How to calm down: A guide to calm anxiety and tips to relax your mind


As we’re all social beings, in every walk of our lives we all have to deal with different people in different situations. Not every time things favour us, which ultimately leads to many anxiety issues. 

In such stressful situations we have no idea how to calm down and how to calm anxiety though we know ‘peace’ is the only solution. Yet, we utterly fail in figuring out how to relax.

Sometimes, we feel that we do nothing wrong as per our beliefs and values. still, people take us for granted and judge cruelly without understanding the story from our side. These anxious situations make us feel insecure, and we do not know how to deal with those insecurities too.

More than anything, very often during difficult situations, not other people, but we make ourselves feel uncomfortable as if it is the end of the world and caught up in our own heads. 

That’s completely normal for highly sensitive people, especially those who are perfectionists and who take things very personal.

Having said that, every personality trait has its downsides.  And all the insecurities of physical, emotional and sexual abuses lead to common serious mental health issues, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Panic Attacks
  • Stress
  • Fear
  • Nervousness
  • Pressure
  • Eating disorders
  • Bipolar disorders etc.,

How to calm down?


The simple solution to calm down in the moments of uncertainty and challenging times is, to come to your senses and see the things, the way they actually are instead of over-assuming. Make yourself relaxed, free your body in unaffected position and breathe with confidence and talk to yourself that everything is in your control and this is not the end of the world. 

However, that’s easier said than to apply in real life. For that reason, practising a few actionable strategies and techniques to calm your mind can help you to deal any anxious situations.  

Here is the complete guide on how to calm anxiety when you are angry, stressed or depressed. Apply these practical ways and tips to feel more relaxed and overcome your panic attacks with ease.

7 Strategies to calm down

Follow these step-by-step strategies to calm down your mind and stay relaxed all the time.

1. Find your triggers:

When you know what causes you to trigger your anxiety and panic attacks, it becomes less difficult to deal with depression, anger and nervousness. 

Mostly, you fail to realize your pain points when your mind is filled with a burden of fears and insecurities. So, for an instant realization just try to slow down your thought process and –

Ask these questions to identify your triggers of anxiety and stress. They will definitely help you to figure out your issue:

  • Why am I not being myself?
  • Why this situation is creating anxiety (anger, stress, depression) in me?
  •  Is it my self-consciousness?
  • Is it my own vulnerability?
  • Am I being controlled?
  • Is someone taking advantage of me?
  • Am I feeling lonely?
  • Is it fear of uncertainty?

2. Analyse your situation:

Remind yourself that you are not alone even if you feel so lonely. They are just your own thoughts of depression tricking you by taking advantage of your fear of uncertainty. Distract yourself from your own thoughts and get into your moments. Then you will see the situation as it is.

3. Recognize the root issue:

Except some of life’s inevitable natural causes, the rest of our human suffering is being created by our own delusions and presumptions. Instead of just being always in your head, stop thinking for a while and recognize the root issue with a fresh perspective.

Most of the time the root issue is nothing but ‘you’ itself.

4. Manage your Emotions:

After asking the right questions; analysing your situation; and figuring out the root issue – You will come to a level of awareness. Which will make you feel completely overwhelmed, weak and sensitive towards the problem. This is due to your extreme empathy. So, it’s obvious that anxiety and panic attacks will take control over you. That’s why instead of worrying, balance your emotions with appropriate thoughts.

5. Use your thoughts(logic) to create an optimistic solution:

Whenever you stuck in difficult situations and not aware of how to calm down from anxiety, a quick solution is to shut down your feelings and use your logic instead. This strategy helps you not to get attached too much to a person or thing or the issue itself. Then you will have a clear mindset to think of the best possible solution.

6. Accept the challenging times:

The best times are those which are difficult to deal. Because they are the uninvited opportunities to help you grow as an individual. Appreciate the time you have been given, stand up for yourself, accept the every challenge that comes in your way and evolve into a better human.

7. Adapt with the changes:

Even if things doesn’t go as per your plans or expectations, that is absolutely fine. We humans are being designed to adapt with the changes of nature. Whether you accept to the laws of nature or not – without your realization you open yourself to life and flow with the time.

 Having said that, just remember, with each hardship you become closer to yourself. 

Be curious about learning. You enter into the new beginnings that have many more opportunities and possibilities of magic and wonder. Cheer yourself up, no one can do that for you except your higher self. Open, learn, adjust and adapt. Then all the best things will attract towards you.

5. Techniques to calm down from stress, anxiety and relax from all other mental illnesses


There is no need to make yourself complicated by creating the baggage of mental health issues, when your body and mind itself are packed with powers. If you use your faculties in the right way everything can be healed by themselves.

Follow these evidence based techniques to calm down yourself with ease and natural efforts:

1. Diaphragmatic breathing

2. Progressive muscle relaxation

3. Emotional freedom Technique

4. Transcendental meditation

5. Guided Imagery:

10 Ways to calm down from stressful situations


1. Focus on your breathing

2. Practice optimistic Thoughts

3. Visualize yourself in calmness

4. Shift your focus

5. Take a break and give yourself alone time

6. Listen to music

7. Seek Help

8. Write down your feelings

9. Work on your body to relax

10. Allow things to happen naturally

9 Tips to calm down

  • Let go of controlling everything: You cannot do anything of the situations which are out of your control and that’s good for some reason. Just do what is in your power and make yourself to stay calm.
  • Avoid repetitive thoughts: Come out of your head for a moment by stopping negative over-thinking and see clearly with a fresh perspective. Within a while you see no problem at all. The problem is just your thoughts. So change them to be calm.
  • Realize your motives: This situation is not the end of the world, still you are breathing and everything is in your control. Just realize your motives, if your intentions and goals are good, then you don’t need to feel anxious, stressed or scared of anything. This realization helps you to calm down in every situation.
  • Trust the journey: Understand that every challenging situation bring closer to yourself. You will learn, evolve and become a new version of yourself. Have the willingness to trust the journey, nothing will disturb the status of your peaceful soul.
  • Talk to yourself as an advisor: No one can help you better than your own awareness about yourself. Learn to self-talk and advise yourself with what if questions. If you do not know how to calm down, asking the right questions will help you to relax in any stressed scenarios.
  • Be contented in life: Whether situations turn in your favour or against, anyway you will grow intellectually so deep, psychologically more compassionate and spiritually conscious about life. Everything that happens is better for your personal development. Just be contented with what you possess without many expectations. This will surely help you to calm your anxiety.
  • Prepare yourself for the worse: Just be ready for worse outcomes and prepare yourself to fight every struggle. Developing this attitude from the beginning itself will help you to be calm in any situation irrespective of the outcomes.
  • Practice meditation: This single most effective way to make yourself more aware and calm down during depressed, anger and nervous times is practicing meditation. Thought it takes time to develop the right kind of meditation techniques, but your efforts will worth it at the end.
How to calm down: A guide to calm anxiety and tips to relax your mind

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