50 Juicy questions to ask your boyfriend (over text or in person)

By: Naveen B

The connection you have with your partner is crucial to your success in a relationship.

It’s a real challenge to communicate well together and this is where it gets tricky for most people; especially when the lines of communication are crossed.

That’s why here are some juicy questions to ask your boyfriend over text or in person that will help you build intimacy, connection and open up to a world of naughty fantasies to explore in your romantic relationship.

50 Juicy questions to ask your boyfriend


The following are some of the most juicy questions to ask your boyfriend that turn him on:

1. How many friends with benefits relationships you previously had?

This juicy question will help establish whether your boyfriend really enjoys having multiple partners for fun.

But also whether they’ve experienced any negative feelings about these types of arrangements in the past.

If they disclose they have experience with FWB arrangements before, ask more questions to understand their level of satisfaction with these experiences.

2. Would you consider yourself as a best romantic kisser? If so, can you prove it?

This spiciest juicy question comes with an opportunity for action!

Yes, asking him this will let him know he should feel comfortable enough to demonstrate his skills.

You can up the ante by setting a timer for two minutes and challenging him to make you orgasm first by kissing only.

Playfully laughing while he tries his hardest is sure to get things heated up quickly!

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3. Most likely Do you get turned on in the morning or at night?

Nothing better than waking up next to a partner who was dreaming about being inside you all day long.

s#x experts say that s#x in the morning helps couples form deep emotional bonds because our bodies release oxytocin which increases cuddling and makes us feel closer to our partner.

As well as there being less interruptions from outside sources like kids and work commitments, meaning that both parties are able to enjoy themselves fully without worrying about time constraints.

4. How many times have you done it in a row in a single day? And whom do you imagine while touching yourself?

It’s an interesting and revealing juicy question to ask your boyfriend when you’re exploring what turns them on s#xually.

Some men fantasize about p#rn st#rs while mast#rbating, others may fantasize about ex-girlfriends or even strangers they see walking down the street.

However, if he doesn’t want to answer this spicy question don’t pressure him into disclosing too much information too soon.

5. Have you ever thought of someone else while making out with me?

Oh! The truth about fantasies is that they often represent something we need to address in our lives.

For example, if he’s imagining other women while making love to you, then it could be because he needs more attention or appreciation from you during s#x.

If not addressed, this fantasy might eventually evolve into an affair.

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6. What part of my body turns you on mostly? And how do you control yourself at that moment? 

Let him open up and tell you what he likes the most about you. This can start a conversation about where he wants to touch and explore your body.

Afterwards, tell him what you like the most about him.

Knowing each other’s likes and dislikes is key to becoming one with each other physically and emotionally.

7. Do you like dirty talk while we are making out?

It would be best to ask your boyfriend this dirtiest juicy question while you’re in the process of making out, but either way he’ll appreciate that you took the initiative to find out what he likes. 

Dirty talk is very intimate and can take some getting used to, but it’s worth it.

One way to ease into it is for him to tell you about a recent s#xual fantasy or kink and ask him what he liked about it.

Then repeat those words back in your own way with confidence and flirtatiousness!

8. Would you rather want me to be your wildest kinky mommy or notorious Sugar baby? 

Sometimes it’s good to have an open communication about each other’s romantic desires in a relationship.

We are complex creatures with different facets of our personality.

When you ask this juicy question to your BF, try to gauge his mood at the time and what he is looking for.

Your boyfriend might be feeling dominant and want you to play the role of a submissive while other days he might crave the challenge of being your bossy dominant daddy.

It’s much more fun when you switch your gender roles while making out.

9. Can you describe your most recent experience when you got turned on in public?

When you think about it, there are plenty of ways for you to get turned on outside the bedroom, whether it’s sitting next to him on a plane or sitting across from him at dinner.

Ask him about all his memorable experiences where he was horny in public and see if any of these sound familiar:

Being aroused by images flashing across the screen; seeing your partner naked through a window; imagining someone else touching themselves in front of you;

observing people undressing behind their bedroom curtains. Just remember to keep talking so nobody catches on!

10. What comes to your mind when you see other men’s privates?

Men usually don’t like to pay attention to other guys’ genitals because they’re too busy looking at their girlfriends’, which makes sense.

However, as a girl if you have a dirty mind and just want to know, feel free to ask them if they have any weakness towards other men.

It can also be interesting for you to learn how your man reacts differently when confronted with two different types of genitalia.

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Juicy questions to ask your boyfriend over text


Here is a list of Good juicy questions to ask your boyfriend over text when playing questions game:

1. If we were stranded on an island for the rest of our lives and had no way to contact anyone else, who would you really want there with us?

2. How do you feel about animal print lingerie?

3. What’s your favorite type of underwear, if any?

4. Which celebrity do you think I’m hotter than?

5. Which celebrity do you think has the best body?

6. What’s your favorite curse word?

7. What’s the naughtiest thing you ever did as a child?

8. Where is the best place to touch you to turn you on?

9. Who was a major fashion influence when you were younger, and how did they inspire you to dress as you do today?

10. Do you believe in love at first sight or should it take some time before love can develop into something more substantial between two people?

11. When will we get married (or whatever other long-term commitment)?

12. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you are high?

13. Have you ever had s#x in public?

14. What are your favorite positions during s#x?

15. What’s your number one kink that gets you off every time without fail? 

Juicy truth or dare questions to ask your boyfriend


These are some Great Juicy truth questions to ask your boyfriend

Truth: What’s a kinky fetish of yours that you are scared to reveal?

Truth: Have you ever spied on your own family member while they are changing clothes

Truth: How do you feel about s#x in public places?

Truth: How would you describe your body type as an adjective and what do you like most about it?

Truth: What color is your underwear right now?

Truth: What is the craziest thing you have done with someone else?

Truth: Do you get attracted to multiple genders? If so, what types are they?

Truth: Which gender has been the hardest for you to resist?

Truth: What’s something nasty you want to try this year by yourself?

Juicy questions to ask your ex boyfriend


The following is a list of some best juicy questions to ask your ex boyfriend:

1. How often did you imagine me while you were having fun with your current partner?

2. Have you ever tried to stalk me on my tinder profile? And why did you do that?

3. Do you consider me as your side chick or is it a no-go for you?

4. What do you think about the prospect of us being friends again but still sleeping together from time to time?

5. How many girls have you been with after our breakup?

6. What’s your favorite common thing to all your girls?

7. Do you miss me when I am not around?

8. Who was more into who during our relationship?

9. Do you remember how many times we had physical intimacy when we were together?

10. Would you rather prefer being gay or lesbian?

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