125 Questions that make no sense (Funny but you find them very deep and creative)

125 Questions that make no sense (Funny but you find them very deep and creative)

Last updated on July 25th, 2021 at 08:06 am

Sometimes it is fun to be weird and mess with our heads. And the perfect and healthy way to do it to ourselves or to people by asking questions that are hard to answer. 

So that it will make everyone think for a while and create an entertaining environment and even if the questions lead to heated debates that is going to be much more thrilling and eventually we become smarter by giving some work to our brain and may even end up realizing our power of intellectual ability to solve the difficult problems in life.

The point is we never know what situation lead us to where…! 

So, keeping that as an aim, here are the list of questions that make no sense. Which make you feel awkward, embarrassing and also make you think. For some people these questions do make sense and others find it entertaining as they are the reflection of creativity and thought provoking.

Read the following list of questions that don’t make sense:

List of questions that make no sense and may also make a lot of sense if you put work to your mind. 

  • How can everything comes from nothing when nothing is something that has nothing to do with anything?
  • Is everything nothing or nothing is everything?
  • Why nothing is nothing and everything is everything?
  • What if nothing is not nothing and everything is not everything?
  • How can I see you and everything but not myself and nothing?
  • If a cat mates with an ant, Does the offspring comes out as a human?
  • If I cannot see myself, is that means I do not exist?
  • If we do not feel pain, do we live forever?
  • If we are all humans, then where are all the humans?
  • If you are you and I am me, then why are you not me and me not you?
  • Why can’t I fall asleep, when I am not sleeping?
  • Can you stop something when nothing is moving?
  • What will you do when you do nothing?
  • If no one exists except you, then how do you know that no one exists but just you?
  • Do you live or die when you live and die?
  • When do horse sneeze and you laugh for no reason?
  • If I insert nothing into my mouth, how long will it takes to come out of my body?
  • Why am I so mad and asking all the questions that make no sense and makes sense to those only who have common sense?
  • What kind of names do each animal calls to themselves?
  • Why can’t I disappear when I am visible to you?

Confusing questions that make no sense

List of confusing questions that make no sense.

  • When I am alone why can’t I see everyone?
  • When you lose something, do you know where you lost it without knowing that you lost it forever?
  • How can mirrors be real, if our eyes are not real?
  • Why is my girlfriend mad at me, even though when she said nothing’s wrong?
  • Why don’t you you you?
  • Am I such god that everyone is praying for?
  • If dog understands my true feelings, then why can’t I marry the dog which cares for me instead of committing to a woman who doesn’t even in awareness with herself?
  • If I could be a man; and a woman; and an animal; and the god, then why do I choose to be a nobody?
  • If silence makes sound, what noise will it be perceived by itself?
  • If we do not understand each other, then what are we trying to communicate in a language that we understand?
  • When do everything makes sense; and nothing seems to be confusing; and something becomes sure thing?
  • If the water is filled by half in a glass, will it be half filled or half emptied or water in a glass or  some ml of water, or some quantity of water filled in the glass or what and what so ever?
  • What language does music make?
  • What kind of animal becomes a human and what kind of human do not become an animal?
  • Can you live without living and dying?

Funny questions that make no sense

List of funny questions that make no sense at all. If you think deep they may also make a lot of sense too.

  • Why am I a woman when I am not a man? (vice versa)
  • If my face has a meaning why doesn’t it make no sense?
  • Is square a circle which has no round surface?
  • Why do fish don’t get cold even after living their entire life in water?
  • If animals do not wear clothes, Is it mean they are much more open minded than humans, so does it mean they have much more intelligence than humans?
  • If you do not die, will you live forever?
  • How can “makes sense” makes sense and “nonsense” makes no sense?
  • Why I do not laugh, When I do not want to laugh?
  • Can two men make a woman?
  • When will you stop eating so that you can stop living?
  • If I start walking today without taking any rest, where do I end up my walking?
  • How to travel everywhere physically by staying in the same place?
  • Is my mind f*cked up or my life?
  • How can I stop myself making so much sense?
  • Can I turn back and still turn on my front? 


unanswerable questions that make no sense 125 Questions that make no sense (Funny but you find them very deep and creative)

Unanswerable questions that make no sense

Here are the list of unanswerable questions that make no sense but somehow make you think and realize that these questions also make sense. These questions that are hard to answer.

  • If Big Bang happened 14 billion years ago, then when did Small Bang happen?
  • How can Big Bang called as Big Bang without discovering how big the cosmos actually is? What if the Big Bang is a Large Bang or Huge Bang or Mega Bang?
  • Why Big Bang called as Big Bang but not Bang Bang or any other * Bang?
  • If Banging requires another source to make Bang happen, then with whom or what Big Bang had banged?
  • Did Big Bang being Banged by some other Bang or It Banged the other Bang or It just Banged by itself, If so how such a bang comes into an existence and why?
  • What would have happened if you had not born to your parents?
  • If universe has no obligation to make sense to anyone, then what it is that making sense to us now?
  • Why can’t a baby not be a baby anymore after few years he/she was born?
  • If everything changes in every second then who were you a moment ago and who are you at this very moment and what relationship does your former self has with you in your constant change? 
  • Where is everyone? 
  • Why didn’t we both meet yet?
  • If being dead is great, is getting dead is the problem?
  • Do people survive death, when they are not in consciousness?
  • How will you come to know that you will be reborn after your death while you are living?
  • Is it makes sense that the things we can’t see are more real than the things we see are illusion?
Random questions that make no sense 125 Questions that make no sense (Funny but you find them very deep and creative)

Random questions that don't make sense.

Random questions that make no sense. Continue reading the questions that make you think.

  • Why everyone has to taste the ultimate death, while they are already dying each day?
  • Did I exist before I existed?
  • Will I continue to exist in nothingness?
  • How Am I different from everyone when I am as same as everyone else? (vice versa)
  • Why does “Science” ends with “ence”? Does it not make any sense?
  • Why do I continue seeing everything even after closing my eyes?
  • If I am breathing while sleeping, does it mean I will live after death?
  • If I take your opinion to Starbucks and add $2.75, can I buy a cup of coffee?
  • How can I be wrong, when I am not right?
  • When I do not know what to believe in, is it fair idea to lose it in everything that I do believe in?
  • Why is that you only have to born to your parents but not to others?
  • If I am right here, then why am I not where I want to?
  • What information is more superficial and how to prove anything as it is without labeling?
  • What is what and what is what not?
  • How to know what you do not know?


weirdest questions 125 Questions that make no sense (Funny but you find them very deep and creative)

Weird questions that make no sense

Here are the list of Weird questions that don’t make sense.

  • If philosophers like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and other great thinkers such as Charles Darwin, Immanuel Kant, Friedrich Nietzsche, Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkins, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Lawrence Krauss, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Matt Dilahunty etc., plan a get together party how will they communicate without any words?
  • If the dead people know what happens to life after death, why aren’t they revealing anything to us?
  • How real are these experiences?
  • If what I heard is true, “Is that even atheists experience heaven?”
  • How closer are we to the truth, When you do not what actually it is?
  • How to be in sync with the god’s thoughts, even if he/she/it exists or not?
  • If I am deaf, How do I know what I am speaking?
  • How to remember when you do not have any memory?
  • Does brain make mind?
  • Are there extra dimensions to the vacuum?
  • Why did our universe begin when the beginning is unknown?
  • If religions don’t have a hope, faith and belief, will it not function without any referred states?
  • Why Is the Quantum So strange that it almost looks like darkness?
  • All reality consists of what things when all dreams consists of the same things?
  • How does your heart related to your mind, when they do not even listen to each other?

Stupid questions that make no sense

Continue reading the stupid questions that make no sense.

  • How to live only once in life?
  • Can you closer your eyes and have a beautiful dinner?
  • Where do you find women who have brains? (Vice Versa)
  • Why do plants grow to trees?
  • Have I ever eaten my own teeth unconsciously?
  • How to drink coffee while drinking a beer and poison?
  • Why am I not living with anyone?
  • If you are single will you be your own daddy?
  • Why is my art not turning into a huge lively dinosaur?
  • What will you do when you are doing something?
  • If I stay on clouds will I be on cloud nine?
  • What my girlfriend/boyfriend is thinking when he/she doesn’t have any brain?
  • Why do ants and elephants have a conflict with each other while they are mating?
  • Why do you walk, when you can fly?



Nonsense questions

Here are the list of nonsense questions that make you feel embarrassing and get you excited about the meaning behind they were asked. Continue reading to have fun. 

  • When do women get penises and men get vaginas?
  • Why don’t all siblings marry each other and have babies together?
  • How will you eat your favorite food with your anus and excrete it with your mouth?
  • If you do sex with your wife, will she become your angel or danger?
  • How to forgive those who didn’t do anything wrong?
  • Where do you get peace, when you are filled with shit?
  • How to grow money from trees?
  • If you jump from the 1000 story building without any supporting equipment, where do you want to land safely?
  • Why don’t you look up to the sky and spit on your own face? (Ask this to your close friend just for fun)
  • What would I do when I am left all alone with all the women on the earth?
  • If there are two enemies who is an enemy to whom?
  • If birds have legs why don’t they always walk, are they stupid?
  • Why am I messing with my head by thinking and writing these most nonsensical sensible questions? (It is hurting my brain man by thinking too deep)
  • How to meet the person who never existed?
  • What is the beginning of the end and how to end everything from the beginning?
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