50+ Deep and short sad quotes about life, love, pain, depression, relationships.

Quotes on sadness:

Sad quotes and Insights on sadness: Tears are the way to express the beauty of the world hidden inside us.

Tears are the purity of the soul that slides through the walls of the eyes to show the feeling of love and authenticity they hold which thoughts and words do not have such power. 

Sadness makes much sense to those who are aware of their own pain. That’s a beautiful way to grow if intellectually used in the right direction. But not be consumed by their vulnerability and emotions.

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Fortunately, If you are a gentle being never be ashamed of the sensitivity of your soul.

We are living in a world full of mixed beings who possess strange psychological behaviors with no common visions. Yet, strongly connected to one another for an odd reason.

Every individual has their own way of understanding life for its existence.

Some grow through perceiving and others by judging, but intuitively the intelligence of our existence should be paralyzed just because of our ignorance.

If you are in extreme pain then cry with your full heart if not out, but inside your head until finding yourself underneath your pseudo fears and insecurities.

When you are true to yourself in the journey to become a better human being, you are far ahead of the rest, on the path of strength and to grow unto your fullest.

Keep fighting and stand up for yourself. No one can do that for you. It’s all about you and you; you vs you. It’s just you.


So rise and shine for what you are, remind your worth and embrace your unique gift. You are rare and special who is gifted with the ability to understand the world entirely different from the rest.

That’s what makes you who you are now. If people do not get you, it’s their inability to understand themselves. So, be proud of your existence and breathe to inspire.

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10 Sad quotes about life


These short philosophical sad quotes about life were written with the aim to inspire, empower and bring new perceptions about of our personal lives with deep insights. 

Hope my quotes about sad life provide value to your emotions and help you to understand more about your feelings and your unique gift to perceive the world differently. Keep reading the sadness quotes.

  • Loneliness is the saddest happiness. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • Sadness makes much sense to those who are aware of their own pain. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • No wisdom can tell what a person has to go through, finally before he is ready to meet himself. – Naveen Bommakanti. 

  • Those who knows how to be happy, nothing makes them unhappy. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • The saddest life is that one who suffers alone, though everyone is around. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • If happiness is a pursuit of life, then sadness is what you experience along with it. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • Nothing makes you sad other than your own thoughts. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • Pain is different from sadness. Pain makes you stronger whereas sadness makes you deeper. And the best part they both bring you closer to yourself. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • At times, silence represents sadness. At other times it is the peace that calms the storms of the disturbed soul. – Naveen Bommaknti.
  • Every breath is the mixture of emotions that no amount of words can give life to them. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • Whoever ignores sadness, absolutely misses the opportunity to discover their greatest potential of experiencing it. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • There is no deeper sadness than the status of a soul that has nothing left inside it to live. – Naveen Bommakanti.

Sad quotes on love


Deep sad quotes on love with multiple perspectives provoke your thoughts and make you think more about life in different dimensions. Keep reading my sad love quotes.

  • Peace becomes pieces, when love becomes ashes. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • Love fades when ignorance shines. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • The sad truth is, we are facing love, not a life. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • One who is not ready to suffer for love, suffers for life. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • Pain begins with life and ends with love only if your fortunate to loved. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • Love breathes even after its death, until its last breath. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • Love is the source of sadness and happiness. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • If there is anything beyond love, then it is only the darkness which is called death. Because there is no life after love. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • Love hurts because we care; love pains because we value; and we suffer as it is the crucial journey of the life. – Naveen Bommakanti.

Sad quotes about pain.


These are the list of sad quotes about pain and unhappy quotes which has powerful life lessons in them. Hope you will learn and take most of these pain quotes.

  • Pain has no power when you are aware of it. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • The only way to overcome pain in life is by feeling it. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • Pain is active, happiness is still. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • Pain is my answer to every question. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • Pain introduces you to the concept of awareness. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • You create your own truth, when you survive any pain. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • Pain fades but the memories hurt. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • Out of all the uncertainties in life, the pain of loss is an inexplicable grief. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • The more you are aware of your own pain, the less difficult it is to free yourself from everything you deeply connected to. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • If you connect to anything, everything hurts. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • No smooth path ever made a man as powerful and great as he is now. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • A pain that cannot be shared with anyone is a sad life that died alone. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • Feel the pain but do not become a victim to the fate. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • If your whole pain is for the fear of the unknown, then each moment you experience is a lie for life. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • Pain transforms a weak person into a strong and strong person into weak. However, both make us better in one or other way if responded consciously. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • By realizing one’s own pain, one can accomplish anything in this world. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • When you do not feel any pain, yet great sadness consumes from within, then it is the time you are near to discover your inner self. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • Self- realization is the beginning of life and end of one’s misery. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • Whoever understands also realizes, pain is just a path to the destiny of strength. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • Pain grows when you ignore it. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • The pain of the past cannot be altered but can be mastered. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • A person with patience knows the value of pain and suffering behind life. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • In life when you are in extreme sadness, just remember – growth is painful. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • Life is sadly unfair. In times of tragic moments, accept the change even it is painful to move forward. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • Pain, suffering, fears, insecurities and every negative energy makes us to realize the subtle vibrations of nature. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • Whoever is ignorant of one’s own pain, suffers from life, love and everything in between. – Naveen Bommakanti.

Heartbroken Sad love quotes for girls and boys on relationships


These are the list of sad quotes for girls and sad love quotes for him which makes you to relate and feel the pain.

  • I wish my thoughts were your dreams. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • You will never die, because the time has no choice when I am loving you. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • I love the way you act like, that you don’t love me. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • The moment you give up on yourself, you are dead to me. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • My love is the only antidote, which has the power to heal your chaos, rage and pain but your heart is too weak to withstand by its side effects. – Naveen Bommakanti.

Hurt, Upset, feeling down and sad depression quotes.

  • I am feeling like I am mourning for my own death. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • We look old when our hearts get tired. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • No one looks more depressed than a person who gave up on oneself. – Naveen Bommakanti
  • We shouldn’t get hurt by the things that we have no longer power to control. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • Darkness is the only source to discover light. – Naveen Bommakanti.

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