How to change your life completely? 7 steps for success to achieve your goals.

How to change your life?

In order to change your life completely this year, follow these rules for success.

Ultimate 7 steps for success and a meaningful life

These bonus questions will be answered with a detailed plan for success

  • 1. How to figure out myself and what does it mean?​
  • 2. How to know that I am ready?
  • 3. How to find what I want in my life?
  • 4. What is the ultimate purpose according to you?
  • 5. How to find my passion?

All the tips, tricks, secrets, and life-changing powerful thoughts are completely my original ideas and understandings, observations, and opinions which I experienced personally in life. 

I genuinely recommend you to read the complete guide with utmost sincerity and make use of my insights for good cause.

By the end, you will leave with a new awareness and as a different person with a little smart brain.

Get ready to read and discover your inspiration.

Let’s begin to change your life and achieve your goals with these 7 plans for success.

In everyone’s life there comes a time, when everything doesn’t seem right. A new realization takes birth to itself, along with it, heavy responsibilities come into play. 

You do everything that ever possible to make everything on a track but something holds you back.

There is something bothering your mind. This is not your way an inner voice screams to help you but you almost ignore it each time and don’t know how to respond to it. 


Didn’t know how to follow your heart, even after you realize that you are much more capable of what you are now.

You have great desires, noble pursuits, and extremely high dreams to achieve.

Sometimes you wish, you would sweat your blood to reach your destination if you had a perfect mentor or guide who understands your inner conscience.

And help you to show the path to your heart and support in your journey to achieve freedom of life.

You are desperately desiring for a change, when you say you want to change your life, it means you want to control everything that happens within you and channel your power to achieve the life you desire.

 No matter in whatever the way you want to change your life, it may be physically, mentally, materially, or psychologically.

You have the capability to do anything and everything if you train, sharp, and master your mind tools. 

I am happy at least you realized that you want to upgrade your lifestyle by allowing conscious changes to your life.

Because Change is life’s only objective. With or without the influence of an instinct, change is the only force that drives existence.

With or without the influence of one’s instinct, change is the only force that drives our existence.

Naveen Bommakanti.

I am going to write a few of my thoughts in the form of a list. They are practically applicable and actionable if you create a will to act and do some effort with dedication. 

For sure, you will become the creator of your life. It’s simple and difficult too, but not impossible.

Focus on these powerful and effective unique life hacks, if you are really serious to change your life forever.

 NOTE: The ancient Chinese proverb “Empty your cup.” is a powerful reminder for every seeker on the path to wisdom.

 When you begin anything just remove everything that brings a burden to your soul: Doubts, confusions, fears, opinions, misunderstandings, negativity, judgments just empty your mind. Let’s start fresh with new rays.


Achieve clarity first to change your life, it is the vision of your destiny.

How to achieve your goals?

For that follow these 7 keys to success:

Step 1 to change your life: “Be Yourself.”

Naveen! Can you explain it to me in a detailed way?

Okay, when you have come to the stage of thinking about changing your life, you have started using your intelligence, whatever you do other than your intuition desires, results in the disturbance of your inner life and outer world.

So, with great courage forcefully you stopped the unconscious life a while which is happening to you, instead, you want to take charge and create a new path that is vaguely cluttering your mind. 

You desperately desired to transcend into reality. With great decisions, great burdens surround one’s heart. You are worried about your existence, family, dreams, and destiny.

That is why now is the time, you need to be yourself to take a break and realize everything you wish for. 

Self realization is the beginning of life and end of one’s misery.

Naveen Bommakanti.

Self-realization is the beginning of life and the end of one’s misery. It is important to spend time with yourself analyzing from past to present and future.

 Visualize to attain clarity. Then give a conclusion to understand everything about yourself, before choosing a permanent holiday in the pursuit of your dream to change your life completely.

 Always remember this, choosing the life you want is not at all taking a risk. It is knowing yourself and when you knew yourself, nothing matters anymore.

The reality of the world and the responsibilities on your shoulders
suppress you to choose whatever the opportunities come on your way but you have
to realize the difference between

i) Choosing the opportunities that have to do nothing with your integrity, and the satisfaction of your soul.

ii) Choosing the life to create opportunities, which exactly resonate with your ultimate goal.

 If you are confused, about which one to choose, I suggest you go for the second.
Because that’s where the treasure lies.

Choosing the life you want is not at all taking the risk, it is knowing yourself. And when you knew yourself, nothing matters anymore.

Naveen Bommakanti.


How to figure out my life?

Discovering yourself is the only key to figuring out your life. which is nothing but knowing your strengths and weaknesses. In awareness of your vulnerabilities, fears, beauty, courage, and madness. 

Explore all these and nurture them, because emotions play an important role in whatever you do in life. So, it’s your turn to sync them with your aspirations to support you in this noble path.

Discovering yourself is the only key to figure out your life. Discovering yourself is nothing but knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

Naveen Bommakanti.

How to know that I am ready for life and to take responsibility?

Life is constant change, learning and evolving to the unknown possibilities.

The more you become conscious, the better you feel the life and there is no greater pleasure than feeling everything in silence. That is true wisdom.

So, keep learning and evolving my friend. You will never be ready until it becomes a natural process.

The more you become conscious, the better you feel the life and there is no greater pleasure than feeling everything in silence.

Naveen Bommakanti.

How to find my purpose?

 To answer that question accurately, there is no permanent purpose in life, even the main goal you think is not the ultimate one. Even the purpose of my article is also the same, it’s about change and making you realize life.

 As you constantly upgrade your way of thinking and are open to new perspectives, the world evolves into new dimensions, things automatically change, goals change, purposes change, and the destinies too.

 However, your main goal is the path to the ultimate purpose. So when you are on the right path you feel it in every moment you breathe. So embrace it to inspire the world.


What is the ultimate purpose according to you?

That’s a brilliant question, you genius!

To answer your question, perhaps I would say, it’s the “Death.” Yes, that’s where life is leading us, that’s why I am guiding you to choose the right path. A profound one, a significant life that acquires love and peace to die with a legacy.

How to find my passion?

The simple life hack I can give, you to find your passion –

Find your most comfort zone, make it uncomfortable, teach discipline to it and pour your life, day and night into it.

And keep going. That’s how your passion is born and keeps burning by realizing its purpose.

If you want to find your passion, I have written an inspirational post you can How to find your passion?

That’s perfect, Naveen! But, can you elaborate on that particular point?

Okay, sure.

I will make it simple for you by taking the best example:

For example, if you consider me: I am naturally good at intuitive feeling. Yes, feeling the emotions of the world, their thoughts, minds, desires, pain, and pleasure.

I am a self-aware person. It requires a lot of self-work to realize everything.

I am also naturally good at writing, drawing, thinking, understanding, analyzing, and decision-making, the psychology of judgment, caring, protecting, and some creative stuff. 

Basically, I am a computer science graduate in artificial intelligence and robotics.

I can make a good living in whatever field I choose to work in, but you have to master one particular skill which is significant to you and become the supreme in that particular creation.

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I chose to become a writer instead of an engineer (though I am very much passionate about science and technology).

Because I realized that the world is rushing more than ever, especially in the advancement of technological inventions.

I personally feel it is the time to slow down and look back to analyze and fix what has already broken.

Technology can save us from extinction. However, in the first place, it is the only reason that causes that situation.

I Chose storytelling because it is powerful, you can change the world with your thoughts.

More than anything, right now the world needs psychological innovations, not technological advancement. 

The world is terribly in need of strong minds, visionary minds, empathetic hearts, and wise souls to guide the world to bring them into consciousness and make them realize their ignorance. 

I realized that the world does not need material success, it requires harmony and a peaceful world to live in.

What path should I take in life?

Choose something that you are naturally good at and as well as the world would make use of your skill so that you can contribute your part and make a difference on this planet.

 Don’t take anything for granted by thinking there is only one passion. As I previously mentioned you may be good at all, but it is all about how well you transcend them to the application. 

In a simple way what I want to say is just work, put effort even your life into it. That’s how you create history. However, if you have time, patience, and energy you can be a master at everything. success demands efforts, as simple as that.

If you want to improve your life by making better choices and good decisions, I wrote a detailed inspiring blog post. You can read, how to improve your life and make good decisions?

If you didn’t find your passion means, you are not paying attention to anything. Sometimes passion turns out to be the one that you least expected. 

It’s all about time, attention, research, exploring, loving, and embracing with all your senses. You don’t feel it as work anymore, you will just love to keep doing it. You won’t expect anything out of it. Because it is the only thing that makes you feel alive.

Step 2 to change your life: “Eliminate distractions”

You gathered yourself together, I guided you to find your passion and realize the ultimate purpose.

Now is the time to eliminate unnecessary material possessions, and remove people from your life who constantly hurt you knowingly or unknowingly.

 Choose only who makes you feel you are with the right company, minimize your connections with people for a certain period, if you feel uncomfortable you can shut them permanently. 

Yes, sometimes it hurts for no reason because we care, we are gentle humans.

Sacrification is the difficult part of life, you have to learn to bear it, to make yourself safe, and focus truly on what matters to you.

For more information on Eliminate distractions and how things get done?

Step 3 to change your life: “Master the mind.”

The hardest part is mastering the mind, it is the secret source of everything to realize and achieve.

It’s true you can become everything you wish for if you know your mind completely. I wrote an uplifting blog post on mastering your mind.

 However, I will suggest to you what to focus on

No matter in whatever the way you want to change your life, it may be physically, mentally, materially, or psychologically.

You have the capability to do anything and everything if you train, sharp, and master your mind tools. 

My Personal Insights to master your mind:

1. Intuition is the inner supreme god, pay attention to it.

2. Stay alone.

3. Listen to your thoughts.

4. Write down every thought you think.

Make a habit of keeping a journal and keep writing to yourself. It’s an effective way to know yourself. because you can read them whenever you want to.

5. Analyze your past and learn from it.

6. Accept challenges.

7. Adapt to change.

Never ignore your feelings. Emotional intelligence is essential to survive in the world full of intellectuals.

Step 4 to change your life: “Seek”

Gather information, knowledge, and wisdom of the greatest people related to your passion and the path you chose.

Choose only those whom you think can make an impact on you and help you to explore deep into that particular subject, the source may be books, the internet, personal mentors, or the very nature we live in.

In my opinion, the one whom nature has given him complete wisdom is the most blessed person.

Step 5 to change your life: “Action”

We have come so far. If you are still with me, I appreciate your passionate blood. 

We have covered realizing your dream, finding yourself, eliminating unnecessary possessions, the secret of your mind, and exploring wisdom. 

You have gathered all the weapons which are required to begin the battle. The real work starts here..!

Now, you possess everything you need to get, what you want but the main thing depends on focus and your incredible efforts to work. Make yourself completely immersed in the dirt.

Start from scratch to create a world of your own, research as much as you can, until you feel you are the master of that field and keep deadlines to inspire you. Find ways to outreach them.

One step at a time. Don’t rush just allow your instincts to guide you. I am sure they will lead you to your world.

It is daunting sometimes, you feel you are not moving anymore or are just stuck some days you won’t be productive, and other days your creativity flows with light speed. 

What you need to master is to focus and eliminate all the distractions, and seek help if necessary. Some works you can’t do alone, create a trustworthy team to build your dream and help each other. Inspire one another, grow by lifting others and keep one thing in mind: Just don’t give up. Focus on truly what matters the most.

Step 6 to change your life: “Balance”

There is no point in the whole process if you ignore the fundamentals, and take care of your physical health while following all the above steps to change your life. Train your body, mind, and soul to be healthy. 

Give time to your most beloveds, who stayed with you, inspired in your every low and high, who suffered along with you to make you shine and rise. 

Finally, remind yourself to embrace the process while changing your life forever by implementing all these effective thoughts to achieve your destiny.

Step 7 to change your life: “Celebrate Success”

After working day and night with complete dedication for 6 months to 1 year you realize the change has begun. Your passion drives you to achieve your destiny. Soon or later you experience freedom. 

You taste the reward. Just be persistent, dedicated, humble most importantly love, love, love. Keep loving, bring peace and harmony, and to the world.

Enjoy Life to its utmost, my beautiful human. Life is beautiful.

Final word, you need to accept everything genuinely. “Growth is slow. If not, life concludes its process. 

Just flow naturally in consciousness, every path you take, makes sense to you and adds only absolute wisdom to your life.”


Sharing is caring, If you feel my words can change you and the world, I appreciate if you share my article of thoughts and inspire our fellow beings too. Everyone deserves a beautifully peaceful happy life

My personal request to you: Don’t hurt anyone with rudeness, if the most beloved people in your life fail to understand and recognize your vision. Bring courage to yourself to help them by discussing your values and aspirations. 

Some people don’t understand, it is just like life is lonely, you only know yourself. So, it’s okay but clear the miscommunication and misunderstanding.

 After all, whatever we are doing is only to see the happiness in the eyes of our loved ones.


Anyone can become great. It’s a matter of thought, effort and time.

Naveen Bommakanti.

Good luck with all the efforts you put to figure out your little world and bring everything into order.

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