200+ Scary captions for Instagram (Halloween 2023 Edition)

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By: Naveen B

Do you want to scare your followers with the spookiest scary captions? Whether you’re looking for funny, creepy, or just plain scary captions for Halloween, this blog post got you covered!

Instagram is a great way to share photos with your followers and let them know what you’re up to. However, sometimes you might want to spice up your posts with some scary captions for Instagram posts.

Whether you’re trying to make a post about Halloween or just want to add a little extra suspense, these lists of 100+ scary captions will do the trick.

200+ Scary captions


The following is a list of scary captions for instagram especially you can use for halloween eve posts. 

1. I am a gravedigger. I love to bury people.

2. I don’t trust living. So, I make zombies friends.

3. We all are prisoners of songs, we can’t skip; of letters, we can’t send; of doors, we can’t open.

4. Behind every wall there is someone watching you.

5. I’m cold, let me into your home.

6. I sense there’s something in the wind.

7. Battered and broken.

8. The stench of decay and rot fills the room.

9. Unwanted visitors in the neighborhood.

10. The myth that the body grows hair after death is true for this old sack of bones.


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11. Shivered and died.

12. Just a dweller under your floorboards.

13. If you’re not careful, it comes from under the stairs to feed.

14. Mummification was never so easy.

15. Come closer, my dear…

16. And now, you too will be mine.

17. It always gets you when you least expect it!

18. Smiles all around, yet there is someone crying afar.

19. It followed me all the way home, how did it get ahead of me?

20.  It isn’t stalking you anymore. It is hunting you. I hope you like this after my return.


21. I see you when you’re sleeping. I know when you’re awake.

22. The voices in my head are getting louder. Can you hear them too?

23. I tried counting sheep, but they won’t stop screaming. 

24. Don’t look under the bed tonight. Or else.

25. I used to be afraid of the dark, until the darkness became a part of me.

26. Sleep is just a preview of death. Sweet dreams.

27. They told me monsters aren’t real. But I know the truth.

28. I see dead people. They follow me everywhere. 

29. My tears are made of blood. Wanna see?

30. I’m trapped in this body and can’t get out. Help me!

Scary Halloween captions 


These are some Halloween scary captions:

1. Go Big or Gourd Home.

2. Forever empty, never whole.

3. He cannot scream, nor breathe, see, or hear. But he can sense you.

4. The most horrifying thing about Halloween is that it’s only the start.

5. It’s not just the children who are scared this Halloween, it’s the adults too.

6. Halloween is the time of year when the dead come to life.

7. Prepare to be scared… and not just on Halloween.

8. It’s not just the monsters that you have to fear on Halloween, it’s the mortals too.

9. If you’re not careful, Halloween will creep up on you like a dark, boogeyman.

10. Beware the night of October , it’s the time of the living dead.

11. Beware the dark, spooky creatures that prowl the night!

12. For some, Halloween is the time of year that the dead come to visit.

13. The living are scared of the dead on Halloween.

14. The dead are scared of the living on Halloween.

15. If you’re not careful, Halloween will creep up on you like a dark, boogeyman.

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Spooky Halloween captions scary

Here is a list of Scary captions for halloween:

1. Halloween is a time to be scared, not to dress up.

2. If it ain’t scary, it ain’t worth going to.

3. Ghosts have been humans

4. Lurking in the shadows, waiting for their next victim.

5. Keep your eyes open this Halloween, because you never know who or what is following you.

6. Don’t look under the bed.

7. Demons are waiting for unsuspecting children on Halloween.

8. Being scared on Halloween is the best way to get into the spirit.

9. If you’re not scared, you’re not paying attention.

10. Is it just me or is Halloween getting spookier every year?


11. My smile hides a thousand screams.

12. I’m not crazy. The voices in my head told me so.

13. I collect bones. Yours will make a nice addition.

14. The shadows whisper my name. Do you hear them too?

15. I used to fear death, until we became friends.

16. My nightmare has just begun. And yours? 

17. I see you when you close your eyes. Yes, I’m always watching.

18. My tears are made of blood. Do you want to see?

19. They told me monsters aren’t real. But I know the truth. 

20. I tried counting sheep, but they won’t stop screaming.

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Scary Halloween Instagram captions


Here is a list of Scary halloween captions for instagram (IG Edition)

1. One can’t help but feel a sense of dread on Halloween.

2. Halloween is a time for scares, not costumes.

3. Don’t forget, if you see something, say something.

4. Not all pumpkins are carved for Halloween.

5. Ghosts, ghouls, and goblins are waiting to scare you.

6. Where there’s light, there’s also shadows. Be careful where you walk.

7. If you’re not scared, you’re not going to enjoy Halloween.

8. Halloween is the time of year where you can really let your hair down.

9. If you’re going to be out late, make sure you’re prepared for a scare.

10. If you’re not scared, you’re doing it wrong.

11. The voices in my head are getting louder. Can you hear them too?

12. Sleep is just a preview of death. Sweet dreams.

13. I used to fear death until we became friends.

14. The shadows whisper my name. Do you hear them too? 

15. My smile hides a thousand screams.


16. I see dead people. They follow me everywhere.

17. I’m trapped in this body and can’t get out. Help me!

18. Don’t look under your bed tonight. Or else.

19. My tears burn like acid. Do you dare taste them?

20. I tried running from my demons, but they run faster. 

21. My mind is a prison and madness holds the key.

22. They say I’m insane, but we know the truth, don’t we?

23. I see things in the shadows that no one else can see. 

24. My tears burn like acid. I dare you to taste them. 

25. I used to fear monsters under my bed, until I became one.

26. My nightmares always come true. Yours will too.

27. I talk to the voices inside my head. They understand me.

28. My smile is just a mask hiding my agony. 

29. I sold my soul, but the devil still won’t leave me alone.

30. I hear the whispers in the walls. They’re plotting against us.

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Scary ghost captions

These are some scary ghost captions:

1. I thought I saw someone outside with a flashlight due to the flashes of light on my window. I went outside to check and it was no man.

2. Wherever I go, I see it several steps ahead.

3. It runs faster than you. Give up if you have no vehicle.

4. Don’t be deceived by it’s smile and appearance.

5. One of the armless creatures that have not sprouted arms yet.

6. Return the slab or suffer my curse.

7. A face from the darkness.

8. It has been caught stealing bread.

9. Wanderer of the woods.

10. My house is not safe.

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Best Scary Instagram captions

These are a few Best scary captions for instagram:

1. If no one is watching, call the death bringer.

2. When in doubt, destroy everything.

3. The thing about death is, it’s always one step ahead.

4. When I was a little girl, I used to lie in bed at night, and I’d imagine being killed by my brother.

5. If you think that being dead is bad, you should see what it’s like to be alive and scared.

6. I used to be human. Not anymore.

7. It’s not death that I fear. It’s the living.

8. I am the thing that you want to run from, but can’t.

9. I’m the monster that you can’t see.

10. See the world through my eyes…and die.


11. I’m dying inside but my screams go unheard. 

12. The ghosts won’t let me sleep. They want me to suffer with them.

13. I used to dream at night, now my nightmares don’t end.

14. My blood runs cold but my heart is colder.

15. They told me I was crazy, so I showed them crazy.

16. I see you when you close your eyes. There’s no escaping me.

17. I hear the screams every night. No one believes me.

18. My smile hides the corrupted soul within.

19. In my twisted mind, we’re already friends.

20. I sold my soul, but the devil still won’t leave me alone.

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Scary movie captions


Here is a list of scary movie captions:

1. Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep! -A nightmare on Elm street.

2. I See dead people. – The sixth sense.

3. Close your eyes and count to ten. -When Harry met Sally.

4. Get back to the water; that’s where you belong! -Piranha

5. In space no one can hear you scream.-Alien

6. If it bleeds, we can kill it.-Predator

7. They say this house is haunted… – Poltergeist

8. That cold ain’t the weather. That’s death approaching. -30 days of Night.

9. No one escapes from life alive. -Michael Crichton

10. It has nothing to do with Satan, Mama. It’s me. -Carrie, 1976.


11. “They won’t stay dead!” – Pet Sematary

12. “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” – Jaws

13. “It’s not the house that’s haunted.” – The Amityville Horror

14. “The power of Christ compels you!” – The Exorcist

15. “Welcome to your worst nightmare.” – A Nightmare on Elm Street

16. “We all go a little mad sometimes.” – Psycho

17. “It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus.” – Hocus Pocus

18. “They’re here to save the world.” – Ghostbusters

19. “You can’t kill the boogeyman.” – Halloween

20. “You’re next!” – You’re Next


21. “In the dead of night…” – The Others

22. “He’s got a killer personality.” – American Psycho

23. “Chianti and fava beans, anyone?” – The Silence of the Lambs

24. “Do you like scary movies?” – Scream

25. “We all go a little mad sometimes.” – Psycho

26. “We have such sights to show you.” – Hellraiser

27. “I’m your number one fan.” – Misery

28. “He’s right behind you.” – Halloween

29. “The power of Christ compels you!” – The Exorcist

30. “Death has come to your little town.” – Halloween

31. “I’m not gonna hurt you. I’m just gonna bash your brains in.” – The Shining

32. “They’re coming to get you, Barbara!” – Night of the Living Dead

33. “You can’t kill the boogeyman.” – Halloween

34. “It’s not the house that’s haunted.” – The Others

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Sunday scaries captions

These are some of the cool Sunday scaries instagram captions:

1. “The cold, clammy hand of fear gripped my heart.”

2. “The darkness seemed alive, and I could hear the evil laughter of the creature lurking in the shadows.”

3. “I’m going to make you wish you were never born as you suffer under my reign of terror.”

4. You will be my victim from this day forward and serve me for eternity and never be able to escape my grasp.”

5. While you sleep, I will creep up on you and make you suffer.”

6. Whatever you do, don’t make me angry. I’ll make you regret it.”

7. “In the dark of night, I will come for you.”

8. There comes a night, you will never wake up from sleep.

9. When the night is dark and full of terrors, she comes to call.”

10. Never sleep again, or you’ll suffer forever.

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Scary clown captions

Here is a list of Scary clown captions for instagram:

1. I look in your window at night and watch you sleep.

2. I don’t always watch you sleep. But when I do you’ll never know.

3. I will be under your bed tonight!

4. A clown enriched knows neither relation nor friend.

5. No laughing matter, no humor to keep me from spilling your secrets.

6. The killer clowns are coming back this year.

7. The best horror movies have the most terrifying masks.

8. Every time the doorbell rings, the children of the house freeze with fear.

9. If you see a clown on Halloween, don’t answer the door.

10. There ‘s something behind you! Maybe it’s a scary looking clown!

11. I laugh while you scream in the dark.

12. You can run, but I’m always lurking.

13. We’re friends forever in your nightmares.

14. I paint my smile with your fears.

15. I’ll haunt your dreams until you’re mine.

16. You can’t escape my twisted circus.

17. I’m the clown under your bed, waiting.

18. We dance as you tremble in the shadows.

19. You’ll float too, with me in your thoughts.

20. I’m the reason you fear the big top.

21. You blink, I’m closer. Blink again.

22. We both know laughter hides the screams.

23. My circus of terror never leaves town.

24. I juggle your nightmares with delight.

25. I’m the carnival nightmare in your life.

26. You laugh, I’ll make you scream tonight.

27. We’re the carnival of horrors you fear.

28. I’m the clown who knows your darkest secrets.

29. You’re my captive audience, always watching.

30. I’m the twisted grin behind your sleepless nights.

31. You’ll never forget the circus of your nightmares.

32. We both wear masks, but mine’s real.

33. I’m the clown that haunts your very soul.

34. You can’t escape the nightmare I am.

35. We’re forever entangled in your twisted dreams.

36. I’m the reason you’ll never sleep peacefully.

37. You can’t outrun the fear I bring.

38. We’re the reason you’re scared of the dark.

39. I’m the clown that never leaves your mind.

40. You laugh, I’ll make sure you never stop screaming.

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Catchy Scary Halloween captions for Instagram

Here are some more catchy scary halloween captions for instagram:

1. The dark world of monsters is where we live.

2. I’m not afraid of death, I’m afraid of the dark that lies ahead.

3. It’s better to be feared than loved.

4. Monsters exist to scare us.

5. Life is a nightmare and then you die.

6. Death is a monster that lurks in the dark.

7. Fear is the death that lives within.

8. The only way out is through.

9. There is no escape from death.

10. Being scared is the only way to survive.

Captions for scary pictures

These are some good captions for scary pictures:

1. Something is coming from the shadow. 

2. The dead are coming back to life. 

3. Somebody’s going to die. 

4. You’re in for a shock. 

5. Beware the beast. 

6. The end is near. 

7. Death is knocking. 

8. You’ll never see it coming. 

9. Don’t look now, but… 

10. The killer is among you.

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