150+ Saucy questions for the group chat (sassy, juicy, dirty, flirty, kinky, naughty)

By: Naveen B

Flirting with another person can be quite fun, but to have it with someone you’re completely comfortable and unashamed with adds an extra element of excitement to the experience. 

In this article, we’ll explore some clean, dirty and saucy questions for the group that will make you turn on and get you excited to pick up your potential date or partner! 

Typically these sassy, naughty and kinky questions used as ice breakers in any dating sites such as Instagram, Tiktok, Tinder or any other social media group chats.

But sometimes they’re used to get intimate with someone you’re interested in having s#x with. 

So, Let’s dive in. The following is a list of 150+ Great Saucy questions for the group chat and dirty riddles will get the job done without you having to speak a word if the occasion calls for it.

Proper saucy questions for the group chat with riddles and answers


Here is a list of some proper saucy questions for the group chat with a twist:

1. Chris Hemsworth’s is big, Johnny Depp’s is small, and Madonna doesn’t have one. What is it? Answer: Last name

2. What is at least 6 inches long, goes into your mouth and feels good if it vibrates? Answer: Toothbrush

3. What does a cattle have four of that women have only two of? Answer: Legs

4. What is round on the outside but soft and wet on the inside? Answer: Peach

5. What starts with P and ends with Y? Answer: Paddy

6. What do women’s breasts and testicles have in common? They’re both between two legs.

7. What has a head on top with hair around it, which can be shaved or not depending upon preference? Answer: Animal’s tail 

8. What is the thing that has cum in it? Answer: Cucumber

9. What has fingers that grip you when inserted and then releases as it comes out? Answer: Vibrator 

10. What becomes hard and long early in the morning? Answer: uncooked rice

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150 Saucy questions for the group chat

Here is a list of saucy questions for the group chat that turn you on instantly:

1. Have you ever smelled the underwear of your crush?

2. How does a woman know when she wants her man inside her?

3. Why did the man put his hand inside the woman’s panties?

4. What are some things men can’t stop doing when they are alone with women?

5. What is the white stuff coming out of your peehole?

6. Do you like to satisfy me with your tongue?

7. Shall I put a finger in your wrong hole?

8. Where would you like to make out with me right now if we could?

9. Who is more likely to be wearing something s#xy under their clothes, a guy or girl?

10. Are you the dominant type in the bedroom?

11. Would you be one night stand with anyone from this group chat?

12. How naughty do you think you are on a scale of one to ten?

13. What is your favorite outfit for a fling?

14. Have you ever done anything really daring s#xually?

15. Do you prefer giving or receiving oral s#x?

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16. Have you ever had s#x with more than two people at once (double penetration)?

17. Who is the most underrated member of our group chat with a hot body?

18. Which celebrity would you most want to sleep with, and why?

19. What color panties/underwear are you wearing right now?

20. If I were sitting next to you, what would I find between your legs?

21. When is it appropriate for two people to take off their clothes together?

22. Is it weird to think about having s#x with someone else besides your partner?

23. What is your favorite thing about sleeping nak#d?

24. Which part of your body do you like touching the most?

25. What is the strangest thing you did to sleep with someone you desired?

26. Where would you prefer to receive oral pleasure from – mouth or anus?

27. What kind of underwear do you usually wear when you’re feeling really horny?

28. Do you like being touched by another person during s#xual intercourse?

29. What words should never be said during s#x?

30. What words should always be said during s#x?

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Sassy questions for the group chat


The following are some good sassy questions for the group chat:

31. How often do you mast#rbate?

32. What was the last thought going through your head before you climaxed?

33. Can one orgasm without stimulation from the other person?

34. Do you like licking my underarms?

35. If I were to start kissing your neck, what might happen next?

36. What part of my body do you find the most attractive?

37. What does your ideal partner look like?

38. What’s your kinkiest s#xual preference?

39. What’s the craziest place you’ve had s#x so far?

40. Would you have an open relationship with me?

41. When was the last time you got laid?

42. Does size matter to you?

43. What’s your deal breaker when it comes to dating someone new?

44. In how many relationships have you been cheated on and how did it feel?

45. Has anyone told you they loved you yet today?

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Juicy questions for the group chat


Here is a list of juicy questions for the group chat:

46. Did any of us show up in your dreams last night?

47. Did any of us get under your skin today?

48. What are the dirtiest words you like to use while making out with someone nasty?

49. Is there anything about me that turns you off?

50. Can I touch myself while we talk?

51. What’s your favorite way to mast#rbate?

52. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received about s#x?

53. Which person on this chat is most likely a virg#n?

54. Have you ever gotten into trouble with law enforcement because of s#x?

55. What are your thoughts on s#xting?

56. How long has it been since you’ve had a drink or drug?

57. What is your preferred hair length on a potential mate?

58. What makes you feel s#xy as hell?

59. How often do you mast#rbate during the week?

60. What is your favorite p#rn genre?

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Bold and saucy group chat questions


Here is a list of bold and saucy group chat questions:

61. What’s the strangest drink you enjoy drinking before s#x?

62. How much can you bench press or squat while being nak#d with someone?

63. What are some of your deep dark secrets that no one knows about?

64. Which personality trait do you love the most about seductive women?

65. If you could read my mind right now, what would you find going through my head?

66. Do you believe in soulmates and true love?

67. How do you feel when a spicy woman or man touches your private parts?

68. How would you rate your s#x life on a scale of to ?

69. What is the most attractive physical characteristic you’re looking for in a potential mate?

70. What is your favorite body part of a woman or man?

71. Do you like to finger in your wrong holes?

72. What is your wildest pleasure?

73. What are your thoughts on BDSM?

74. Do you prefer the term cunnilingus or tongue-s#x?

75. How old were you when you lost your virgin#ty?

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Romantic and Naughty questions for the group chat


Here is a list of great romantic and naughty questions for the group chat:

76. If you had to describe your perfect romantic mate in five words or less, what would you say?

77. Are you a dirtiest angel or romantic demon?

78. Do you like to be a stripper or a voyeur?

79. What’s your favorite dirty word to yell out loud while in bed with a lover?

80. What is the most pleasurable day in your life?

81. What is the s#xiest item of clothing you own?

82. Have you ever made out with someone along with your partner before?

83. When was your best experience having an orgasm?

84. Would you rather spend time with me nak#d or touch yourself alone ?

85. Have you ever given yourself oral pleasure (e.g., fingering)?

86. Did you see anything unusual while pleasuring yourself?

87. Would you let me touch you in your weakest spot as long as I turn you on?

88. Would you allow me to kiss any area of your body if I give it equal attention?

89. What’s the craziest thing you want to do in bed?

90. How many different people have you had s#x with in one day?

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Intimate Kinky questions for the group chat


Here is a list of Kinky and intimate questions for the group chat

91. Have you ever tasted the white stuff that came out of you?

92. Are you into exploring new things s#xually?

93. What’s the dirtiest thing you’ve done to your first partner?

94. Do you feel good after having an orgasm?

95. In what position do you get aroused quickest?

96. Which feels better: stimulating the clitoris or penetrating the v#gina?

97. What excites you the most about having s#x with a stranger?

98. What turns you on the most about giving oral s#x?

99. What is your personal preference for receiving cunnilingus?

100. Does size matter when it comes to genitals?

Nasty questions for the group chat


These are some best Nasty questions for the group chat:

101. Does anal penetration hurt?

102. What is the longest time you’ve gone without s#x?

103. What has been your wildest fantasy you’ve acted out?

104. What is the kinkiest act you fantasize about?

105. Do you like to take control or be dominated in the bedroom?

106. What are your thoughts on anal s#x?

107. What is your favorite s#x position?

108. Do you like to give or receive oral s#x?

109. What’s the biggest cock you’ve had in your pussy or ass?

110. What are your thoughts on v#ginal orgasms?

Revealing Flirty questions for the group chat


Here is a list of flirty and revealing questions for the group chat:

111. What is your favorite s#x toy?

112. What are your thoughts on gay marriage?

113. How do you feel about threesomes?

114. What are your thoughts on polyamory?

115. What is your favorite type of s#x in the group chat?

116. Do you like to tie people up or get tied up yourself?

117. If we were both alone on an island, what’s the first thing you’d want to do with me?

118. What is your favorite pick-up line?

119. What are your thoughts on s#x toys?

120. How often are you in a relationship or hooking up with somebody?

Sexual questions for the group chat


Here is a list of sexual questions for the group chat:

121. If the vibrator or dildo fits in your v#gina or anus, what the nastiest thing you would like to try?

122. Which s#xual act are you most afraid to try?

123. What is your favorite s#xual fetish?

124. What are your thoughts on s#x in public places?

125. How many lovers have you had in the past year?

126. What are your thoughts on s#x without a cond#m?

127. What is your favorite time of day for physical intimacy?

128. What’s your wildest s#xual fantasy?

129. What is your number one desire?

130. What excites you the most when you see a n#ked woman?

Dirty questions for the group chat


Here is a list of very dirty questions for the group chat:

131. What turns you on the most?

132. Would you like me to sit on your face?

133. What turns you on the least?

134. What are your thoughts on mast#rbation?

135. What are your thoughts on gender fluidity?

136. Is there anything you absolutely refuse to do in the bedroom?

137. Shall I lick your whole body?

138. When was the last time you dreamt of thinking of me as nak#d?

139. Where do you see us together in five years if we keep on meeting every night?

140. What will it take for us to become partners for life?

Saucy questions for the group chat tiktok


Here is a list of Tik Tok saucy questions for the group chat:

141. If you could ask the other person one vulgar question, what would it be?

142. Did you ever make out in the pool?

143. Will you try me in your office?

144. If I do a handj#b, can I also j#rk off and take the load in?

145. If I’m not doing something s#xy, can I go home and watch p#rn on my laptop instead?

146. Is all this talking turning you on too?

147. What’s the white thing that comes out of your private part when you finger yourself?

148. What is your favorite thing to eat before s#x?

149. Would you like to taste my fluids?

150. What would you like to do to me every day and night if we are the only people in the world?

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