300 Halloween icebreaker questions for your haunting time (2023 Edition)

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By: Naveen B

Halloween, that spooky time of the year when we dress up as things that go bump in the night and demand candy from strangers. But why stop at costumes and candy?

This year, let’s elevate our Halloween game with 300 Wikedly fun Halloween icebreaker questions that’ll send shivers down your spine – in a good way!

Whether you’re gathering ’round the cauldron with family, cackling with friends, sharing eerie moments with your partner, or haunting a Halloween party, these creepy, funny icebreakers are your ticket to spine-tingling conversations.

So, grab your broomstick and prepare for some Halloween fun like never before. Let’s dive into the depths of laughter and chills because, after all, Halloween is all about making memories that are to die for!


300 Halloween Icebreaker Questions

The following is a list of halloween icebreaker questions to ask friends, family, partner or at any halloween party event:

1. “What if you could become any character from a spooky story for one night? Who would you choose, and why?”

2. “Imagine a world where Halloween lasted a whole month. How would you celebrate differently each week?”

3. “If you had to assemble a team of three famous monsters to go on a Halloween adventure with, who would you pick and what would you do together?”

4. “What’s the most creative and unexpected costume you’ve ever seen at a Halloween party, and what made it so memorable?”

5. “If you could turn any classic horror movie into a heartwarming romantic comedy, which one would it be, and how would you rewrite the story?”

6. “Picture this: a haunted house that grants wishes. What’s your wish, and what challenges would you face inside to get it?”

7. “If Halloween were a national holiday, what would be the traditional Halloween meal, and how would you celebrate it?”

8. “Suppose you stumbled upon a hidden portal to a Halloween-themed world. What would that world look like, and what adventures would you have there?”

9. “If you could swap places with a famous Halloween legend for a day, who would it be, and how would you use their powers?”

10. “What’s the scariest urban legend or ghost story from your hometown, and have you ever experienced anything related to it?”

11. “If you were to host a Halloween-themed talk show, who would be your first guest, and what spine-tingling questions would you ask them?”

12. “Imagine you’re designing a board game based on a Halloween theme. What would the game’s objective be, and how would players win or lose?”

13. “If you had the ability to bring one classic Halloween monster to life for a day, which one would it be, and how would you spend your time together?”

14. “If you could create a new Halloween tradition, what would it involve, and how would it bring people closer together?”

15. “In a world where Halloween costumes could only be made from recycled materials, what would you fashion your costume out of, and why?”

16. “If you were to invent a Halloween-themed cocktail or dessert, what would be its key ingredients and what would you name it?”

17. “Imagine a Halloween-themed escape room that tests your courage. What challenges would participants face, and what would they win if they succeeded?”

18. “If you could transform any famous love story into a spooky thriller, which one would it be, and how would the plot twist?”

19. “Suppose you were the curator of a Halloween museum. What eerie artifacts would you showcase, and what would be the museum’s most prized possession?”

20. “What would a world where trick-or-treating was replaced by a global scavenger hunt look like, and what would participants search for?”

21. “If you could have a conversation with a legendary Halloween creature, like a witch or a ghost, what questions would you ask, and what advice would you seek?”

22. “Imagine organizing a Halloween-themed charity event. What cause would it support, and how would you encourage people to participate?”

23. “If Halloween candy could grant wishes, what would you find in your trick-or-treat bag, and how would you use it?”

24. “What would be the ultimate Halloween playlist, and how would you ensure it had the perfect mix of spooky and upbeat tunes?”

25. “In a world where pumpkins were magical, what enchantments could they bestow, and how would you use them in your daily life?”

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26. “Suppose you were a detective investigating a Halloween-themed mystery. What eerie clues would you follow, and how would you crack the case?”

27. “If you could organize a Halloween parade with a unique twist, what would the theme be, and how would participants and floats fit into it?”

28. “Imagine hosting a Halloween-themed TED Talk. What spooky or mysterious topic would you choose to enlighten the audience about?”

29. “What do you think a Halloween-themed reality TV show would look like, and how would contestants compete for the grand prize?”

30. “If you could rewrite the ending of a classic horror novel or movie, what would be the new, unexpected twist you’d introduce to the story?”

31. “Imagine you’ve been tasked with designing a Halloween-themed amusement park. What spine-tingling rides and attractions would you include to ensure guests have a scream-worthy experience?”

32. “If you could create a Halloween-inspired fashion line, what clothing items and accessories would be essential, and how would you describe your runway show?”

33. “Suppose you were the mayor of a town known for its extravagant Halloween decorations. What initiatives would you implement to make your town the Halloween capital of the world?”

34. “In a world where jack-o’-lanterns could communicate, what spooky stories would they share about the secrets they’ve witnessed on Halloween nights?”

35. “Imagine writing a spooky, best-selling novel set in a haunted library. What would be the plot, and what eerie occurrences would take place among the dusty shelves and ancient books?”

36. “If you had to organize a Halloween-themed science fair, what experiments and discoveries would be showcased, and how would they relate to the supernatural?”

37. “Suppose Halloween-themed escape rooms were a form of therapy. What psychological challenges and breakthroughs would participants encounter while trying to escape?”

38. “If you could create a Halloween-themed reality TV show, what unexpected twists and challenges would contestants face as they competed for the grand prize?”

39. “Imagine a world where Halloween traditions were reversed, and children played pranks on adults. What hilarious and mischievous tricks would you come up with?”

40. “If you had to design a haunted board game that could only be played on Halloween night, what would be the objective, and what surprises would players encounter?”

41. “Suppose you were a ghost tour guide in a historic city. What spine-tingling tales and ghostly encounters would you share with your tour group to give them a memorable fright?”

42. “If you could create a Halloween-themed virtual reality experience, what otherworldly adventures would players embark on, and how would they immerse themselves in the eerie environment?”

43. “Imagine a world where Halloween candy held mystical powers. What spells or abilities would different candies possess, and how would you choose your treats wisely?”

44. “Suppose you were a scientist investigating the origins of Halloween traditions. What historical and cultural discoveries would you make, and how would you present your findings?”

45. “If you were a professional pumpkin carver, what intricate designs and patterns would you carve into pumpkins to mesmerize and astound your clients?”

46. “Imagine you could enter the world of your favorite Halloween-themed video game or movie for one day. Which world would you choose, and what adventures would you have?”

47. “If you were the host of a Halloween-themed cooking competition, what ghoulish ingredients and culinary challenges would you present to the contestants?”

48. “Suppose you could create a Halloween-themed time capsule to be opened by future generations. What items and stories from today’s Halloween celebrations would you include?”

49. “If you were to compose a hauntingly beautiful Halloween symphony, what instruments and melodies would capture the essence of the holiday?”

50. “Imagine a Halloween-themed art gallery showcasing the work of famous artists. What eerie and captivating pieces of art would be on display, and how would you curate the exhibit?”

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Halloween themed icebreaker questions on the history of halloween

List of halloween themed icebreaker questions on the history of halloween:

1. What do you know about the historical origins of Halloween, and how have those traditions evolved over time?

2. Can you share some fascinating facts about the Celtic festival of Samhain and its connection to Halloween?

3. Do you have any insights into the ancient Roman festival of Pomona and its role in shaping Halloween traditions?

4. How did the Christian holiday of All Saints’ Day influence the development of Halloween customs?

5. What role did the medieval practice of “souling” play in the history of Halloween, and how is it similar to modern trick-or-treating?

6. In what ways did the influx of Irish and Scottish immigrants in the 19th century impact the celebration of Halloween in the United States?

7. Can you explain the significance of jack-o’-lanterns in Halloween history and their ties to Irish folklore?

8. How did Halloween become associated with witches, and what historical events contributed to this connection?

9. What is the origin of the tradition of wearing costumes on Halloween, and how has it evolved over time?

10. Can you describe the historical practices of divination and fortune-telling that were common on Halloween night?

11. How did the concept of “guising” or dressing up as supernatural beings on Halloween contribute to its spooky reputation?

12. What role did bonfires play in ancient Halloween celebrations, and how have they been adapted in modern festivities?

13. Share your knowledge about the first recorded use of the phrase “trick or treat” and how it became a central part of Halloween customs.

14. Can you discuss the historical superstitions surrounding black cats and their association with Halloween?

15. How did Halloween evolve from a more religious and solemn occasion to the festive and spooky holiday we know today?

16. What historical events in the 20th century influenced the commercialization and popularization of Halloween in the United States?

17. Can you explain the significance of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and its connections to Halloween traditions?

18. How have different cultures around the world incorporated their own customs into Halloween celebrations?

19. What were some early Halloween pranks and mischief that occurred in the late 19th and early 20th centuries?

20. Can you share some historical examples of Halloween parties and gatherings, and how they have evolved over time?

21. How did the advent of mass-produced Halloween costumes and decorations in the early 20th century change the holiday?

22. What role did horror literature and films, such as those by Edgar Allan Poe and Universal Pictures’ monster movies, play in shaping Halloween’s image?

23. Can you discuss the influence of Halloween on pop culture and its portrayal in TV shows, movies, and literature?

24. How did Halloween become a significant retail holiday, with sales of candy, costumes, and decorations skyrocketing?

25. Share your insights into the history of haunted houses and haunted attractions as a popular Halloween tradition.

26. What historical events and social changes have contributed to the modern emphasis on safety during Halloween?

27. Can you describe the historical significance of apple bobbing and other Halloween games and activities?

28. How has the celebration of Halloween evolved in recent decades, with an emphasis on community events and festivals?

29. Discuss the impact of environmental awareness on Halloween celebrations, such as sustainable and eco-friendly decorations.

30. In your opinion, what aspects of Halloween’s history are the most interesting or surprising, and why?


Good Halloween ice breaker questions

Some good halloween ice breaker questions include:

1. “If you could communicate with the spirits of the deceased for one night, what unsettling questions would you ask them?”

2. “What’s the eeriest location you’ve ever visited, and did you experience anything paranormal there?”

3. “Imagine you woke up as a ghost on Halloween night. What spooky mischief would you get up to?”

4. “If you could spend a night alone in any haunted mansion, which one would you choose, and why?”

5. “Suppose you discovered a hidden passage in your house leading to a crypt. Would you venture inside, and what do you think you’d find?”

6. “What’s the most bizarre and spine-chilling nightmare you’ve ever had?”

7. “If you had the power to summon a ghostly companion for a day, who would it be, and what chilling adventures would you embark on together?”

8. “What’s the strangest supernatural encounter you’ve heard about from someone you trust?”

9. “If you were to create a potion using creepy ingredients, what would it do, and who would you test it on?”

10. “Imagine you had a room that could trap your worst fears. What would the room look like, and what horrors would lurk within?”

11. “If you could have a conversation with a famous horror movie villain, what questions would you ask, and how would you attempt to outsmart them?”

12. “What’s the spookiest urban legend or folklore tale from your region, and do you believe there’s any truth to it?”

13. “If you could become a mythical creature for Halloween, which one would you choose, and how would you spend the night?”

14. “Suppose you could visit the afterlife for a brief moment. What do you think it would be like, and who would you hope to encounter there?”

15. “What bizarre and unsettling superstitions or rituals have you come across in your travels or research?”

16. “If you could resurrect a long-lost and mysterious civilization for one night, who would they be, and what would you want to learn from them?”

17. “Imagine you were a detective investigating a series of bizarre and supernatural crimes. What would your approach be, and how would you solve the cases?”

18. “What’s the weirdest and most unsettling Halloween decoration you’ve ever seen at a haunted house or party?”

19. “If you were to create a sinister soundtrack for a horror movie, what eerie sounds and instruments would you incorporate?”

20. “Suppose you had a crystal ball that could reveal the strangest event in your future. Would you dare to look, and what do you think it would show?”

21. “If you had to organize a séance to communicate with a famous historical figure, who would you summon, and what questions would you pose to them?”

22. “What’s the oddest and most inexplicable phenomenon you’ve witnessed on a foggy, moonlit night?”

23. “Imagine you stumbled upon a cursed object with a sinister past. How would you dispose of it, and what consequences would you fear?”

24. “If you could design a haunted maze for Halloween, what unsettling challenges and surprises would await those who dared to enter?”

25. “What’s the most unsettling and cryptic message you’ve ever received, either in a dream or from an unknown source?”

26. “Suppose you were a paranormal investigator exploring an abandoned asylum. What equipment would you bring, and what spirits would you hope to encounter?”

27. “If you were a mad scientist conducting a macabre experiment, what would it involve, and what would you hope to achieve?”

28. “What’s the most unsettling piece of art or literature you’ve come across, and how did it affect you?”

29. “Imagine you could see into the darkest corners of people’s souls for one night. What disturbing truths would you uncover?”

30. “If you had to spend a night in a pitch-black, isolated forest rumored to be haunted, what would you bring with you, and how would you protect yourself from the unknown?”


Fun halloween icebreaker questions

List of some Funny and fun halloween icebreaker questions include:

1. If you were a witch or wizard, which spell would you use to create the perfect Halloween costume, “Avada Kedavra” style or “Wingardium Leviosa” style?

2. Picture this: You’re a pumpkin. How would you feel about people carving your face into a jack-o’-lantern? Honored or horrified?

3. If you had to choose a Halloween costume made entirely of candy wrappers, what candy would you devour your way through to create it?

4. Zombies are taking over the world, and you can only choose one famous person to be your zombie-fighting partner. Who’s your celebrity undead ally?

5. If you could trick-or-treat at any fictional haunted house, which one would it be and why? (Hint: Think movies, books, or TV shows!)

6. You’re on a Halloween-themed cooking show. What spooky dish would you whip up to impress the judges, and what would you name it?

7. If your house was haunted, but the ghosts were friendly, what kind of pranks would they pull on you to celebrate Halloween?

8. Imagine you’re a ghost. How would you spend your time haunting people on Halloween night? Casper-style kindness or mischievous ghostly shenanigans?

9. In a zombie apocalypse, you can only use one Halloween prop as your weapon. What’s your unconventional zombie-slaying tool of choice?

10. If you could steal any famous monster’s wardrobe for a day, whose style would you rock, and why?

11. It’s Halloween, and you’re hosting a costume contest for your pets. What’s your own furry friend going to dress up as, and why did you pick that costume?

12. If you could turn any everyday activity into a Halloween-themed event, what would it be? (Example: Halloween grocery shopping, Halloween haircuts, etc.)

13. In a world where candy corn is the official currency, how rich (or poor) would you be?

14. You’re in a horror movie, and you get to choose your co-star: a friendly ghost, a talking skeleton, or a mischievous poltergeist. Who’s it gonna be, and why?

15. If you had to spend the night in a haunted house, which three Halloween-themed items would you bring with you for comfort and protection?

16. If you could create a new Halloween tradition, what would it involve, and how would you convince people to embrace it?

17. You wake up on Halloween morning, and your house is completely transformed into a spooky wonderland. What’s the first thing you do to celebrate?

18. If you had to design a Halloween-themed amusement park ride, what would it be like, and what’s its name?

19. You’re hosting a Halloween-themed game show. What’s the grand prize for the winner, and what crazy challenges do the contestants have to face?

20. It’s Halloween, and your reflection suddenly comes to life in the mirror. What would your mirror-self say to you, and what kind of mischief would you get up to together?

21. If you were a vampire, which famous person would you choose as your eternal blood-sucking companion, and why them?

22. You’re in charge of creating a Halloween-themed playlist for a monster dance party. What are the top three songs you’d include, and why?

23. If you could give one iconic horror movie villain a makeover, what would their new look be, and why?

24. You discover a hidden portal to a Halloween-themed alternate dimension. What spooky adventures would you embark on in this mysterious realm?

25. If you could choose any classic Halloween monster to be your therapist, who would you spill your darkest secrets to, and why them?

26. You’re casting a Halloween-themed reality TV show. What’s the premise, and who would be your dream celebrity contestants?

27. Imagine you’re a werewolf. What’s your go-to method for explaining your sudden transformations to your friends and family?

28. If Halloween candies suddenly gained the power to grant superpowers, what candy would you devour, and what superpower would you hope to gain?

29. You’re stuck in a haunted maze, and the only way out is to solve a riddle from a mischievous Halloween spirit. What’s the riddle, and how do you solve it?

30. If you could summon any classic Halloween monster to help you with your daily chores, who would be your loyal household assistant, and why them?

Never have I ever halloween Icebreaker Questions

Here is a list of Never Have I ever halloween Icebreaker questions:

1. Never have I ever carved a pumpkin while wearing lingerie.

2. Never have I ever attended a costume party without wearing a costume.

3. Never have I ever put makeup on someone and tricked them into believing it was permanent.

4. Never have I ever told a spooky story that made someone feel fear.

5. Never have I ever dared someone to take a bite out of a decaying pumpkin.

6. Never have I ever spent the night in a haunted house.

7. Never have I ever attempted to conjure a ghost.

8. Never have I ever kissed someone in a spooky graveyard.

9. Never have I ever worn a costume to a club.

10. Never have I ever done something silly and failed to realize the consequences the morning after.

11. Never have I ever hidden a Halloween surprise inside a jack-o-lantern.

12. Never have I ever prank called someone on Halloween night.

13. Never have I ever eaten an entire bag of candy from trick-or-treating.

14. Never have I ever dressed like a sexy nurse, policeman or other occupation for Halloween.

15. Never have I ever drank “spooky punch” at a Halloween party.

16. Never have I ever told a ghost story that made someone scream and jump in fear. 

17. Never have I ever gone trick-or-treating after the age of 13.

18. Never have I ever flirted with a stranger wearing a costume I couldn’t identify.

19. Never have I ever spent an entire day in costume.

20. Never have I ever worn a creepy mask on Halloween night.

21. Never have I ever watched a horror movie alone at midnight and regretted it immediately.

22. Never have I ever worn a Halloween costume that gave me nightmares.

23. Never have I ever eaten so much candy on Halloween night that I felt sick the next day.

24. Never have I ever touched something in a haunted house and instantly regretted it.

25. Never have I ever carved a pumpkin and accidentally cut myself in the process.

26. Never have I ever gone trick-or-treating and been scared away from a house because of its creepy decorations.

27. Never have I ever worn a Halloween costume that was so embarrassing I couldn’t wait to take it off.

28. Never have I ever been to a Halloween party where the food looked so disgusting that I couldn’t bring myself to eat it.

29. Never have I ever walked through a haunted forest and heard a noise that made me want to run away.

30. Never have I ever accidentally stepped on a fake spider or other creepy decoration and had a mini heart attack.

31. Never have I ever been scared by a friend’s Halloween prank and screamed like a banshee.

32. Never have I ever tried a Halloween-themed food or drink that tasted so awful I couldn’t finish it.

33. Never have I ever received a trick instead of a treat while trick-or-treating.

34. Never have I ever been to a Halloween costume party and realized I was the only one who didn’t get the memo about the dress code.

35. Never have I ever touched something slimy and mysterious while bobbing for apples.

36. Never have I ever been in a haunted house and had to use the “safe word” to get out.

37. Never have I ever been to a Halloween attraction that was so over-the-top creepy that it gave me nightmares for weeks.

38. Never have I ever accidentally knocked over a neighbor’s Halloween decoration and had to confess.

39. Never have I ever worn a costume that was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t wait to change.

40. Never have I ever gone to a Halloween party and been the only one who didn’t recognize anyone in costume.

41. Never have I ever tasted a Halloween-themed cocktail that was so strong it made me regret taking a sip.

42. Never have I ever been pranked with a realistic-looking fake bug or critter on Halloween.

43. Never have I ever been to a Halloween-themed event and encountered a creepy fortune teller who made unsettling predictions.

44. Never have I ever tried a Halloween-themed food or drink that looked disgusting but turned out to be surprisingly delicious.

45. Never have I ever been to a haunted house and witnessed a scare so intense that it made someone cry.

46. Never have I ever worn a Halloween costume that was so revealing or embarrassing that I regretted it the moment I arrived at the party.

47. Never have I ever touched something sticky and gooey while participating in a haunted house experience.

48. Never have I ever been to a Halloween-themed party and seen someone in a costume that was wildly inappropriate or offensive.

49. Never have I ever accidentally walked into a spiderweb while trick-or-treating at night.

50. Never have I ever encountered a creepy or overly enthusiastic neighbor who went all out with their Halloween decorations to the point of making you uncomfortable.

Halloween icebreaker questions for work

Here are some Halloween office icebreakers questions for work or at workplace with colleagues:

1. If you could give your boss a Halloween costume makeover, what would they dress up as, and why?

2. Which office supply item would you turn into a spooky Halloween decoration to liven up your workspace?

3. If our team were to enter a pumpkin carving contest, what design would you suggest for our winning pumpkin?

4. What’s the eeriest coincidence you’ve ever experienced at work on Halloween?

5. If you could organize a Halloween-themed team-building activity, what spooky challenge would you come up with?

6. Share a funny or bizarre Halloween-related work story from your past. We won’t judge!

7. If the office were haunted by a friendly ghost, what work-related advice do you think it would offer?

8. What’s the most unusual item you’ve ever received in a trick-or-treat goodie bag?

9. If we had a costume contest at the office, which colleague do you think would come dressed as the spookiest character?

10. Imagine our office as a haunted house. What role would each colleague play in making it a truly terrifying experience for visitors?

11. If you could swap job roles with a colleague for a day, who would you choose, and why?

12. What’s your go-to method for staying awake during a post-lunch Halloween-themed meeting?

13. If our office had a Halloween mascot, what would it be, and what would it symbolize?

14. Share a Halloween-themed productivity tip that keeps you on track during this holiday season.

15. If our office was a horror movie, which coworker do you think would be the first to survive or meet their doom, and how?

16. If we were to turn our workplace into a haunted maze, what department or area would be the scariest, and why?

17. What’s the most creative use of office supplies you’ve seen to create Halloween decorations at work?

18. If you could design a Halloween-themed coffee blend for the office, what spooky flavors would you include?

19. If you could host a Halloween-themed lunch for the team, what dishes would be on the menu?

20. What’s the most unexpected Halloween costume you’ve ever seen a colleague wear to work?

21. If you had to organize a Halloween-themed presentation, what topic would it be about, and how would you make it entertaining?

22. What’s the weirdest or funniest Halloween tradition you’ve observed in an office setting?

23. If you could transform our office into a famous haunted location for a day, which one would it be, and how would you decorate it?

24. Share a memorable Halloween-themed team project or collaboration experience you’ve had at work.

25. If we had a pumpkin decorating contest, what concept or theme would you choose for your pumpkin masterpiece?

26. What’s your strategy for winning the coveted “Best Halloween Cubicle Decor” award at our office?

27. If we were to hold a Halloween-themed office Olympics, what games or challenges would you include?

28. Share a spooky but harmless office prank you’ve witnessed or pulled off during Halloween season.

29. What’s the most heartwarming or hilarious Halloween costume you’ve seen a coworker’s child wear in a photo?

30. If you could give a Halloween-themed superpower to a colleague, who would it be, and what power would they receive?

Would you rather Icebreaker halloween questions

List of would you rather icebreaker halloween questions for all ages:

1. Would you rather have to wear a costume that’s one size too small or one size too big for the entire Halloween party?

2. Would you rather spend Halloween night in a haunted house with friendly ghosts or a completely dark and quiet house with a mysterious history?

3. Would you rather eat a handful of real worms or a bowl of gummy worms that look eerily realistic?

4. Would you rather be chased by a horde of zombie colleagues in the office or have a giant tarantula as your work desk buddy for a week?

5. Would you rather have to explain the birds and the bees to a curious vampire or give a werewolf a lesson in anger management?

6. Would you rather spend a night in a cemetery alone, surrounded by tombstones, or in a spooky, abandoned asylum?

7. Would you rather have your Halloween candy replaced with vegetables or have to trick-or-treat while wearing a chicken costume?

8. Would you rather have a black cat cross your path on Halloween or walk under a ladder?

9. Would you rather be stuck in a never-ending Halloween party with overly enthusiastic partygoers or spend Halloween alone in complete silence?

10. Would you rather have to wear a vampire cape to work every day for a month or a witch’s hat?

11. Would you rather have a friendly ghost as your roommate, or a talking black cat that gives sarcastic advice?

12. Would you rather accidentally book a stay at a haunted hotel for Halloween or unknowingly move into a haunted house?

13. Would you rather receive a surprise visit from a creepy clown or a mischievous leprechaun on Halloween night?

14. Would you rather have to eat a bowl of eyeball-shaped candy or drink a potion that makes you speak only in rhymes for an hour?

15. Would you rather have your Halloween makeup done by a professional artist who makes you look frighteningly realistic or attempt it yourself and end up looking like a friendly pumpkin?

16. Would you rather go trick-or-treating with a group of zombies who keep wandering off or with a pack of restless werewolves?

17. Would you rather attend a Halloween party where everyone’s costume is incredibly accurate but boring or one where everyone’s costumes are hilariously creative but strange?

18. Would you rather have your Halloween candy stolen by a mischievous ghost or by a cunning witch?

19. Would you rather spend Halloween night locked in a creepy doll store or trapped in a room full of realistic mannequins?

20. Would you rather have to answer the door for trick-or-treaters dressed as a giant, talking spider or a slimy, tentacled monster?

21. Would you rather have your Halloween costume always make a strange, embarrassing noise when you walk or have it randomly light up and flash in public?

22. Would you rather get lost in a dark, haunted forest on Halloween or explore an abandoned, haunted amusement park?

23. Would you rather have to eat a sandwich made from “mystery meat” at a Halloween-themed restaurant or try a drink called “witches’ brew” with unknown ingredients?

24. Would you rather have your Halloween candy mysteriously disappear overnight or have your jack-o’-lantern’s eyes follow you around the room?

25. Would you rather be cursed to talk like a zombie for a week or constantly hear ghostly whispers in your ear?

26. Would you rather have a superpower that only works on Halloween night or be a famous monster hunter for the rest of the year?

27. Would you rather find a severed hand in your trick-or-treat bag or discover a hidden trap door in your home leading to unknown horrors?

28. Would you rather spend Halloween night in a dark, abandoned asylum or a dimly lit, eerie cemetery?

29. Would you rather be stuck in a never-ending Halloween maze filled with creepy clowns or navigate through a haunted carnival with sinister rides?

30. Would you rather have a friendly ghost as your personal assistant, or a loyal zombie as your bodyguard?

Creepy and scary This or that Icebreaker questions for halloween

These are a few creepy and scary This or That icebreaker questions for halloween:

1. Vampire or Werewolf costume?

2. Trick or treat: Give or receive?

3. Haunted house visit or horror movie marathon at home?

4. Witch’s brew or zombie punch?

5. Scary movie with the lights on or off?

6. Ghostly apparition or alien encounter?

7. Pumpkin pie or apple cider donuts?

8. Mummy wrapping or zombie makeup for a costume?

9. Haunted corn maze or haunted hayride?

10. Skeleton or zombie decor?

11. Friendly ghost or mischievous poltergeist?

12. Bobbing for apples or pumpkin carving?

13. Frankenstein’s monster or Dracula?

14. Costume party or pumpkin carving party?

15. Trick-or-treat with kids or hand out candy to trick-or-treaters?

16. Bats in the attic or spiders in the basement?

17. Witch’s hat or wizard’s robe?

18. Graveyard visit or haunted forest exploration?

19. Zombie apocalypse or vampire uprising?

20. Witch’s cackle or werewolf howl?

21. Jack-o’-lantern or scarecrow in the front yard?

22. Black cat or owl as your Halloween sidekick?

23. Zombie dance-off or vampire dueling?

24. Gummy worms or candy corn?

25. Scary stories around a campfire or Ouija board session?

26. Coffin or haunted mirror in your bedroom?

27. Halloween-themed cocktails or witches’ brew mocktails?

28. Haunted castle or abandoned asylum exploration?

29. Cauldron of witches’ brew or bubbling potion?

30. Zombie football team or vampire baseball team?

31. Witch’s broom or vampire bat wings for transportation?

32. Witches’ hat or pointy wizard hat for everyday wear?

33. Moonlit graveyard stroll or midnight swamp adventure?

34. Potion ingredients or spell book as a prized possession?

35. Zombie makeup smudge or vampire lipstick stain?

36. Scary clown costume or haunted doll costume?

37. Eerie graveyard picnic or haunted house sleepover?

38. Broomstick or haunted mirror as a portal to another world?

39. Spider web-covered room or haunted doll collection in your home?

40. Zombie flash mob or vampire flash mob performance?

41. Trick-or-treat bag filled with bugs or a bag filled with slime?

42. Mummy bandages or zombie scars for a costume?

43. Full moon or harvest moon on Halloween night?

44. Zombie chef or vampire sommelier for a dinner party?

45. Potion-making class or broomstick-flying lessons?

46. Haunted carnival games or haunted circus acts?

47. Zombie apocalypse survival team or vampire hunting squad?

48. Witches’ brew tasting or ghostly séance?

49. Eerie graveyard photoshoot or haunted mansion photoshoot?

50. Vampire’s castle or werewolf’s den for a spooky weekend getaway?



Get ready to unleash the ghostly giggles and devilish discussions this Halloween.

With these halloween icebreaker questions, your celebrations will be filled with more treats than tricks. Have a spooktacular time and may your Halloween be hauntingly entertaining!


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Experienced Psychology and philosophy Writer, self-help and relationship Coach and thought influencer. He has 7 years of experience in Personal development industry. His expertise as a self-help and relationship Coach has been highlighted through his articles in medium and substack to name a few. To be updated with his latest work, connect with him by following his social media accounts.

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