50+ Juicy questions to ask your best friend (for girls and boys)

Have you and your best friend known each other forever? Even if the two of you have been through some serious life changes, nothing will ever change the friendship that the two of you share.

After all, your best friend knows you better than anyone else, and vice versa.

So what better way to learn more about each other than with some juicy questions to ask your best friend? There are too many good ones to list here, but I narrowed it down to a few favorites.

Below you will find 50+ Best juicy questions to ask your best friend. All of these questions have been designed to make your conversations with your friends more interesting and fun!

50+ Juicy questions to ask your best friend


Here are some Juicy questions to ask your best friends:

1. Would you rather die by fire or water?

If you ask this juicy question to your best friend, it will help you explore how someone values life and the world around them.

Your best friend might believe that he/she should suffer pain before they pass on and choose fire over water, or they might want an easy death so they choose water over fire.

No matter what answer they give, this question can really open up conversation about how someone views life and death.

2. Why does nobody like me even though I’m nice?

The heart wrenching truth is no one likes being ignored and unappreciated.

Asking this juicy question may reveal that your best friend feels neglected, which would make him/her feel self-conscious.

So now it’s time for some tough love: you need to show him/her how much they mean to you and make sure they know just how important they are to you because nice is nothing without love.

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3. Why doesn’t God answer the prayers of people?

Prayers require faith. And we all have different levels of faith.

This juicy question may get heated quickly if your best friend and you hold different perspectives about god.

But at the end of the day, it’s healthy to talk about religion with someone close to you.

4. What makes your family tradition and culture unique?

Family is full of diverse individuals who bring unique qualities to the table.

It’s hard not to argue when talking about families because everyone has their own opinion on what makes them great.

So if you’re looking for a lighthearted discussion with your best friend, then this juicy question is perfect!

5. Why doesn’t the government print more money?

Sometimes talking about things that seem mundane and boring can lead to deeper, richer conversations.

So, consider this juicy question to ask your best friend next time you guys chat, and see where it takes you.

There’s always something new to learn about your best friend every single day.

6. Have you ever wondered why glue doesn’t stick to its bottle?

This is one of the funniest juicy questions to ask your best friend that ‘ll leave you and your BFF laughing all night long.

And lead you both to come up with different hilarious answers that make your day.

7. How old were you when _____ happened?

You’ll never know what secrets your best friend holds until you ask the right juicy questions to get them opening up.

So, bring a personal topic that your best friend hasn’t talked to you about and build an instant connection. He/She might surprise you with his/her secret thoughts and feelings.

8. Do you think lip kissing is gross? Have you ever experienced it?

Imagine how your best friend would react to this juicy question. They might have a strong reaction and start gagging, or they could tell you how their first kiss made them feel.

Either way, it’s a fun question to ask your best friend that’s bound to stir up some laughs and entertaining stories.

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juicy questions to your best friend 50+ Juicy questions to ask your best friend (for girls and boys)

Good juicy questions to ask your best friend

Here is a list of the deep and good juicy questions to ask your best friend or BFF:

1. What happened to Amelia Earhart?

2. What is Area 51?

3. What is dark matter?

4. Why do cats purr?

5. Why does water float on oil but not on vinegar?

6. Why are there so many stars in the sky and why do they look like they’re moving even though they’re not?

7. How long has Earth been around?

8. What will happen when the sun dies out?

9. How did humans evolve from apes if we share 98% of our DNA with them?

10. Where does gravity come from?

11. What happens when you die?

12. What is something that everyone should never know?

13. Where is God hiding his stuff, and how come he hides it so well that we can’t find it yet?

14. If our universe is expanding and everything’s getting farther away from each other all the time, then where did everything start?

15. Why are people born left-handed or right-handed?

16. Can plants feel pain?

17. How much would a human brain weigh without a body attached to it?

18. Is there life on other galaxies?

19. What is antimatter made of and what does it do?

20. Would you dare to sacrifice your goals for someone you love?

Juicy questions to ask your boy best friends


The following are some of the best juicy questions to ask your guy best friend:

1. Do you think friends with benefits relationships would work out?

2. Is it possible for an animal and a human to produce offspring together?

3. What are your thoughts on the topic of censorship?

4. Are abortions immoral?

5. Do you believe in evolution or do you have other thoughts on how life came about?

6. What is your opinion on abstinence-only s#x education programs in schools?

7. If abortion is legal, should women be able to get one without anyone’s consent?

8. Should gay marriage be legalized in all states, even though some religious groups might not approve?

9. What makes your life worth living?

10. Would you support a law banning assault weapons and large capacity magazines, like what was proposed by President Obama after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting? 

11. Can we really know anything for sure?

12. Would you rather prefer to be a virgin until your marriage or lose your virginity during high school?

13. Who has the right to say when a woman can wear whatever she likes?

Juicy questions to ask your best friend about their crush


The following is a list of some amazing juicy questions to ask your best friend about their crush:

1. Have you ever invited your crush to a long drive and plan to make out in a weird place?

2. What if your crush has more than one partner and they turned out to be gays?

3. If your crush told you that he/she is pans#xual, would you stop chasing them?

4. Would you date someone who is already with someone else as a rebound relationship?

5. Do you think it’s okay for the first time to have s#x with your crush?

6. What makes your crush believe in God or Religion?

7.Is there anything you don’t like about your crush but tolerates because of love?

8. If you and your crush were stuck on an island, what would you do?

9. Who knows your secret crush better than anyone else?

10. How many times did you hit on your crush before successfully getting their number?

Juicy questions to ask your girl best friend


Here are some great juicy questions to ask your girl best friend to spark instant connection:

1. What do you think about when you’re on the toilet?

2. What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever eaten?

3. Who would win in a fight, a snake or a shark?

4. If you could only wear one item of clothing for the rest of your life what would it be?

5. If you had to spend one year living as an animal, which animal would it be and why?

6. What did you think of the last episode of ____ ?

7. What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

8. Who do you text the most and who chases you the most?

9. Have you ever dated someone in your own family?

10. Do you prefer physical intimacy before marriage?

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