150+ Halloween captions for couples that will make your Instagram pictures go viral

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By: Naveen B

Halloween is a time to be spooky, ghoulish, and sexy all at the same time. It’s the perfect time to show your partner just how much you love them with your followers on Instagram, Tiktok and other social media sites.

For couples, Halloween can be a time to get creative and come up with some funny, suggestive, and downright naughty Halloween captions. 

In this post, I’ve compiled 150+ Halloween couple captions that will make your spooky photos even more special.

Whether you’re dressing up as a sexy vampire or a creepy clown, these funny and sexy Halloween captions for couples will make your pictures go viral. And will make you both laugh.

Maybe even get a little bit hot under the collar. So get these creepy Halloween season costumes ready, grab your partner and plan your Halloween party for the festive spirit.

150+ Halloween captions for couples


Here is a list of Halloween captions for couples:

1. I put a spell on you because you’re mine.

2. Boo to the world!

3. Dare to be spooky!

4. I’ll follow you into the dark – because I love you.

5. Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean we can’t get naughty!


6. Let’s go trick or treating, my love!

7. My heart is filled with love and fright on this halloween!

8. I’m not afraid to be spooky, because I’m in love with you!

9. We’re a team, and Halloween is our time to shine!

10. I’ll always love you, even on Halloween.

11. We’re the cutest couple in Halloweenland!

12. I love you, even though you make me scared.

13. We are the best of friends, and Halloween is our time to show it!

14. We don’t need candy to be happy – we have each other!

15. Our costumes will let everyone know that we’re in this for the long haul!

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Best Halloween couple captions


These are some of the best halloween couple captions for this spooky season:

1. My undead boyfriend is better than yours

2. I’m so glad I picked you as my Halloween partner

3. You’re my perfect Halloween costume

4. Tonight the main food groups are candy, candy, and more candy.

5. Having a boo-tiful time!

6. Wishing you a haunting night.

7. Feeling fa-boo-lous.


8. Our spook-tacular date!

9. My love for you is the stuff of legend.

10. I’m in love with a ghost!

11. Making the most of our frightful night.

12. My boo loves Halloween!

13. Our love does not die easily.

14. Our love is like a haunted house: scary, but amazing.

15. You’re my Halloween spirit guide!

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Cute Halloween captions for couples

Here is a list of Cute couple halloween captions for your posts:

1. My half skull pair.

2. We are two halves of a whole that’s never going to be whole again

3. I’m not saying I’m scared of dying, but I’m scared of living without you

4. I think I’m going to have to put a spell on you to keep you away from my candy.

5. If I could, I’d chain you to the bedpost.

6. Just because I’m undead doesn’t mean I can’t be romantic.

7. Together we are invincible

8. I don’t need light to see in the dark, I need you.

9. You’re like a shadow, always following me.

10. If it weren’t for you, I’d be completely alone.

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Halloween Instagram captions for couples

These are some Halloween captions for instagram couples (Best IG Edition)

1. I’m a living, breathing piece of Halloween.

2. I can’t wait to take you out on a real date, pumpkin.

3. You make me feel like I’m your favorite witch.

4. You haunt my dreams, and I love it.

5. I think I’m in love with a pumpkin.


6. You make my heart feel like it’s pumping pumpkins.

7. I could carve your eyes all day and never get tired of it

8. You are the cutest, spookiest, most delicious pumpkin I’ve ever seen.

9. The only way to beat the Halloween chill is with a cute, cuddly spiders by my side.

10. Would you be my pumpking tonight?

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Cheesy Couple Halloween captions

Here are some more Catchy and Cheesy halloween couple captions:

1. No one ever looked so good as you in a witch suit.

2. I think I’m going to have to keep you captive in my haunted cave.

3. I love being surrounded by all of your pumpkin spice.

4. You make my Halloween costume complete.

5. Would you be my little ghost tonight?

6. I could get lost in your coffin all day.

7. You’re the only thing that makes me feel like Halloween is really worth it.

8. You make me want to be a monster for the day.

9. We’re the perfect match because we both have a dark side!

10. Never have I seen someone as enchanting as you in a costume of any kind.

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Funny Halloween captions for couples

The following is a list of Funny couple halloween captions:

1. Loving each and every scary second with you.

2. Our love is the perfect mix of sweet and scary.

3. Making Halloween all about us!

4. Can’t wait to see what horror comes next with you by my side.

5. My love for you is truly un-deadly.

6. Spending Halloween with you is the best thing ever!

7. I’m so grateful to have you in my life.

8. I can’t wait to spend another Halloween with you.

9. I’m so in love with you, it’s scary.

10. My undead boyfriend is bitter than yours.

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Clever halloween captions for couples

Some clever halloween captions for couples include:

1. We put the creep in creepy couple.

2. Your soul is mine for all of time. 

3. Our love will follow you beyond the grave.

4. Stay close my dear, darkness lurks near.

5. We’ll haunt the night away, my love. 

6. Be mine or else pay the price.

7. Our souls eternally haunted as one. 

8. Till death do us part, then never shall we part.

9. Bound together beyond the veil.

10. You’re mine to keep, eternal sleep.

11. Love bound in blood, never to be undone.

12. Forget life, begin our afterlife. 

13. Beyond the grave, our souls will crave. 

14. You’re the victim, I’m the predator. 

15. Love bites hard under the blood moon.

16. Our souls creep as one through the night.

17. Stay close, my dear, darkness lurks near. 

18. We’ll put a spell on all who come near. 

19. Forget the living, love the dead instead. 

20. Creep and crawl, we answer death’s call.

21. No tricks, just bloody kisses. 

22. Blood red roses for my bloody betrothed. 

23. Beyond the veil our souls combine. 

24. Love sealed in moonlight, bound for all time.

25. Love bites hard on Halloween night. 

26. You’re the corpse I adore, forevermore.

27. Our souls haunt as one through eternity.

28. Bound in blood, together we creep. 

29. Forget life, begin the afterlife. 

30. You’re the ghost I need the most. 

31. We’ll creep the night away, my love.

32. Beyond the grave I’ll crave your embrace.

33. Love bites eternal under the blood moon.

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Good Halloween captions for couples

Here are some of the Good halloween couple captions:

1. I can’t wait to see what scares you next!

2. I’m so glad we met on Halloween!

3. Here’s to a frightfully fun night!

4.  Our love is the stuff of Halloween nightmares!

5. We’re the perfect pair for a scary night!

6. There’s nothing like a good scare with my boo!

7. Happy Halloween from my zombie love!

8. Love is the stuff of Halloween horrors!

9. I’m so glad we’re together on this spooky night!

10. My love for you is the stuff of Halloween dreams!

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Creepy halloween couple captions

These are a few creepy halloween couple captions:

1. “Pair of Gouda ghosts haunting the night.”

2. “We’re the perfect match, like mac ‘n’ cheese.”

3. “Love as sweet as candy corn on Halloween.”

4. “Mummy and Daddy, wrapped in love.”

5. “A wickedly cheesy love story.”

6. “Brewing up love potions, spooky style.”

7. “Two peas in a pumpkin patch.”

8. “Our love is fang-tastic, just like Dracula.”

9. “Cauldron of love, brewing since day one.”

10. “S’more love than we can handle!”

11. “Witchful thinking: love’s magic spell.”

12. “You’re my Boo-tiful other half.”

13. “We’re the cutest pumpkins in the patch.”

14. “Frankly, we’re a monstrously cute couple.”

15. “Creeping it real with my boo.”

16. “Love bites (but not like a vampire)!”

17. “Our love story is un-boo-lievably cheesy.”

18. “Our hearts are a-maize-ing together.”

19. “Love is our favorite kind of treat.”

20. “Candy kisses under the moonlight.”

21. “Fangs for being my forever boo.”

22. “You’re the boo to my crew.”

23. “We’re batty for each other.”

24. “A love spell as cheesy as fondue.”

25. “Two hearts, one Halloween spirit.”

26. “Love that’s spooktacular and cheesy.”

27. “Our love is pumpkin-spiced perfection.”

28. “Witchful thinking: a love potion recipe.”

29. “We’re a match made in Halloween heaven.”

30. “Our love is fang-tastic and grate.”

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Halloween couple caption ideas

These are some best halloween caption ideas for couples for instagram posts:

1. Make your partner feel special by comparing them to something delicious or irresistible.

“You’re like a piece of pumpkin/I could eat you up/Mmm, you’re scrumptious!”

2. Tell your partner how much you appreciate them and how lucky you are to be with them with a halloween twist.

“You are my partner in crime. No matter what cops do to us. We should continue our dirty path.

3. Surprise your partner with a romantic gesture on halloween.

“Happy Halloween, my love! I’ve been waiting all year to do this.”

4. Make a funny or clever halloween costume for your partner.

“I’m going as a sexy pumpkin/I hope you don’t mind/I’ll have you up all night long.”

5. Have a spooky or scary halloween party with your partner.

“The dead are coming to get you. But I’ll be here to save you/Woo, you’ll be scared to death!”

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Couple Halloween picture captions

The following are some couple captions halloween pictures:

1. “Our love is so special, we’re like two pumpkins on Halloween.”

2. The best part of Halloween is spending time with my loved one and trick-or-treating together!

3. “Let’s be brave like witches and go out trick-or-treating!”

4. “This Halloween, my love for you is the best costume of all!”

5. “I love you so much, I’m scared to go trick-or-treating by myself!”

6. “What a beautiful Halloween we’re having together! Thanks for being my pumpkin.”

7. “I love you so much, I can’t wait to see what costumes you come up with for our next Halloween together!”

8. “This Halloween, I am so grateful to have my loved one by my side!”

9. “This Halloween, I am so grateful for our love and happiness!”

10. “I love you more than candy on Halloween!”

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Halloween couple pun captions

Here are some Captions for halloween couples:

1. “When I’m with you, all I feel is Halloween.”

2. “I love Halloween because it’s the only time of the year when I can be naughty without getting in trouble.”

3. “Halloween is my favorite holiday because it’s the only time of the year when I can be naughty without getting in trouble.”

4. “If love were an outfit, I’d dress up for you every day of the year.”

5. “Halloween is my favorite holiday because it’s the only time of the year when I can be naughty without getting in trouble.”

6. The only thing better than Halloween is spending it with you!

7. “My love for you is like Halloween- I never know what’s going to happen!”

8. “Every Halloween, I fall more in love with you.”

9. “Halloween is my favorite holiday because it’s the only time of the year when I can be naughty without getting in trouble.”

10. “I love you more than Halloween!”

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