How to say goodbye to someone you love but doesn’t love you?(6 ways)

By: Naveen B

How to say goodbye to someone you love but doesn’t love you?

Love hurts, but breaking up hurts more. You put your heart on the line and you get nothing in return but more pain and sadness. 

It’s incredibly painful and difficult. It also happens all too often. The person that we care about most in our lives doesn’t reciprocate our feelings, and suddenly we find ourselves wanting them out of our lives.

But saying goodbye isn’t always so easy and can be even more painful than discovering that your feelings aren’t reciprocated in the first place.

Saying goodbye is hard for a variety of reasons: You feel guilty for wanting to break away, or maybe it feels like there is still hope that things will change and you just need a little more time.

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While these thoughts may seem reasonable, they’re not beneficial in your situation. There are countless scenarios where you might want to cut ties with someone you love who does not return your feelings.

There is no real right way to break up with someone, but there are definitely some better ways than others to do it.

So, if you have to break up with someone that you love, but they don’t love you back, here are some tips on how to say goodbye to someone you love but doesn’t love you back so it can be less painful and less awkward for everyone involved.

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6 ways to say goodbye to someone you love but doesn’t love you

How to say goodbye to someone you love but doesnt love you back How to say goodbye to someone you love but doesn't love you?(6 ways)


In some cases, letting go can be as simple as speaking up—especially if your partner is simply unaware of how you feel and therefore has no idea they are hurting you.

This does not mean berating them or throwing accusations; it means being direct.

You can tell them what’s going on for you, suggest ways to make things better between you two, and let them know that a future without mutual love isn’t what you want for yourself.

If there is a chance they might care about your feelings now that they know how they affect you, then now is an important time to find out! They may surprise you.

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In some cases, it’s possible that your partner may have been unaware of how they were hurting you because of their own insecurities or other issues. 

In these situations, it can be a good idea to give them space and time alone. They may realize on their own what they are doing to you, even if they don’t think it’s intentional.

When they are ready for help getting back on track with you, come back to them with an open heart. You don’t have to forget what has happened in order to forgive them for being human.


When your time with a person is at an end, don’t leave with any negative feelings toward them or yourself for what happened between you two.

Never give in to self-pity or regret, and never let it hold you back from happiness in your future relationships.

Letting go can be hard—but it’s worth it when we know that we are doing what is best for us! Sometimes letting go means feeling some pain before we can truly be happy, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


When a relationship ends, it means that we get to move on and find happiness in future relationships. Don’t let things from your past hold you back from being happy about what happens in your future.

Be brave and smile, knowing that it is possible for you to feel joy even if there were some hard times before it came along.

Sometimes giving love isn’t always enough—and it may be time for a change if letting go isn’t an option for whatever reason.

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Just because a relationship didn’t work out with one person, that doesn’t mean it can’t work out in future relationships.

Just keep in mind what you learned from that experience and use it to become stronger and happier each time.

If we don’t learn from our mistakes, we will just keep making them over and over again, so make sure that when things aren’t working out like you had hoped or expected, there is no resentment or regret.


Sometimes, letting go can take time because we need time alone before we find ourselves ready for something new again.

If you need some time to heal and feel okay on your own before trying again, that’s okay.

Just know that it isn’t too late for a fresh start—and don’t give up hope that you will find what you are looking for someday.

The right person is out there waiting for us all; how soon or when they come into our lives isn’t important—it only matters that they will be there when we are ready. And if not now, then maybe someday in another relationship down the road.

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Final thoughts:

 In conclusion, parting ways with someone you love who doesn’t feel as strongly for you as you do them is one of life’s most difficult tasks.

The feelings that come with a breakup are usually devastating and even harder to get over when it happens within a close circle of friends or family.

However, these feelings will pass with time and there are plenty of other people in your life worth getting to know. Remember: You’ve been given many opportunities in life, some more meaningful than others. 

How can you grow and become better if you stay stagnant and isolate yourself from something—or someone—that isn’t working out in your favor? Do not fear change; embrace it.

And please, look towards more promising endeavors ahead of you instead of constantly dwelling on what could have been had things played out differently. Wishing you all lots of love (and light).

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