100+ Juicy questions to ask your friends (about each other & in friend group)

By: Naveen B

If you are an introvert like me, you find it exhausting to start small talk; it feels like your brain was literally not built for it.

Some people prefer to dive deep especially those who possess introverted personalities. You want to consider some juicy questions to ask your friends on something you’ve read, heard, or watched, among other meaningful topics. And very curious to know what’s really going on in their head

As per Psychology Today it turns out, deep talk is actually good for us, whether you’re an introvert, extrovert, or neither.

Deep and juicy conversations typically involve self-disclosure, which is the personal disclosure of an individual’s thoughts, feelings, experiences, and beliefs.

One study found that sharing information about oneself elicits greater empathy from others than when we disclose information about someone else.

Random revealing conversations also lowers one’s fear of social exclusion, thereby increasing the chances of engaging in more intimate exchanges with others. In short, deep and juicy conversations offer an opportunity to connect with others at a deeper level than surface level talk does.

In this article, you will have 100+ juicy questions to ask your friends. These questions help you get to know your friends better and make them feel comfortable talking to you. The list includes funny, deep, dirty, juicy and serious questions.

So, What are some Juicy questions to ask your friends Here is the list:

100+ Juicy Questions to ask your friends


1. Are you an accident or a miracle?

You should definitely consider this deep juicy question to ask your friends so that it will make them feel more interested.

If they say an accident then try asking, What was the best thing about being born? and if they say miracle then you can ask, What’s the worst thing about being born? It’ll get you into deep juicy conversation.

This deep juicy question will help you figure out if they think the same way as you about life! If they say that they are an accident, then for them life is a series of unpredictable events and everything is really just chance.

And if they say that they are a miracle, then for them life is full of purpose and meaning and everything happens for a reason.

2. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when a hot guy/girl passes by you?

It’s interesting to know what dirty thoughts are going on in your friend’s mind when they see someone attractive.

It may give you some insight on their personality traits and what they find attractive.

Some people may go into detail about how they picture themselves interacting with the person while others might focus on superficial things like physical appearance only.

One thing is for sure though, the thought process that goes through one’s head when seeing someone attractive is always different from one person to another and mostly depends upon the mood of the person.

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3. If you had a chance to spend a night between your online crush and offline crush, whom would you choose and why?

The idea of spending a night with someone you’ve never met before does sound enticing but also kind of scary at the same time.

The answer to this Juicy question depends on who they’re more interested in at the moment and who they feel better suited with.

Maybe you’d want to be with your online crush because he/she seems more famous than your offline crush, or maybe you’d want to be with your offline crush because he/she is nicer than your online crush.

Either way, it sounds like a fun Juicy topic for discussion since there are many opinions surrounding this issue!

4. Would you rather be single forever or date everyone you meet in your life?

Imagining yourself dating every person you ever come across sounds pretty ambitious and weird.

You could potentially have tons of adventures and never have to be bored again! But it may not seem worth it if you think about all the heartbreak, drama, jealousy, breakups and so on that comes with dating.

At the end of the day, whether we’re talking about dating everyone or just one special person, I don’t think anyone would prefer either over having their very own relationship.

So, consider this juicy question to ask your friends about each other and see where the conversation leads.

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5. Have you ever fantasized about smelling the armpits of someone?

This question is embarrassing and definitely NSFW so use caution when bringing it up.

The general consensus is that most people fantasize about smelling the armpits of someone they are s#xually attracted to, which makes sense considering scent plays such a big role in attraction.

However, some studies suggest that men fantasize about smelling women’s feet and women fantasize about smelling men’s feet.

So, to make your conversation a bit nasty and juicy, ask this question to your best friend for fun.

6. What are the three things you would like to do when no one sees you or is with you in your room?

Again the motive of this question is different depending on the person answering it.

For example, some people might want to listen to music, watch Netflix and play video games in peace without any interruptions while others might want to take a bubble bath or mast#rbate privately.

There are endless possibilities so try asking this question next time you speak with your friends and keep them guessing as well as entertained!

7. If you could stop being shy around strangers forever and reveal all of your dirty little secrets, would you?

It’s fun to talk about and imagine, but it’s still something that would be a little too much to handle.

Plus, it may not be the right decision to make given the fact that these are our secrets and they help us learn more about ourselves in the long run.

No one should ever have to bear the burden of knowing someone else’s secrets, even if they were forced to share their own with a stranger.

8. How many days can you resist without mast#rbating?

This is such a personal and juicy question to ask your friends when bored

 If they are your opposite gender and you want to spice up the convo and create a romantic situation between you two, this question is a perfect starting point to build up the s#xual tension and make it more interesting.

9. Would you rather prefer sleeping with someone who didn’t shower for six months or drink an animal’s urine to survive on a deserted island?

A silly way to explore the possibility of what we would do when faced with unfortunate experiences.

This question is designed to see how far your friends would go for survival and if they would compromise themselves (e.g., morals) in order to save themselves from dire circumstances.

10. What is the one thing you are dying to try out for the first time but scared to do so?

If you want your friend to reveal his/her deepest desires and risk vulnerability, then I highly recommend you ask this question.

Chances are that there is at least one thing they’ve always wanted to try out but are afraid to admit.

Sometimes people don’t want to admit their deepest desires because it seems impossible and sometimes people are afraid because it may be illegal or immoral.

But once the questions come out, we open up and potentially find some inspiration for our lives! 

Juicy questions to ask your friends about each other


Here is a list of juicy 21 questions to ask your friends about each other:

1. What would happen if we switched genders for a day and I became male and you became female?(vice versa)

2. How would you feel and what’s your response, when your parents offer you to get married to twins?

3. Do you believe in destiny or fate?

4. Has anyone chased you for so long in order to earn your love?

5. Have you been dumped by someone before?

6. What’s the craziest place you had s#x with someone?

7. Have you ever fed up with your own s#xual desires and committed to the wrong person?

8. When did you last lose your virg#nity?

9. What’s the craziest thing you have done during facetime in recent times?

10. Who’s the most attractive celebrity you find attractive?

11. What if you were asked to marry yourself?

12. Do you consider yourself pans#xual or bis#xual?

13. Where is the craziest place you had a date night with two men and one woman?

14.  What’s your favorite kinky position where you’re getting slapped across the face while doing it?

15. What makes you think people are just soulmates and not complete strangers?

16. Doesn’t everyone deserve to be loved? Why does your opinion matter the most?

17. If your co-worker or boss turns you on, do you fantasize about him or her?

18. What’s the difference between jealousy and envy?

19. Late night Long-drive with strangers or weekend party with friends?

20. Would you rather go to extremes to fulfill your desires or sacrifice them for someone you deeply love?

21. Have you ever been a sugar daddy/mommy? How about a sugar baby?

Juicy questions to ask your friends about their crush


These are some of the best juicy questions to ask your friends about their crush

1. When did you realize that your crush is virg#n?

2. Would you still chase your crush even after he/she turns out to be a gay?

3. Have you hooked up with him/her yet?

4. What makes your crush different from people who dumped you?

5. What if your crush begins to have a crush on me?

6. Have you ever asked your crush what their opinion regarding friends with benefits?

7. Do you believe that your crush believes in soulmates theory?

8. Why is your heart going crazy all of sudden just because of a stranger who doesn’t even care for you?

9. Has your crush invited you for a blind date and you’re unsure if you should accept?

10. Have you ever s#xted with your crush on social media and got to know what his/her darkest desires are?

Juicy questions to ask your friend group


The following is a list of Amazing juicy questions to ask your friend group:

1. How many of you are still virg#ns and what do you think about your s#xuality?

 2. Have you ever invited someone to your room just for playing truth or dare game?

 3. Have you ever been caught by your parents while mast#rbating?

 4. What’s your first memory of seeing someone topless?

 5. Has any stranger stared into your eyes for more than 5 minutes while traveling in a bus or a train?

 6. What would you do if someone gives hints to make out with you?

 7. Have you ever thought of spending a night with a cute ladyboy at least once in your life?

 8. How often do you guys sleep naked in your home?

 9. Do you think people with high intelligence certainly end up single for their entire life?

 10. Do you get attracted to physical appearance or emotional intelligence?

Juicy truth questions to ask your friends


Here is a list of dare or truth questions to ask your friends for fun:

1. What’s something you’re glad your parents don’t know about you?

2. Who was the last person spied on?

3. How many intimate partners have you had?

4. Which part of the body do you most like to touch?

5. Have you ever invited a paid man/woman for a one night stand?

6. How often do you think of physical intimacy?

7. What is your favorite thing to do in bed with a partner?

8. What’s the dirtiest memory you would never forget and why?

Deep juicy questions to ask your friends


The following list of deep juicy questions to ask your friends will help you to keep the deep conversation going effortlessly.

1. Do people have a right to their own opinion?

2. Is it possible for one person to be in love with two people at the same time?

3. If you can’t trust your partner, is there any point in being together?

4. Why do so many people go through life without settling down or getting married?

5. What does it take for someone to lose virg#nity with the wrong person?

6. How important is intimacy in a relationship?

7. How long should someone wait before ending a relationship?

8. Can men and women ever be friends without wanting to sleep with each other?

9. When are you too old to date?

10. What’s the best way to break up with someone when you run out of love with them?

Juicy questions to ask your teenage friends


Here is a list of juicy questions to ask your teenage friends:

1. What do you want from this life?

2. If you lose everything you had now, what would it feel like for you?

3. Are you someone who can be happy with less or need more in order to be happy? Do you think we will ever be content with what we have?

4. How will you make the world a better place?

5. What are some of the things that worry you most?

6. What has been your happiest moment so far?

7. Is there anything that you regret doing in the past that you would never do again if given another chance?

8. Would you rather choose to love someone you know or someone famous on social media?

9. How do you decide if someone is good or bad and why?

10. What’s something you did against your parents wish and what’s the outcome?

Juicy yes or no questions to ask your friends

Here are some Juicy questions to ask your friends yes or no:

1. Do you kiss in front of the public?

2. Are you the most romantic person in the world?

3. Does a gentle touch turn you on?

4. Can dreams change one’s perspective on life?

5. Have you ever thought of friends with benefits relationship?

6. Do you like to spend the rest of your life with a stranger?

7. Will you be dared to ask your crush for a sleepover?


Juicy questions to ask your friends at a sleepover

Here are a few Good juicy questions to ask your friends at a sleepover or date night:

1. Who are you madly in love with?

2. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done in bed?

3. If you were stranded on an island for a year and could only bring one book with you, what would it be?

4. Have you ever experienced love at first sight?

5. How many people have you door slammed so far?

6. How do you feel about your parents’ marriage?

7. What is the craziest thing that has happened to you this week?

8. What are the creepiest things you’ve ever done to your siblings?

9. How do you cope with rumors about your relationship status?

10. Do you think if aliens came down from outer space and took over earth, they would force us to wear certain clothes or food or live in certain buildings?

Juicy questions to ask your friends about relationships


Here are some Really Juicy questions to ask your friends about relationships and love:

1. How do I know if I’m in love?

2. Does infidelity lead to divorce?

3. What are some of the signs that a relationship will last forever?

4. What is the meaning of true love?

5. Is it healthy to be in a dysfunctional relationship?

6. What makes a happy marriage?

7. Should we make an effort to stay in touch with exes after breaking up?

8. Which is more important – physical appearance or personality?

9. What’s the perfect age gap between partners?

10. Who has the most control in a relationship – male or female?

11. How often does lying happen often in relationships?

Juicy questions to ask friends about yourself

This is a list of juicy questions to ask friends about yourself to spark the connection:

1. What is one change I could make in my life that you think would really benefit me?

2. What is one unique quality about me that you admire?

3. What do you wish I was better at?

4. Who do you want me to spend more time with and why?

5. What has been the most memorable moment of our friendship so far?

6. What is something we have done together that made a lasting impression on you?

7. If there were two words to describe our friendship, what would they be?

8. When I’m around you, what am I usually doing or thinking about?

9. How do you know when it’s time for us to hang out again?

10. What is the funniest thing I’ve ever said or done while hanging out with you?


Juicy dirty questions to ask your friends

These are some Dirty Juicy questions to ask your guy friends or girl friends:

1. Have you ever kissed a girl?

2. Have you ever been tied up?

3. What is your most sensitive area?

4. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done in bed?

5. When was the last time you had s#x with someone other than your partner, and how did it feel when they came inside of you?

6. Who are your favorite people to have s#x with?

7. Do you have any fantasies that I can help fulfill for you right now?

8. How many times do you mast#rbate a day?

9. If we were together tonight, what would be the first thing you’d want to do with me?

10. Would you rather be dominant or submissive?

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