christmas decorations.

Hide the decorations behind a piece of fabric and let the baby discover them.

7. Hang festive stockings.

Hang stockings on the wall or on the mantel. The colorful fabric and decorations will captivate the baby.

8. Make a Christmas-themed mobile for the baby’s crib.

Make a mobile with paper snowflakes, Christmas trees, and other festive decorations.

9. Create a Christmas-themed sensory box.

Fill a box with items like cotton balls, ornaments, bells, and other festive items that the baby can explore.

10. Take the baby to a holiday parade.

The bright lights, festive music, and colorful floats will captivate the baby and put them in the holiday spirit.

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Christmas activities for 1 year olds

Here are some 1 year old christmas activities:

1.  Take a picture of your baby in a holiday outfit.

2. Introduce Christmas-themed sensory play activities like filling a bin with green and red pom-poms.

3. Explore the holiday scents with baby safe scented lotions or creams.

4. Make homemade holiday cards with your baby’s footprints and handprints.

5. Go visit a local Christmas light display.

Christmas activities for 18 month olds

Here is a list of Christmas activities for 18 months olds:

1. Christmas Tree Decorating: Give your toddler a small Christmas tree to decorate with child-safe decorations.

2. Christmas Sensory Bin: Fill a large container with Christmas-themed items like cotton balls, ornaments, and small toys.

3. Christmas Story Time: Read some of your toddler’s favorite Christmas stories.

4. Christmas Cookie Decorating: Bake some cookies and have your toddler decorate them with colored frosting and sprinkles.

5. Christmas Gift Wrapping: Give your toddler a box and let them practice wrapping it in Christmas paper and ribbon.

2 year old christmas activities

Here are some Christmas activities for 2 year olds:

1. Have a Christmas themed dress-up day. Offer your 2 year old a variety of festive clothing and accessories to dress up in.

2. Play a game of Christmas musical chairs, using Christmas music and festive decorations for the chairs.

3. Make Christmas cookies and let your 2 year old help with stirring, rolling, cutting and decorating.

4. Put together a Christmas themed sensory bin. Fill a large container with cotton balls, tinsel, ornaments, bows, and other items related to Christmas.

5. Have a Christmas themed craft day. Make a snowman, a reindeer, or a Santa Claus out of construction paper and other materials.

6. Have a Christmas movie night. Put on a festive movie, such as “Frosty the Snowman” or “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”.

7. Play a game of Christmas charades. Use Christmas themed actions, such as decorating a tree, for your 2 year old to act out.

Christmas activities for 3 year olds

Here is a list of Christmas activities 3 year olds 50

1. Make Christmas Tree Decorations

Using Popsicle sticks, paint, and some other basic supplies, the kids can make their own Christmas tree decorations.

2. Make Paper Chains

Using strips of colorful construction paper, the kids can make their own paper chains.

3. Visit Santa

Take the kids to your local mall or department store and let them visit Santa.

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Christmas activities 5 year olds

Here is a list of Christmas activities for 5 year olds:

1. Have a Christmas Memory Game: Using pictures of Christmas items, have the kids match them up in pairs.

2. Make Christmas Cards for the Elderly: Have the kids make a special card for an elderly person in your community.

3. Play ‘Pin the Nose on Rudolph’: Just like ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’, but with Rudolph!

Christmas activities for 6 year olds

The following are some christmas activities for 6 year olds:

1. Create a Christmas-themed obstacle course. Have them jump over candy canes, crawl under Christmas trees, and spin around the Christmas tree. 

2. Make a Santa puppet show. Have them dress up their favorite stuffed animals as Santa and act out a Christmas story.

3. Have a gingerbread house decorating party. Have them use icing and candy to create the most festive gingerbread house.

4. Have a hot chocolate taste test. Have them sample various types of hot chocolate and have them rate each one.

5. Have a Christmas carol karaoke competition. Have them sing their favorite Christmas carols and let everyone vote for the best performer.

6. Have a Christmas card making contest. Have them use markers, paint, and other art supplies to create the most creative Christmas card.

Christmas activities for 7 year olds

Here is a list of Christmas activities for 7 year olds:

1. Have a Christmas Coloring Contest: Print out some Christmas-themed coloring pages and have the kids compete to see who can color the best one.

2. Have a Christmas Tree Decorating Contest: Divide the kids into teams and have them compete to see who can decorate the most festive tree in the least amount of time.

3. Have a Christmas Baking Night: Let the kids help make some yummy Christmas treats.

Christmas activities for 8 year olds

These are some Christmas activities for 8 year olds:

1. Make Christmas Tree Ornaments: Using some basic craft supplies, the kids can make their own special ornaments to hang on the tree.

2. Have a Gift Exchange: Have the kids pick names out of a hat and have them exchange gifts.

3. Play ‘Christmas Story Charades’: Divide the kids into teams and have them act out different Christmas stories for the other team to guess.

Christmas activities for 9 year olds

Here are some Christmas activities for 9 year old kids:

1. Have a Christmas Scavenger Hunt: Write up a list of items to find, such as a red ornament, a candy cane, and a festive hat. Then have the kids search around the house to find them.

2. Make a Christmas Wreath: Using a paper plate, some green construction paper, and some decorations, the kids can make a festive Christmas wreath.

3. Make a Snow Globe: Using a mason jar, some glitter, and a few other materials, the kids can make their own snow globes.

Christmas activities for 10 year old kids

Here is a list of Christmas activities for 10 year olds:

1. Have an Indoor Snowball Fight: Using rolled up pieces of white paper, have the kids have a safe and fun indoor snowball fight.

2. Have a Christmas Karaoke Night:: Gather around the karaoke machine and have a good old-fashioned sing-along.

3. Make Salt Dough Ornaments: Using a mixture of flour, salt, and water, the kids can make their own special ornaments.

Christmas activities for tweens

These are a few Christmas activities for tweens:

1. Have a Christmas Carol Sing-Along: Gather around the piano (or your karaoke machine) for a fun sing-along.

2. Play a Christmas-Themed Board Game: There are plenty of fun Christmas-themed board games out there, from classics like Monopoly to newer games like Jingle Bells.

3. Have a Decorate a Gingerbread Person Contest: Let the kids decorate their own gingerbread people and have a contest to see who can make the most creative one.

Christmas activities for elementary students

Here is a list of Christmas activities for students:

1. Have a Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt: Drive around town and have the kids look for Christmas lights. They can keep track of the different kinds of lights they find.

2. Have a Christmas Craft Night: Gather some craft supplies and have the kids make Christmas decorations.

3. Make a Reindeer Food: Mix some oats, birdseed, and glitter together and have the kids sprinkle it outside for the reindeer.

Online christmas activities for students

Here is a list of Online or Virtual christmas activities for students:

1. Host an Online Christmas Caroling Session: The teacher can assign each student a part of the song and everyone can sing together over video call.

2. Play Online Christmas Quiz or Christmas trivia game: The teacher can create a list of questions related to Christmas and let the students answer them remotely.

3. Virtual Christmas Gift Exchange: The teacher can assign each student a partner and let them exchange gifts online.

4. Create a Christmas Story: The teacher can assign each student a portion of a Christmas story and have them collaborate to finish the story.

5. Online Christmas Movie Night: The teacher can assign each student a Christmas movie to watch and then have a discussion afterward.

6. Christmas Craft Challenge: The teacher can assist students in creating an art project or craft related to Christmas that can be done remotely.

7.  Draw a Christmas Tree on an ipad or computer: It’s a fun activity for students to draw a Christmas tree on their ipads or computers. Later submit their work to the teacher for review.

Christmas activities for classroom

Here is a list of Christmas classroom activities for students:

1. Make Christmas Tree Cookies: Using sugar cookie dough and some green food coloring, the kids can make their own tree-shaped cookies.

2. Make a Christmas Memory Jar: Have the kids write down their favorite Christmas memories on slips of paper and put them in a jar.

3. Have a Christmas Mahjong Night: Gather around the table and have a friendly game of Mahjong.


Christmas activities for 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade students

Here is a list of Christmas activities for 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade students:

1. Have a Holiday Storytelling Night: Have the kids take turns telling stories about Christmas.

2. Make a Christmas Countdown Chain: Cut out strips of paper and have the kids make a paper chain. Every day, remove a link and count down to Christmas.

3. Make a Christmas Mobile: Using some string, paper, and other materials, the kids can make their own Christmas mobiles.

Christmas activities for 4th grade to 10th grade kids

Here is a list of Christmas activities for 4th grade students to 10th grade students:

1. Have a Bell Ringing Contest: Using some jingle bells, have the kids race to see who can ring their bell the most times in one minute.

2. Have a Christmas Music Night: Gather around the piano or your karaoke machine for a night of singing and dancing.

3. Make a Christmas Tree Skirt: Using some felt, fabric, and other materials, the kids can make their own festive tree skirt.

4. Make a Christmas Countdown Calendar: Using construction paper, the kids can make their own Christmas countdown calendar. Have them mark off the days until Christmas.

Christmas gross motor activities

The following are a few Christmas gross motor activities for kids:

1. Santa Sacks: Have kids take turns jumping into a Santa Sack.

2. Jingle Bell Jog: Hang jingle bells around the perimeter of the room. Have kids jog around the room ringing the bells.

3. Reindeer Relay: Divide kids into two teams and have them race to move all their presents around an obstacle course.

4. Christmas Tree Climb: Use a ladder or steps to create a Christmas Tree and have kids climb it.

5. Snowball Toss: Have kids toss bean bags or soft balls into a basket or target.

6. Snowman Freeze: Play music and have kids move around the room. When the music stops, kids must freeze.

7. Christmas Card Bowling: Set up empty plastic bottles or cups and have kids bow them with a Christmas card.

8. Holiday Hula Hoop: Have kids try to hula hoop for as long as possible.

9. Gingerbread Man Race: Use a giant gingerbread man cutout and have kids race to the finish line.

10. Present Toss: Have kids toss a wrapped present into a basket or target.

Christmas mindfulness activities

Here is a list of Christmas mindfulness activities for kids:

1. Sing Christmas carols together as a family. 

2. Make a gratitude list of things you are thankful for this holiday season. 

3. Make a vision board for the New Year. 

4. Take a mindful walk outside in nature and observe the beauty of winter. 

5. Have an outdoor picnic with family and friends. 

6. Play a game of “I Spy” to notice all the details in the environment. 

7. Participate in a group meditation session. 

8. Take some time to practice mindful breathing exercises. 

9. Write a letter to someone special expressing gratitude and appreciation. 

10. Create a gratitude jar and fill it with positive affirmations and encouraging words.

Christmas sensory activities

Here is a list of Christmas sensory activities for kids:

1. Pinecone Christmas Tree: Collect pinecones from outdoors and have your child paint them with glitter, paint, or other sensory materials. Then, glue the pinecones to a foam tree for a fun Christmas sensory activity.

2. Reindeer Playdough: Make your own playdough and add reindeer antlers and eyes for a fun sensory experience.

3. Christmas Rice Bin: Fill a bin with scented rice and add festive elements like bells, buttons, and pom poms.

4. Christmas Slime: Make a batch of slime and add festive colors and decorations like glitter, sequins, and food coloring.

5. Snow Dough: Mix together salt and flour to create a fun and fluffy snow dough that can be scented with peppermint or vanilla extract.

6. Christmas Sensory Bag: Fill a bag with festive items like bells, pom poms, cotton balls, and other items.

7. Gingerbread Playdough: Make your own gingerbread scented playdough and let your little one add festive decorations.

8. Christmas Light Sensory Bottle: Fill a bottle with festive lights for a fun sensory experience.

9. Christmas Sensory Bin: Fill a bin with festive items like pom poms, cotton balls, bells, and other items.

10. Christmas Tree Sensory Bottle: Fill a bottle with green and red items for a festive sensory experience.

Christmas stem activities

These are a few Christmas stem activities for kids:

1. Create a light-up Christmas card: Have kids design and build a card that lights up when it is opened.

2. Design a Christmas tree stand: Have kids design and build a Christmas tree stand that can hold a certain weight.

3. Build a robotic snowman: Have kids design and build a robotic snowman that can move and sing carols.

4. Create a Christmas-themed Rube Goldberg machine: Have kids design and build a complex machine with a Christmas theme that will complete a task.

5. Create a Christmas-themed computer game: Have kids design and build a computer game with a Christmas theme.

6. Design and construct a Christmas-themed LEGO set: Have kids design and construct a Christmas-themed LEGO set.

7. Create a Christmas-themed virtual reality experience: Have kids design and create their own virtual reality experience with a Christmas theme.

8. Create a Christmas-themed 3D printing project: Have kids design and 3D print a Christmas-themed object.

9. Make a Christmas-themed robot: Have kids design and build a robotic device with a Christmas theme.

10. Design a Christmas-themed drone: Have kids design and construct a drone

Christmas maths activities

Here are some christmas math activities for kids:

1. Christmas Tree Subtraction: Draw a Christmas tree and hang ornaments with numbers. Have your child subtract the numbers and write the answer on the tree.

2. Christmas Card Multiplication: Create Christmas cards with multiplication equations. Have your child solve the equations and write the answers on the cards.

3. Santa’s Sleigh Division: Create a sleigh with compartments. Fill the compartments with numbers and have your child divide the numbers.

4. Christmas Cookie Fractions: Buy or make a batch of Christmas cookies. Cut the cookies into different fractions and have your child match the fractions to the corresponding fraction.

5. Gift Box Addition: Create a gift box and fill it with numbers. Have your child add the numbers and write the answer on the box.

6. Snowman Geometry: Create a snowman out of paper and have your child draw different shapes around the snowman.

7. Reindeer Measurement: Create a reindeer out of paper. Have your child measure different parts of the reindeer using a ruler.

8. Gingerbread Graphs: Create a graph with gingerbread houses. Have your child fill in the graph with different data points.

9. Christmas Tree Patterns: Draw a Christmas tree and have your child create different patterns on the tree using shapes or colors.

10. Candy Cane Probability: Give your child a bag of candy canes and have them calculate the probability of getting a certain color candy cane.


Christmas art activities

Here is a list of christmas art and drawing activities for kids:

1. Make homemade Christmas cards: Have your kids draw a picture and write a message on the front of a blank card. 

2. Create a Christmas tree drawing: Have your kids draw a festive tree with ornaments, tinsel, and a star on top. 

3. Paint a snowman: Have your kids use white paint to make a snowman on a piece of paper or canvas. 

4. Color a Christmas wreath: Have your kids use crayons or markers to color in a festive wreath. 

5. Draw Santa Claus: Have your kids draw a picture of Santa with a big smile. 

6. Make a paper snowflake: Have your kids fold a piece of paper and use scissors to cut out a festive snowflake. 

7. Paint a reindeer: Have your kids use brown paint to make a reindeer. 

8. Draw a gingerbread house: Have your kids draw a picture of a gingerbread house with candy decorations. 

9. Color a Christmas stocking: Have your kids use their favorite colors to color in a Christmas stocking. 

10. Create a Christmas village: Have your kids draw a village with houses, trees, and snow.

Christmas science activities

These are some christmas science activities for kids:

1.  Make Christmas Snowflakes – Use different shapes of cookie cutters to cut out snowflakes from paper. Compare and contrast the different shapes and sizes.

2. Create Christmas Tree Chromatography – Use a coffee filter and markers to create a unique Christmas tree design. Place the filter in a cup of water to watch the colors separate.

3. Create Christmas Light Reflections – Use a flashlight to shine light on various Christmas decorations and observe the reflections.

4. Make a Christmas Volcano – Make a volcano using baking soda and vinegar and observe the reaction and the lava flow.

5. Experiment with Christmas Lights – Create circuits with Christmas lights and batteries and measure the current, voltage and resistances.

6. Christmas Chemistry Experiments – Mix together various chemicals such as baking soda and vinegar to create reactions.

7. Christmas Physics Experiments – Measure the speed of a Christmas light train or other Christmas decoration.

8. Make a Christmas Slime – Mix together different substances such as glue, baking soda and liquid soap to make a Christmas slime.

9. Make a Christmas Ice Castle – Make a castle out of ice and observe how it melts in different temperatures.

10. Build a Christmas Snow Globe – Measure the atmospheric pressure inside the snow globe and observe the effect of different temperatures on the snow.

Christmas writing activities

Here is a list of Christmas writing activities for kids:

1. Make a list of ten Christmas carols

2. Write a story about a special Christmas present

3. Write an acrostic poem using the word “Christmas”

4. Create a Christmas Mad Lib

5. Write a letter to Santa

6. Create a Christmas wish list

7. Write a descriptive paragraph about a Christmas tree

8. Make a list of all the characters in a favorite Christmas movie

9. Describe how Christmas looks, smells, and tastes in a poem

10. Rewrite a favorite Christmas story in a new setting

11. Create a Christmas acrostic poem

12. Make a list of all the presents you want for Christmas

13. Write a Christmas-themed limerick

14. Illustrate and write a Christmas haiku

15. Write a Christmas-themed play or skit

Christmas English activities or literacy activities

These are a few christmas english activities or literacy activities for kids:

1. Have kids write a story about their holiday traditions. 

2. Create a descriptive poem about winter using alliteration. 

3. Put together a comic strip about Christmas. 

4. Have kids create their own Christmas-themed acrostic poem. 

5. Read a Christmas story together, then have the kids retell the story in their own words. 

6. Play a Christmas-themed spelling bee. 

7. Put together a Christmas crossword puzzle. 

8. Write a Christmas-inspired essay about the true meaning of the holiday. 

9. Create a list of Christmas-related vocabulary words and have the kids define them. 

10. Have kids write a letter to Santa explaining what they want for Christmas.

Christmas learning activities

Here is a list of Christmas learning activities for kids:

1. Make a Christmas vocabulary list: Have the kids create a list of words related to Christmas, such as snow, Christmas tree, Santa, etc.

2. Christmas themed math worksheets: Have the kids work on math problems related to Christmas.

3. Christmas word search: Make a Christmas word search using words related to Christmas.

4. Christmas facts scavenger hunt: Have the kids find different facts about Christmas and write them down.

5. Christmas science experiment: Have the kids conduct a Christmas-themed science experiment, such as making a snowflake or testing the properties of snow.

6. Create a Christmas story: Have the kids create their own story with a Christmas theme.

7. Christmas art project: Have the kids create a Christmas themed art project, such as a Christmas tree or a winter landscape.

8. Christmas cooking project: Have the kids make a festive treat, such as a gingerbread house or cookies.

9. Christmas music project: Teach the kids a Christmas song and have them perform it for the family.

10. Christmas play: Have the kids write and act out their own Christmas play.

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