375 Deep (Intellectually challenging) thought provoking questions you’ll ever read

375 Deep (Intellectually challenging) thought provoking questions you’ll ever read

Last updated on May 21st, 2021 at 06:13 pm

Thought Provoking Questions

Here I wrote a  list of most Critical and deeply insightful thought provoking questions. If you like anyone of these philosophical questions. Share your views in the comments.

  • What kind of ignorant thinks that money is powerful?
  • How sick is society?
  • Why is foolish people ruling the world and good humans seeking silence?
  • Is there anything greater than kindness?
  • What is human soul made of and how to witness it?
  • Why do great thinkers prefer to say alone?
  • Do thought provoking questions make you intense and help you to find depth inside you?
  • Do one needs to follow his heart or mind?
  • Where do human thoughts come from philosophically?
  • Is intuition the source of everything?
  • How can a man turns impossible possible?
  • Are we too much for this life?
  • Why cosmos is expanding?
  • How can two strangers love each other so badly and ready to die? Is that madness or Humanness?
  • What do you see when you look deeply into the person’s eyes?
  • Why so many innocent people are suffering around the world? 
  • Is our birth a god’s mistake? By the way who is that so-called god really?

Questions that make you think

I put my entire mind to think as deeply as I can and wrote these questions that make you think. Hopefully these list of thought provoking questions inspire you and make you realize something about life.

  • What is more important – logic or reason or an emotion?
  • What do you wish for on the last day of your life?
  • If you had a chance to live twice, what kind of life you would live? So, think this as your your second life and begin to live from this moment.  
  • Can you live your entire life without the touch of a woman or a man? Why not?
  • What are you seeking?
  • What is leading you?
  • Have you ever realized that no one knows who you truly are, not even yourself?
  • What a life can become without interpretation of itself?
  • How long do you wish to live?
  • If you had a chance to stay forever as a kid do you want it or love to grow old and die?
  • What makes you who you are and who you are going to be?
  • Can you empathize yourself and put yourself in the place of deaf, blind, numb and live the same way? What did you realize just by such that of unfair life?
  • If you are born in the world of no living creatures, what you would become?

Deep thought questions

Here are the list of deep thought provoking questions you may love. If you had any answers for these kindly let me know in the comments.

  • Why are animals intelligent than humans, at least as per my interpretation?
  • Is there any other source of existence other than this cosmos?
  • Why am I not made for this society?
  • When do life comes to its existential stage?
  • What happens if all sorts of masters and the greatest humans of all time left in the fresh giant world and allow them to live forever?
  • Is there any other side to the atmosphere that humans do not have the capacity to witness?
  • What if everything and nothing meet in void?
  • Why we can see so much potential in one person and barely realize that within ourselves?
  • What happens if money is not the instrument of change? Can anyone create a better value for life?
  • Have you discovered your identity?


Funny thought provoking questions

  • If we are going to die anyway, why did we born?
  • If money doesn’t grow on trees, then why do banks have branches?
  • Have you ever thought of why you cry in sadness and in happiness too?
  • If you hit yourself and that hurts, Are you strong or weak?
  • Many have seen the apple falling but why did only newton questioned it?
  • If a king farts, is that noble gas?
  • Why are boxing rings are called boxing rings, while they are in square shape?
  • Why do we bake cookies and cook bacon?
  • If the fountain of youth makes you live forever, what if you drown in it?
  • If you say “Oh my god” does god says “Oh my self?”
  • Is there any other word for “synonym”?

Thought provoking questions about life

  • Does provoking questions make us more deep in life?
  • When do humans come to their senses?
  • Why life seems so simple yet complicated to deal with?
  • What if suddenly life cease to breathe?
  • Is living a waste of time, if whole world spend their whole life searching for purpose and happiness when there is no such thing exists at all?
  • How to find the depth of life?
  • Are we all feeling lonely in this life?
  • Why do people want to feel good about themselves all the time?
  • What is the philosophy of life?
  • Can we brainwash our own lives?
  • Why there is so much suffering in life?


Thought provoking questions about love

  • Do we all connected and attached to each other? If so, is it life or love?
  • Is dying for each other, is really a true love?
  • If there is such thing as true love, why does no one ever reveal it’s existence?
  • Why do people think life is all about love?
  • Who is the most loved woman in this world?
  • Why only men build monuments for women as a sign of love but why not women for their men?
  • If love is the goal, then why there so much war and hate in this world?
  • Can love happens without feelings and emotions and connection?
  • What kind of love do animals express?
  • Why only two people fall in love when there is whole world around them?
  • Do you still believe in love when you were betrayed by the people for your whole life?

Questions that make you think hard

  • Are we all going to die for sure?
  • Is there any single man or woman who has been living since forever but we do not have any idea who he or she?
  • Why do men have penis and woman has vagina?
  • Does gender represents identity? 
  • Who are you?
  • If successful people succeeded, still what are they fighting for?
  • Do peace and harmony is just a myth of humanity?
  • Why you and me never met, Do you think we both shall meet in future?
  • If aliens exist, what aren’t they living on earth?
  • What would have happen if internet was invented?
  • If you were not born to your mother, who would have been taken your place?
  • If all that wasted masturbation semen used to produce babies what would this world turn into?

Thought provoking questions for couples

  • What if the love between couples suddenly fade?
  • If one of the partners lose their memory, could they love each other same way?
  • What is the most tragic love story you have ever read or experienced in life?
  • Can you love and hate a person at the same time?
  • Why do couple divorce, when they promised to live together forever?
  • How does an happy family looks like?
  • Can a person’s love bring back the life of their partner, if they died suddenly?
  • How many children in the world are truly born to their partners?
  • How to know without any tests, that a child is born to only one partner?
  • What is the only goal of the parents for their children?
  • What is your perception about the sexual relationship between parent and son or daughter?


Thought provoking questions about diversity

  • Why unity in diversity is so difficult to achieve and maintain?
  • Does diversity provokes racism?
  • If there is diversity, do the world becomes a terrible place to live because of boredom?
  • What is the purpose of diversity when there is only few in the world respect it?
  • Is diversity aligns with values, morals and ethics or simply color, interests and birthplace?
  • How does your ideal diversity looks like?
  • What makes you think that you belong to certain religion, culture or creed? What if you simply do not belong to anything or anyone?
  • How to eradicate the diversity issues in the world especially where you work?
  • What kind of monster lives in the world full of hate, racism, misjudgment, war and ignorance?
  • What if men and women and children and old and the gods and the devils do not deserve a place in this earth?


Thought provoking questions for kids

  • What you do not want to become when you grow old?
  • What moment in your life did you first realize you’re not a kid anymore?
  • Do you think your parents are rising you as they should be?
  • What kind of faults you see in the world, how do you address them and do you have any clear plans to eradicate them?
  • Why are you going to school and how would it benefit you?
  • If you don’t like to go to school, what ideas are there in your mind? Are they better than the present system?
  • What do you think and act when you see a kid who is same age as you on the streets and begging for food? 
  • Who do you think are more toxic in your family? 
  • How often you lie to yourself? And why do you do that?
  • What is the most powerful thing in this world?
  • What you cannot live without?
  • What are you most connected to?
  • What are your future goals? 
  • Whatever you learning and doing in school, is it because in the aim to earn money? If not, then what are you seeking?

Deep thought provoking questions

  • Is death a doorway to another life?
  • Why do we feel terrified of darkness?
  • Is there anything that mankind understands completely?
  • Where do we go after we fall asleep?
  • Have you ever felt that someone is observing you all the time?
  • Is depression comes only to a beautiful hearted people?
  • Can you live your whole life without being in contact with anyone?
  • What is that most scares you when you are alone?
  • How do you describe yourself in a single word?
  • What is what? Where is where? How about how? Why is it why?

Thought provoking questions to ask on a date

  • What makes love significant than any other emotion?
  • How do you measure love?
  • Can you prove that you love me more than I love you?
  • Do you think dating is terrible idea for modern love?
  • What’s your true intention behind today’s date? 
  • What are the dating questions you are afraid of asking me?
  • Don’t you think dating is the least way of true love?
  • If love at first sight really true, would you marry that person without dating, testing, and knowing nothing about that person?
  • Would you marry a person with no feelings?
  • Would you marry a person who is physically handicaped, unattractive but have beautiful way of thinking and caring?
  • If people do not want to stay together, why do they create a hope and make promises in love?

Good thought provoking questions

  • Where is everyone?
  • What if whatever we are speak and write make no sense?
  • Are we all alone even if we are closely together?
  • If god exists why don’t he or she or it reveals itself?
  • What is the highest form of intelligence?
  • How do you figure out your level of consciousness?
  • Can animals have a secret universe?
  • What do animals think of this existence?
  • What makes a earth beautiful place to live?
  • Is everyone doomed to destruction?
  • How to survive the apocalypse?

Thought provoking questions to ask

  • How long can you live without breathing?
  • If you have the power to remove certain things from this existence what would it be?
  • Is suppose you are a god, What kind of existence you would create?
  • What is your most powerful imagination?
  • Can you live in a world where no one exists but just you?
  • If you have a power to save one life between your mother and father, whom would you save from danger?
  • If god has a face, how would it look like?
  • Why can’t you see yourself for real?
  • How thought provocative your influence on your surroundings?
  • Is there anyone in this life who is so close to you and you don’t want to see, hear and meet them forever?
  • When does everything make sense?

Best thought provoking questions

  • What is the best human interaction you ever had?
  • Can you list the top 10 best ideal characteristics of a person?
  • What are your best thought provoking questions you never revealed to anyone?
  • What are you thinking right in this moment?
  • What is 100% of your thoughts consist of?
  • Why do babies cry when they are born?
  • Do you have any plans to save humanity from mankind?
  • Have you ever seen man eating man? 
  • Do cannibalisms still exists in this modern era?
  • What kind of monsters do you think are humans for killing animals for their own advantage?
  • Do you like humans? Why and why not?
  • Are you moving forward or backward or cyclic or still?
  • How long can you stay without breaking silence?

Thought provoking questions about psychology

  • Who is most underrated psychologist of all time?
  • How psychology is different from philosophy?
  • During what time your brain hurts?
  • Do you consider yourself as depressed person?
  • How psychology impacted your social life?
  • Is everything in life interlinked with interpretation?
  • Why do psychologists have a deep understanding about human psyche?
  • Have you ever read the minds of random people?
  • If you have the skill to hypnotise humans, how do you make use of such mastery over life?
  • Why do sensitive people often commit suicide? What’s their psychology?
  • What is your inner dialogue?
  • How often do you listen to your intuition? and how do you know that it is intuition?

Random thought provoking questions

  • Can every non-living thing has life?
  • Why there is much perfection and order in this universe?
  • What do you think will happens if every person on earth stopped moving for a second at the same time?
  • Why life has a peculiar way of uncertainty?
  • What kind of mysterious person are you?
  • Why do people are over jealous of their own kind?
  • Why everything the way it is but not the other way?
  • Why do failures and tragedies in life build one’s character so deep and thought provoking?
  • If people are out of food, do they eat their own organs?
  • How many times you smile in a day?
  • Can you be beast and expect to be sane?

thought provoking questions to ask a girl

  • Why do girls obsess with their body?
  • Do girls think of having sex with every man they see attractive?
  • Why do women get envious about other women who look better than them? why does it matter so much to them?
  • Can a girl be more matured than an old woman?
  • What is maturity mean to girls?
  • when do girls have existential crisis?
  • What exactly is feminism and what are the true motives of so called feminists?
  • Why do girls make things complicated?
  • Why do women controlled by their emotions?
  • How many times in their lifetime girls cheat on their partners?
  • Can girls exist without men?
  • Who came first a man or a woman? or a baby boy or a baby girl?

Thought provoking biblical questions

  • What would have happened if jesus didn’t born?
  • Is bible really overrated?
  • What part of new and old testaments applicable on modern era?
  • What are the most thought provoking questions in bible?
  • Do women pastors have secret partners?
  • How much truth lies in the holy book of bible?
  • What if everything that ever mentioned in the bible was never written?
  • What biblical questions that make you think? and the same time make you feel that they make no sense at all?
  • Have you ever connected to Christianity or you just follow what your ancestors influenced to do?
  • What if you do not belong to any religion? 
  • What if Jesus was never really existed and we’ve been saying his name wrong this whole time?

Most thought provoking questions

  • Can a samurai sword really cut a tank in half with one well-placed swing?
  • If you chew hard enough can you eat your teeth?
  • Is good and not bad is same? If they are how can it be written in different forms?
  • Would you agree with the notion of the idea of the concept of the story of a movie about dinosaurs who clone humans, and the humans break free and start eating the dinosaurs?
  • Why are only most of the talentless people are so famous on social media?
  • How would you feel about trying to figure out a way to visualize a solution of a potential iteration that reflects the circumstances which have been measured at the outward kinship of like-minded participants in a cooperative program designed to distribute copious data collected previously?
  • Do you see the irony that in prehistoric times, dinosaurs were giants who ate tiny mammals, but in modern times, dinosaurs are tiny fuzzballs who are cared for by giant mammals?
  • Which is worse: having people taking credit for your jokes and ideas or dating a radical feminist?
  • If you’re a terrorist organization that’s seized control of a 25-mile-long stretch of desert, is it okay to fire missiles into a militarily much stronger country if that other country is a somewhat douchey Abrahamic theocracy whose most famous celebrity is the star of Wonder Woman?
  • Is it possible to get old without turning retarded, or is it just part of the natural aging process?
  • How would our society work if all of the continents were joined together into a single supercontinent?

Thought provoking questions for students

  • If you have the chance to born many times, what is the only life you prefer to live each time?
  • Who is more intelligent children or adults?
  • What subject of education is useless to study?
  • Will you be still a student when you grow up?
  • If you are the head of the school what changes you would bring so that students would be benefitted much better?
  • Who is that one teacher changed your perception about education? and How did it impact your studies?
  • How long can you keep concentration on one particular thing?
  • Have you ever started reading books that are beyond your understanding ability?
  • Is shool love a real love?
  • Do girls and boys should have different approach to education?

Thought provoking icebreaker questions

  • What do you love doing so much that the words failure and success essentially become irrelevant?
  • What is a small pleasure that brings you great joy? Can you enjoy it today?
  • How much of what you did today was simply due to inertia?
  • How have your bad habits become a crutch you lean on? What stories do you need to let go of so you can walk freely?
  • If you keep doing what you are about to do today for the next five years, will you end up with more of what you want or less of what you want?
  • Are you hiding from your pain?
  • Why are you holding up everything that you wish to free?
  • What kind of people you wish to hang out but never found?
  • What advice can you give yourself right now?
  • If you had to start over, what is that you would do?

Thought provoking questions about diversity and inclusion

  • How to get promoted inclusively by living around the people of different cultures and diversity?
  • Is mindfulness a way to create inclusion among diversified humanity?
  • Why do introverts excluded in an extraverts’ world?
  • Does DNA test turns family line upside down?
  • Do you think recognizing our common humanity might not be enough to prevent hatred?
  • Can altered states help us face death with serenity and levity?
  • Why do history teachers are no longer just educators but trauma specialists?
  • Which career is optimal for inclusive minds especially for students?
  • What the distinctive brains of resilient people can teach us?
  • What human condition can be capable of inclusively?

Thought provoking questions to get to know someone

  • How do you feel about yourself for every moment of your life?
  • Do you consider yourself as unique or average? Why do you think what you think of yourself?
  • Do you think the hardest part of being a beautiful person is the inability to be loved the way you love others?
  • What would cause lazy you?
  • Have you ever prone to having an identity crisis?
  • Do you like reading minds of people whom you find attractive?
  • What is the most badass thing about being a human, especially being yourself irrespective of any judgment?
  • How conscientious are you about your schedule and work?
  • How far are you from mindful habits such as self-discipline, open-mind etc.?
  • Are you afraid to tell the harsh truth?
  • Do you like attention and being pursued by everyone around the world?

Weird thought provoking questions

  • If you have no ears, can you hear with your nose?
  • Do paranormal activities really make people super humans?
  • Would you rather know four languages very well or two languages very bad?
  • Have you ever slept the whole night in a standing position?
  • Why is it socially acceptable for babies to cry and shit themselves all day, but when you do it it’s suddenly a problem just because you’re slightly older?
  • If aliens are green, are their genitals blue?
  • Why are there no pyramids or crop circles on Mars?
  • How do you count to the letter green?
  • How many colors of the alphabet does it take to taste math?
  • Can you change your name to Constant Rejection?
  • Should kids be illegal to prevent pedophilia?

Thought provoking questions to ask a guy

  • How do you get over someone you can’t have and were never with?
  • Have you ever “friend-zoned” a woman who was interested in you? Why, and what was her reaction?
  • How would you feel if your girl stops talking and meeting you and suddenly misses forever?
  • What’s the worst thing about you that you never want to reveal?
  • What should guys avoid and be wary of?
  • What do you wish you spent more time doing five years ago?
  • What little things you do every day or daily habits, which make you a better person, a more functional person in everyday life?
  • How attractive is a girl with a sweet, kind, and gentle but patient personality?
  • After a long period of not hearing/receiving any small form of kindness, did you feel teary when you finally got one?
  • Men, who are nurses what is it like?
  • At what age did you manage to get a full beard?
  • Do you enjoy the natural smell of your girlfriend or partner?

Intellectual questions

  • Is affirmative action effective?
  • What is the deal with globalization?
  • How Prestige Can Fix Our Broken Institutions?
  • Why cats may have more to teach us about living the good life than Socrates?
  • What one thing is common and different among humans and animals?
  • What is more superior logic or emotion?
  • What does it mean to be intellectually curious?
  • What happens if all the scientists, philosophers, spiritual leaders of all generations meet in a single room?
  • Can a Non-Resident Alien living in the U.S. file for a patent?
  • Do animals dream of the future and goals?
  • What is the purpose of entire existence?
  • How long can you live after your death?

Challenging questions

  • How to stop ruminating?
  • How do you cope with the existential crisis?
  • What’s the lowest point in your life you’ve ever come back from?
  • How do I learn the things later in life, that a father is supposed to teach you?
  • What causes you stress in your life? How do you deal with it without anyone’s help?
  • How did you feel when you turned 40?
  • What’s the best way to protect your balls from frost?
  • What was that moment when you felt or realized that you kinda got saved from being a victim of a harrowing crime and what led you to such a realization?
  • What was the biggest sacrifice you made for your partner?
  • How do you avoid insecurity of your body image when you see other guys have better body shapes?
  • How has losing significant amounts of body fat improved your life?
  • What are the steps after a failure to get back up and start again?
  • When did you decide to settle down in your life?

Thought provoking questions for the workplace

  • How do you stop catching feelings for a close female friend/co-worker?
  • If you had exactly one year to earn 1 million dollars, how would you do it?
  • If you could ask a single person one question, and they had to answer truthfully, who and what would you ask?
  • What’s your biggest insecurity in the workplace? And how do you address it to the management?
  • What’s your job and how did you get there and are you satisfied?
  • How to not be shy about eating in front of men?
  • What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve had to explain to your Manager?
  • How do you make decisions on enjoyment vs finances?
  • If you own Businesses, what made you wanna start a business? and how is it working out for you?
  • Why do so many people feel confident they are qualified to give advice in life career?

Stupid thought provoking questions

  • Can plants wear pants?
  • Can you get pregnant by female cum?
  • How do you have sex?
  • Do atheists get uncomfortable when people talk about God?
  • If man evolved from apes then why are apes still there? shouldn’t they be extinct?
  • How would you react if one day you randomly pooped out of your vagina?
  • Can glass go in the microwave?
  • Why does society beat down on virgins?
  • Why can’t people smell their own bad breath?
  • Why don’t Americans just steal all the money from the government and fix the economy like that?
  • What happens if you go outside at night and start screaming?

Thought provoking questions about feminism

  • How to stop normalizing the hating of female spouses?
  • Does mansplaining is not a “Man’s thing” it’s a “Sexist thing”?
  • What is the role of males in feminism?
  • What is your opinion on female nudity in media?
  • How do you mentally or emotionally deal with the seeming fact that people as a whole (society) just DO NOT care about what happens to us women?
  • How do you teach your daughter not to define her worth based on her appearance?
  • Do you have internalized misogyny?
  • What do you think of neuro diverse relationships and gender roles?
  • Why are there barely any deo sticks for women?
  • Are there any organizations out there doing work on misogyny, queer phobia, and ageism in women’s health?

Thought provoking questions about the world

  • If you could fix one problem in the world, what would you fix?
  • Does absolute power corrupt absolutely?
  • What are some of the best moments of humanity?
  • Which place in the world no one ever visited?
  • Does every deny the truth about the reality of the world?
  • How do you feel about the world that never really existed but felt in your dreams?
  • It is whose responsibility to change the world for better?
  • Do politicians responsible for all the chaos in the world?
  • When will the world turn into graveyard?
  • What makes the world a terrible place to live?


Thought provoking questions for adults

  • How do you deal with the death of a celebrity whose work you enjoy?
  • Is ethical non-monogamy really that common?
  • How do you start feeling like an adult, even while living at home?
  • online dating: how do you feel when a conversation with a woman becomes sexual before meeting and are you less likely to meet IRL?
  • How did you get over the girl you thought was the one?
  • How do you feel when a girl talks to you about her sex life?
  • When did you have sex with your current girlfriend/wife? How soon?
  • How would you describe your personality?
  • How to talk to people without them thinking you want to sleep with them?
  • What are some things you have prepared at home when you have a girl over?
  • What happened the first time you were caught watching porn?
  • How do you cope with tough changes in your life?
  • Have you ever been with someone you lost attraction to? How did you handle it?

Thought provoking questions to ask your partner

  • How do I avoid communication failure and have healthy relationships?
  • How many kids do/did you want? What would make/have made you want two more?
  • What are the most hurtful behaviors or words a woman can do or say to men?
  • If you could change one thing about how women think of the male gender, what would it be?
  • How do you gain more confidence to initiate during dates?
  • How old were you when you discovered men have penises?
  • How do I stop romanticizing my own emotional pain?
  • What is your masturbation routine?
  • What are some signs that a guy is interested in you?
  • What is your ideal way to initiate sex?
  • What’s your least favorite “masculine” trait?
  • What are some great books that all men should read?

Thought provoking questions to ask yourself

  • Why am I sad and tired of trying to feel better?
  • How should I accept the idea of having simple life?
  • Can become god, if it is the case of the whole purpose of life?
  • Why does my intuition is so powerful that makes feel I am the whole universe?
  • Can I be no one and everyone at the same time?
  • Why is my life so chaotic and suffering as hell?
  • What is my role in my own life?
  • How should I impact and inspire other’s life?
  • How to find my own voice that connects and resonates with the whole world?
  • Who am I?

Thought provoking questions about religion

  • If there is no religion, would there be no violence all around the world?
  • Who is the sole creator of the religion in the first place?
  • Why does Islam religion(Not all) provokes so much violence among their own community and around the world?
  • Does religion and spirituality interconnected? How so?
  • What if entire religions all over the world shut down forever?
  • What is the whole purpose of religious preachers?
  • If you born in a religion that you don’t like what would you do?
  • Is there at least one thing that is common between religion and science?
  • What do religious people think of big bang theory?
  • Do scientists completely believe in religion and in god?

Thought provoking questions for friends

  • What self-help advice is absolute bullshit?
  • How do you figure out what you want to do with your life?
  • Men who never married, how does life look like now for them?
  • What dreams or goals of yours did you, parents, directly or indirectly sabotage, and how?
  • How do I let my boyfriend know I love his body even though he’s self-conscious about being “fat”?
  • How do you cope with the fact that you’re no one’s “favorite, go-to” person?
  • How does someone practice flirting?
  • If you could use only 1 makeup item for the rest of your life, what would it be, and why?
    How do I get over the fact that I look so much better in the mirror than in real life and photos?

  • How do you figure out what you want to do when nothing makes you happy?

  • How do you personally focus on being the best version of yourself every day?
  • What would you do if fear was not a factor and you could not fail?
  • How do you reconcile only having one family in life?
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