600+ Halloween costume captions and costume ideas for this spooky season (2023 Edition)

By: Naveen B

Halloween is the perfect time to get creative, dress up in costume, and take some killer Instagram-worthy photos.

But a great costume pic needs an even better caption to match. That’s why we’ve put together over 600 Halloween costume captions including ideas for popular costumes like witches, nurses, angels, devils and 50+ more costume ideas along with captions.

We have funny, cute, clever, and creepy caption ideas to capture the vibe of your costume and keep those likes coming. Whether you’re flying solo or coordinating a couples, squad, friends, or family costume, we’ve got you covered.

Get ready for the spookiest night of the year with the captions that capture the Halloween spirit.

From short quips to chilling movie quotes, this complete guide will provide you with the perfect words and phrases to make your photos really stand out.

Let your followers know your costume is a cut above the rest with a creative caption they’ll “like” and share.

Read on for over 600 caption ideas to make your Halloween Instagram posts scream-worthy.

600+ Holloween costume captions

The following is a huge list of Epic halloween costume captions for Instagram with different themes:

1. Witch:

Here are some witch captions for halloween costumes:

1. Something wicked this way comes

2. I put a spell on you

3. Brewing up trouble

4. Double, double toil and trouble

5. Bippity boppity boo

6. Fly my pretties, fly! 

7. My black cat senses mischief

8. Eye of newt and toe of frog

9. By the pricking of my thumbs

10. Bubble, bubble, I’m in trouble

11. My potions bring all the boys to the yard

12. Cackle cackle

13. Witch better have my candy

14. Resting witch face

15. Witchful thinking

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2. Vampire:

Here are a few vampire halloween costume captions:

16. Fangtastic 

17. Out for blood

18. I vant to suck your blood

19. Fangs for the memories

20. My fangs are ready to sink in

21. I don’t bite…much

22. Bloody brilliant 

23. Fang-tastic costume 

24. I like big bats and I cannot lie

25. Feelin’ a little batty

26. I’m fangulous, dahling

27. My neck bites are worse than my bark

28. Bloody good time

29. Fangs for coming to my party

30. Pain in the neck

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3. Zombie:

These are some zombie halloween costume captions:

31. Zombie on the prowl  

32. Grave times ahead

33. Hungry for brains

34. Dead and loving it

35. Creepin’ it real

36. Half alive, mostly dead

37. Back from the dead

38. Beware, zombie approaching

39. Braaaaains 

40. Don’t lose your head

41. Graveyard smash

42. Dead tired

43. Undead and unwed

44. Resident creep

45. Feeling a little corpse today

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4. Pirate:

Here are some pirate halloween costume captions:

46. Ahoy matey!

47. Shiver me timbers

48. X marks the spot

49. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

50. Adventure awaits on the high seas

51. Pirates life for me

52. Walk the plank!

53. Time to set sail

54. Where be the buried treasure?

55. Dead men tell no tales

56. Scurvy dog! 

57. Jolly Roger that!

58. All hands on deck

59. Pieces of eight

60. Avast ye scallywags!

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5. Nurse:

Here are some nurse halloween costume captions:

61. Nurse coming through!

62. The doctor will see you now

63. Nurse knows best

64. Wishing you a speedy recovery

65. Time for your sponge bath

66. Trust me, I’m a nurse

67. Nurse on duty

68. Taking your temperature

69. Calling Dr. Feelgood

70. Making hospital rounds

71. Bandage? I barely know you!

72. Nurse by day, night nurse by night

73. Nurse shark doo doo doo

74. Registered for a good time

75. I’ve got the cure for what ails you

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6. Cat:

Here are a few Cat halloween costume captions:

76. The cat’s meow

77. Purrrfect costume

78. Me-meow!

79. Claws for alarm  

80. Cat got your tongue?

81. Such a catastrophe 

82. A paw-some costume

83. I’m feline fine

84. Purrty cool costume

85. Got your claws out

86. Hiss-terical costume

87. You’ve cat to be kitten me!

88. Meow-tstanding costume

89. Having a claw-some night

90. Fur real, love this costume!

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7. Superhero:

Some superhero halloween costume captions include:

91. Up, up and away!

92. With great power comes great responsibility 

93. Fighting for truth, justice and pizza

94. It’s a bird, it’s a plane!

95. Defender of the night

96. Saving the day, one costume at a time

97. Wonder-ful night ahead

98. Feeling super tonight  

99. This superhero is ready to save the day

100. Beware evildoers, I’m on patrol

101. Holy guacamole, it’s hero time!

102. Metropolis, here I come!

103. Hulk smash!

104. Have no fear, [name] is here!

105. I solemnly swear I’m up to no good

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8. Cowboy/Cowgirl:

These are some cowboy and Cowgirl halloween costume captions:

106. Howdy partner!  

107. Yeehaw, rodeo time!

108. Wrangle up some fun tonight 

109. Hitting the dusty trail

110. Cowboy/Cowgirl up!

111. Giddy up, it’s party time!

112. Get along little dogies

113. Happy trails!

114. Boots and chaps and cowboy hats

115. Saddle up, let’s ride!  

116. Reach for the sky, partner

117. This cowgirl is ready to rodeo! 

118. Head ’em up, move ’em out

119. Git along, little dogie

120. Save a horse, ride a cowboy!

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9. Princess:

Some princess halloween costume captions include:

121. Beautiful as a rose

122. A royal evening awaits

123. Elegant and enchanting  

124. A magical night for this princess

125. Royal greetings, subjects!

126. A princess here to greet her adoring fans

127. Bow down before royalty

128. Ready to be swept off my feet

129. Waiting for my prince charming

130. Every princess needs her tiara

131. Who needs Prince Charming with a Martini?

132. Locked in the tower, send wine

133. bibbidi bobbidi boo!

134. So this is love…

135. Someday my prince will come

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10. Supervillain:

Some supervillain halloween costume captions include:

136. Bwa ha ha! 

137. It’s villain time!

138. I’m bad and that’s good. I’ll never be good and that’s not bad 

139. Tonight, evil prevails!

140. Dr. Evil at your service

141. Up to no good

142. Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

143. World domination is the mission

144. May the night turn deliciously evil

145. Time for wicked ways

146. I’ll get you next time, do-gooders!

147. Playing for the dark side tonight

148. Villainous adventure awaits  

149. Can’t rain on my evil parade

150. I’m coming for you, good guys!

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11. Ghost: 

Some ghost halloween costume captions include:

151. Boo! 

152. The spirits come alive tonight

153. Float like a ghost, sting like a boo  

154. Ghostly greetings

155. Things that go boo in the night

156. The ghostess with the mostess

157. Get ready to be spooked

158. Eeek! A ghost!

159. Time for my spirited return

160. You can’t scare me, I’m a ghost!

161. Ghostly adventures await

162. Do ghosts even lift, bro?

163. Unfinished business on Halloween

164. Just here to haunt Halloween 

165. Going ghost!

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12. Skeleton:

Here are some skeleton halloween costume captions include:

166. Bone to party!

167. Skulls and bones galore  

168. Such bare bones style

169. Nothing but bones about it

170. Staying togethr is a joint effort

171. No body does skeletons better

172. All dressed up with no body to go 

173. Bone appetit!

174. Skele-ton of fun tonight 

175. You knee-d me to have fun!

176. Funny bone tingling

177. Head bone connected to the…well, just head bone

178. Bone tired but ready to party

179. My skeletons are ready to rattle!

180. Bone voyage, party people!

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13. Mummy:  

Here are a few mummy halloween costume captions include:

181. Time to get wrapped up in some fun

182. Goodness gracious, great wrapped!

183. Come unwrap a good time with me

184. Mummified for the night

185. Let’s get this mummy started!

186. Stayin’ alive the mummy way!

187. The party won’t unwrap itself!   

188. Bandage or bandit? 

189. Don’t want to be under wraps all night

190. Unravel the fun

191. Fully wrapped for action 

192. All wrapped up and ready to party

193. Who’s ready to get wrapped up?

194. Break out of your ancient tomb for a night!

195. Bandages and blessings!

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14. Clown:

These are some clown halloween costume captions include:

196. Clowning around tonight!

197. Here to bring the funny

198. Get ready to laugh it up

199. I ain’t clowning around 

200. Time to clown around

201. Let’s get silly tonight

202. Who’s ready for clowntown?

203. Laugh factory coming through

204. If I fits, I sits  

205. Quick, hide the pies!

206. Honk away the night 

207. Make ’em laugh, make ’em laugh!

208. Step right up, step right up!  

209. Leave ’em laughing 

210. Follow me to clowntown!

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15. Devil: 

Here is a list of devil halloween costume captions include:

211. Devilishly fun night planned 

212. Little bit of angel, whole lot of devil

213. Hell-o, let’s raise some trouble!  

214. Feeling devilish tonight 

215. Devil made me do it

216. The devil’s in the details

217. Hell hath no fury like me tonight  

218. Make tonight one hell of a party

219. Things are about to get devilish

220. Speak of the devil!

221. Let’s kick up hell tonight

222. Hell bent on having an evil time

223. Devil on your shoulder

224. Tricks and treats, the devil’s way!

225. Unleash your inner devil!

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16. Pumpkin:

Some pumpkin halloween costume captions include:

226. Have a gourd time!

227. Feeling pumpkin spicy 

228. Carved out for fun

229. Ready to turnip the night!

230. Double double pumpkin trouble

231. Pumpkin’ it up tonight

232. Time to squash boredom

233. Out of my gourd excited for tonight!

234. Pumpkins unite!

235. Light my inner flame

236. I yam what I yam a pumpkin!

237. Feeling pumpkin perky

238. Stay pumplin’ all night!

239. Pumped for pumpkin season!

240. Pumpkins, popkins, let’s party hopkins!

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17. Werewolf:

Some warewolf halloween costume captions include:

241. Hungry like the wolf  

242. On the prowl tonight 

243. Unleash your inner wolf  

244. Fur sure it’s party time

245. Howlin’ at the moon tonight

246. Wolf got your tongue?

247. Fanging out tonight  

248. Lycan this costume a lot

249. Be ware of the wolf!

250. Howlin’ for a good time 

251. Bask under the full moon with me

252. The big bad wolf is on the loose!

253. Let’s pawty all night long!

254. Awooooo werewolves of London!

18. Frankenstein’s Monster: 

List of Frankenstein’s monster halloween costume captions include:

255. It’s alive!   

256. Lightning struck twice tonight!

257. Monster mashed together for fun  

258. I’m not a monster, just ahead of my time

259. Charged up for a monstrous night

260. Time to get Franken-crazy! 

261. Pardon my horroristic behavior

262. It’s clobberin’ time!

263. I’m not a monster, I’m just misunderstood

264. The modern Prometheus

265. The doctor is in Dr. Frankenstein!  

266. Monster see, monster do

267. Synthesized for fun!

268. Stitched up and ready to party

269. Electrifying night ahead!

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19. Grim Reaper:

270. Death becomes this party 

271. Don’t fear the reaper

272. Grave times ahead  

273. Dead men party no tales

274. Your time approaches

275. Death warmed over

276. Rest in pieces  

277. If looks could kill…

278. Dead and loving it

279. Too creepy for the crypt

280. Devilishly handsome as always

281. Reap what you sow

282. You can run but you can’t hide

283. Graveyard dead ahead

284. Time to meet your maker

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20. Ghostbuster:

285. Who ya gonna call?

286. Bustin’ makes me feel good!

287. Crossing spooks off my list

288. Reporting for ghostbuster duty

289. No job is too big, no specter too small!

290. Ghost free since ’93! 

291. My proton pack’s all charged up

292. Time to do a little ghost busting

293. Gonna catch ’em all cuz I’m a ghostbuster!  

294. Don’t cross the streams!

295. Who you gonna call? Me!

296. No ghosts allowed tonight

297. I ain’t afraid of no ghost

298. Let’s go kick some ectoplasm!  

299. Caution: ghost-free zone

21. Doctor:

The following are some Doctor halloween costume captions:

300. Paging Dr. Boo! Ready to operate on your fears.

301. Prescription for a spooky night: Laughter and a dash of terror.

302. Stethoscope? Check. Scary good costume? Double-check!

303. Diagnosing Halloween fun, one scare at a time.

304. This doctor is all about administering screams and spine-tingles.

305. The only cure for Halloween? More spookiness!

306. I promise not to bill you for the frights tonight.

307. My prognosis? A wickedly good time!

308. Trust me, I’m a “scare”geon.

309. Paging Dr. Scream, your appointment is now!

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22. Vampire Hunter:

List of vampire hunter halloween costume captions include:

310. Slaying vampires and stealing hearts since [insert year].

311. Garlic breath, wooden stakes, and a fearless attitude – I’m ready!

312. Fangs for the memories, vampires. Time to hunt.

313. Vampire hunter by night, vampire charmer by day.

314. Crosses, holy water, and a killer costume – I’m vampire-proof!

315. On a mission to make vampires flee and Halloween scream!

316. Bloodsuckers beware, I’m on the prowl.

317. No cape, just courage. Vampire hunting is my game.

318. Tonight, I’m the true immortal of the party.

319. Buffy who? I’m the real vampire slayer in town.

23. Black Cat:

List of some black cat halloween costume captions include:

320. I’m here to cross your path and bring you some spooky luck.

321. Not your ordinary feline – I’m a purr-fectly wicked black cat.

322. Meow or never, it’s time to get your spook on!

323. Superstition meets style with this sleek black cat costume.

324. Black cats aren’t bad luck; they’re just hauntingly charming.

325. Beware of this purr-suasive black cat – I’ve got tricks and treats!

326. Feline fine and ready to make Halloween hiss-tory.

327. Don’t worry, I won’t steal your soul… maybe just your candy.

328. If you’ve got it, haunt it – in a black cat costume, of course!

329. I’m the cat’s meow at this Halloween howl-iday bash!

24. Wizard:

List of wizard halloween costume captions include:

330. Brewing up spells, mischief, and a whole lot of magic!

331. Wands at the ready, it’s wizardry time!

332. I solemnly swear I’m up to no good… on Halloween night!

333. Magic isn’t just in the wand; it’s in the costume too!

334. The sorting hat said I’m a wizard, but my costume says I’m the life of the party.

335. Abracadabra! Let the Halloween enchantment begin!

336. Wizards do it with a flick of the wrist and a sprinkle of Halloween spirit.

337. In a world full of muggles, be a wizard.

338. I may not have a philosopher’s stone, but I’ve got the best costume!

339. Cast a spell on your night – wizard style!

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25. Skeleton Bride/Groom:

List of some skeleton birde/groom halloween costume captions include:

340. Till death do us party! This bride/groom is ready for a hauntingly good time.

341. Love never dies… even in the afterlife.

342. A marriage made in the graveyard – creepy, but full of love!

343. Dancing our way to the other side – in style!

344. In sickness and in… haunting? Skeleton love is eternal.

345. Wedding vows: ‘Til the end of time… and beyond.

346. Marrying the dead has its perks – eternal unity and a killer costume!

347. Here to prove that even in death, love is bone-deep.

348. For richer or spookier, in sickness and in afterlife – we’re a match made in the crypt.

349. Ghostly love story: Skeleton bride and groom, ’til the last laugh.

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26. Scarecrow:

List of some scarecrow halloween costume captions include:

350. If I only had a brain… for choosing epic costumes!

351. Bringing the “corn”y jokes and the scare to the Halloween party!

352. Straw by day, scare by night – I’m a scarecrow on a mission.

353. Not just a pretty pumpkin patch face – I’m here to spook!

354. Scaring away the crows and stealing the show.

355. Scarecrow chic – straw is the new black.

356. Scarecrow skills: Making scare-tacular entrances.

357. No need for brains when you’ve got style like this!

358. Scaring up some fun and looking good doing it.

359. Pumpkin spice and everything scare!

27. Alien:

List of some alien halloween costume captions include:

360. I come in peace… to invade your Halloween party!

361. Beam me up, Scotty – it’s time to party on Earth!

362. E.T. phone home? More like E.T. crash the Halloween bash!

363. Extraterrestrial fashion: Out of this world and into your nightmares.

364. Alien abduction or Halloween invitation? You decide!

365. I may be an alien, but I’m not “alien” to having a good time.

366. I traveled light-years for this Halloween celebration!

367. Taking over your costume contest – one galaxy at a time.

368. Earthlings, prepare for an interstellar Halloween experience!

369. I’m the little green monster your parents warned you about.

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28. Angel:

Here are some Fairy Angel halloween costume captions:

370. Halo there! I’m here to bless your Halloween with some heavenly fun.

371. Wings, a halo, and a heart full of mischief – I’m your angel tonight.

372. Not your typical guardian angel – I’m here to cause a little chaos.

373. Heaven sent, but not without a devilish sense of humor.

374. Bringing a touch of divine mischief to this spooky night.

375. Angels can have a wicked side too – just ask me!

376. I’m no fallen angel; I’m a rising star of the Halloween party.

377. Wings, a halo, and a hint of mischievousness – it’s angelic fun!

378. Ready to sprinkle some Halloween magic from above.

379. When angels go rogue, Halloween becomes heavenly chaos!

29. Mermaid:

List of some mermaid halloween costume captions include:

380. Making a splash at this Halloween soirée – mermaid style!

381. Siren of the night, luring you into a sea of Halloween fun.

382. Seashells, scales, and a whole lot of sass – I’m a mermaid on a mission.

383. You don’t need a treasure map to find the best costume – it’s right here!

384. Part human, part fish, all fabulous – it’s mer-magic!

385. Mermaid vibes: Sea-crets and seaweed tangles.

386. Bringing a touch of oceanic enchantment to your Halloween night.

387. Not a fish out of water – I’m the life of the Halloween party!

388. Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes – that’s my Halloween motto.

389. Dive into Halloween with me – it’s a deep-sea adventure!

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30. Skeleton Pirate:

List of some skeleton pirate halloween costume captions include:

390. Yo-ho-ho! This skeleton pirate be lookin’ for booty… and candy!

391. Dead men tell no tales, but they sure know how to party!

392. Pillaging and pirating the Halloween night away – arrr!

393. This ship may be ghostly, but the treasure is all treats.

394. X marks the spot – and the spot is the Halloween party!

395. Swashbuckling in style – even in the afterlife.

396. Skeleton crew, assemble! It’s time to haunt the high seas.

397. Aye aye, captain! Ready to sail into a sea of spooky fun.

398. Pirate’s code: Steal hearts and collect candy, matey!

399. From the depths of Davy Jones’ locker to the center of the Halloween bash!

31. Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) Sugar Skull:

List of some day of the dead sugar skull halloween costume captions include:

400. “Dia de los Muertos: Where sugar skulls are sweeter than candy!”

401. “Embrace the colorful spirits of the Day of the Dead.”

402. “Feeling dead, but make it fashion!”

403. “My sugar skull makeup is scarier than your average Halloween mask.”

404. “Celebrating life by honoring the departed.”

405. “Skeletons and sugar skulls the ultimate Halloween combo!”

406. “Bringing a little sweetness to the afterlife.”

407. “Death never looked so vibrant.”

408. “Dancing with the departed in sugar skull style.”

409. “Join me for a dance with the dead!”

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32. Wicked Queen/Witch from Snow White:

List of some wicked queen/witch from snow white halloween costume captions include:

410. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the wickedest of them all?”

411. “Putting the ‘witch’ in bewitching!”

412. “An apple a day keeps the princesses away.”

413. “Mirror, mirror, I’m ready to cause some havoc!”

414. “Wickedly enchanting and loving every cackle!”

415. “Evil queens do it better.”

416. “Poisoned apples and wicked spells – it’s just another day for me.”

417. “Channeling my inner wickedness this Halloween.”

418. “Bad never looked so good.”

419. “Scheming and plotting, just another day in the life of a wicked queen.”

33. Freddy Krueger:

420. “Sweet dreams…or not!”

421. “Welcome to my nightmare!”

422. “Finger knives and fedora: Freddy’s ready to haunt your dreams.”

423. “Don’t fall asleep, or you might meet Freddy!”

424. “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you…”

425. “Ready to turn your dreams into nightmares.”

426. “Burned, scarred, and ready to terrorize!”

427. “I’m your worst nightmare personified!”

428. “Sleep tight…if you dare!”

429. “Freddy’s back, and he’s ready to slash and dash!”

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34. Jason Voorhees (from Friday the 13th):

430. “Crystal Lake’s most unwelcome guest.”

431. “Masked and machete-ready for Halloween.”

432. “You can run, but you can’t hide from Jason!”

433. “Camp Crystal Lake’s counselor of chaos.”

434. “Ch-ch-ch, ah-ah-ah…Jason’s here!”

435. “Jason’s in town, and he’s looking sharp!”

436. “Killer costume or just another day at Camp Blood?”

437. “Hockey mask: the ultimate accessory for Friday the 13th.”

438. “Machete: Check. Mask: Check. Ready for Halloween!”

439. “Jason Voorhees: Camp’s worst nightmare.”

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35. Chucky (from Child’s Play):

440. “Playtime’s over, and Chucky’s in charge!”

441. “Good guys finish last; Chucky finishes first!”

442. “Dolls just wanna have fun…killing!”

443. “Friend to the end…of your life!”

444. “Chucky’s on the loose, and he’s feeling stabby!”

445. “Wanna play? Let’s play…for your life!”

446. “Beware of the possessed doll on the prowl!”

447. “Child’s play? More like Chucky’s play!”

448. “Don’t let your guard down; Chucky’s around!”

449. “When dolls go rogue, Chucky leads the pack!”

36. Harley Quinn (from Suicide Squad):

450. “Crazy by nature, costume by choice!”

451. “Breaking hearts and smashing stereotypes, it’s Harley!”

452. “Jokes, chaos, and a dash of insanity – that’s me!”

453. “Pigtails, baseball bat, and a whole lot of mayhem.”

454. “Harley’s in town, and she’s up to her old tricks!”

455. “Dressed to impress, or is it to distress?”

456. “Puddin’, we’re causing chaos tonight!”

457. “Good girls go bad on Halloween!”

458. “Harley’s not your typical comic character – she’s way crazier!”

459. “Warning: Handle with care – Harley Quinn on the loose!”

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37. Joker (from Batman):

List of some joker halloween costume captions include:

460. “Why so serious? It’s Halloween!”

461. “Gotham’s clown prince of Halloween.”

462. “Smile! It’s time for a little anarchy.”

463. “A Joker’s wild night out on Halloween.”

464. “Ha-ha-halloween – where chaos reigns supreme!”

465. “Joker’s grin is just his way of saying ‘Trick or treat!'”

466. “Gotham’s baddest villain, even on Halloween.”

467. “Playing cards, purple suit, and a grin to die for!”

468. “Jokes, tricks, and a dash of madness – it’s the Joker!”

469. “The Joker’s ready to paint the town red…with laughter!”

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38. Zombie Cheerleader:

470. “Cheering for brains, not teams!”

471. “Pom-poms, blood, and a killer spirit!”

472. “Deadly moves on the field and the graveyard!”

473. “Cheerleader by day, zombie by night.”

474. “Give me a ‘B-R-A-I-N-S!'”

475. “Ready to shake, rattle, and roll…with the undead!”

476. “Cheer or fear – it’s your choice!”

477. “Undead and still full of pep.”

478. “Even zombies can lead a spirited life!”

479. “Join the zombie cheer squad and cheer your brains out!”

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39. Vampire Bat:

480. “Bite me! I’m a vampire bat this Halloween.”

481. “Wings, fangs, and a thirst for blood – it’s bat-tastic!”

482. “Vampire by night, bat by nature.”

483. “Bats aren’t just for caves anymore!”

484. “Going batty this Halloween – in a good way!”

485. “When the moon’s out, the fangs come out!”

486. “Counting down to midnight and my next meal.”

487. “Fangs, flight, and a whole lot of fright.”

488. “Bat-titude is everything this Halloween!”

489. “I’m a nocturnal creature of the night – beware!”

40. Harry Potter Character (e.g., Harry, Hermione, Voldemort):

List of some harry potter character halloween costume captions include:

490. “Witchcraft and wizardry, it’s just another day at Hogwarts!”

491. “The wizarding world comes to life this Halloween.”

492. “Muggles, beware – magic’s in the air!”

493. “Expecto costume-um! I’m a wizard tonight.”

494. “Whether Gryffindor or Slytherin, we’re all in for a magical Halloween.”

495. “Voldemort may be scary, but my costume is scarier!”

496. “Accio candy! It’s a magical Halloween adventure.”

497. “Wands at the ready – it’s time for a spellbinding Halloween.”

498. “Even wizards need a break from classes!”

499. “Halloween at Hogwarts – where magic meets mischief!”

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41. Star Wars Character:

List of some star wars character halloween costume captions include:

500. Darth Vader: “Join the dark side, we have candy!”

501. Princess Leia: “A galaxy far, far away… just for treats!”

502. Stormtrooper: “Aim for the candy, miss every time.”

503. Han Solo: “I shot first… for more Halloween candy!”

504. Yoda: “Trick or treat, you will?”

505. Chewbacca: “Roar-some Halloween fun!”

506. Kylo Ren: “My Halloween costume is on the dark side.”

507. Rey: “The force is strong with this costume!”

508. R2-D2: “Beep-boop-boo! Candy, I seek.”

509. Boba Fett: “Bounty hunting for sweets!”

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42. Stranger Things Character:

List of some stranger things character halloween costume captions include:

510. Demogorgon: “Demogorgon’s night out for some spook-tacular treats!”

511. Mike: “Halloween isn’t stranger than this!”

512. Dustin: “My Halloween candy hunt just got stranger.”

513. Joyce: “Where’s my Halloween lights?”

514. Steve: “Hair game strong, candy game stronger!”

515. Hopper: “Protecting Hawkins from Halloween horrors.”

516. Max: “Skating through the Upside Down for candy!”

517. Will: “Not in the Upside Down, just trick-or-treating.”

518. Lucas: “Ghostbusters ain’t got nothing on me!”

43. Minion (from Despicable Me):

519. “Bello! Ready for a banana-rific Halloween?”

520. “Minion mischief and candy hunting!”

521. “Despicable Me, but lovable on Halloween.”

522. “Looking for the ‘evil mastermind’ of candy.”

523. “Banana? More like candy-na!”

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44. Fortnite Character:

524. Skull Trooper: “I’ve got a bone to pick with Halloween candy!”

525. Cuddle Team Leader: “Hugs and candy – what’s not to love?”

526. Drift: “Drifting into Halloween for some sweet loot.”

527. Fishstick: “Swimming in a sea of Halloween treats.”

528. Rex: “Prehistoric candy hunting – rawr!”

529. Raven: “Ravenously collecting Halloween sweets.”

530. Zoe: “ZoEating all the candy!”

531. Black Knight: “Guardian of the candy realm.”

532. Brite Bomber: “Shining bright on Halloween night.”

533. Tomatohead: “Tomato-flavored candy quest!”

45. Disney Princess:

List of some disney princess halloween costume captions include:

534. Cinderella: “Lost my glass slipper, found Halloween candy!”

535. Elsa: “Let it go… and let the candy flow!”

536. Ariel: “Part of your world… filled with candy!”

537. Belle: “Tale as old as time, candy as sweet as rhyme.”

538. Snow White: “Mirror, mirror, who’s the sweetest of all?”

539. Rapunzel: “Hair-raising Halloween candy adventure!”

540. Mulan: “Defeating the Huns and getting candy – multitasking!”

541. Pocahontas: “Colors of the wind and flavors of candy!”

542. Tiana: “Kissing frogs and collecting candy!”

543. Moana: “Voyaging for candy across the ocean!”

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46. Game of Thrones Character:

List of some game of thrones character halloween costume captions include:

544. Jon Snow: “Winter is coming… with candy!”

545. Daenerys: “Mother of Dragons and Queen of Candy!”

546. Tyrion: “Drinking and knowing things… like where the candy is!”

547. Arya: “Collecting names and candy this Halloween.”

548. Cersei: “Lannister always pays for Halloween candy!”

549. Sansa: “Winterfell’s princess on a candy quest!”

550. Jaime: “One-handed, but two-fisted with candy!”

551. Brienne: “Sworn to protect the candy stash!”

552. The Night King: “Chilling with Halloween candy… and frosty zombies!”

553. Tyrion: “Imp-ressive candy collection!”

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Halloween costume captions for guys

Here are some halloween costume captions for guys:

554. This costume is so fetch ?? #MeanGirls

555. I ain’t afraid of no ghost! ?? #Ghostbusters 

556. Who ya gonna call? ?☎️ #Ghostbusters

557. Halloween is my Friday the th ?? #Jason 

558. Just a friendly neighborhood Spiderman ?? #Spiderman

559. Avengers assemble! ?‍♂️?‍♂️ #Avengers

560. Hulk smash! ?? #Hulk 

561. I am Iron Man ⚡? #IronMan

562. Cuban Pete says it’s time to party ? #Mask 

563. Party animal coming through ?? #TigerKing 

564. Feeling hot hot hot! ?? #Devil

565. Boo! Gotcha! ?? #Ghost 

566. Being bad never felt so good ?? #Devil 

567. Don’t make me call Batman ?? #Joker

568. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? ?? #SpongeBob

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Group Halloween costume captions with friends

These are some group halloween costume captions with friends for instagram posing pictures:

569. Get in losers, we’re going haunting ??? #MeanGirls

570. Our costumes may be ugly, but our selfies are on point. ??‍♀️ #SquadGoals 

571. We came, we saw, we conquered Halloween. ???

572. On Wednesdays we wear costumes. ??? #AddamsFamilyValues 

573. Being part of a team is amazing, unless your costume sucks. ?? #SquadDrama

574. Together, we’re one hot mess. ?‍♀️?? 

575. Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s a group costume. ???

576. Friends buy costumes together and stay together. ???

577. You can’t sit with us! ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️ #MeanGirls

578. Calling all basic witches and wizards. ?‍♀️?‍♂️ #HarryPotter 

579. We came to slay Halloween, not play. ?⚔️

580. Best friends, crazy minds. ??‍♀️ 

581. Together we’re witchy and we know it. ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

582. Oh my gourd, we make a great team! ??‍♀️

583. We came. We saw. We slayed. ?‍♀️⚔️?

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Funny halloween costume Instagram captions

These are some funny halloween costume Instagram captions:

584. “When you take ‘Gourd-geous’ to a whole new level. ??”

585. “I’m just here for the boos. ??”

586. “Witches be trippin’ over their broomsticks. ?‍♀️?”

587. “I’m not a regular mummy; I’m a cool mummy. ?️?”

588. “Who needs a superhero when you have me? ??‍♂️”

589. “If you’ve got it, haunt it. ??”

590. “Sarcasm level: Witch’s brew. ?‍♀️☕”

591. “Zombies eat brains, but I came for the candy. ??”

592. “I’m the pumpkin spice you’ve been warned about. ?☕”

593. “I’m not a vampire; I’m just allergic to sunlight. ??”

594. “You’re never too old for trick-or-treating. ??”

595. “I’m a serial cereal killer. ??”

596. “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a scream. ?‍♂️?”

597. “I’m not dead; I’m just dead inside. ☠️?”

598. “I’m a mummy, but I promise I won’t wrap you up in my problems. ??”

Cute Halloween costume IG captions for couples

Here are some cute halloween costume ig captions for couples:

599. “A spellbinding royal affair”

600. “My prince charming found his princess” 

601. “Beauty and the beast together at last”

602. “My king and queen for the night”

603. “Fangtastically frightful pair”

604. “Beware my bite, my darling” 

605. “Love at first bite”

606. “Bloody good time with my lover”

607. “Nurse, you take my breath away”

608. “Dr. Love has arrived”

609. “My cure for the night” 

610. “You make my heart skip a beat”

611. “Partners in crime of the wild west” 

612. “Riding off into the sunset together”

613. “Howdy partner, you rope me in”

614. “My little buckaroo”



With over 600 halloween caption ideas for popular costumes, funny sayings, and creepy quotes, this complete guide has everything you need to make your Halloween Instagram posts shine.

Use our clever and creative captions to take your halloween costume pics to the next level. Happy haunting!

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