150+ Pumpkin Halloween Captions (2023 Edition)

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By: Naveen B

Halloween is here and it’s time to get your pumpkin on!

Carving jack-o’-lanterns is a classic tradition that pairs perfectly with cute and clever captions for all your festive photos.

Whether you’re posing with your pumpkin masterpiece, your best ghoulish girlfriends, or your main boo, we’ve got 150+ pumpkin halloween captions ideas to document the occasion.

From funny puns to quotes from your favorite horror flicks, these Instagram-worthy phrases will take your snaps to the next level.

Read on for the ultimate list of captions to make your pumpkin pics stand out! Our comprehensive guide has you covered for solo shots, couples, groups, and more.


150+ Pumpkin halloween captions

The following is a list of pumpkin halloween captions for instagram:

1. “Carving out a spooktacular night!”

2. “Pumpkin spice and everything eerie.”

3. “Orange you scared yet?”

4. “In the patch of darkness, I rise.”

5. “My lantern guides the way.”

6. “Pumpkin king/queen of the night.”

7. “Just here for the pumpkin spice screams.”

8. “I’m gourd-geous and spooky!”

9. “Let’s squash some fears tonight.”

10. “Getting lit like a jack-o’-lantern.”

11. “Feeling ‘vine’ and sinister.”

12. “Pumpkin it up a notch!”

13. “The pumpkins have taken over!”

14. “From the patch to the party.”

15. “You can’t escape the pumpkin reign.”

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16. “These pumpkins bite back!”

17. “Carved to conquer the night.”

18. “Pumpkin invasion is on.”

19. “Fear the haunting pumpkin.”

20. “Carving out your nightmares.”

21. “Pumpkin’s lurking in the shadows.”

22. “The pumpkin’s grin hides the darkness.”

23. “Creepin’ it real with pumpkin vibes.”

24. “This pumpkin’s got a dark side.”

25. “Pumpkin King of Halloween Town.”

26. “Potion of the Pumpkin Witch.”

27. “The great pumpkin cometh.”

28. “Beware the pumpkinhead scarecrow.”

29. “Pumpkin Vampire thirsts for fun.”

30. “The Pumpkin Ghost’s spectral glow.”

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Best Halloween captions pumpkin edition

Here are a few of the best halloween captions pumpkin edition:

31. “I’m a-maize-ing pumpkin, aren’t I?”

32. “When you’re the life of the pumpkin party.”

33. “Pumpkin spice and everything dice!”

34. “You can’t squash my Halloween spirit.”

35. “Just trying to find my gourd self.”

36. “Pumpkin Queen: 100% that witch.”

37. Halloween Costume Ideas Especially for Pumpkins:

38. “Casting pumpkin spells, not curses.”

39. “Witching you a pumpkin-tastic Halloween!”

40. “Double, double, toil and pumpkin trouble.”

41. “Mixing potions with a pumpkin twist.”

42. “Wickedly good in orange and black.”

43. “Sucking the life out of Halloween night.”

44. “Counting pumpkins instead of bats.”

45. “Vampires love pumpkin-flavored blood.”

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46. “Fangs and gourds, a spooky combo.”

47. “Pumpkin Vampire: Bite into the fun!”

48. “Boo from the ghostly pumpkin.”

49. “Pumpkin spooks from the afterlife.”

50. “I’m a gourd-geous ghost.”

51. “Haunting with a pumpkin twist.”

52. “Floating through the pumpkin patch.”

53. “Guardian of the haunted pumpkin patch.”

54. “Scaring the crows, embracing pumpkins.”

55. “From fields to fears, I protect.”

56. “Scarecrow by day, spook by night.”

57. “Stuffed with straw and pumpkin magic.”

58. “Ruling the Halloween realm with pumpkin flair.”

59. “Monarch of the pumpkin patch.”

60. “Wearing the crown of jack-o’-lanterns.”

61. “Pumpkin royalty at your service.”

62. “Kneel before the PumpKing and PumpQueen!”

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Halloween pumpkin captions with friends

Here are some halloween pumpkin instagram captions with friends:

63. Friends who pumpkin together, stay together

64. Let’s get pumpkin spiced together!

65. Pumpkins, pals and picture perfect!

66. Bonding over pumpkins and pictures.

67. Pumpkin patch pals!

68. Double trouble in the pumpkin patch!

69. Partners in pumpkin crime!

70. Pumpkins picked with my partner in crime.

71. Pumpkin picking duo.

72. Fall adventures with my favorite friend.

73. Sending gourd vibes with my pumpkin pal.

74. Friendship grows on pumpkin vines.

75. Pumpkin spice and everything nice with my BFF.

76. Carving out memories

77. Carving out cute memories with my bestie!

78. Pumpkin carving partners.

79. Crafts, friends and pumpkin pie.

80. Carving pumpkins and friendships.

81. Snap that pumpkin!

82. Pumpkin patch photoshoot with my best gourd-friend.

83. Pumpkin paparazzi coming through!

84. Just a couple of pumpkin queens.

85. Peak pumpkin patch photo op!

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Cute Pumpkin halloween captions for couples

Here is a list of cute pumpkin halloween captions for couples:

86. “We’re the pumpkin spice to each other’s latte.”

87. “Sipping love, one pumpkin spice at a time.”

88. “Our love is gourd-geous and pumpkin-tastic.”

89. “Our hearts were carved out for each other.”

90. “Orange you glad we found each other?”

91. “We’re two peas in a pumpkin patch.”

92. “Pumpkin kisses and harvest wishes.”

93. “Our love story: Once upon a pumpkin.”

94. “We’re just a couple of pumpkins in a pie world.”

95. “Love so sweet, it’s like pumpkin pie.”

96. “Our relationship is as cozy as a pumpkin sweater.”

97. “Our love is the spice of life.”

98. “We found the missing piece to our pumpkin puzzle.”

99. “Our love grows like a pumpkin vine.”

100. “We’re the perfect pumpkin pair.”

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101. “Pumpkin smooches and cuddly wishes.”

102. “Our love is steamy like a pumpkin spice latte.”

103. “Latte love brewing between us.”

104. “We’re the cream to each other’s latte.”

105. “Together, we complete the pumpkin patch.”

106. “Our love is as strong as a pumpkin vine.”

107. “The vine to my pumpkin heart.”

108. “He’s my pumpkin, and I’m his enchantress.”

109. “Our love is magical, just like a witch’s brew.”

110. “Bewitched by each other’s pumpkin charm.”

111. “In the field of love, we’re the perfect pair.”

112. “Our love story is a-maize-ing.”

113. “Scarecrow and his pumpkin, hand in hand.”

114. “Our love is a hauntingly sweet affair.”

115. “Ghostly love, forever together.”

116. “We’re the ghostly duo that stole each other’s hearts.”

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Halloween Pumpkin patch captions

List of halloween pumpkin patch captions include:

117. “Pumpkin spice and everything nice.”

118. “Orange you glad it’s pumpkin season?”

119. “Life is gourd when you’re at the patch.”

120. “Just call me the pumpkin whisperer.”

121. “Stalk the pumpkin patch with me.”

122. “Pumpkin spice and everything spooky.”

123. “Carving out some spooky fun.”

124. “Feeling gourd-geous in the pumpkin patch.”

125. “Pumpkin picking: my kind of therapy.”

126. “This patch is giving me pumpkin to talk about.”

127. “Witchful thinking in the pumpkin patch.”

128. “It’s gourd to be a great day!”

129. “I’m here for the boos and pumpkins.”

130. “Pumpkin patch vibes are the best vibes.”

131. “I’m just here for the pumpkins and screams.”

132. “My heart belongs to the pumpkin patch.”

133. “Picking pumpkins, making memories.”

134. “Getting my patch-tastic fix.”

135. “Pumpkin spice up your life.”

136. “It’s all about that pumpkin glow.”

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137. “Gourd-geous day for pumpkin hunting.”

138. “Let’s get this pumpkin party started.”

139. “Creeping it real in the pumpkin patch.”

140. “My pumpkin, my precious.”

141. “I’m the pumpkin queen, bow down.”

142. “Pumpkins, spice, and everything nice.”

143. “Strolling through pumpkin paradise.”

144. “Pumpkin patch dreams are made of these.”

145. “Carving out memories one pumpkin at a time.”

146. “Fall-ing in love with pumpkins.”

147. “Every pumpkin has a great story.”

148. “Pumpkin spice and everything fright.”

149. “Pumpkin patch therapy: recommended dose.”

150. “Pumpkin patch wanderlust.”

151. “I’ve got a gourd-eous personality.”

152. “Keep calm and pumpkin on.”

153. “Pumpkin season: where magic happens.”

154. “Pumpkin patch vibes: wickedly good.”

155. “Orange you glad you found me in the patch?”

156. “I’m just here for the pumpkins and chill.”

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With 150+ options for pumpkin photo opps, you’ll be ready to caption those jack-o’-lantern selfies, squad shots, and couple’s costumes perfectly.

Have a smashing Halloween and may these captions inspire you to get clever with your pumpkin pictures this season!

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