What does friends with benefits mean to a guy?

By: Naveen B

A friends with benefits is nothing more than just a h##k up, but they are not only h##king up in bed.

The benefit of being in such kind of relationship is that it becomes a secret, no strings attached kind of deal.

One person acts as a boyfriend and one acts as a girlfriend, yet no one expects them to be together for long-term or forever.

This kind of relationship may or may not end up being serious, just depending on how long you two want it to be.

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Before we move further, in this guide let’s discuss what does friends with benefits mean to a guy? What does FWB mean? and reasons why guys want to be in friends with benefits relationship.

What does FWB mean?


In-Text, FWB is an acronym for Friends with Benefits. Friends with benefits meaning is when two people engage in s#x while remaining friendly.

They can be mutually attracted to each other, have a one-night st#nd or just have s#x occasionally, like when they are drunk or when it’s convenient. Many women don’t want drama and complicated relationships—they just want casual s#x.

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If you and your friend agree that there will be no strings attached, you can both enjoy some intimacy without putting any pressure on either of you.

Best friends with benefits are often also college roommates who get along well and may realize that they’re s#xually compatible.

But if you’re not very close already, it might be wise to start out as part of a group of friends before trying anything intimate (like during sleepovers).

What does friends with benefits mean to a guy?

what do guys think about friends with benefits relationship What does friends with benefits mean to a guy?

According to psychology, men and women view FWBs differently. Women see FWBs as lacking romance and commitment, but men see them as just another type of open relationship that allows them to explore their options.

Study conducted at NYU reports that approximately 44% of men were comfortable having casual s#x with several partners, compared to only 20% of women. Yes, both sides agree that being friends-with-benefits isn’t a bad thing, unless feelings enter into the equation.

Friends with benefits are typically chosen by guys who want to avoid entanglement and commitment.

They are afraid of getting involved in a relationship that could lead to something negative, and they want freedom; freedom from pressure, freedom from having to be responsible for the feelings and emotions of someone else.

The reason FWBs are so appealing is that you are not bound by those commitments.

You don’t feel as if your partner is forcing you into exclusivity or attempting to get more emotional investment from you than you are willing to give.

Both partners are completely free in an otherwise highly intimate circumstance because it’s one thing to have good and convenient s#x, but another to have good, convenient and fun s#x.

There is always a question about what men want from women who do not have any strings attached. 

As per the FWB guys perspective, there are many reasons why men find their FWB attractive: her s#xual prowess, spontaneity, unengaged nature, etc. These aspects make your new friend unattainable, which makes him even more interesting to be around.

Men pursue FWBs not only for their physical attractiveness, but for their unique personalities that add excitement and novelty to their lives.

There is no doubt that men fall in love with FWB eventually, but do they desire something real from it?

In most cases, men will get emotionally involved at first, especially if she was the first woman they fell in love with (which happens quite frequently), but eventually they will come to their senses and realize there’s nothing to pursue but s#x.

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If you’re both willing and happy to have an FWB then there are some pretty awesome benefits – especially if you’re still struggling to find your perfect partner.

If he only wants s#x from you then it might be worth reconsidering whether he’s really worth your time.

Although everyone likes getting laid sometimes, there are plenty of ways out there where you’ll get exactly what you want without having to settle for someone who doesn’t give a damn about your feelings or emotions.

There’s no concrete answer here since friends with benefits is too broad of a term. A lot depends on each individual situation: how you met, how long you’ve been together, whether or not you’re in any committed relationships (with anyone), etc.

There are guys out there who consider their FWB as a serious partner – someone they see themselves spending their life with at some point. Yet others see it as an opportunity for casual s#x and nothing more.

As far as FWB goes, everything is up for discussion – so long as both parties involved understand what they’re getting into.

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To put it simply, FWBs don’t come in any particular shape or form. There’s no manual telling you how they work or what they are supposed to be – and there never will be. FWBs are as different as people are – just like every romantic relationship.

They can take many forms: some couples stop seeing each other once their FWB ends, while others get into serious relationships; while still others remain friends without ever having s#x again.

As long as both partners know what they’re getting into and are able to stick to agreed upon rules – nobody gets hurt along the way.

15 Things friends with benefits mean to a guy and why they are interested in FWBR:

what guys perspective about friends with benefits relationship What does friends with benefits mean to a guy?

1. A quick s#xual outlet.

This one is pretty obvious, but a guy will more often than not try FWBs because it lets him have s#x when he wants, as much as he wants – and with little or no strings attached.

Many guys feel like they’re able to focus more on their career, study or whatever else they want when they don’t have to worry about any drama that may arise from a serious relationship.

In other words, FWBs are perfect for those who crave casual s#x without having to be too serious about it.

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2. No jealous drama.

One of biggest reasons why guys like FWB relationships is because they get all of the benefits without having deal with jealousy issues that typically come from longer term relationships. 

When someone enters a serious relationship, at least one of them will end up getting hurt or feel neglected at some point, even if both parties are trying their best.

With FWBs, you have nothing to worry about; there’s no chance for you or your partner getting hurt because neither party has any real expectations in terms of commitment or time spent together.

In other words, there’s no drama and if anything does happen – it won’t be nearly as bad! And as we all know, things often don’t work out in romance – so FWBs provide a way for men to avoid unnecessary hurt feelings and heartbreaks.

3. No strings attached s#x.

Another reason why guys like FWBs is because they let them have s#x without having to be emotionally involved (or deal with any of that other stuff), which as we all know – can be a real drag sometimes.

In a serious, committed relationship you’re required to talk about all of your problems, ask for advice and help each other out in hard times.

In an FWB situation you don’t have any of that responsibility, so you can relax and just enjoy yourself without having to worry about anything else.

If a guy doesn’t want too much emotional involvement but still wants s#x – then being involved in an FWB situation is ideal.

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4. She’s up for anything.

Guys are often drawn towards FWBs because they don’t have any serious commitments and won’t judge them for having s#xual desires.

Some guys get a lot of pressure from their girlfriends about sleeping around, but no one is going to judge you for it if you’re seeing multiple people at once – as long as both parties are into it.

When in a committed relationship, there are often rules and restrictions that your partner will want you to abide by; however, those rules don’t apply when it comes to FWBs – which is another big reason why guys like them so much.

5. She can’t become his main source of happiness

Another reason why guys are often drawn towards FWBs is because they’re typically more casual, and as a result – there’s no way for your partner to become your main source of happiness.

While it’s easy for guys in serious relationships or marriages to get dependent on their partners and start relying on them for everything, that doesn’t happen with FWBs.

When you’re not committing yourself too much or looking at your partner as a major part of your life, it becomes a lot easier for you not to rely on them in terms of being happy – and that’s exactly what FWB guys want.

6. Not needy or dependent

Another reason why guys like FWBs is because they won’t be clingy and will only want casual s#x from you – which, let’s face it, is awesome.

When you get involved in serious relationships, people often tend to cling on their partners and start wanting more time spent together than originally agreed upon; that’s not going to happen if you’re FWBs.

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At first glance it may seem as though guys would prefer serious relationships over FWBs, but when you think about all of those negatives that come with being in one – suddenly having an FWB doesn’t sound too bad after all.

One of biggest reasons why guys like FWB relationships is because they get all of the benefits without having deal with jealousy issues that typically come from longer term relationships.

7. FWBR is effortless.

Another reason why guys like FWBs is because they’re independent and can do their own thing without needing constant attention or reassurance from their partner; a quality that comes in handy when you don’t want your guy friend feeling insecure around you all of time.

Guys also like FWBs because they won’t try and push them away, so when it comes down to it – an FWB situation is ideal for guys who are interested in something casual and temporary.

In a serious relationship it becomes a lot harder for both partners to spend time apart from each other, but that’s not going to be an issue if you’re having FWB s#x – so once again, FWBs win.

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8. No ‘buyer’s remorse’. 

When you have a one-night st#nd, you never get buyer’s remorse because it wasn’t an actual date – you both agreed beforehand that it was just going to be a hook up, so there are no feelings of regret afterwards.

If your partner tries and pushes for something more than that, then you can always say no and stick to your guns – since he doesn’t really mean anything to you anyway.

Guys often complain about having buyer’s remorse after they sleep with their girlfriend/wife when they don’t actually want anything more than s#x – if only they had done an FWB instead then they wouldn’t have had those regrets in the first place.

9. She doesn’t try and change him.

If your guy starts acting differently after you start dating, it can be pretty obvious that he’s just doing things to please you – and it won’t take long for you both realize that there’s nothing genuine about his actions.

FWBs aren’t trying to impress each other or change one another in any way, shape or form – because you’re both agreeing on being casual right from the beginning, so don’t expect anything more than what it is.

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Even though some guys complain about their FWB not texting them back as much as they would like, they will say that they don’t mind because they know their girl isn’t going anywhere fast – which means no strings attached relationships are perfect for keeping everyone happy.

10. Low-pressure.

Having FWB relationships means that you’re both relaxed and comfortable, which is something that definitely comes in handy when it comes to s#x.

It’s a pretty big deal that you can say anything you want without feeling self-conscious or judged – since, let’s face it, most people have awkward moments during s#x regardless of how long they’ve been with their partner.

FWBs are all about having fun, so if things don’t go exactly as planned then there won’t be any pressure on either of you to worry about your performance – whether it’s her org#sm or him lasting longer than usual.

You won’t have to worry about hurting each other’s feelings because there isn’t any connection between you – which is ultimately why guys prefer them.

11. FWBR is sheer fun and pleasure.

The obvious fwb guy perspective is it is absolutely time pass and enjoyment. Guys love meeting new girls and having some fun, so why would they waste their time on something that isn’t going anywhere?

FWBs aren’t typically about just s#x either, because both parties are agreeing to have a bit of fun together – which means both sides can expect more than just an org#sm.

FWBs are kind of like a casual affair – even though you’re sleeping with each other on a regular basis, neither one of you will ever fall in love or think about getting married (which is pretty much every girl’s dream).

Plus, when you add in all of those crazy emotions that go along with being in love, there’s even more reason for guys not to get serious – who needs all of that drama if they can have FWB s#x instead?

12. He doesn’t have to sacrifice anything.

One of the biggest reasons why guys don’t want a serious relationship is because they’re worried that they’ll end up sacrificing their friendships and leisure time – which means FWB relationships are pretty much perfect for avoiding all of that stuff.

Having a one-n#ght stand or FWBR has never led any guy into falling in love with his partner, so he knows exactly what he’s getting himself into – as long as both sides are on board with an arrangement, there isn’t any reason for guys not to enjoy it.

Plus, once you start dating someone seriously, everything has to change – from your day-to-day activities, where you live and your whole lifestyle altogether.

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13. It’s way less complicated.

Since there aren’t any emotional connections between you two, FWBs are super casual and non-committal which is why guys absolutely love them.

You don’t have to make plans a month in advance or wait until your next date (yes, it’s a thing now!) – instead, you can see each other when it’s convenient for both of you.

That means whenever she has time or whenever he gets hor#y and needs some action, they’re able to meet up without having to wait around.

After all, if you really like someone enough then why wouldn’t you want them waiting around just for your pleasure?

14. It’s a fun way to relieve stress.

The only problem FWBs solve is that of a guy’s libido, so you’ll have one less thing on your mind when it comes time for s#x.

Whether you’re having s#x because you need a quick release after work or just because it’s Saturday night and you’re feeling frisky, being able to talk dirty with someone without worrying about commitment is incredibly liberating.

If guys didn’t have girls they could use as their own personal pleasure obj#ct then they’d be stuck having boring one-night stands or random h##kups at bars – but if he’s smart enough to find himself an FWB then his evenings will never be dull again.

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15. Opportunity to explore different s#xual fantasies.

Many FWBs are hesitant about being able to act out their crazy fetishes or try something new because they’re worried that a serious relationship won’t let them get away with it.

That means by having a FWB he can fulfill his kinky needs without worrying about what his girlfriend or wife will think – which can lead him into some pretty exciting situations.

Plus, you’ll never know if you like it unless you try – so if he’s ever afraid of losing out on an opportunity for s#x then there’s absolutely no reason why he shouldn’t give it a shot.

Final thoughts:

In conclusion, a guy’s perspective on FWBR is slightly different than a girl’s – although most guys may see it as just a casual s#xual encounter, for girls it can be a lot more than that.

If you’re both willing and happy to have an FWB then there are some pretty awesome benefits – especially if you’re still struggling to find your perfect partner.

If he only wants s#x from you then it might be worth reconsidering whether he’s really worth your time.

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Although everyone likes getting laid sometimes, there are plenty of ways out there where you’ll get exactly what you want without having to settle for someone who doesn’t give a damn about your feelings or emotions. Good luck.

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  1. I’m a 73y/o widow. I have been in a FWB relationship for two years. I don’t want a man to live in, get jealous, or tell me what to do or how to do it. I want sex when I want it, and truly love being able to explore fantasies, kinks, and my sexuality. We each get feelings, but know that neither of us wants this ‘relationship’ to change. I’m sure I’m not the only woman who sees only benefits in this arrangement.
    I’d encourage you to do a second article from the female perspective.


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