10 Genuine empathy tips on how to make someone feel better in different situations

By: Naveen B

All the things that ever happened to us – The good; and the bad; and the ugly – whether we consciously allowed it or not.

Everything that we ever experienced in life led us to this very moment. A strange force that we may never realize, guiding us to pass all the trials in our journey and be content with this life.

Irrespective of the difficulties you, me, and each of us is going through. One thing we all should be grateful for is that we are still perfectly alive.

Under any condition, either you or your friends or your close loved ones ex you don’t know what to say to someone who is depressed.

Follow these tips and cheer them up by making their mood and day beautiful with your warmth and genuine care and love. Show them that you are with them in their thick and thin days. Even remind yourself.

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How to make someone feel better?


10 Genuine things to say to make someone feel better (Even yourself)

1. Never give up on yourself. History shows that, life has a special way to surprise people with great souls and sincere efforts.

2. I see great potential in you. You are not for everyone but for those who witness the beauty in you. I genuinely in believe in you as much as you have faith in yourself.

3. What we see around us is a reflection of ourselves. The more beauty within, the more beauty around. So, be yourself my friend irrespective of the environment.

4. Everything shall pass. The bright and the dark events. Life has never been easy and don’t ever expect it to be. But, prepare yourself to become gently sharp and wildly calm just to defend yourself.

5. You are never alone. We are all in this together. I do feel lost and stuck. But anyway I push myself and never allow my negative thoughts to control my life. Be free to open up. You will feel much better when you share it.

6. Don’t feel sorry for being sad. Feel as deep as you can. The more sensitive we are, the greater understanding and powerful connection we possess for everything we care.

7. If you face any choice, be careful. Do not choose whatever is comfortable. But choose what you believe to do, regardless of the consequences. Difficult paths always lead to beautiful destinations.

8. Sometimes you just need to destroy yourself completely to realize your ignorance and rise again with new perception about life. Therefore, embrace these dark times to understand yourself. Everything makes sense, when you become yourself again.

9. The best moment of your life will be that when you realize, your life belongs only to you. Life is a gift. So, be grateful for still breathing, for being healthy and alive.

10. When you don’t get what you wanted. It’s okay accept it and move on to the chapter without being harsh to yourself. We have one and only one life. So, make use of yourself to accomplish whatever you dream in this very life.

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