100 Things to do with friends with benefits, hookups or no strings attached relationships

By: Naveen B

Are you tired of boring, predictable dates? Want to add some spice to your relationship without the commitment? Look no further than the world of friends with benefits!

Gone are the days of casual hookups being a taboo subject. Friends with benefits relationships have become more and more common, with people opting for the fun and freedom of a casual fling rather than a serious commitment. But just because there’s no long-term commitment doesn’t mean things have to get stale.

In fact, the lack of pressure to define the relationship can leave room for even more exciting experiences with your FWB. From adventurous outings to creative bedroom antics, there are countless ways to keep things interesting and exciting.

So if you’re wondering what do friends with benefits do together and looking for some inspiration for your next rendezvous,

look no further than this comprehensive list of 100 things to do with friends with benefits.

From adrenaline-pumping activities to romantic gestures, there’s something for every type of FWB relationship. Let’s dive in and explore all the possibilities!

What do friends with benefits do together?


Friends with benefits (FWB) relationships can vary widely depending on the individuals involved. However, there are some commonalities that are often overlooked or misunderstood.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that FWB relationships are not just about sex. While physical intimacy is certainly a significant aspect, these relationships can also involve emotional connection, shared activities, and mutual support. In fact, many FWB relationships begin as friendships and evolve into something more over time.

In terms of what do friends with benefits do together, the possibilities of fwb activities are endless. Some may engage in sexual activities exclusively, while others may also go out to eat, watch movies, or participate in other shared hobbies. It’s important to establish boundaries and expectations early on to ensure that both parties are on the same page about what the relationship entails.

It’s also worth noting that FWB relationships can be challenging to navigate. They require clear communication, honesty, and mutual respect. Both parties should be aware of the potential risks involved, such as jealousy, emotional attachment, and the possibility of one person developing romantic feelings. It’s important to approach these relationships with a mature and responsible mindset.

Overall, friends with benefits relationships can be fulfilling and enjoyable for those involved, as long as both parties are clear about their intentions and boundaries. It’s important to approach these relationships with an open mind and realistic expectations, and to prioritize communication and respect at all times.

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If you are wondering What to do with your friend with benefits the following are some ideas and activities you can explore with your FWB partner.

100 Things to do with friends with benefits, hookups or no strings attached relationships

The following is a list of things to do with friends with benefits (fun, casual, intimate, sexual and non-sexual activities)

1. Have an adult movie night in, cuddled up on the couch with some popcorn.

2. Experiment with different positions and techniques in bed, and explore each other’s bodies.

3. Take a sensual bath together, complete with bubbles and candles.

4. Go on a weekend getaway to a cozy cabin or beachside bungalow.

5. Play a sexy game like strip poker or truth or dare.

6. Have a lazy morning in bed, alternating between pillow talk and passionate lovemaking.

7. Go out dancing and let your bodies move together in a steamy embrace.

8. Cook a romantic dinner together, complete with aphrodisiac ingredients.

9. Get a couples’ massage at a spa and enjoy the intimate touch of a professional.

10. Write erotic stories or fantasies together and act them out in the bedroom.

11. Have a naked photo shoot or draw each other in a sensual setting.

12. Take turns blindfolding each other and exploring each other’s bodies.

13. Have a secret rendezvous in a public place, like a secluded beach or park.

14. Experiment with sex toys and find out what each other likes.

15. Take a hot air balloon ride at sunrise and enjoy the breathtaking view while wrapped in each other’s arms.

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16. Have a spontaneous rendezvous in a hotel room for a night of passion.

17. Take turns giving each other sensual massages with warm oils.

18. Go for a scenic drive and find a secluded spot to make out or have sex.

19. Experiment with bondage or other BDSM activities if both parties are interested.

20. Take a dance class together, like salsa or tango, and let the chemistry sizzle.

21. Have a playful tickle fight that leads to a passionate make-out session.

22. Have a lazy day in bed, reading books or watching movies while intermittently having sex.

23. Go skinny dipping under the stars, exploring each other’s bodies in the water.

24. Play with food in the bedroom, using whipped cream or chocolate syrup for a sensual treat.

25. Take a sensual shower together, washing each other’s bodies and exploring new sensations.

26. Attend a sex-positive event or party, exploring your sexuality and meeting new people together.

27. Play out each other’s fantasies, taking turns fulfilling each other’s deepest desires.

28. Go on a camping trip and have sex in a tent or under the stars.

29. Roleplay as strangers meeting for a hookup in a bar or other public place.

30. Go to a sex shop together and browse for new toys or accessories to try out.

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31. Take turns reading erotic literature to each other and let the words fuel your passion.

32. Attend a couples’ yoga class, exploring your bodies and movements together.

33. Go on a romantic hike and find a secluded spot to make love in nature.

34. Have a staycation in a local hotel, exploring each other’s bodies and the new surroundings.

35. Share a sensual bubble bath with candles and soft music.

36. Play a game of “sexual scavenger hunt,” where you leave clues leading to a surprise sexual encounter.

37. Take turns giving each other sensual foot massages.

38. Have a photoshoot where you take intimate and sensual pictures of each other.

39. Write love letters to each other, sharing your deepest desires and fantasies.

40. Go to a strip club or burlesque show together and let the energy fuel your passion.

41. Attend a sexual wellness workshop or seminar and learn new techniques and tips.

42. Go on a road trip and have sex in new and exciting locations along the way.

43. Have a picnic in a secluded location, complete with aphrodisiac foods and sensual touches.

44. Take turns blindfolding and feeding each other different flavors and textures.

45. Share a bottle of wine and explore each other’s bodies while enjoying the buzz.

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46. Have a sexy photo shoot where you dress up in erotic costumes or lingerie.

47. Take turns giving each other sensual scalp massages while lying down.

48. Have a game night in and play naughty games like “Never Have I Ever” or “Seven Minutes in Heaven.”

49. Experiment with sensory deprivation, using blindfolds, earplugs, and other tools to heighten sensations.

50. Go on a hot air balloon ride and have sex while floating in the clouds.


51. Have a karaoke night in and sing sexy duets to each other.

52. Play a game of strip chess or strip scrabble.

53. Take turns giving each other erotic massages with hot stones.

54. Attend a sex-themed party and explore new kinks and fetishes.

55. Take turns blindfolding and surprising each other with new sensations, like ice or feathers.

56. Go on a midnight skinny dip in a secluded pool or lake.

57. Have a private burlesque dance performance for each other.

58. Take a romantic bike ride at sunset, complete with champagne and snacks.

59. Explore each other’s erogenous zones and find new ways to turn each other on.

60. Play a game of “sex bucket list,” where you each write down fantasies and try to check them off together.

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61. Have a candlelit dinner on the beach, complete with soft music and sensual touches.

62. Take a dance class, like belly dancing or pole dancing, and let the intimacy of the moves lead to passion.

63. Have a private tarot reading and explore each other’s energies.

64. Go on a sensual picnic and feed each other aphrodisiac foods.

65. Go to a sex museum and explore different exhibits and historical artifacts.

66. Experiment with role-playing and dress up in different costumes and personas.

67. Have a naked painting session where you create erotic art together.

68. Take turns teasing and tantalizing each other with feathers or other sensual objects.

69. Explore new sexual positions and techniques, like tantric sex or kama sutra.

70. Share a romantic bubble bath and exchange sensual massages.

71. Attend a sex-positive conference and learn about new topics and ideas.

72. Go on a beach vacation and explore each other’s bodies in the sand and surf.

73. Have a sexy photo shoot in a beautiful outdoor location, like a forest or waterfall.

74. Play a game of “sexual truth or dare,” where you reveal secrets and try new things.

75. Take a cooking class and learn how to create aphrodisiac dishes together.

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76. Have a romantic stargazing session and explore each other’s bodies under the night sky.

77. Take turns giving each other sensual foot baths with essential oils and petals.

Fun things to do with your friends with benefits

Here is a list of fun casual and non-sexual things to do with your friends with benefits:

78. Netflix and chill or TV show marathon at home or in the cinema.

79. Go on a road trip to a new city or town and explore its attractions.

80. Try out a new hobby or activity that you both are interested in, like painting, pottery, or photography.

81. Attend a music festival or a cultural event.

82. Go camping or hiking in the mountains or national parks.

83. Have a bonfire or a barbecue party with friends.

84. Go to a theme park or a water park and try out all the rides.

85. Host a game night or a poker night with other friends.

86. Volunteer for a cause or a community event that you both are passionate about.

87. Have a spa day or pamper yourselves with massages and facials.

88. Take a dance class or a fitness class together, like Zumba or yoga.

89. Go to an amusement arcade or a bowling alley and have fun playing games.

90. Go to a comedy club Laugh together and enjoy a night of entertainment.

91. Go out to eat at a restaurant or try out a new recipe at home.

92. Play games together, like board games or video games.

93. Take a dance class or try a new physical activity, like rock climbing or yoga.

94. Attend a music concert or a stand-up comedy show.

95. Cook a meal together and enjoy it with a bottle of wine or your favorite drinks.

96. Go to a sporting event or participate in a recreational sports league.

97. Try out a new hobby or activity that you’re both interested in.

98. Go to a wine or beer tasting event.

99. Have a picnic in the park or on the beach.

100. Just hang out and talk or watch the stars on a clear night.

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Final thoughts:

In conclusion, friends with benefits relationships can be a fun and fulfilling way to explore your sexuality and enjoy the company of another person without the pressures of commitment.

With the ideas and activities outlined in this list, you and your FWB can continue to keep things fresh and exciting.

Just remember to communicate openly and honestly with each other to ensure that you’re both on the same page.

So go forth, have fun, and enjoy all the adventures that come with a friends with benefits relationship!

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