How to deal with someone who hurt you emotionally?

How to deal with someone who hurt you emotionally?

Last updated on May 7th, 2021 at 07:01 am

We are not perfect humans.  Frequently, without even realizing we all hurt each other. Sometimes we get hurt by our own thoughts emotionally and psychologically as well. 

Most often we do not concern with each little detail in our lives, either in relationships or in person. We overlook and be insensitive to the moments. We become ignorant to the present actions and their consequence. That’s part of human subconsciousness. Which is why we suffer. Though all the suffering which experience is not bad in terms of psychological growth.

Dealing with such situations depends upon an individual’s temperaments, life experiences and awareness of own.

So, how to deal with emotions, pain and suffering irrespective of the situations? What to say when someone hurts your feelings? and What to do when someone hurts your feelings? 

Let’s try to find the optimal solutions for such emotional outbreaks and prevent it from happening ever again to control us.

How to deal with someone who hurt you emotionally?


The first thing you should do is to reflect rather than reacting to any negative emotional situation. Secondly, recognize what influenced someone to hurt you. If the problem is you itself, then try to figure out your flaws and improve your emotional connection with that person to resolve the conflict

Otherwise, if that person is unhealthy, analyze the toxic behaviours of him or her. If you really care for them and want to continue the relationship, help them to realize their ignorance. Even if that doesn’t help them to change their approach to treat you well the way you deserved, then take some time alone and space for yourself to bounce back from the emotional pain and move on and just be peaceful.

Let’s discuss the situation of how to deal with someone who hurt you emotionally in detail, with the questions.

What to say to someone who is hurting emotionally?

Definitely it’s hard and heartbreaking to face conflicts with people. Especially, we do not know what to do when you are hurt by someone you love. For the time being we can avoid the issue. However, that’s only a temporary fix. If we do not act right then, it will consume us from within and the misunderstandings will grow and create different problems. Therefore, the best obvious solution is the clear communication between each other.

So, what to say to someone who is hurting emotionally?

Ask questions that would make them question about themselves.

Questions like –

What are your intentions behind hurting me?

Do you really mean to hurt me or is it an accidental outrageous anger?

What Can I do to fix this issue, if at all my actions made you hurt?

Do you have any solutions to clear this conflict?

Do you think we need to solve or go in separate ways?

This kind of questions will convey him that you truly care for him and do anything to solve the conflicts. 

Here my tip is – If you communicate the conflicts in terms of statements, only more arguments will arise and misunderstanding and rage grows. so, asking the powerful questions will make them analyze the situation by their own. 

Don’t force any relationship situation. Just give a time for them to realize their own mistakes. But just help them to do that, if you clearly see the situation from both perspectives.

In order to stop those negative emotional pain situations forever, follow these tips.

How do you stop letting someone hurt you?

During negative situations or when someone hurt you, allow the emotional pain to guide you to gain strength. When you have enough experience with the suffering, eventually, you will come to a stage, involuntarily you do not react to any situations that make you feel low.

 Instead, you will be able to see the situation from the rational mind’s perspective. This will help you stop letting someone hurt you ever again. 

Emotionally broken people often resurrect with much powerful personality and insights into every human they interact with. Just because of their negative or traumatic experiences, they always become better at understanding the existence exclusively humans and their behaviours. 

This approach develops a certain level of empathy in them towards other people. That’s the true inspiration behind going through suffering and allowing pain. 

Just be aware of your thoughts and clear with your intentions. In such a way, no one control you with their dishonesty and decisive plans. Just be as persuasive as you can. Try your best to understand humans, fix what you can and continue to learn, evolve and live in this world with harmony and peace.

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