7 Soulmates theory: Your intuitive guide to 7 types of soulmates

By: Naveen B

Whether you believe in the existence of soulmates or not. Even in the 7 Soulmates theory, to that matter.

Most often, we do not choose each other by chance, we meet only those who already exist in our subconsciousness.

When the right person enters our life, it feels like destiny has finally found us and fulfilled its mission. The soulmate is always a reminder of how much better life can be when someone else is there to share it with you.

Soulmates are also said to have special powers which see through time and space. It’s possible that this can be explained by Carl Jung described as the collective unconscious: an ancient reservoir of knowledge, wisdom, and experience shared by all living things on earth.

Jung argued that the collective unconscious links individuals in ways both tangible and intangible, so two people might find themselves drawn together for reasons they don’t understand.

He believed that soulmates are especially connected because they possess similar potential for growth and healing.

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Jung noted that sometimes one partner will often seem to be compensating for the other’s weakness, but over time these differences may even out and bring balance.

If a couple cannot help heal one another’s wounds from the past, their union will eventually fail. In many cases where a breakup or divorce occurs, the individual will often realize their mistake after meeting someone new.

So at present, whether you are single or in a relationship or divorced and looking for your potential soulmate or possibly many; then this intuitive guide is for you.

In this article, I cover the concept of 7 soulmates theory. I want you to know that there is no proven evidence that these soulmates exist. It’s just a theory.

Mostly the terms I use in this article are my personal opinions, assumptions and intuitive insights that help you to realize the possibility of soulmates that exist and whom you can meet if you believe in them in the first place.

This is a deep and interesting guide about 7 types of soulmates you can have in a lifetime or through your multiple reincarnations.

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7 Soulmates theory


What is a 7 soulmates theory? Definition: The idea of 7 soulmates theory is that we are destined to meet and be in love with seven different people, or soulmates, before finding the one.

There’s also the belief that all these 7 soulmates are your potential soulmates who can possibly meet in a single lifetime or in various reincarnations separately.

Sometimes you don’t even meet any of them. Even if your paths cross, there is a chance that you can feel a strange intuitive connection to each other but don’t end up together. 

If you are destined to marry your 7th soulmate, you’ll know that your first six soulmates weren’t the right partners for you. Because finally, it could all boil down to an issue of timing.

The first six soulmates cross your path just to teach lessons, help you build yourself and make you realize your true self. They act as per their karmic dharma and then destined to leave.

A lot of this has to do with how our intuition guides us in the direction of a good fit for ourselves. It’s more likely that someone will make themselves available when the time is right for both parties.

In the end, everyone wants their perfect match; someone who is perfectly compatible. But at the same time, not everyone can afford to wait around until one comes along. In reality, it might take years before meeting someone who makes us feel whole and complete. 

All these 7 soulmates can be related to friends or family members as well; this does not mean it is incestuous because it’s spiritually significant.

However, there is a higher probability that each of these 7 soulmates are your romantic soulmates. Because when you meet them it’s up to you to recognize them and make efforts to work it out or allow fate to follow its destiny.

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7 Soulmates


Here are 7 soulmates as per the 7 soulmates theory:

1. Karmic soulmates

2. Twin flames

3. Past-life soulmates

4. Soul ties

5. In-Birth Soulmates

6. Dream Soulmates

7. Eternal soulmates

Below, let’s discuss each soulmate in detailed:

7 Types of soulmates


The following are 7 types of soulmates as per the 7 soulmates theory:

1. Karmic soulmates

A karmic soulmate is a partner in life with whom you have had a special soul connection.

Karmic soulmates are meant to find each other at some point during their lifetime because they share a karmic destiny together.

The main purpose of karmic soulmates is to teach you a lesson, such as kindness or patience, or to change you into a better person and then leave.

No karmic soulmate relationship will ever work out. One reason we cannot seem to let go of a karmic soulmate is that we think that they could be our soulmate.

Karmic relationships are filled with intense affection and conflicts. It is mostly the first relationship you tend to get into. But they don’t last.

It’s also important to remember that every person we meet is our Karma, and this includes friends, enemies, teachers, and students. All of these people are playing an important role in our journey.

So when you meet someone new today or tomorrow, ask yourself what your lesson is with them. What are they here to teach you? And then welcome them with open arms as your new karmic friend.

2. Twin flames

Twin flames are a sacred concept in many spiritual traditions, such as Hinduism, Sufism and Tibetan Buddhism.

The belief is that these two souls are born at the same time and are then split into two. Their union is fated and their reunion is meant to restore wholeness and balance to the world. 

Twinflame soulmates basically have one soul however splits into two bodies. They are essentially your other half.

A twin flame relationship is the most intense and romantic one they connect spiritually and can be married for their whole lifetime.

Your twin flame will test, enlighten, adore, and cure you. They inspire you in being your most enlightened and authentic self.

You will only have one twin flame, and you will recognize them when you come across them. It’s not uncommon for twins to even find each other without knowing.

These relationships are highly intimate with both people feeling deeply connected on every level of themselves, which can lead to some difficulties if it doesn’t work out.

To prevent this from happening, both partners need constant reassurance and commitment so that they feel safe enough to express their true selves without fear of rejection or abandonment.

3. Past-life soulmates

Past-life soulmates definition: Past-life soulmates are two people from different lifetimes who were once lovers and are destined to reunite in this lifetime.

According to this theory, a past-life soulmate can be thought of as the completion of one’s karma, that when two people find each other and fall in love, they are completing what was left unfinished from a previous lifetime.

When one has been reincarnated many times, their past-lives may overlap with another person’s past lives to create this connection.

There is an old saying that goes: When you meet your true love, it feels like coming home.

The idea of being brought together by forces outside our control can provide peace and relief to those who believe it.

It allows for a sense of hope even after the struggles we have faced because everything happens for a reason or purpose.


4. Soul ties

A soul tie is a metaphysical connection between two individuals formed by being extremely close to each other. Soul ties often thought to happen after you have sexual intercourse with someone or even emotionally attached to them.

When there is a metaphysical connection between soul ties, there may be an irrational magnetic pull one way or the other.

This might take the form of, say, subconsciously tripping into someone frequently or simply feeling the need to be nearby at all times.

It’s not unusual that others experience the same strong attraction you do.

The person who gets the stronger bond of this attachment usually wants something more out of the relationship, which can be any number of things: attention, validation, physical closeness, emotional intimacy.

It’s hard to break away from this type of attachment because it feels like they’re an extension of yourself and when they’re not around it feels like a part of yourself is missing.

5. In-Birth Soulmates

As per spiritual significance, In-birth soulmates are those who are born on the same date, month, year and possibly at the same moment in time.

They share a By-Birth soul connection which is believed to be linked to one another even after death.

It is a privilege for two people with in-birth soulmate bonds to find each other in this lifetime as it means they will always be connected to each other’s souls in their next life too. 

However, this is the only soulmate connection that almost doesn’t come true because of its rarity and unlikelihood.

Their meeting can probably happen only once in a few lifetimes and mostly that depends upon the sheer accident or divine timing.

In-birth soulmates are not just love mates but also best friends and partners in crime.

The bond they share together is not just physical but also spiritually; making them inseparable by any means.

Also it’s a theory that In-birth soulmates are created in such a way not to find each other by destiny but just a coincidence.

By any chance if they are fortunate enough to meet each other in any of the lifetimes, they are destined to find each other in their afterlives and live happily ever after till eternity.

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6. Dream Soulmates

A dream soulmate is the one who already existed in your subconsciousness.

You may not have seen them before or know their name, but you have dreamt about them and will recognise them in your first encounter itself.

Because they are like a part of yourself that was missing and now has been found. They are someone with whom you share a deep soul connection and spiritual affinity.

As per 7 soulmates theory, dream soulmates can be manifested through dreams and recognize from the signs sent from the universe.

They are the perfect partner to complete you on every level- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

It doesn’t matter if you have only had one interaction or many encounters- when you see them for the first time in person it feels like coming home.

It’s an incomparable feeling where you feel like this person has always been there and knows everything about you. It’s almost as if life was incomplete without them.

7. Eternal Soulmates

Eternal soulmates are the romantic soulmates who are destined to find each other in each and every lifetime till eternity. Even death cannot break their soul connection.

An eternal soulmate can be the combination of past-life soulmate, twin flames, dream soulmate, karmic soulmate, In-birth soulmate, soul tie or any type of soulmate that ever existed.

This divine soulmate connection is the strongest and most powerful kind of love that one may have with another human being on earth.

The connection is so strong that they will always find themselves together again even if they die before finding each other.

The only way to recognize your eternal soulmate either through your divine intuition or ultimate self-consciousness.

Eternal soulmates can be reunited as friends, soul family or as life partners in their multiple reincarnations.

When you feel an intense yearning for someone and you’re not sure why, it might be because you’ve known them in a previous life or incarnation.

You might even have been married to them at some point during your lives. I hope now it makes sense to you why you are naturally attracted to only a few special people but not everyone.

Your attraction has more than just physical chemistry involved in it. It could also be your deep subconscious and conscious memories from past life connections with these people.

Final thoughts:

After going through the above 7 soulmates, does this 7 Soulmates theory really mean anything to you? Why does fate decide on these connections?

Some argue that it is impossible to figure out how these connections work and why some people get paired up more than others.

There are plenty of successful relationships out there where the partners were not separated by death.

So if there is no connection between them, then how could they possibly understand each other on such a deep level?

They share memories, thoughts, opinions. They know how the other person thinks and reacts. For some couples it might just be luck but for others there is something else going on.

As life would have it sometimes things happen too quickly or too slow and so maybe timing plays a part in these soulmate pairings.

But again, that doesn’t explain why certain couples seem to mesh so well while others struggle in understanding.

Some argue that these connections cannot be explained by science and cannot be seen as truth until science proves otherwise.

What do you think about the idea of soulmates?

Do you think there is truth behind these 7 soulmates theories?

Are souls fated to be together?

Can any of these explanations hold weight in explaining the connection between two people? Do share your perspectives and personal beliefs in the comment section. Happy to extend the discussion.

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  2. I never really thought about if I was with my soulmate or not, until he died. After seeing a medium and having validations from spirit guide, I found he was my soulmate. We were two peas in a pod. We were connected through values and beliefs. The first time we met in person, we knew that we were each other’s other half. He showed me what it was to be truly loved by someone. It was like an epiphany moment for me. Now that he is gone, I feel like I’ve lost a part of me. Your article has given me a starting point to learn more about soulmates. Thank you.


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