Step-by-step guide to finding your voice of Individuality

Guide To Finding Your Voice.

Simply, the secret to finding your voice lies in, how passionate you are about life!

How curious are you to pay attention, understand, and realize the nature and the nature of your existence!

A writer’s voice can be felt in the selection of his words.

An artist’s voice can be witnessed as layers of depths in the details he leaves in his art. And a leader’s voice can be heard in the intense power of his speech.

Each human’s voice of individuality can be found in every craft he creates. Yes, that’s for sure.  However, such discovered voice is the result of endless passionate efforts made by them. 

So, how to find such a powerful voice?

In order to find one’s voice, he or she must understand where it is coming from? But before that, one must be aware – of what actually the voice is! 


What does it mean when someone says “find your voice?”

That said, as per my experience with the realization of my passion, finding your voice, literally means “Finding your individual identity with a unique message you gathered in the process of self-discovery.

Which adds weight to the world by a better perception that has the power to simplify the lives of people from their never-ending complex suffering.”

If that made sense, then it is much easier to find your voice, once you (find yourself or find your why or find your purpose or find your passion.)

More than finding your voice, it is much more difficult to find yourself. 

I have written an article about “Who Am I?” and “What should I do with my life?” hope that helps to understand more about yourself and find your true self.

How to find your voice?

If you discovered your path and decided to choose your career as a writer or an artist.

Or simply if you are any individual who wants to become great at anything that you want to pursue. The fundamental truth of finding your voice applies the same to all. That is by “Listening.”

Let’s discuss that in step by step.


5 Steps to finding your voice of Individuality:

1. Eliminate your Ignorance

Since childhood, we’re all convinced by the reality of the world and forced to ignore the world inside us.

Which eventually leads us to move away from the voice that never had a chance to come into existence. 

Without even questioning and realizing our potential, we all ended up in the very existential loop and consumed by our own ignorance.

That said, In order to find your voice, the first step is to break that victim chain. 

Free yourself from the set of limited beliefs by unlearning all the outdated education.

Open your eyes to see the broader picture. Keep yourself on the track to focus on your vision and achieve clarity yourself.

2. Discover your top Values and beliefs

The moment you eliminate all the distractions of the world and gather yourself together, you begin to reflect and view things with much clarity. 

In the process, you encounter the values that resonate with your personality. Take time to note them once you discovered your top values and beliefs. Be free to alter your opinions for better perceptions.

 Become more aware of your aim and align these values with each goal until you instill them into your mind.

3. Listen to your intuition

For finding your voice or discovering your true self, listening to your intuition is the single most important and the only best ever possible way that existed. 

A writer, an artist, and any intelligent person who achieved success are being guided by their intuition. That was possible because they reflected inwards and actively participated in listening to their inner voice. 

For once, if you didn’t get what I mean, then I want to confirm that your inner voice itself is the voice that you are seeking, and to achieve it is the hardest thing in life.

However, once you overcome your ignorance of fears, doubts, insecurities, and all the noise of the external world.

The discovery of your values and your willingness to learn helps you become conscious of yourself. Then the voice in your head comes into existence with the utmost clarity. Thus, listen to your intuition period.

4. Choose one motive of passion to master the voice.

Once you found your voice, now you know who you are and what your purpose is!

Out of all the things that your voice guides, pay attention to the one truth that you completely resonated and naturally aligned with.

Master and transform that voice into a passion and try to express one moral idea which you discovered in the process of your self-realization to the world that changes their lives for the better. 

5. Experiment on your voice or purpose, become better, and repeat

It’s a healthy approach to exercise with your voice in order to create more connections with your deepest thoughts and become better each time you discover something new about yourself. 

With each realization, you will become close to yourself and that is the secret to discovering more voices hidden deep inside you which are more powerful than the former ones. 

In order to experiment more about your uniqueness, it requires complete dedication, passion, and endless efforts to share your messages with the world.

Never stop adding purpose to your voice. Often experiment to become better and repeatedly find your voice and inspire others to find theirs.

17 questions that will help to find your voice.

  • 1. What should be the purpose behind my voice If I had one?
  • 2. How do I want to feel about myself When I share my voice?
  • 3. Does my voice should be applied for all in general or specified?
  • 4. How do I want my target audience to feel about my voice in their heads?
  • 5. Do I want my voice to evoke positive vibrations or bring controversies?
  • 6. Does my voice inspire others to find theirs?
  • 7. Do I have only one voice or more so that many people can be benefited from my message?
  • 8. How many areas of fields do I want my message to share?
  • 9. Why should my voice matter to the people?
  • 10. When do I want my message to reach the people so that it can help and change their lives?
  • 11. What is my voice and moral message to the world?
  • 12. What kind of intensity do I want my audience to picture in their heads from my message?
  • 13. How should my voice connect the people and me together to solve a common problem?
  • 14. Does the ideas of my voice should be unique or normal as everyone else?
  • 15. Do my message should express humor or a completely powerful focus on serious issues?
  • 16. What is the fundamental philosophy of my message that lives and can be applicable forever?
  • 17. Does my voice should be subjective with personal values or objective with rational ideas?

Best Inspirational life advice on finding your voice and following your dream.

I want to say achieving your dream is easy but takes time. I want to say it is difficult, but worth the labor. Perhaps it is true. However, in the end, whatever I said matters only when you find your voice.


Why do most people fail to find their voice?

Let’s dig a bit deeper passage into our consciousness and discover the roots of failure and unveil the mysteries of the most aching path to finding your voice. 

The path to becoming successful begins only when we find our unique voice.

The main reason why most people fail to find their why is just that — 

  • They never connected with themselves. 
  • They never paid attention to anything, even not to themselves. 
  • They neither know the roots of their inspiration nor the source of their weakness.
  • In simple terms, they all are disconnected beings, waiting for the randomness or the coincidence to happen in their existence. And lead them in a way that they never envisioned.

We all fail when we fear for nothing. We all lose when we never try a thing. So, everything is in our hands to create and cherish.

How to use your voice to become successful in life?

 If you really want to become successful, use your voice consciously, never go with the words of the world if they do not meet your vision. It is always not necessary to agree with the thoughts that condemn your understanding.

Recognize that every path is unique, each journey is different, and every stop varies in accordance with the level of one’s patience and of one’s time.

If you believe you are true to your thoughts, which are reflecting on the good, commit to your own understanding. 

Even if everyone fails to recognize your worth remember these tips to guide you.

  • Never let the logical mind of others or of yours disappoint your creativity. 
  • Explore your imagination never stop dreaming, think big, think different, and be unique. 
  • Expand your mind by the stories you create in your head and evolve into the world of magic.
  • Listen carefully to the opinions, but draw conclusions on your own with the appropriate hints provided by the world. 
  • Observe and analyze, but never limit your mind to reality.
  • Your gift is to create. Your unique creation will change the perception of the world.

Every single moment the world changes, beliefs changes, and truth changes. Life is a constant change. If there is no change, we cannot move forward. If we cannot expand our vision there will be no unique inventions.

Spend time to realize the message of your spirit. Follow your instincts. Always remember, no one will ever be ready to begin to do anything.

However, we need to learn to listen before we speak, we need to master to speak before we present, and we need to act in such a way that we are the godfather of any creation that we craft.

That represents your determination and the efforts you put in yourself.

Every master was a student once. And every mastered student was a dreamer who knew the history of struggle. Who never stopped chasing his vision.

No matter, what the concept of right or wrong! He believed in his truth. He was aware of his true potential and the world around him. 

He never gave up because there are no mistakes, only choices. There are no perfections, only understandings and there is no life without fear. But we need to focus on the good that we tend to create.

Then everything will turn out into a beautiful creation if we do it with a pure intention and a passion to serve the world.

Slowly everyone will start to believe in the stories you proposed, the ideas you discovered, and the scripts you created.

Everything will appear authentic that initiates a sense of sensation in the sight of similar souls and of beautiful hearts.

Fear, but never be afraid to make mistakes. Dream, but never be afraid to move forward. Love and go get it. If you want to fly without wings, be prepared to walk on the ground with your passion.

Let your vulnerabilities drive the world crazy. Be sincere in your actions and just realize everything, then you will never reach success, but itself will be born out of you.

Quotes about finding your voice.

I have written a few finding your voice quotes. Whether you are a writer finding your voice in writing. An artist finding your voice in art. Hope these inspirational quotes will uplift you to keep pushing your spirit.  Just never give up.  

  • Words become quotes when the voice becomes an inspiration. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • Be the 1% to change the 99% – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • One of the best ways to get inspired, is to be the inspiration. – Naveen Bommakanti.
  • You will never find time when you find the purpose of your life. – Naveen Bommakanti.


Finding your voice is truly the greatest accomplishment, but it is nowhere near to the beginning of the actual journey of the dream.

All that you have now is yourself. Now, is the perfect time to follow your dream.

The most important thing in life to achieve any greatness is following one’s intuition and discovering one’s deep self. And that process continues forever.

The main idea of finding your voice is to bring your ideas into reality. 

So, in order to follow your dream and attain the power of your voice, you need to have the will to fight and never be afraid of anything in your way.

Watch The power of finding your voice.

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2 thoughts on “Step-by-step guide to finding your voice of Individuality”

  1. For the majority of my life I have been waiting for the day when I would find my voice. Through the majority of my teen years I believed that one day I would simply wake up and I would have found my voice that had been lost to my parents and my nine siblings ten years before. Once I reached my twenties I did not care at all, I had no goal, no real drive in life. Just lived one day to the next. Once a became a young single parent I began to reach that place again to find that voice that now pushed me to find my calling. I had had many goals in my youth, and now none where relevant. After seven years of my single parenting role I lost all care for this search to find myself and I became complacent rather quickly with work and single parenting. Then upon the birth of my second child it became clear that I must find my voice, I cant turn away from the search. Often I fear that if I set myself to something I will once again drive myself to complacency yet again, I now have come to the place that I realize my passion for life, where my voice is best heard and looked to by other and when it empowers me to continue forward is when I change my focus somewhat, and expand my boundaries so as not to become complacent again. If I began to feel discouraged and feel as though my voice is fading, I make necessary changes, not drastic ones but ones within reason. I find more and more my scope of focus has drastically narrowed then having my passion be for all things and when I say all, I mean all things. In my early to late twenties anything could distract me and my voice was lost. I was a drifter so to speak. It is still a fight every day so as to keep pushing forward, I has become somewhat simpler, not easier. I now have a better idea of what I must do, but this is only just the beginning of this realization for me. Yes, I do have doubts. I was once one of the most influential individuals you would ever meet. Due to many life alterations for the better not just for myself but for my children as well, both girls where as I am their only example of how one is to find their voice, I find it to be one of the main reasons that I push on, not just for myself, but for them as well. My passion is my self motivation, the ability to lead those I am responsible for. I have found my calling, it will change some as time goes on, but for the past few years, to be heard and to carry on has been my calling. It is what motivates me. I do fear failure, it has always been my draw back, but the daily fight not to let myself be overcome by it has been overly rewarding. Thank You~ Elsa

    • That’s really a thought provoking response, Elsa. It is clear that your experiences gathered a matured voice and earned the wisdom of self-mastery. I am very glad that my words inspired you to reflect and respond with such a moving story. My best wishes always be with you. Good luck.


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