500+ This or that questions (for friends, kids, adults, teens, students, couples | funny, deep, dirty game edition)

There are dozens of ways to get to know someone, but sometimes it’s easier said than done. 

Questions can be loaded, and what you think might be an easy question can lead to an unexpected emotional outburst. 

When it comes to getting to know others, This or That questions are one of the best ways to do so.

More importantly, With the “This or That questions” strategy, however, you’ll find it much easier to get other people talking about themselves and the things they like and don’t like – all without making them feel uncomfortable or being too intrusive. 

The following clean and dirty edition of this or that questions game for kids and adults will help you discover more about yourself and others in no time at all!

Here are 500+ This or that questions you can ask your friends, coworkers, family members, kids, teens, boyfriend or girlfriend or even perfect strangers.

You can ask this or that questions on any season such as summer, winter, fall and spring.

Especially on holiday occasions like Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving or New year’s Christmas eve and at any party gatherings.

This conversation gives you all an opportunity to learn more about each other and deepen your relationship in the process.

Table Of Contents

This or that questions


1. Be good with animals or good with children?

2. Have lots of friends or have lots of money?

3. Be the “fix it” person or be everyone’s shoulder to cry on?

4. Be considered introverted or be considered extroverted?

5. Exercise daily or junk foods daily?

6. Work for the news or be on the news?

7. Repair a printer or build a drone from scratch?

8. Be an expert in human psychology or an expert in religions?

9. Learn about aliens or learn about the theory of relativity?

10. Be known as a kind person or be known as a resourceful person?

11. Be considered “musical” or considered “philosophical”?

12. Shop at Walmart or shop at Target?

13. Get their nails done every two weeks or get their hair done every two weeks?

14. Wear makeup every day or wear a suit every day?

15. Make themselves happy or make other people happy?

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This or that questions for kids

Here is a list of This or that questions kids edition or to anyone for fun:

1. Disney or Cartoon Network?

2. Indoor or outdoor?

3. Cat or dog?

4. Brown or black?

5. Chocolate or vanilla?

6. Skateboard or scooter?

7. Popcorn or chips?

8. Backpack or rolling suitcase?

9. Suitcase or duffel bag?

10. Baseball bat or tennis racket?

11. School lunch or PB&J sandwich?

12. Strawberry jelly or grape jelly?

13. Miniature golfing or swimming?

14. Winter coats or fall jackets?

15. Youtube or Reading

16. Popsicle or ice cream?

17. Tacos or nachos?

18. Bathroom key or car key?

19. The color blue or the color red?

20. Best friend or Dog

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This or that questions funny


The following is a list of most Hilarious and Funny This or that fun questions:

1. Talking pets or talking babies?

2. Sleep walking or Talking to ghosts?

3. Forever eating or Never sleeping?

4. Late night with a pet or facetime with your grandma?

5. Walking barefoot on the beach or taking a hot bath with candles lit around you?

6. Sliding down the hill on your back in the snow, soaking wet, with a huge smile on your face, or jumping for the cliff to increase your adrenaline rush?

7. Dancing around in your underwear when everyone is at home, or eating whatever that comes to your mouth when no one is around?

8. Blind date with an ugly person or night out with a friend you hate?

9. Getting ready for work by browsing through Facebook photos of cats or getting ready for work by browsing through Instagram posts of dogs?

10. Singing happy birthday to yourself at midnight while making a cake because it’s actually your birthday tomorrow, or Dreaming about your future partner at midday while drunk?

11. Picking up trash from the side of the road for hours, or picking up trash from the side of the road for 30 minutes?

12. Having tea in bed with your favorite stuffed animal or having tea in bed with your significant other? 

13. Snuggling under two fuzzy blankets all day long, or snuggling under two furry blankets all day long? 

14. Watching Netflix all day long until you’re sick of it, or Seeing yourself in the mirror all day long until you’ve seen every episode multiple times?

15. Smelling or tasting?

This or that questions for couples


Here is a list of Romantic This or that couple questions and Fun this or that questions for couples to build an intimate connection:

1. A hug from someone you love or A hug from someone who intimidates you

2. Vanilla ice cream or dark chocolate ice cream

3. Goodnight moon by Margaret Wise Brown or The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

4. Tears of joy or tears of sorrow?

5. Pizza with pepperoni, green peppers, mushrooms, and onions or Pizza with bacon, sausage, bell peppers, pineapple

6. Holding hands while walking on the beach in the rain or Kissing while watching a sunset over the ocean

7. Hiking through the forest looking for wildlife or going down a water slide on a hot day?

8. Romantic comedies or horror movies?

9. Making pasta sauce from scratch or picking up jarred sauce at the store?

10. Family night or couple date night?

11. Single-piece chicken nuggets or Ham Burgers that come as a set of three?

12. Running on the treadmill or running outside in nature?

13. Shopping at Target or shopping at Bloomingdale’s?

14. Reading an old-fashioned romance novel or reading an erotic novel without any explicit scenes in it?

15. Board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, Taboo, Trouble, Connect Four vs playing video games like Super Mario Bros., Pac-Man?

This or that questions for adults

Here is a list of This or that questions adults edition for fun:

1. Drinking or smoking?

2. Love at first sight or Arranged marriage?

3. Friends with benefits or casual fling?

4. Reality TV or Netflix?

5. Cats or dogs?

6. Summertime activities: Beach or pool party?

7. Late night with friends or Long Drive with boyfriend/girlfriend?

8. Dirty talk or filthy texts?

9. Snoring or sleep talking?

10. Impromptu get-togethers or planned events?

11. Grilling food or ordering takeout?

12. Instagram or Tinder?

13. Pillow talk or pillow fights (arguments)?

14. Truth or dare game; or Truth or drink game?

15. Poetry or Music?

Good this or that questions

These are some of the Good this or that questions to ask anyone in any situation:

1. Go to work early in the morning or go to work late at night?

2. Travel alone or travel with a group of people?

3. Watch TV during the daytime or watch TV during the nighttime?

4. Spend all of their time by themselves or spend all of their time with others?

5. Sleep more than nine hours per night or sleep less than nine hours per night?

6. Eat healthy food every day or once a week?

7. Read a lot of books or write lots of books?

8. Play sports competitively or play sports recreationally?

9. Play board games competitively or play board games recreationally?

10. Be able to cook for a large crowd or cook for just one person?

This or that food questions

Here is a list of This or that questions food edition:

1. Pizza toppings: Sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, or olives, onions, green peppers, spinach

2. Strawberries or raspberries?

3. Strong coffee or milk?

4. Tuna salad sandwich or French onion soup?

5. Fish tacos or fried calamari?

6. Vanilla ice cream or cake with chocolate frosting?

7. Cup of tea or can of soda?

8. Cucumber slices on a salad or avocado slices on a salad?

9. All day breakfast burrito from Taco Bell or Chipotle chicken bowl from Chipotle Mexican Grill?

10. Hot sauce or salsa?

11. Croissant sandwich or panini?

12. Eggs sunny side up or scrambled eggs?

13. Sugar in your cereal or cocoa powder in your cereal?

14. Meatball sub or meatloaf sandwich?

15. Raisins or dried cranberries?

Best this or that questions

These are some of the best this or that questions to ask people:

1. Start a project and finish it successfully or start many projects and never finish them?

2. Be considerate of other people’s feelings or not care about what anyone thinks?

3. Get up early every day to do everything they need to do before going to work, school, etc., or stay up late some nights?

4. Make decisions easily or struggle to make decisions

5. Say yes to every invitation or say no to every invitation?

6. Drink coffee regularly or drink tea regularly?

7. Talk when they are feeling excited about something or talk when they are feeling sad?

8. Boring meeting or interesting meeting?

9. Early bird or night owl?

10 Monday morning person or Friday afternoon person?

11. Humble person or self-confident person?

12. Don’t care what others say or Listen it and apply what makes sense?

This or that questions for teens

Here is a list of This or that questions for teenagers:

1. Crush or Love?

2. Logic or emotions?

3. Dreams or Entertainment?

4. Tears or laughter?

5. Chocolate or Vanilla?

6. Silence or Noise?

7. Fast food or Organic food?

8. One-night stand or Long-term relationship/marriage?

9. Phone call, in person visit or text message, email?

10. Risk it all or Not at all?

11. Catcher in the Rye or Catcher and the Rye?

12. Winter solstice or Summer solstice?

13. Class Clown or Straight A Student?

14. Jazz or Rock music?

15. Romance or single forever?

Deep this or that questions (Philosophical, religious, scientific and thought provoking)

Here is a list of Difficult This or that questions deep edition includes philosophical, scientific, religious and thought provoking questions about world:

1. Big Bang or God?

2. Consciousness or Accident?

3. Aliens are here or Ghosts are real?

4. Humans are foolish or Animals are dangerous?

5. Science or religion?

6. Is it all a dream or reality is an illusion?

7. Computers will be smarter than humans or will humans outsmart computers?

8. Is the world getting better or are humans becoming worse?

9. Global warming is happening and it’s our fault or global warming is not happening and we’re the victims of conspiracies and a biased media?

10. Overpopulation or poverty?

11. We should explore outer space because there might be life there or we should stay on Earth because there might be life here?

12. Past lives are real or memories from this life are true memories?

13. Humankind has evolved over time and will continue to evolve in the future of humankind has never changed and never will change?

14. Heaven exists or Hell does too? 

15. Is technology good for us or bad for us?

Hard this or that question

Here is a list of very tough This or that hard questions

1. What would you rather, live forever without growing old or die after a long but fulfilling life full of experiences, relationships, and achievements?

2. Religion brings people together or religion divides people apart?

3. Death is the end of consciousness and personality and nothing more than that or death is just like waking up from one dream into another one different from before?

4. Destiny or free will?

5. Karma or luck?

6. Our thoughts affect our body and mind as much as the other way around, if not more so, or thoughts have no effect on the body whatsoever?

7. Time is linear or nonlinear (also called looping)?

8. Race or culture?

9. Good food tastes delicious or bad food tastes horrible?

10. Anxiety is something to avoid at all costs or anxiety is something healthy people experience sometimes and can use as a tool to bring about positive changes in their lives?

This or that icebreaker questions

Here is a list of This or that ice breaker questions for deep conversations:

1. Cafe point or Movie theater?

2. Deep conversation or random gossip?

3. Friends or strangers?

4. Beach day or Skiing trip?

5. Summer blockbuster movies or Fall TV shows?

6. Scary book or Sweet romance novel?

7. Cats, dogs, or both?

8. Cute stuff or Creepy stuff?

9. Board games or Computer games?

10. Pajamas all day or Barefoot in the backyard?

This or that questions juicy

Here is a list of Saucy and juicy this or that questions for a sassy conversation:

1. Big city lights of a big city like New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc., vs small town lights like Eastport Maine and Gulf Shores Alabama and other places like that?

2. Chocolate cake or Ice cream sundae?

3. Hot summer days with the sun beating down on you, or a chilly fall night with leaves crunching under your feet as you walk home from work?

4. Dark blue jeans or khaki pants?

5. One-piece bathing suit or bikini top and shorts?

6. Laugh so hard it hurts or cry so hard it hurts?

7. Take care of yourself (make time for personal hygiene, get enough sleep) or take care of others (go above and beyond for friends, family)?

8. Podcasts or audiobooks?

9. Rent an apartment where you know the neighbors well or live in a building where no one knows your name?

10. Dirty secret or not-so-dirty secret about yourself?

This or that questions to ask a guy

Here is a list of Great This or that questions to ask a guy

1. Oversized t-shirt and sweatpants or dress up clothes?

2. Chewing gum or hard candy?

3. Reading news articles in your native language or watch news headlines in another language?

4. Maple syrup or honey?

5. Tattoos or piercings?

6. Cool weather or warm weather?

7. Winter jacket, raincoat, boots and scarf, or a summer outfit (i.e., tank top and shorts)?

8. In-person meeting with someone you admire in person like your favorite actor/actress, musician, author, politician, sports player/team, etc., or a remote meeting via Skype?

9. Love or hate?

10. Quick results or long vision?

Weird this or that questions

The following are some of the strange, crazy and weird this or that questions to ask:

1. Truth is absolute or truth is relative?

2. Believing that your own individual thoughts/feelings are right regardless of how many other people disagree with them, or believing that there are two sides to every argument which necessitates looking at both sides before making a decision?

3. All humans deserve basic human rights regardless of gender, race, religion, s#xual orientation etc., or all humans deserve basic human rights depending on whether they align with Western values like democracy and freedom of speech?

4. Dinosaurs are our forefathers or homo sapiens are grandchildren of dinosaurs?

5. If you live your life in service to others, then you have a purpose, or if you live your life according to your desires, then you have a purpose?

6. Happiness is a fleeting feeling that dissipates quickly, or happiness is the result of living a fulfilling and meaningful life?

7. Empathy is being able to understand the perspective of another person and share their feelings with them, or empathy is the ability to walk a mile in another person’s shoes?

8. Live now or die forever?

9. Time travel or prophesies?

10. Making eye contact for 5 minutes or fist fights for 10 minutes?

Instagram this or that questions

Here is a list of This or that questions instagram story, reels and posts edition:

1. Finding a new job or starting a new business?

2. Friends who can also be trusted advisers or friends who can also be trusted confidantes?

3. Read a book with pictures in it or read a book without pictures in it?

4. Tic-tac-toe or chess?

5. Flying to meet someone for the first time (e.g., parents of your children, partner) vs driving to meet someone for the first time (e.g., grandparents of your children, aunt)?

6. Instagram stories or instagram reels?

7. Influencer collaboration or entrepreneurs speech?

8. Fun day or Hustlers day?

9. Time wasting or Strategising the next online business?

10. Lone wolf or Pride of lions?

This or that personality questions

These are some of the amazing personal this or that personality questions to ask to get to know someone:

1. People are fundamentally rational beings who make decisions based on logical arguments, or people are fundamentally irrational beings who make decisions based on emotional needs?

2. It is our duty to share what we have with those less fortunate than us, or it is our duty to get what we need for ourselves before helping others?

3. People are born inherently evil and choose to do evil things because they want too, or people are born inherently good and choose to do evil things because they have been corrupted by society?

4. True happiness comes from within yourself or true happiness comes from outside yourself (i.e., friends, family)?

5. What determines success: hard work, talent, luck?

6. No matter how much money someone makes they will still feel unhappy if they don’t have any friends, or money can buy happiness even if you don’t have any friends?

7. A soul dies when its host dies, or the soul survives death?

8. The meaning of life is to accumulate power and wealth until you die so that your legacy continues after your death, or the meaning of life is to live so that your legacy exists while you’re alive?

9. You deserve respect from others just because you exist or do other people deserve respect from you because they’ve earned it through merit (i.e., through great deeds)?

10. Your personality genetic or develops over time?

This or that life questions

Here is a list of this or that life questions to ask people you like:

1. Bigger is always better or bigger isn’t always better and can be a detriment to you in some situations?

2. Individuality is important or collectivism is more important?

3. Transcendence means leaving the world behind or transcending the world means embracing it?

4. The world has a finite amount of resources and will eventually run out of those resources, or the world has an infinite amount of resources and will never run out of those resources?

5. Can any person be a hero, given the opportunity to act, or only certain people can be heroes?

6. Life or love . In order to live well one must live with intention or one must live without intention?

7. Nature is something humans should embrace or nature is something humans should escape from?

8. A doctor’s responsibility is saving lives or a doctor’s responsibility is saving lives as long as it doesn’t conflict with their morals/ethics?

9. Pleasure from eating bad food will lead to health problems, but not pleasure from eating good food will lead to health problems?

10. Happiness or suffering?

This or that questions game

These are some of entertaining This or that game questions:

1. Tell the truth or risk the dare?

2. Never have I ever or who is most likely to?

3. Card game or board game?

4. Would you rather; or truth or drink?

5. Party every night or Video games every night?

6. Life is a lie or love is just a drama?

7. I am enough or You are my everything?

8. Touching each other or touching oneself?

9. I would rather cheat or I would rather be single?

10. Not today or every day and night?

This or that questions for work

Here is a list of engaging This or that questions for workplace to ask your colleagues:

1. Team work or Do it alone?

2. Intelligence or strength?

3. Security or adventure?

4. Time or money?

5. Creative or logical?

6. Open mind or fixed opinion?

7. Big city life or small town life?

8. Taste buds or sense of smell?

9. High risk or low risk?

10. Family oriented or social butterfly? 

This or that questions for boyfriend

Here is a list of cute and lovely this or that questions to ask your boyfriend:

1. Best friend or life partner?

2. Netflix and chill, or video games and chill?

3. Doggy style or missionary position?

4. Your dog’s name or your boyfriend/girlfriend’s name?

5. High school or college?

6. A job where you get paid now or a job where you can make money later on in life?

7. Bacon wrapped hot dog with grilled onions, cheese and chili sauce on top, or plain bacon-wrapped hot dog without any toppings at all?

8. Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, or carrot cake with cream cheese frosting but no raisins inside it whatsoever?

9. Travel around the world or stay in one place?

10. One big ass family or two small families that can’t stand each other?

Controversial this or that questions

Here are some of the most controversial this or that questions:

1. I’m sorry for hurting you or thank you for being my best friend even though we haven’t spoken to each other in years?

2. Somebody who has never seen me cry before, or somebody who has seen me cry more than five times?

3. Drinks from work fridge (nonalcoholic)or drinks from bar fridge (alcoholic)?

4. What others think about me, or what I think about myself?

5. Who cares or who will take care of me when I’m old?

6. Kitten or bunny?

7. Chances are slim or chances are good?

8. A mouse trap or a live mouse?

9. Tattoos on their body or piercings?

10. Small doses of drugs or large doses?

These are some This or that holiday questions that spark the great conversation:

Holiday this or that questions

1. One person at a time, or only if they want to give back something?

2. Pursue their dreams right now or put off pursuing their dreams until later?

3. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or beauty is in the object’s intrinsic value?

4. Poop on a leaf or poop on a trash can?

5. Hot bath with epsom salts and lavender essential oil, or warm bath with a cup of apple cider vinegar?

6. Warm apple pie or peach cobbler?

7. Broccoli and cheese soup, or eggplant and ricotta dip?

8. Favorite movie of all time, or favorite TV show?

9. I would rather sleep or I would die to sleep?

10. Now or never?

Christmas this or that questions

Here is a list of This or that christmas questions:

1. Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus.

2. Christmas tree or fake tree?

3. Reindeer or carolers?

4. Angel on top of the tree or star on top of the tree?

5. Night before Christmas Eve or night before New Year’s Eve?

6. Sleigh ride or ice skating?

7. Cash or gift card?

8. Home or out of town?

9. Give or get?

10. Drive or fly?

11. Snowball or sled?

12. Tinsel or tree?

13. Mistletoe or mistletoe?

14. Ornament or wreath?

15. Cookie or gingerbread man?

16. Holiday or every day?

17. Red and green or red and silver?

18. Candlelit dinner for two or candlelit dinner for 12?

19. Pinecones or popcorn garland?

20. Tree with lights on it or decorations off it?

Easter this or that questions

These ares some of the this or that questions Easter edition:

1. Get an Easter basket or candy egg basket?

2. Walk around town looking for eggs or stay inside and color eggs?

3. Buy a real chicken (and plan to roast it) or buy store-bought rotisserie chicken?

4. Catch rabbits in the wild, domesticate them, and keep them as pets, or just leave them alone?

5. Attend church services before or after the big meal?

6. Keep my head up when I’m walking through crowds of people, or avoid eye contact by keeping my head down?

7. Be best friends with the Easter bunny or the tooth fairy?

8. Have a bunny cotton tail or bunny ears?

9. Search for Easter eggs in a meadow or in a forest?

10. Go on an Easter egg hunt at night or during the day?

11. Make a sweet potato pie or cornbread dressing?

12. Wear jeans and sneakers to church on Easter Sunday or wear your Sunday best?

13. Drink hot cocoa from a mug or eat it from the pot?

14. Dance until you drop before dinner is served, or wait until after dinner to dance some more?

15. Play games like pin the tail on the donkey and hide-n-seek before dinner, or wait until after dinner when we’re stuffed and sleepy?

16. Sit next to one friend or several friends while eating?

17. Sit next to family members or strangers while eating?

18. Use paper plates instead of china plates while eating?

19. Include honeydew melon chunks in our salad instead of watermelon chunks?

20. Include ginger ale in our punch instead of fruit juice because it’s less expensive than champagne or wine?

21. Put milk into tea instead of lemonade because milk is cheaper than lemonade concentrate?

Halloween this or that questions

Here are some Spooky halloween this or that questions:

1. Go trick or treating as a kid or as an adult with your kids?

2. Get attacked by a giant spider or a spooky skeleton?

3. Eat candy every day for a month or have no candy for a month?

4. Give out lots of candy to the neighborhood kids or eat all the leftover candies from last year’s Halloween? 

5. Buy tons of pumpkins and carve them or buy tons of pumpkins and just paint them on the porch? 

6. Dress up in costume and go through some haunted houses or watch horror movies all night long in bed? 

7. Have two different jack-o-lanterns on the front porch, one carved and one painted, or only have one jack-o-lantern at all? 

8. Make a list of scary things to do for each day before Halloween or make a list of what you need to do before you get home from work before October 31st? 

9. Dress up like someone famous for Halloween or dress up like someone that nobody knows about? 

10. Wear a suit and tie when going trick or treating or wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt? 

11. Trick-or-treat to houses all over town or just walk around your block twice? 

12. Blow up lots of balloons beforehand so they are ready when it is time to go door to door, or blow them up right then so they are all ready in case you forget any tricks while you’re outside?

Thanksgiving this or that questions

Here is a list of thanksgiving this or that questions:

1. Eat Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant or at home?

2. Take a nap after the meal or watch a football game?

3. Always smell like turkey or always smell like gravy?

4. Be in the Thanksgiving Day parade, or be one of the hosts commenting on the parade?

5. Slice bread with an electric knife or by hand?

6. Have candied yams or green beans with cranberry sauce as your side dish?

7. Who are you most thankful for (family, friends, teachers)?

8. What are you most thankful for (health, education)?

9. Is your family big or small?

10. Do you have kids or grandkids?

11. You just took your first bite into pumpkin pie and it is delicious! Now what will you do next?

12. Try to stay awake for the rest of the day, go to bed early, or try to sleep on it?

13. If you had to choose one Thanksgiving tradition which would it be? 

14. If you could give thanks for anything, what would it be? 

15. Forgive someone who has wronged you or remain angry forever? 

16. What are the best parts about being American during the holiday season? 

17. Do people usually say Happy Thanksgiving or Merry Christmas first? 

18. Bring stuffing from scratch or a boxed version from the store? 

19. Bake or buy a pumpkin pie? 

20. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream or without whipped cream? 

21. Watch football games all day long or play board games all day long? 

22. Football player for the New York Giants, Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Rams – which team are you rooting for this year? 

23. How many times have you watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special ? 

24. Which person do you want to spend more time around this year- Grandma Betty or Aunt Tisha?

This or that questions for students

Here is a list of This or that questions for middle schoolers and students:

1. Always be 10 Min late or Always be 20 min early?

2. Discover a new planet or discover cure for a disease?

3. Be able to love unconditionally or be able to be in touch occasionally?

4. Live in Narnia or Attend school at time?

5. Be able to fly or be able to be invisible?

6. Take a one week trip to the foreign country of your choice or stay at home playing the game of your interest?

7. Meet in meta or meet in person?

8. Friends or Teachers?

9. Study or practical?

10. Facebook or Physics book?

This or that questions for high school students and college students

Here is a list of This or that questions for college students and high school students

1. Learn a new language or go skydiving?

2. Go to a movie alone or  go to a weekend festival?

3. Own a house or own a pet?

4. Get a tattoo or get your dream job?

5. Play an instrument or runa marathon?

6. Play a team sport or volunteer for a charity?

7. Give blood or plant a garden?

8. Live abroad or Die in homeland forever?

9. Start a business or Ask for a pay rise?

10. Ride a bike or buy a new car?

This or that dating questions

Here is a list of this or that dating questions for couples:

1. Candle night dinner or party with friends and family?

2. Kissing on a first date or making out on a first date?

3. caring or you are on your own way?

4. Long distance relationship or live in relationship?

5. Road trip or flying . Beach or mountains?

6. Cat or Dog?

7. Nights in or nights out?

8. Summer or winter?

9. Tea or coffee?

10. Early bird or night owl?

11. Breakfast or dinner?

This or that questions for friends

Here is a list of this or that questions to ask your friends and best friends:

1. Watching Netflix by yourself, watching Netflix with company?

2. Popcorn at the movies or nachos and chips while watching Netflix?

3. SpongeBob SquarePants or Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood?

4. Playing cards or board games?

5. Doctor Who or Sherlock Holmes?

6. Coffee in the morning or tea (or other drink)?

7. Black and white pictures or color pictures?

8. Self-tanner lotion or spray tanning booth?

9. Fidget spinners or the iconic fidget cube?

10. Wearing makeup to go to work, wearing makeup for a date, wearing makeup on a lazy day around the house

This or that questions to ask a girl

These are some of the best this or that questions to ask a girl

1. Either (a.) singing at the top of your lungs to your favorite song when nobody’s looking, or (b.) reading quietly when everyone else is asleep?

2. Slushies or smoothies?

3. Songwriter or lyricist?

4. YouTube star(s) or Instagram star(s)?

5. Early bird who wakes up before sunrise to have breakfast outside, watch the sunrise, and enjoy nature; or someone who sleeps late into the morning because they don’t need much sleep anyway?

6. Make up or natural beauty?

7. Fireworks on the Fourth of July or Christmas Eve?

8. A new laptop computer or a new car?

9. Knitting kit or candle making kit?

10. Live music concerts or public lectures by famous speakers (lectures by TED speakers)?

This or that relationship questions

Here is a list of this or that relationship questions to deepen your bond:

1. Monogamy or polygamy?

2. Cheating or Loyalty?

3. Girl or boy?

4. Love or money?

5. Alcohol or weed?

6. Dreams or Family?

7. You and me or me and someone else?

8. Rose petals on the bed, or rose petals all over the floor?

9. Sadness when someone leaves, or sadness when they come home?

10. I would rather keep fighting for a relationship that doesn’t work, or I would rather stop fighting for a relationship that does work

Random this or that questions

Here are some random this or that questions to ask random people 

1. One person can’t make a difference anymore so why bother trying, or One person can make an enormous difference even when they don’t know it themselves at the time they do it?

2. Mental illness is curable or mental illness is just a coping mechanism?

3. There’s only one right answer to each question or there are many possible answers to each question with different consequences depending on which answer you choose?

4. Do we need science to solve problems, not spirituality or do we need both science and spirituality working together?

5. America is great now or America was great once upon a time ago?

6. Random or everything happens for a reason?

7. Thought shapes reality or reality shapes thought?

8. Democracy works well in theory but is impractical to implement in practice or democracy works well in practice but isn’t practical to implement in theory?

9. People who want others to share what they believe should leave others alone and let them believe what they want, or people who want others to share what they believe shouldn’t give up trying to convince them until they succeed?

10. If a tree falls in the forest and there is nobody there to hear it, does it make a sound?

This or that questions dirty

The following are a few Dirty this or that questions are really funny and spicy:

1. If you had to choose between s#x and food, which would you pick?

2. What is your favorite thing about being naked? Being able to touch yourself in private places without someone watching me. or sleeping with someone

3. What is the most shocking thing that has happened to you while having s#x? Bleeding or caught cheating.

4. Onlyfans or p#rn videos?

5. Casual fling or random h##kup?

6. S#xting or nude facetime?

7. Threesome or foursome?

8. Oral or interc#urse?

9. Single or mingle?

10. Voyeur or BDSM?

This or that sexual questions

The following are some This or that sex questions (Adult edition)

1. Give or receive?

2. Spit or swallow?

3. Dildo or vibrator?

4. Panties or no panties?

5. Blow job or hand job?

6. Voyeurism or exhibitionism?

7. Soft music on during s#x or loud music on during s#x?

8. Lotion on the whole body before s#x, just on the genitals, no lotion at all?

9. TV on during s#x or off? 

10. Chocolate syrup or whipped cream?

This or that questions kinky

Here are some of the most dirtiest this or that questions kinky edition (Naughty and nasty questions to ask)

1. Dress up in s#xy clothes for your partner (e.g., french maid outfit) or be more spontaneous about it (e.g., you come home from work and surprise your partner)?

2. Shoulder blades together or wide apart when getting oral s#x?

3. Legs closed tight against each other when giving oral s#x or spread out as far as possible while giving oral s#x?

4. Touching breasts while having intercourse or touching penis only while having intercourse?

5. mast#rbating yourself while watching p#rn or mast#rbating with your partner present?

6. Missionary position or doggy style?

7. Toes pointed up towards head or toes pointed away from head when receiving oral s#x?

8. Doggy style with vag#nal penetration or missionary position with vag#nal penetration?

9. Squirt one time while receiving oral s#x or squirt multiple times while receiving oral s#x?

10. What’s hotter: being dominant over your partner, being submissive to your partner, both equally hot, both not hot?

11. The word pussy: A word that makes me feel s#xy

Valentines this or that questions

Here are some of the exotic and fun this or that questions for valentines day:

1. Drink a love potion to make someone fall in love with you or shoot two people with arrows to make them fall in love?

2. Receive chocolates or candy hearts?

3. Watch the Notebook every day for the rest of your life or The Proposal?

4. Movie night or Long drive?

5. Romantic proposal or Surprise gift?

6. Propose in public or Send a love letter?

7. Physical intimacy or soulful connection?

8. Committed relationship or let’s see where it goes?

9. Drive miles to visit or make a phone call to wish?

10. Hopeless romance or realistic love?

Fall this or that questions

Here is a list of This or that fall questions:

1. Go to a corn maze or haunted house?

2. See the leaves change in Colorado or the leaves change in New England?

3. Buy your pumpkin from a farm stand or buy your pumpkin from Walmart?

4. Drink hot apple cider, or drink mulled wine?

5. Bake apple pie, or bake pumpkin pie?

6. Which is better: sweet potatoes with marshmallows, sweet potatoes with brown sugar and butter, Or sweet potatoes with cinnamon and honey, candied yams, mashed yams?

7. What’s your favorite thing about this time of year: falling leaves, scarves and boots weather or big sweaters weather, hot cocoa weather?

8. What’s your favorite way to eat pumpkin pie: slice it into wedges and have dessert for an evening or enjoy it as part of a Thanksgiving meal?

9. When do you think Thanksgiving should be celebrated: on the third Thursday in November or on the fourth Thursday in November?

10. Does turkey taste better fried, baked, roasted, deep-fried, oven-roasted, grilled or smoked?

Winter this or that questions

Here is a list of winter this or that questions to ask:

1. Build a snowman or throw snowballs?

2. Play outside or stay inside?

3. Cough or sneeze?

4. Have a pet or have no pet?

5. Sit by the fire or make snowballs?

6. If you could only eat one thing for dinner, what would it be?

7. Warm drink or cold drink?

8. Hot chocolate or coffee?

9. Snowball fight or sledding down hill with friends?

10. Dream about Santa Claus or dream about an imaginary friend?

11. Drink hot cocoa or drink hot tea?

12. Baking cookies in the oven or baking cookies in the microwave?

13. Kiss under mistletoe or kiss on New Year’s Eve celebration at midnight?

14. Make a snow angel or build a snow fort? 

15. Hibernate during winter break or explore the city during winter break? 

16. Go to work during winter break or go to sleep during winter break? 

17. Eat chips and salsa while watching Netflix or read while eating chips and salsa while watching Netflix? 

18. Remember Christmas decorations from last year or buy new Christmas decorations this year?

Spring this or that questions

The following is a list of spring this or that questions:

1. Have flowers for fingers or have flowers for toes?

2. Dig for worms in a garden or swim with tadpoles in a pond?

3. Jump in a puddle of water or jump in a puddle of mud?

4. Be friends with a talking bunny or be friends with a talking bluebird?

5. Drink milk from a bottle or drink milk from a carton?

6. Drink tea from a cup or drink tea from a thermos?

7. Paint outside on the lawn with an easel and paint brushes, paint inside on the kitchen table, or paint inside on the easel?

8. Sip lemonade from a tall glass or sip lemonade from a short glass?

9. Go to the zoo to see monkeys swinging through trees or go to the zoo to see turtles sitting in shells?

10. Listen to country music on vinyl records or listen to pop music streaming through your phone?

11. . Tickle someone’s arm or tickle someone’s nose?

12. Watch a sunrise or watch a sunset?

13. Pick up leaves off the ground or pick up petals off the ground?

14. Skip down an alleyway into spring raindrops or skip down an alleyway into fall leaves?

15. sell the flowers or buy the flowers?

This or that questions summer

Here are some get to know Summer this or that questions:

1. Spend the summer flying around on the back of a bee or a butterfly?

2. Wear a swimsuit for a day in the winter or wear a snowsuit for a day in the summer?

3. Work as a lifeguard or work as a summer camp counselor?

4. Eat ice cream every night or eat soup every night?

5. Go to an amusement park for a day or go to a museum for a day?

6. See fireworks at night or see fireworks during the daytime?

7. Buy one new outfit during the summer sale season and wear it until fall, or buy one new outfit during the fall sale season and wear it until spring?

8. Watch a horror movie or watch a romantic comedy?

9. Drink lemonade or drink hot chocolate?

10. Make s’mores outside with friends or make them inside by yourself?

11. Read through all your favorite books from childhood (or any other favorite book) once again, OR read through all your favorite books from high school (or any other favorite book)?

12. Beach or hiking?

13. Go bowling or go miniature golfing?

14. Surf for four hours or play volleyball for four hours?

15. Lay out in the sun for eight hours or lay out in the shade for eight hours? 

16. Listen to music from the good old days when you were young OR listen to music from the good old days when you were just entering adulthood? 

17. Have a slip-n-slide contest with friends OR have a water balloon fight with friends? 

18. Swim two miles or walk two miles before breakfast?

This or that career questions

Here is a list of this or that career questions to ask:

1. Job or Business?

2. Passion or 9-5 job?

3. Marriage or personal development?

4. Friends or family?

5. Social media addict or social media manager?

6. Self-made billionaire or real estate mogul?

7. Fake it till you make it, or take the road less traveled?

8. Time is more valuable than money, or money is more valuable than time?

9. Investments or stocks?

10. Material items or experiences?

11. Short-term pain for long-term gain, or long-term pain for short term gain?

12. Generosity or selfishness?

13. More is better, or less is more?

14. College degree or trade school certificate?

15. Love or life?

Interesting this or that questions

Here is a list of interesting this or that questions:

1. Humans are either special or insignificant, but not both?

2. Gods exist or are gods simply myths created by ancient people to explain the natural world?

3. Society should be based on self-reliance and personal responsibility or society should be based on communal ownership of resources and selfless sharing of burdens?

4. Truth or happiness?

5. War or peace?

6. Free will or destiny?

7. Free will or predestination?

8. Spiritual world or physical world?

9. Materialism is always best or there are times when materialism is not the best option?

10. Present of the future?

This or that questions to get to know someone

Here is a list of this or that questions to get to know someone:

1. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

2. Plain water or flavored water with bubbles?

3. Cat videos on YouTube or dog videos on YouTube?

4. Cute Instagram pics of people we don’t know, or cute Instagram pics of people we do know well personally as friends/family members etc.?

5. My puppy or your cat?

6. A problem without a solution or a solution that creates a problem?

7. Texting someone I love you or saying I love you face to face?

8. Steak with garlic butter, salt and pepper seasoning on top, or chicken parmesan pasta dish served with spaghetti noodles, tomato sauce, black olives and garlic breadsticks on the side . Pie or cake?

9. Silence when someone talks or interrupting them while they’re talking?

10. Drawing or Writing?

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