What do friends with benefits do together? (17 Things you should know)

An FWB situation is basically exactly what it sounds like – being friends with someone (to who you’re also attracted) without any strings attached.

The way FWBs operate may differ from couple to couple and in certain situations, from day to day.

Some FWBs might see each other every day and sle#p together once a week; some might have a weekly routine of having s#x followed by watching a movie at home.

Others prefer keeping things casual and seeing each other as often as they can while not sharing their bed more than once every two weeks or so.

Whatever happens between two consenting matured couples behind closed doors is up to them.

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However, if you are curious to know what do fwb do together? Here are a few things you should know.

What do friends with benefits do together?


The answer to that question depends entirely on you and your FWB; I would say that things vary from person to person. Some FWBs spend most of their time fooling around while others actually become very close friends.

For example, I know someone who has been having s#x with his current FWB since he was 15 years old; they’ve been doing it almost daily ever since and have formed a very strong friendship over time due to spending such quality time together.

I know plenty of couples who hook up occasionally when they’re feeling bored or lonely and then go back to living their regular lives after satisfying those physical needs.

These couples simply use their FWB as a temporary outlet rather than something more meaningful.

Friends-with-benefits have a common ground – both of you are just there for fun and physical pleasure.

With that said, neither of you has any right to tell your partner how he/she should act or what they should or shouldn’t do.

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As long as it’s not hurting anyone and is mutually consensual then everything is fine.

The best thing about FWBs is that they let you explore different types of intimacy without any pressure from a serious relationship.

It also provides an opportunity for people who’ve been hurt in past relationships to explore their s#xuality without fear of getting hurt again.

And yes, you might develop feelings but that doesn’t mean things can’t be dealt with like couples if need be.

Finally, there are also couples that decide to keep seeing each other outside of their primary relationships in order to satisfy those extra s#xual desires we don’t often talk about openly due to social stigma.

On occasion, couples in FWB relationships will meet up for a romantic dinner or a movie. However, most of their time is spent engaging in s#xual activity.

They often prefer to spend time at home since it provides them with more comfort and privacy.

The best thing about friends-with-benefits is that it helps you find out if you’re truly compatible without all of those awkward first-date jitters or uncertainty about your feelings towards one another.

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This kind of arrangement is ideal for those who want casual s#x but don’t want an actual relationship.

It’s also perfect for single people who aren’t ready to commit to a long-term romance but are still looking for love.

If you feel like dating multiple people at once before making a choice – FWB is your way to go.

Not only does it provide you with hot, no-strings-attached action but it allows you to experience new partners without committing to anything serious.

If you want to know more about what do friends with benefits do together? Here are,

17 Things you should know about friends with benefits and what they do together

17 things friends with benefits do together What do friends with benefits do together? (17 Things you should know)

1. They develop feelings for each other and turn their fwb into a relationship

It is not uncommon that friends with benefits to fall in love with each other if they develop feelings and find connections.

However, it is also very rare that their relationship lasts long because of their unusual start, inconsistent behavior, and excessive drive for physical needs.

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2. They keep secrets from their respective partners because they want these relationships to last.

The whole point of FWBs is that both parties can get physical needs met without having any serious strings attached.

So, you better believe these two make sure not to talk about their encounters after they’re done having s#x; why spoil things?

3. They try new positions together

If a position isn’t working for one of them, then your FWBs will figure out a way for him/her to achieve maximum pleasure either by switching up roles or by trying new positions together until they find something that works best.

4. They go on dates

Yep, that’s right! FWBs often go on dates. It keeps things interesting for them and even helps them get to know one another better than they could if they were just having s#x all of the time.

5. They have a deep conversation with one another regarding their s#xual preferences

Discussion is a very important part of any kind of relationship whether it’s casual or not.

So, your FWB would never lie about his/her likes and dislikes in bed – they want their partner to be satisfied as much as possible because that makes him/her feel good too; more likely, you’ll end up pleasing each other in a more satisfying way.

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6. They have intimate fun together.

Sure, s#x is great and all – but getting down and dirty isn’t what makes your FWBs such a good couple; no, they’re just as much fun when they’re not having s#x too.

You’ll often find them doing simple things together like going out to eat, watching movies, and talking about their day at work whatever helps them get closer together.

7. They trust each other

In an FWB, trust is everything. You have to be able to trust your partner enough to know that they’re not going to hurt you physically or emotionally and vice versa.

You should also never keep anything from one another because a big part of any healthy relationship is being able to share your thoughts, emotions, and desires openly and honestly.

8. They don’t let guilt get in their way

Both FWBs realize that they’re in relationships with other people so there’s always going to be some element of guilt when they’re engaging in s#xual activities together.

However, if you let that guilt get into your head too much, then it’s not worth doing at all.

9. They communicate openly about everything

Like I said before, communicating is a very important part of any kind of relationship whether it’s casual or not.

You have to be able to understand what your partner likes in bed – and you should also let them know what you like too.

Most importantly, you should never do anything that makes your partner uncomfortable because, at that point, it isn’t fun anymore.

So yeah, communication is definitely something both FWBs need to work on if they want their relationships to last.

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10. They make time for one another

FWBs are still people, so of course, they have other things going on in their lives too; however, you can still find time for your partner even if you’re busy.

You might not be able to see them as often as you would like – or even at all sometimes because of work or school.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t text or call one another and make plans for a future date.

Remember, it’s all about communicating.

Sometimes scheduling plans in advance is better than just assuming your FWB will be available whenever because s/he might actually have other things going on you never know until you ask.

11. They have mutual respect for one another

When you look at FWBs, you might think they’re not serious or that they don’t care about one another. However, you’d be wrong.

FWBs do have romantic feelings for each other and they often care about their partners as much as any other couple does.

Sometimes it’s hard to define what your exact feelings are towards your partner, but that doesn’t mean those feelings aren’t there.

You should always be respectful of each other – never try to get your way in an argument by being mean or by saying things you don’t really mean. Remember, your partner is still a person.

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12. They attend parties, play games, and spend nights together

Whatever else is going on in their lives outside of one another doesn’t mean you can’t still hang out with your FWB.

Not everyone’s schedule allows them to see each other all day every day – but that doesn’t mean you should stop hanging out altogether.

If anything, FWBs are even more motivated than other couples because they might be dealing with jealousy or loneliness issues if they don’t stay connected. Again, it’s all about communication.

13. They like being single again

Some people would argue that one of these two FWB won’t be able to ever find someone else as good as their partner.

Well, those people would probably be right. We’re not saying either party is dissatisfied by being single.

All we’re saying is that both FWBs realize they have something special with each other and they wouldn’t trade it for anyone else.

So a lot of times when people move on from FWBs there’s a little bit of sadness involved too.

Because sometimes once you find the one, things just aren’t ever quite as perfect again.

Regardless, both partners still want and need an active social life just like anyone else does.

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14. Both FWBs understand that nothing lasts forever and everything changes

It may be difficult for us to accept, but time really does go by very quickly.

Before you know it, new relationships start and old ones fall apart, including FWBs. Remember:

Nothing lasts forever – no matter how strong a bond you think you share with your FWB(s), someday, sooner or later it will end.

However, what matters most is how you handle that separation. If both parties truly love each other then they’ll wish nothing but happiness upon one another.

15. Neither FWB has unrealistic expectations:

Sure, FWBs enjoy each other’s company and often care deeply for one another.

But neither person expects to change their partner completely or make them over into who they want them to be.

True love is about accepting someone exactly how they are.

Sometimes when expectations aren’t met during dating phases it causes hurt feelings and maybe even an argument or two.

So please remember, FWBs often avoid these pitfalls by knowing exactly what kind of relationship they’re sharing together.

16. Both FWBs value transparency above all else:

Trust goes hand-in-hand with any healthy romantic relationship.

And if you don’t feel comfortable telling your best friend where you’ve been or who you were with then why would they feel comfortable telling YOU?

It’s important that if either partner thinks something isn’t working within their FWB agreement then they should bring it up to one another instead of simply letting things fester between them.

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17. FWB couple maintains multiple Friends with benefits:

FWBs might still be in other relationships or they might even just not be looking for a serious commitment – either way, being in more than one FWB is totally normal and it’s something many FWBs do.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Of course, when you’re involved in more than one type of relationship.

You should make sure everyone is aware of your other relationships – don’t just sneak around behind everyone’s back because that’s not fair to anyone.

Just because your main partner doesn’t like you seeing someone else doesn’t mean you can’t be happy and satisfied! Remember, it’s all about communication!

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Final thoughts:

In conclusion, friends with benefits relationships aren’t necessarily easy – both parties have to be open-minded and be willing to work together through whatever comes their way.

But that being said – if done correctly, two friends can benefit tremendously from forging a bond based on simple physical attraction. Who knows – maybe even starting something serious down the road someday.

Finally, here are some crucial things you should keep in mind before taking that leap and initiating an FWBs situation: consider your needs and expectations – what do you want from it? 

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What kind of partner do you want them to be for you? Do you believe in monogamy or does an open-relationship sound like more fun (at least for now)?

 If neither is particularly attractive to you, then there’s always an option of just having some casual s#x – keep in mind though that emotional attachment is often unavoidable in these kinds of situations so make sure both parties are on board.

Also: don’t turn it into a deal! Just because both people were having s#x with one another doesn’t mean they owe each other anything. Good luck.

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