How to be patience? 9 tips 7 benefits 5 habits to be more patient.

By: Naveen B

How to be patience in life?

Life is completely an inside job. Personal growth is the key to mastering the art of patience.

Self-improvement not just changes your personal life, but it is also the root to improve the life around us. 

If you master how to be patience with yourself, any number of adversities do not have the courage to influence the life inside you.

Like every other trait, patience is a lifelong learning process.

“Being patient with yourself is to being tolerant with the world.” allowing everything that enriches your perception of life is a whole new level of success.

Therefore, developing such a growth mindset is a true mark of patience.

Having said that, before learning how to be more patient with yourself, I have written a few philosophical quotes on patience. Hope they might help you.

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5 Quotes on patience to inspire and make you aware of life.

  • Once if you master the art of patience even the wisdom will become your child. – Naveen Bommakanti
  • Wait is a wise man’s faith. – Naveen Bommakanti
  • To choose patience is choosing to suffer. – Naveen Bommakanti
  • Being patient with yourself is to being tolerant with the world. – Naveen Bommakanti
  • Patience is the act of righteousness irrespective of time. – Naveen Bommakanti

What is patience?

The simple definition of patience as per Wikipedia: Patience is the ability to endure difficult circumstances.

Patience may involve perseverance in the face of delay; tolerance of provocation without responding in disrespect/anger; or forbearance when under strain, especially when faced with longer-term difficulties.

However, in much simpler term in my own understanding, in short, “Patience is the act of righteousness irrespective of the time. 

Proceeding with the same idea about what is patience means

Every journey of a dream begins with the ability to feel the end and drive that desire in the doctrine of consistent persistence.

To act with such passion is the sign of patience. Dreams are not for dreamers, but for patients- There is no dreamer who reached his vision without the wisdom of patience.

6 philosophical Examples of Patience

  • When a man loves a woman but acts to discover himself and waits for the perfect time to propose. One way this is patience. 
  • In order to study and understand a man’s perceptions, A woman takes time to respond. One way this thoughtful act is patience. 
  • Patience is understanding the world for its individuality.
  • Patience is caring, trusting believing in oneself and for the love of all.
  • Patience is predicting the future, analysing the past to live fullest at any given moment of life.
  • Patience is a virtue and the single most sign of possessing greater intelligence and highest wisdom to survive and live the life to its fullest.

Why patience is important?

The importance of patience should be realized in every breath of existence. For all the things in life that we are not certain of, patience is important.

For all the things in life that we are certain of, yet that takes time to achieve, we need patience.

Patience is not just to wait but to act in order to reach the desired destiny. Patience is important if you truly want to improve your life and accept the change even if it is painful to move forward. 

How to learn patience and improve to become patient?

If you think you are ready for how to practice patience, then perhaps in the most difficult moments of your life, you might have already realized that “To choose patience is choosing to suffer.” 

If you do not know how to learn patience, then you must teach yourself how to cultivate patience only then you will be ready for life.

When you are ready for life then you are ready for suffering and the rewards from it. 

Nevertheless, just to wait is a decision to suffer and just to act is a decision to suffer. Though the decision is your choice, suffering is certain for a good reason irrespective of thoughts and actions.

Because growth and change are painful That’s why to have patience is significantly important to deal with day to day life’s sudden changes.

Sometimes we have to remind, our lives are no longer about either what is right and what is wrong or what is good or what is bad. It is about identifying what’s good in the bad thing that happened to you.

And how well you handled the bad and used it as a tool to transform yourself without being consumed by the circumstances. 

No matter how impatiently we wait for the right things to happen to us, we must realize that, “In right you don’t any wrongs, but in wrongs you know what is right and what is wrong.” 

Such understanding about life is the beginning of your transformation.

However, No one will teach us how to be patience, when the uncertainty hits and disturbs our physical and psychological status, by intuitively we respond to the nature and learn, cultivate and develop the patience in every walk of our lives.

In right, you don’t any wrongs, but in wrongs you know what is right and what is wrong.

Naveen Bommakanti.

How To Be More Patient?

9 Effective steps and tips to develop and cultivate how to be more patient and become the master of patience.

1. Be conscious and self-aware

When you know yourself nothing can hurt you. Because when you are aware of yourself, you know what to allow and what to ignore.

According to research by psychologist Sarah Schnitker, self-awareness helps to create an interpersonal patience which leads to have more empathy and well-balanced emotional intelligence in order to understand the people and to deal with any situation.

2. Listen to instincts

The moment you begin listening to your instincts, you feel you are going against the world.

Because entering into the new world that is created by your new thoughts requires time to become familiar and to make it to a daily habit.

A research study published in the European journal of social psychology discovered that it takes 18 to 254 days to create a new habit.

The more you are aware of your thoughts the less it will help you how to be patience.

3. Observe the nature

Paying attention to the surroundings not only help you understand the outside world.

But also it helps you to reflect inside and allows you to open doors to your thinking. Such a way it helps you to be calm and realize the things in a much deeper level.

4. Think logically in tragic moments.

One of the important step to master patience is in the most tragic moments of your life.

Instead of being carried away by the unfortunate things with your emotions, it is wise to think with logic and have patience things will make sense when you are not consumed by them but when you look beyond and above it.

5. Feel and connect to live completely in present.

Sometimes to be patience is to go in a slow pacing environment and make yourself wait.

It’s must especially embrace life and enjoy the life by taking rest and just connect to the one which you admire the most.

A research study published in psychological science learned that to wait for the things makes you happy in the long term.

6. Be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

This sounds like practicing patience right? People who are goal oriented and success mindset often find their comfort zone and make it uncomfortable and later use it for their favour in building successful careers.

So, make decisions based only on your visions. Don’t be influenced by external circumstances. Do what is right for you even it is an uncomfortable feeling.

7. Practice isolation.

Make space for yourself once in a while and analyze everything that’s happening to you.

Think how you are reacting and respond to the events. Whatever you are doing now, works for the long run and do they align with your goals and values to make your life easier and peaceful.

These moments of isolation give you a pretty good understanding and how much patience you have to move forward.

8. Cultivate silence to master patience.

Plan some days to be numb with no thinking and no feelings, but just be, as you care nothing but yourself. Silence makes you too spiritual to become a true human being.

Spending moments with yourself are the only quality times in your life. They trigger new ideas, and you have much time to improve patience naturally as well as to focus on the life that matters to you.

9. Endure pain and change instead of avoiding.

When things turn you down, it’s natural to get disappointed, feel anger and lose faith in yourself.

Instead of hitting your head with pseudo fears and prone to various mental illness,  next time any failures, rejections or misunderstandings will not upset or bother your peaceful mind.

This tip will cultivate more patience with everything that happens for all reasons.

How patient are you?

If you want to become aware of life and understand yourself much better, test your patience with this patience test quiz:

5 interesting signs and habits of a patient person will surprise you.

  • Embrace suffering: A patient person embraces suffering. Because he or she knows pain adds weight to their emotions. Thus, it helps them grow naturally without any efforts once they get used to uncertainties.
  • Extreme empathy: Patient people have extreme level of empathy towards people. They are very sensitive towards nature and understand everything about the world. And they balance their emotional state as they possess inherently possess high emotional intelligence.
  • Being Tolerant. As Patience people read the emotional state of others, they are extremely aware of others motives and acts Which is why it is more easy to be tolerant with others. Sometimes they tolerate in such a way that they sacrifice their own happiness.
  • Works hard and never gives up: A patient person is single-minded and sees beyond anyone could never imagine. Their level of intelligence allow them to strive hard as they have that intuitive feeling something will work successfully even they have no proof to prove.
  • Purposeful and acts to change the world. Patience people are self-conscious. So, in early stages of their lives they figure out their goals and ambitions. And completely dedicate their lives to show their gifts with a purpose and to impact the world with their thoughts, words and actions.

7 Benefits of patience that help you improve patience.

  • People with patience see the world with a unique perspective that truly makes them different from the rest.
  • Having Patience in life help to lead a successful family, love, friendship and any social relationships.
  • Once you master how to be patience, success or failure doesn’t matter to you. You just realize it’s part of the journey.
  • In times of life’s hardships, It will be easy to move on for the patient people as they were got used to the pain.
  • Patient people are extremely matured, possess wisdom, and they live beyond their age as they are old souls.
  • Cultivating patience benefits to be more calm, peaceful, happy and harmonious in personal and professional life.
  • People who learned how to be more patient with themselves will be looking attracted to other people and will be more trusted by others.

Books on patience and anger for a peaceful life

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A small book on a big problem: Meditations on anger, patience and peace.

Waiting By Kevin Henkes

Summarizing the 9 steps to developing patience.

1. Be conscious and self-aware

2. Listen to your instincts.

3. Observe the nature.

4. Think logically in tragic moments.

5. Feel and connect to live completely in present.

6. Be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

7. Practice isolation.

8. Cultivate silence to master patience.

9. Endure Pain and change instead of avoiding.

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